Various responses from Monarch’s around the world to the terrorist attack in Paris last night.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

“Prince Philip and I have been deeply shocked and saddened by the terrible loss of life in Paris. We send our most sincere condolences to you, the families of those who have died and the French people.”

King Philippe of the Belgians 

“Shocked by attacks in Paris, Belgium is in solidarity with French people. Courage to the people directly affected by these heinous acts.” 

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

“I am deeply shocked by the attacks last night in Paris. The Netherlands feels connected closely with France. We mourn with the people of France to the victims. With the French people, we remain steadfastly defend freedom against those who try to undermine her with terror. The values of freedom and solidarity, we never price. Our thoughts are with all those who now have intense grief at the loss of their loved ones and all the victims of these cowardly attacks.”    

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

“His Excellency the President of the French Republic, Mr Holland

Please accept, Mr. President, our condolences following the tragic attacks that have hit Paris yesterday. The Prince Consort joins me in expressing our deepest sympathy for those affected and for the french people.We send you our best wishes for your country in this difficult situation.” 

King Harald V of Norway

“I have received with great sadness the news of the heinous terrorist attack in Paris on Friday night, which resulted in so many killed and injured.

Enough even reminds a tragedy that has hit France’s capital of us about the importance of protecting our core democratic values.

On behalf of myself and the Norwegian people, I send Them, Mr. President, my deepest condolences, and I ask them to disclose my condolences and deep sympathy to the bereaved and to the French people.”

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

“I am shocked by the horrific events in Paris. I feel great sadness and my thoughts are with all the victims, victims and their families. These acts are an attack against the whole of our common society and the way we want to live in. There are many of us who feel concern and consternation. It is important that we stand United together against this unimaginable terrorism.”

King Felipe VI of Spain

Mr President,

In these moments of pain, want to send all the closeness, solidarity and support on behalf of the Government and the Spanish people as well as to express firm condemnation against terrorist barbarity and the cruel and inhuman injustice of those who undermine the principles and fundamental values underpinning our coexistence and our democracies.

Next to the Queen, I want to also express my heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased and our desire for a speedy recovery of the injured. The Spaniards are today more than ever, next to the French in the determination, commitment and unity which allows to overcome challenges of terrorist violence.

Prince Albert II of Monaco

“Mr President.

The attacks that come from strike Paris at the heart, numb us.

My country shares the sorrow and the terror of the friendly France, bruised by these terrorist crimes.

With respect and a huge emotion, we bow before the memory of so many victims and the indescribable pain of their families.

Our thoughts are also all persons injured in their flesh by these wild acts.

On my own behalf, on behalf of my family and the people of Monaco, I want to assure you of our deep and real solidarity, in union with all those who are mobilizing against the scourge of terrorism.

Alongside of the French Republic, we know that it will not prevail.

Please accept, Mr. President of the French Republic, the assurance of my highest consideration.”    

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

“Mr. President,

It is with horror and consternation that not have seen images of the attacks in Paris.

The Grand Duchess and I assure you together with the people of Luxembourg to share our great compassion for the victims and their families.

We express our total solidarity in misfortune that hits the France.”

King Mohammed VI of Morocco

“Mr. President,

I offer my most saddened condolences to you, to the innocent victims’ families and to the entire French people as well as my earnest wishes of prompt recovery to the wounded.

I would like to condemn in the strongest terms on behalf of the Moroccan people and in my own name these vile terrorist acts and express our full solidarity and support in this ordeal.”


Members of the Norwegian Royal Family attended the official ceremony for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. This year’s winner was shared between Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi for their work and activism for children’s rights, in particular with education. In case you missed it, you can watch the entire ceremony here. Satyarthi gave a very moving speech at the ceremony, I suggest you watch it!

Source: Kongehuset
'I Was Utterly Alone' – Norway's Queen Sonja Speaks Out About Her Devastating Miscarriage 46 Years Ago
"I remember all the strange faces that bent over me when I was going into the hospital," Queen Sonja said

Almost 50 years after her tragic miscarriage aboard the royal yacht, Norway’s Queen Sonja is speaking out about her emotional experience.

“I remember all the strange faces that bent over me when I was going into the hospital,” Norway’s Queen Sonja said in an upcoming TV documentary. “It was horrid.”

The baby she lost would have been her first born, ahead of her eldest daughter, Princess Märtha Louise, 44, and her son, Crown Prince Haakon, 42.

The miscarriage marked a dark passage in the life of the then 32-year-old Crown Princess Sonja.


King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations, Part 1

On June 18th, 2001, guests attend a Performance at Gripsholm Castle. Some of the guests took it more seriously than the others.

Various messages of solidarity with Brussels and Belgium regarding the recent terrorist attacks today.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

  • “It is with dismay that I and my family have taken note of the terrible events of Brussels. At this difficult time we all stand united against these merciless acts of terrorism and our thoughts go out to the victims and their families.”

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

  • “With dismay and horror, my family and I received the news of the terrible events in Brussels. In this difficult moment, we are all united against this ruthless terrorism. Our thoughts go to the victims and their families.”

King Harald V of Norway

  • “I have received with great sadness the news of the atrocious attacks today in Brussels, which resulted in so many deaths and injuries. This tragedy in the heart of Europe reminds us once again of the importance of safeguarding our fundamental democratic values. On my, and the Norwegian people’s behalf, I send Their Majesties my deepest condolences, and I ask you to share my condolences and deep sympathy to the survivors and the Belgian people.”

Prince Albert II of Monaco

  • “I just learned of the horrible attacks which have been perpetrated at the airport and in the Brussels metro. With my family and the people of the Principality, I bow to the victims of these heinous acts of terrorism and to the grief of their families. Our thoughts also join the injured and all those affected by this tragedy in any capacity whatsoever. I want to assure you, Sir, and the Belgian people, of my sentiments of deep sympathy and profound solidarity in this cruel ordeal.”

King Felipe VI of Spain

  • Shocked by the attacks in the capital of Europe #Brussels. Our solidarity and support with Belgium, its institutions and the Belgian people. (Twitter)

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

  • “Deeply shocked by this tragedy in your country, the Grand Duchess and I express to you compassion on behalf of our people of Luxembourg. In these very dark times, we think with reverence of the victims of the attacks in Brussels and their families. Be assured of our unconditional solidarity in defending our common values.”

King Mohammed VI of Morocco

  • King Mohammed VI had a phone conversation with King Philippe of Belgium over terror attacks in Brussels
  • During the phone conversation, HM the King extended to King Philippe and the bereaved families of victims, who fell during these heinous terror acts, his heartfelt condolences and compassion, the statement added. The Sovereign also expressed Morocco’s strong condemnation of these despicable terrorist acts and the kingdom’s solidarity with the Belgian people, the statement said.

King Abdullah II of Jordan

  • His Majesty King Abdullah II called King Philippe of Belgium to express his condolences and deep sympathies for the victims of the terrorist bombings, that occurred at several sites in Brussels and killed or injured many innocent people.
  • During the telephone call, King Abdullah expressed his strong condemnation of these cowardly and criminal acts, wishing the injured a speedy recovery.
  • King Abdullah earlier sent a cable of condolence to the Belgian monarch, government and people and the families of the victims, in which he expressed his strong indignation and condemnation of these terrorist attacks. His Majesty expressed Jordan’s solidarity with Belgium in these difficult circumstances, and in confronting the danger of terrorism.

Pope Francis

  • Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state, sent the pope’s condolences March 22 to Archbishop Jozef De Kesel of Mechelen-Brussels. 
  • “The Holy Father again condemns the blind violence which causes so much suffering, and he implores from God the gift of peace,” the message said.
  • The pope “entrusts to God’s mercy those who died and, in prayer, he shares the pain of their loved ones,” the message said. “He expresses his deepest sympathy to the injured and their families, as well as for all those providing assistance, "asking the Lord to give them comfort and consolation amid this ordeal.”

Graphic by Geesubay


On 1 August 2016, King Harald and King Carl XVI Gustaf met in Lærdal where they went fishing together.

It is not everyday that two reigning kings are by the same river and also fishermen. But on Sunday King Carl Gustaf came to Laerdal and the next day King Harald joined him. There they both stayed in the Norwegian billionaire Hans Rasmus Astrups inn.

On one of the pictures you can see how the person instructing the king in the way he should go fishing. “It suggests that Carl Gustaf is not as familiar with fly fishing as our own King Harald,” writes Norwegian NRK.



Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II and Norway’s King Harald V talking with the Danish-born Duchess of Gloucester, Birgitte, at Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee luncheon with monarchs from all over the world.


Crown Prince Harald of Norway and Sonja Haraldsen finally marry after a nine-year courtship, 29 August 1968.

King Olav V initially opposed of a marriage between his only son, sole heir to the throne, and a commoner (though he had nothing against Sonja), but Crown Prince Harald insisted that if he could not marry Sonja, he would not marry at all. Fearing the end of the monarchy, King Olav gave his approval, and to emphasize his support, Sonja (who had lost her father nine years before, just prior to meeting Harald) was walked down the aisle by the king himself. [x]