5. DIC. 1976

“The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?”

“La gente que está tratando de hacer este mundo peor no se toma ni un día libre, ¿cómo podría tomarlo yo? Ilumina la oscuridad”.


The process, and The Completion! I am SO amazed at how incredible this play set is and how many doll clips it has and how many you can display. You can do things on the back (the front side of the school) but the inside looked better to me. Anyway, here it is ^_^ my masterpiece.

Reactions of Flash fans
  • Westallen shippers:Why is there no westallen scences
  • Wally West fans:give me Wally Fuckin West already
  • barry x patty shippers:aww barry and patty are so cute together
  • More West allen shippers:she's not Iris!
  • Cisko lovers:Cisko tell them the truth
  • Firestorm fans:Firestorm is back in business
  • Iris fans:Poor Iris dealing with all this crap alone
  • Some other fans:Harrison wells is walking around like owns the place
  • Me:Well I am agreeing with most of these things, there's something I wonder: Where the Fucking hell is Jay Garrick. Has he been sleeping through all of that?