“In other words: Norway is you. Norway is us (…) My greatest hope for Norway is that we will be able to take care of one another. That we will continue to build this country – on a foundation of trust, solidarity and generosity of spirit. That we will feel that we are, despite all out differences, one people. That Norway is one.” – 79-year-old King Harald V of Norway celebrating the diversity of his people and stressing the importance of support for refugees, religious tolerance and LGBT rights in a speech on 1 September 2016


March 21, 2017 || Their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja host an official luncheon in honour of His Excellency President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and Ms Eliza Reid at the Royal Palace. Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Her Highness Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner were also in attendance.

Source: The Royal Court

In 2017, both King Harald and Queen Sonja will turn 80. Their birthdays will be celebrated together on May 10th, in addition to several private and public celebrations. 

On a private front, Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s son Marius Borg Høiby will turn 20 and move to the United States, while Princess Ingrid Alexandra will officially become a teenager on January 21st.

—  The Local No. “Why 2017 will be another huge year for Norway’s royals”

February 6, 2017 || His Majesty King Harald was in attendance at the official opening of the Tråante 2017 centennial celebration today. The celebration marks the 100th anniversary of the first congress of the Sami people, which was held on 6 February 1917 in Trondheim.

One hundred years ago today, representatives from many parts of Sápmi (the Sami areas) came together for the first time to promote their cause as one people across national borders. Elsa Laula Renberg, a pioneering activist for Sami rights, was the organiser of the first Sami congress held at the Trondheim United Methodist Church in 1917. Her work is being honoured today. Sami National Day has been celebrated on 6 February since 1993.

Source: The Royal Court


NEW PHOTOS of the Norwegian Royal Family vacationing in South Africa privately celebrating King Harald V’s 80th birthday in late February. The Crown Princely Family and Princess Martha Louise with her three daughters - Leah, Emma, and Maud joined in with Harald and Sonja on various activities including surfing classes, boat trips, etc.

Both, the King and Queen, celebrate their 80th birthdays this year and they will be jointly celebrated with the public in May with various events.


Crown Prince Harald of Norway and Sonja Haraldsen finally marry after a nine-year courtship, 29 August 1968.

King Olav V initially opposed of a marriage between his only son, sole heir to the throne, and a commoner (though he had nothing against Sonja), but Crown Prince Harald insisted that if he could not marry Sonja, he would not marry at all. Fearing the end of the monarchy, King Olav gave his approval, and to emphasize his support, Sonja (who had lost her father nine years before, just prior to meeting Harald) was walked down the aisle by the king himself. [x]


The marriage of King Harald V and Queen Sonja

The couple met in 1959 when Harald was Crown Prince of Norway.  They met shortly after Sonja’s father had passed away.   Sonja was a commoner and there was thought that Harold would marry another royal, such as the now Queen Sofia of Spain (nee Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark.)  The couple were together for 9 years when in March 1968 their engagement was announced.  On August 29, 1969 the couple married in Oslo Cathedral where King Olav walked her down the aisle.