What do NHL goalies do when nature calls?
Suddenly needing to use the bathroom during a game is something NHL goalies dread, and yes, they talk about it.
By Alex Prewitt

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Wacken Metal Battle News: Vancouver Round 4 Winner: Medevil

Wacken Metal Battle News: Vancouver Round 4 Winner: Medevil

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VANCOUVER ROUND #4 Winner from March 22nd at Red Room Ultra Bar (Vancouver) , (398 Richards St.) - Medevil-


JJ Caithcart – Scrape Records Chris Dyck – Nothing Is Heavy Michael Johnston – Mikillink Digital Media Myk Shaflik – All Star Pacific and Red Room Abelardo Mayoral – The Invisible Orange


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How Was Your Favorite Team Built? - Pacific Division

I have always found it interesting how teams acquired the individual players that make up the team as a whole. Did they draft and develop them? Did they get chosen in free agency? Did the general manager make a big move to trade for them? Some teams are better at scouting players who would be a…


I’ll do a compilation of hockey players with kids videos so help me out and send me links :3

I need a masterpost for my bad days and I’d like to share it for whoever needs it as well

NHL Scores 02.02

Toronto Maple Leafs 4 - 2 Boston Bruins (OT)

New York Rangers 2 - 3 New Jersey Devils

Minnesota Wild 3 - 5 New York Islanders

Montréal Canadiens 2 - 4 Philadelphia Flyers

Ottawa Senators 5 - 6 Pittsburgh Penguins

Florida Panthers 5 - 2 Washington Capitals

St. Louis Blues 1 - 0 Nashville Predators

Dallas Stars 5 - 3 Winnipeg Jets

Chicago Blackhawks 2 - 1 Colorado Avalanche

Columbus Blue Jackets 1 - 5 Edmonton Oilers

Los Angeles Kings 6 - 2 Arizona Coyotes

San Jose Sharks 2 - 3 Anaheim Ducks

Friday Freebies 1-29-2016
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This ghost dwells in the dark chambers of a gun. It’s the invisible messenger of inevitable impact. For those who prey in the shadows on something dark, heavy, always melodic and with a touch of sludge. (more…)

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