king is so cute!!!

Fell Sans Asks you Out (Original Fell Audio)
  • Fell Sans Asks you Out (Original Fell Audio)

Saw this cute gif from @bunny-king 

and them came up with the audio for it of Fell Sans being Shy :P

oh, hey there kid… so, i was wondering, would you like to uh… ya know… go to Grillby’s with me sometime? no not like a date or anything… like ya know…
two friends sharing some food, and uh… enjoying each others company… yeah… that would be nice, don’t ya thing? heh~

original gif here

anonymous asked:

So what cute little costume are you going as this year onee-chan?

“Well…I was thinking as dressing up like either Sayaka-senpai or Tamamo-onee-chan, but…”

“I wonder what Gil-kun wants to dress up as this year? I gotta match costumes with him!”



So cute

anonymous asked:

The coconut king is so cute. I bet Raúl casually mentioned "I'd love it if he had a bit of a stomach, this guy may only eat coconuts but it's not like he's out running a 5k marathon. He could be un gordito como yo." The animators, of course, had to oblige. (Who could really say no to Raúl Esparza?)

oh my god this is the best and cutest thing i’ve ever heard! i really do hope he gets design input on his animated characters!