The Little Girl Conspiracy: An Overwatch Theory

While everyone has been in awe and wonder for the new character in the Overwatch lore, I have been observing an unsettling pattern that has been in all of our faces.

The first thing I wish to point out is the provided “Hero” animation, the first we see Soldier: 76 in action. His main purpose was to stop some members of Los Muertos from taking away weapons. That mission is side tracked by this individual.

Alejandra, a young mija that seems to be well known to the gang. It might be expected for the gang whose name is literally ‘The Dead’ to make frequent stops at her mother’s bakery…

The Mist Bakery

Chilling, I know. But we cannot leave out the other important person that is connected to Dorado, and that person is Sombra. Sombra, the shadow. A member of the Los Muertos gang…

..since she was a little girl.. (off topic,why has no one brought up the one omnic in the group? I swear, that lady with a rose probably asked our little shadow to hack herself a mechanical boyfriend. Whatever, back to the real theory)

In the “Infiltration”, we have Sombra blackmailing Katya Volskaya for her involvement with Russia’s omnic enemies. And what brings Katya to finally agree to be Sombra’s ‘friend’? Her daughter, Volskaya the Second.

Another little girl involved in the shadow’s schemes.

Sombra herself can be connected to even more little girl tropes in this conspiracy web, and that web contains our most well known spider. Widowmaker does state at the beginning of the “Alive” short that she indeed has a fear of spiders when she was a little girl. How interesting. Widowmaker was also responsible for the assassination of Mondatta. In his honor, King’s Row has provided a statue in his memory. A gold colored statue with him…

and a little girl. 

Going back to Sombra, we know she wants to find out who runs the world. Many people believe that the Iris, an A.I. that omnics like Zenyatta worship, discovered her hacking into things it didn’t want her to get into. One other line, or dotted line in this sense, that the Iris leads to is Efi Oladele.

Efi does indeed have a similar eye pattern of the icon, the potential Iris A.I. She is said to be an expert in A.I. The Iris itself is connected to Numbani, home to Efi. This is what it all comes to. A little girl is indeed running their world. Please, if there is anymore little girls that I have missed in the Overwatch canon, let me know. Blizzard can’t keep us in the dark any longer.

It’s today guys! 

I would like to thank all people for notes! It means for me a lot.

Every painting took me about 3 hours to done, which makes it in total over 45 hours of work. Through this time my style started to change so some of characters needed to be done from the begining. Also I had a little breakdown and I just didn’t wanted to look at my tablet again, BUT here they are I’ve done it and I’m proud of myself that erryday I’ve spent this time just to show the world my art c:

5. DIC. 1976

“The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?”

“La gente que está tratando de hacer este mundo peor no se toma ni un día libre, ¿cómo podría tomarlo yo? Ilumina la oscuridad”.


I find these pictures on Instagram or #Kingsglavie medias and credit by @finalfantasyxv_kingsglaive and I love all the pictures and I love all the characters 😺

dauntlesschanel  asked:

Since you're pretty much the red queen psychic (you just KNOW what's gonna happen) what do you think will happen in rq4?

Sorry, it took me a while to answer, but this needed some time for gestation.

The opening is promising already. Mare and Farley crouching in some dark alley and the eerie politician hints at his scheme. Mare and Farley will both try to play along, yet they’ll constantly have to keep the other from shouting out her doubts. I love their new friendship and I look forward to this.

If I understand this right, the Guard, Monfort and King Volo still have some kind of alliance, so maybe Mare and Cal will still be meeting and discuss things, probably similarly spiteful as Mare’s conversations with Maven, though with a little, guilty, making out.

I’m super-suspicious of Davidson and Monfort. What happened to their Silvers? How much control do they hope to obtain? Do their have Newblood whispers? Is Jon sent by them?

I think there will be some mysterious explanations.

Maybe the title of the last book will be something with “blood”.

I’m not sure if we’ll get another Cameron POV, but if we do, she’ll need more plot on her own. Her storyline seems finished at the moment.

I want the Evangeline POV again, alone for the interaction with Cal. I think the not-couple has a lot of potential (but I thought the Farley x Cal friendship has a lot of potential too and look into what abyss that’s fallen). I’d like a Cal POV, but it’s unlikely we’ll have both him and Eve. I want Evane to be happy. I want Eve get away from her abusive parents.

I’d like the third POV to be from the Nortan court. I want Iris. GIve me Iris Cygnet Queen of Norta or give me death. Yeah. Or give her someone else to interact with. I think she is a force to be reckoned with. If Maven is on the brink of losing, she’ll make the important decisions. Though she will, of course, fight against Volo and this is a battle I want to see. I really hope she won’t get sidelined or just die, but I think she’d rather abdicate instead of fighting to the death (I mean I don’t want her to die).

And I really want a confrontation between Cal and Maven about the shattering of their family. I’d say this might happen during a fight, but as this wouldn’t be a fight between equals, there might be just words, unless Iris fights for Maven against Cal. Cal vs Iris is another duel I want to see.

I want Clara to call Farley mommy and Farley to be surviving the end.

I want Gilorn and Kilorn appreciation.

I want a democrazy in the end.

I think at least one of the trio Mare-Cal-Maven will die. Though right now, I’m more tending to Cal’s death than Mare’s or Maven’s.

I don’t know if I still want the Mare-and-Cal-found-a-power-plant-ending, but it’s remains a nice idea.

With time, I’ll have more thoughts. It’s a year at least, riiight??

Please add your ideas @lilyharvord @dewydrael @the-little-lightning-queen @clarafarleybarrow or whoever sees this.


Finale of Season 2

@teamlolirock we need S3


Jodan, Auriana’s brother, pretends to be a star on Earth and he replaced his name with DJ Ezra.
Ezra is the name with which Mephisto confused that of Izira in the episode “Xeris” when he stole her medallion.
As long as I think about it, the name “Ellira” is much too close to that of “Izira”.
And completely off topic, why Ellira changed her name by “Ellen” on arriving on Earth? Iris would have called her “Aunt Ellira”, it wouldn’t have changed anything! Perhaps that would have changed something for Gramorr but… Ellira was only a subject of the Queen among so many others, Gramorr probably didn’t know her so he couldn’t know she was the one who had saved Iris.. moreover Iris was only a baby, she had no way of remembering her..
All this to come back to the fact that it served no purpose that Ellira change her name.

Friendly Reminder

I tense, expecting an explosion. Instead, the blue-tinged lightning hits a sudden arc of shimmering water, running across the liquid but not through. It veins and flashes, almost blinding, but disappears in an instant, leaving only the watery shield. Benaeath it, Maven, Evangeline, and even the sentinels crouch, hands over their heads. Only Iris is left standing.
The water pools around her, curling and twisting like one of Larentia’s snakes. It grows with every second, leaching so quickly I taste the air drying on my tongue. Iris wastes no time, tearing off her veil. Dimly, I hope it doesn’t rain. I don’t want to know what Iris can do with rain.

- King’s Cage pp. 292

Iris Cygnet, Queen of Norta, Badass Bride and allowed to drown me in my own tears, uses water against lightning and saves their Silver asses even without a pool at hand while her groom and his bodyguards grovel in fear. Iris has to be featured large in RQ 4 or I will riot.

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Hmm, I could do this endlessly, of course. I love Avatar and I’m still not over the fact that Iris actually is part First Nations, thus looking like the Avatar waterbenders.


The process, and The Completion! I am SO amazed at how incredible this play set is and how many doll clips it has and how many you can display. You can do things on the back (the front side of the school) but the inside looked better to me. Anyway, here it is ^_^ my masterpiece.

dewydrael  asked:

Abt your last post, I feel like ace Iris would be really nice to see? Maybe just cause I was lowkey hoping for ace Mare and having a character (esp one as cool as Iris) being ace would be nice. I /could/ see lesbian Iris, but I feel like with the whole king-marrying-lesbian-daughter-off-to-Nortan-royal thing it might be too similar. As long as it's not Iris/Maven, tbh. Iris deserves better.

You know, you are probably right. It’s a great chance. I see the same problems as you with lesbian Iris. But deep down, I still think that shipping is a great plot device which is really silly and I should get away from that. She’s great on her own and with her throne. After all, with whom could I ship her, she’s in a completely new place.

I can’t see Iris x Maven as a ship, though I do wonder if they try to have children. I don’t think Maven would want some (but with Cal claiming the throne again, he might see the need), and I don’t think Iris feels the pressure for children to secure her position, as real-life queens do. She seems too self-confident for that. But on the other hand, I guess the Lakeland royals would rejoice for Iris to have Maven’s heir, because that would secure their hold on Norta. Though I can’t imagine Iris actually getting pregnant, but you never know.

And while I am at the baby topic, I wonder if Ptolemus and Elane will have a child. Eve thinks Ptolemus wants an heir, and there is this scene where he asks after Elane, his wife, as if he wants to supervise her. I still don’t like him. And they’ll alone at the rift for some time, so who knows what will happen between them? The whole my girlfriend will marry my brother idea was doomed to begin with. Why did Eve even think that she will get away with remaining unmarried? That’s totally naive. As a princess, a marriage alliance is super-likely, if not with Cal, then with any other noble/royal Volo wants to win over.

Mod: I couldn’t help myself and of course the answer is ‘no’ because Guinevere is knight and Iris is too shy to be doing that right now. Also spot the ‘hidden’ camera from the her older brother.

feat. Iris and her team who belong to @spacegoddess-tabula


Westhallen Week Day 1: Fantasy Au

Avalon rests deep within the forests surrounding Camelot. Inhabited by the mystic lady of the lake, men have gone mad searching the forest to witness her legendary beauty. Barry Allen, a young warlock with a destiny greater than imaginable travels to seek the council of Avalon, discovering a knight searching for the legendary Excalibur. Edward and Bartholomew travel together, wandering upon the Lake of Camelot where they meet the Lady Iris, a water nymph who guards the doors of Avalon.