King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, United Kingdom


Miguel Chevalier projects Immersive images on to King’s College Chapel in Cambridge

At the occasion of a fundraising campaign organized by the university of Cambridge in king’s college chapel, the artist Miguel Chevalier was invited to create a series of immersive projections to accompany the speeches of renowned professors and alumni. for the event, the artist imagines a number of different graphic universes, which are generated in real time and use their own digital language to illustrate and interpret a wide variety of subjects including academic excellence, health, africa, biology, neurosciences, physics, biotechnologies, etc.

This is the first time that the university of Cambridge has invited an artist to make a work of art in the chapel to illustrate Stephen Hawking’s research about black holes, Miguel Chevalier imagines an immersive environment made up of thousands of constellations that plunge the guests into the mystery of the universe. in the same spirit, each of the projections entices the audience into a remarkable and imaginative atmosphere where science meets spirituality.