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Wacken Metal Battle News: Vancouver Round 4 Winner: Medevil

Wacken Metal Battle News: Vancouver Round 4 Winner: Medevil

VANCOUVER ROUND #4 Winner from March 22nd at Red Room Ultra Bar (Vancouver) , (398 Richards St.) - Medevil-


JJ Caithcart – Scrape Records Chris Dyck – Nothing Is Heavy Michael Johnston – Mikillink Digital Media Myk Shaflik – All Star Pacific and Red Room Abelardo Mayoral – The Invisible Orange


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I am doing throwbacks gifs for players I love

also accepting gif requests, shoot me a message, I will do my best :)

the songs im gonna listen to on the plane ride-

Awolnation- Fat Face, I Am, Jailbreak, Like People Like Plastic, Run, Woman Woman, Sail, Wake Up.

Milky Chance- Becoming, Given, Sadnecessary, Feathery, Down By The River, Fairytale, Flashed Junk Mind, Running, Stolen Dance, Stunner, Sweet Sun,

K.flay- Can’t Sleep, Make Me Fade,

Modest Mouse- Lampshades on fire, The Best Room, Coyotes, King rat

Omar & Nodey- Les Petits Papiers (Proteigon)

Mother Mother- Bit By Bit

Rob Cantor- Shia LaBeouf Live

Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams

Foster The People- Pumped up Kicks

Hurts- Illuminated

Robert DeLong- Global Concepts, Long Way Down

Marina and the Diamonds- Bubblegum B, Hollywood, Obsessions, Froot, Primadonna, Power & Control,

Passion Pit- Sleepy Head

Melanie Martinez- Dollhouse, Toxic remix

Mystery Skulls- You, Brainsick, Ghost,

The Avalanches- Frontier Psychiatrist

STRFKR- German Love, Isabella of Castille, Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second, U Ba Khin, While I’m Alive

Purity Ring- Saltkin, Cartographist, Shuck, Ungirthed, Grandloves,

Two Door Cinema Club- Come Back Home, Cigarettes in the Theater

Uppermost- Funk Transmission

Tally Hall- The Mind Electric, &, Ruler of Everything, Spring and a Storm, Turn The Lights Off,

Kiss Kris- Zombies

Justice- DANCE

Yeasayer- The Children

Black Coast- TRNDSTTR

Editors- Raw Meat = Blood Drool

TBOI:R Sountrack

LBP Edit- Pink Shoelaces

Hypno K.K.

Suggestions are appreciated!!!!

I am still taking throwback requests.

Throw me a player, I’ll come up some old stuff, hopefully good. :)

FTHN Fashion: The jersey stylings in the Pacific Division

FTHN Fashion: The jersey stylings in the Pacific Division #NHL

As part of a ongoing series, Full Tilt is going to list off the best and worst current NHL Jerseys by each division. Today, we feature the jerseys of the Pacific Division.

Edmonton Oilers 

Connor McDavid (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

This might sound bias as I am an Oilers fan, but the Oilers do have one of the nicer looking jerseys on this list. It’s the retro 80’s throwback that we all know and love.…

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