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Much Love, Harrington ; Steve Harrington

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`I’m stealthy, like a ninja.’

Title: Much Love, Harrington

Songs: 90 (as of 11/18/17)

Fandom: Stranger Things

Character: Steve Harrington

(listen on spotify here)


1.   Melt With You by Modern English

2.   Old Time Rock and Roll by Michael Bolton

3.   I Would Do Anything For You by Foster the People

4.   Hoverin’ All Night by Post Animals

5.   Here It Goes Again by OK Go

6.   The Joker by Steve Miller Band

7.    P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson

8     You Got It by Roy Orbinson

9.    Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

10.   We Will Rock You by Queen

11.   It’s Got Old by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

12.   Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue, JP Cooper

13.   Don’t You Want Me by The Human League

14.   Stranger Things by Yuck

15.   Smokey Eyes by Lincoln

16.   Everyone is Falling in Love by King Neptune

17.   Born Again by Saint Motel

18.   Destroyer by Saint Motel

19.   Tainted Love by Soft Cell

20.   Mess Around by Cage the Elephant

21.   Song Like You by Bea Miller

22.   Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous by Good Charlotte

23.   Losing You by Tokyo Police Club

24.   Someone by Daisy

25.   Don’t Wanna Stop by Darby Anne Walker

26.   Can I Sit Next to You by Spoon

27.   Hard Times by Paramore

28.   Like Me Like That by Bear Hands

29.   When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away by Born Ruffians

30.   Chek Injin by Grandaddy

31.   Floating World by Wolf Parade

32.   Contagious by Night Riots

33.   I Want You Back by The Jackson 5

34.   Devil Town by Bright Eyes

35.   Sun Tan by Wallows

36.   Six Flags in F or G by Surfer Blood

37.   Got to Have Rock and Roll by Heartless Bastards

38.   American Boy by Estelle, Kanye West

39.   84 by ADHDS

40.   Cosmic Love Affair by Sunbeam Sound Machine

41.   Who I Am by Sugar Candy Mountain

42.   If You See My Boyfriend by Donora

43.   Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart

44.   Slow Hands by Niall Horan

45.   Kissing Strangers by DNCE, Nicki Minaj

46.   Alone by Halsey

47.   Bdytlk by Jensen & the Flips

48.   This Charming Man by The Smiths

49.   Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears

50.   She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby

51.   Five Colours in Her Hair by The Vamps

52.   Fist Fight by Self Talk

53.   I Wanna Be Like You by Ibeyi

54.   Ooh My Love by Fleetwood Mac

55.   Wild One by Jerry Lee Lewis

56.   Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by The Animals

57.   Cruel Summer by Bananarama

58.   Let’s Spend the Night Together by The Rolling Stones

59.   Spiked Bat by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

60.   Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes

61.   I’m Alright by Kenny Loggins

62.   Old Time Rock & Roll by Bob Seger

63.   Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

64.   When They Fight, They Fight by Generationals

65.   Rich Girl by Hall and Oates

66.   Take it on the Run by REO Speedwagon

67.   Sweet Lies by Robert Palmer

68.   Lowdown by Boz Scaggs

69.   Walkin in Hawkins by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

70.   Twist of Fate by Olivia Newton-John

71.   Heroes by Peter Gabriel

72.   When the Lights Go Out by Naked Eyes

73.   If You Were Here by Thompson Twins

74.   This Town by The Go-Go’s

75.   Can’t Seem to Make You Mine by The Seeds

76.   Girls on Film by Duran Duran

77.   Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar

78.   I Know There’s Something Going On by Frida

79.   Bb by MO

80.   Ordinary Average Guy by Joe Walsh

81.   Hero Town by Vulfpeck, Michael Bland

82.   I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

83.   My Girl by The Temptations

84.   In the Middle by Dodie

85.   Better Man by Leon Bridges

86.   Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

87.   Naked by The Tide

88.   Reach Out, I’ll Be There by Four Tops

89.   I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

90.   This Could Be The Night by Loverboy


Note: I JAM TO THIS SO MUCH. My sunshine with my fave songs. I love this playlist, oml. This will be updated as I add more songs to the playlist since I regularly use Spotify and add new tunes to it.

-Mika the Fangirl x


School can’t stop the Monbebe thirst

Me listening to Ramin Djawadi music for Game of Thrones season 7

‘Main Title’

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'Dragonstone’ & 'Shall We Begin?’

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'Home’ #StarkReunioninWinterfell 

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'Gorgeous Beasts’ #WhenJonMeetsDrogon

‘Against All Odds’

‘See You for What You Are’


Ramin Djawadi is an amazing composer. Every theme is on point!


Pennywise sat crisscross on your bed. You being on the floor rummaging through your dozens of CD’s. Some being kept in little books and others still in their cases. Your potable radio a get feet in front of you playing music. The song currently being blasted out was Marilyn Manson’s rendition of “Sweet Dreams”. You caught yourself dramatically swaying and bobbing your head. Pennywise finding it amusing and weird.

You handed him another CD to look over and he furrowed his brows. “I gotta question.” He mutters, making you turn the volume down low. “The hell is with humans and music? The words are either repetitive or pointless. It isn’t like it is effecting your life.”

“Sometimes it does. Music effects everyone differently.” You chuckle and reach to turn the volume back up. “Yes, but even if that is so, would this song not be considered… dreary?” Sighing at his questions. “Some music is sad, others about love and anger. It’s all different. All of it.” Once more you try to turn the volume back up. “And this singer currently on the radio, he is odd, yes? You already showed me that other band. Those poor excuses of clowns-“

“-Insane Clown Posse?”

“Yeah, whatever they are called. They aren’t even trying to get a good laugh out of you. They are fakes.” Pennywise stubbornly crosses his arms. “Penny, you dress like a clown to kill people. They do it because it’s what they like and it is the face of their music.” Standing up from your pile of music, you walk over to Pennywise and cup his cheeks “Poor Penny, is someone a bit insulted by the musical clowns?”

“Insulted? Why would I be insulted. Though… The Manson man would make a better clown. He causes more fear in religious parents than puberty.” Rolling your eyes, you head back to your stuff, sorting them out with your foot.

“I bet those fake clowns can’t scare kids like me…”


mzyraj  asked:

I've seen you reblogging Jon/Dany stuff and I'm curious how likely you think that level of love/romance would be in the coming canon. Even putting aside whatever state Jon is going to be in post-resurrection, I'm not sure their past relationships suggest that each would be the other's type for instant attraction, and I don't know if they'd have time to develop much of a relationship what with the oncoming winter apocalypse. Or is it just a ship people like the idea of but don't expect?

Oh no, I don’t think the all-American, crewcut, boy-next-door Jon Snow we’ve seen in AGOT - ADWD is Dany’s type for instant attraction at all! 

Dany’s the type who likes rockstars with wild hair, and the power and danger of a big ol’ Harley-Davidson between her legs. She’s looking for a maverick fighter pilot from Top Gun to ride one of her dragons.  She wants a rebel with a cause, not a lost, grieving boy. I don’t think the Jon Snow we know is the type of guy Dany’s looking for!

But Jon Snow died. ;)

In the words of the King, “The person you put up there ain’t the person that comes back. It might look like that person, but it ain’t that person” (Pet Semetary). “Resurrection… ah, there’s a word (that you should put right the fuck out of your mind and you know it).”

GRRM has said that “Death is hard.” It changes a person. Look at the Lightning Lord. Look at Lady Stoneheart. They remember, but they’re not the same people anymore. I think Jon Snow, after spending some time in Ghost, is going to come back wilder. More reckless, more dangerous, more … rockstar. So I think Dany will find Jon very attractive. 

(from Jesus Christ Superstar

(Will TWOW please come out soon, because my ASOIAF / pop culture analogies are getting wilder and wilder.) 

So anyways, you can’t just “put aside” Dragonriding Rockstar Jesus Jon Snow and his Resurrection, or his Freefolk Groupies on the tv show, or his tv manbun when considering the potential for Jon/Dany. The resurrection – and the change it will bring – is a big reason why I think Jon/Dany has potential.

So how likely do I think there will be love/romance between Jon/Dany in canon? I’m certain of it. I think Jon and Dany will grow very close as they fight together to save the world, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. I’ll wager money on Jon/Dany falling in love in the books before the end of ADOS; any takers? First come, first served

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That Was Wine? Didn't Taste It

Character: King George III X reader
Prompt: Character A just downed half a bottle of liquor thinking it was juice. Character B has to fix the situation before bad things start to happen.
Sentence 1: “come back to bed”
Sentence 2: “Let him go! It’s me that you want!”
Word Count: 976
W/T: Alcohol, drunks, small bit of yelling, overly emotional reader
A/N: So this was a randomizer prompt that I did with @desperatepenguin722 who is an amazing writer and great human being! I love em! Again, unedited, so most likely some mistakes scattered about. Hope y'all enjoy it!


“Y/N? Where are you?” A familiar voice calls from beyond the dresser, where you were currently sitting, mindlessly bunching your F/C dress up in your hands and letting go. “Hm? Geo-Hic-Georgey? Is that you?” You giggle, your body feeling extremely warm. You tilt your head upwards to find your husband towering over you, his handsome face scrunched up in confusion. “Wha… What in the world are you doing here?” He inquires, blinking a couple of times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. You automatically light up at the sight of George, any and all thoughts you had leaving you. “George! My beautiful h-hic-usband! My powerful King-hic-!” You laugh, attempting to stand. Your wobbly legs slip out from underneath of you, and you plop back down onto the hardwood floor, your glassy eyes finding their way back up to George’s. He slowly opens his mouth to say something, but is interrupted by the far door of the room opening, a servant poking her head in.

“Your Maj-”



The door slams shut just as quickly as it was opened, and you unintentionally let out a small giggle. “There’s n-hic- no need to yell, hon-hic-honey.” You coo, trying to stand again, this time grasping at the wall for support. “Y/N, what in the world have you been doing?” George asks worriedly, quickly reaching over and taking you in his arms. You stumble slightly, balancing yourself against his chest. “Oh nothing, I just-hic- had a servant bring me -hic- some food and such.” George’s eyes narrow at you, as if he were contemplating something. “You’re so cute.” You slur, pressing a kiss against his lips passionately. He accepts it, kissing back gently, as if he were testing something. He pulls away, still staring at you with questioning eyes. “Not fair.” You pout, sluggishly beating a fist against him in an attempt to be defiant. “You taste like wine.” He accuses, his eyes narrowing even more. “Whaaaa-hic-.” You say, your head suddenly becoming a bit heavier on the left side, making it tilt. “What have you been drinking?” He asks, walking you to your bed and gingerly sitting you on the edge. Instantly, you raise a finger to the green bottle across the way, laying down on the top of the desk George sometimes uses to write things down at, its contents dried out. “I just wanted some grape juice, so I had one of the-hic-maids bring me a bottle. You -hic- weren’t here to -hic hic- ask for it for me, so I just -hic- did it myself.” George swiftly steps away from you and to the desk, grasping the bottle in his hand, his eyes scanning the label. Even though you could still see him, he already felt like he was too far away. “Come back to bed.” You pout, tears forming at the corners of your eyes. His head slowly turns towards you, his eyebrows furrowed. “Y/N, this is wine.” “Didn’t taste it.” You deadpan, staring at him distantly. “Did you just down this within the past twenty minutes of which I was away?” He questions, his voice raising. “Aren’t you proud?” You smile cheerfully, sitting yourself up a little straighter. George cocks his head back, surprised by your answer. He opens his mouth to say something, but once again, the far door opens to interrupt him.

“Your Maj-”

“WHAT.” George shouts angrily at the man at the door. You slowly turn your head to the now open door, a tall man dressed in a rather nice coat, stood frozen in place. “Uh,” he begins, shifting nervously, “you are needed in the courtyard.” George closes his eyes and shakes his head, mumbling something unintelligible. “Very well, grab my coat off the wall.” He commanded, striding towards the door. The man practically jumps upon the King’s coat, holding it out for him to slip his arms into. Wait, George will be leaving you? “No!” You blurt out, both men stopping their actions. “Let him go! It’s me you want!” You shout, tears threatening to escape you. George bites his lip and closes his eyes, turning his head away slightly. “Can this matter wait until the morning?” He breathes to the man behind him. “I can let them stay in a guest room, and you can resume it in the morning?” The man suggests, his eyes glancing at you, in your dazed and hiccuping state. George nods and pulls his arms back out of the sleeves, motioning for the well dressed man to hang back up. “No one else is aloud to come into this room for the rest of the night. Everything will resume in the morning.” The mystery man nods and closes the door behind him, leaving George where he was standing, his eyes now affixing themselves upon you. “I thought -hic- you were g-hic-goi-hic hic- going to leave meeeeee.” You begin, bawling like a small child. Within a moment’s time, your husband was next to you, one of his arms wrapped around your waist, the other gently lowering you onto the bed. “Shhh.” He whispers, trying to calm you down. You sniffle and grab ahold of his shirt, balling it up in your fists as you leave tear stains on it. Slowly, your hiccups are replaced with yawns, and the tears from your eyes are exchanged for drowsiness. You feel yourself begin to drift off to sleep, but your husband’s voice draws you back for a moment.


“Yeah?” You yawn.

“You’re not aloud to drink without me in your presence from now on.”


“Y/N.” He growls, his voice serious.

“Fine, fine. Only because you’re such a doll, though.” You smile, closing your eyes again and pressing yourself closer to George.

“And Y/N?”


“If you ever do this again, at least save some for me.”

Out of My League (King George III x Reader)

Hello! This is my first fic (and, to be honest, I’m not very good at tumblr) so any feedback will be much appreciated! I’m not really sure about ideal length so this is just more of a test. I wrote this since I’m a Brit through and through so obvs George is one of my fav characters in Hamilton!

You had married George about a year ago. For a while, your life was bliss. You had a husband who loved you and showered you in whatever you desired (not that you’d ever actually request anything). You loved each other, and that was all that mattered. However, your ‘loyal’ subjects did’t see it that way. You were born and raised a commoner. Obviously, your courtship and marriage had caused quite a fuss, particularly within certain elitist circles, but George quickly ordered them to quieten their mouths.

Only, recently, the gossip had started up again. Maybe you had broken some kind of etiquette? Maybe you had offended someone? All you knew was that it was back, and worse than ever. When they thought you weren’t listening, they called you a 'whore who’d spread her legs for anyone, as long as they had money’. They accused you of sorcery, bewitching the king and clouding his judgement. Many of the comments were in a similar vain, spoken by nobles who were jealous that you had managed to catch the King’s eye. They didn’t affect you nearly as much as the other comments did.

“She’ll never be fit to be Queen”.
“She’s a distraction”.
“She’d never have the courage nor the intelligence to make any real decisions”.
“She’s nothing more than a pretty face”.

Every word pierced your heart. They attacked one of your worst insecurities. Sure, you’d never had a formal education but you had read your father’s books and taught yourself everything you needed to know. You had learned through sheer tenacity and force of will, and ended up with knowledge that rivals even your husband’s. But, you weren’t raised to rule. You didn’t know the ins and outs of high society. You just tried your hardest and hoped for the best. Still, the fact that people thought you weren’t good enough upset you more than it should have.

“My love, what troubles you?” asked George, seeing an expression of worry mar your beautiful face.
“George, I need you to answer this honestly”.
“What is it dear?” he said, feeling slightly apprehensive as to what affected you this much.
“Am I a burden?” you blurted out before you could stop yourself.

After saying it out loud, it seemed like everything came crashing down. What if they were right? What if you were a burden - useless to George and the country? What if he hates you? What if it was all pity and he never truly loved you? 

You couldn’t stop the tears streaming down your face or the sobs escaping your lips.

You found yourself encapsulated by his arms. He cradled you close, with your head resting on his chest, his slightly musky scent tickling your nose. This was the feeling of safety, of warmth. The feeling of home. He just held you there in a protective cocoon.

“Shh, you silly girl. Dry those tears” he said, drying your eyes with his robe. “Whatever could have given you that idea?”
“I-I’m sorry. I ju-just.” You hiccuped and broke down again, the horrible words still swimming in your mind.
“Shh, my sweet. I’ll be here as long as you need me”.
“Sorry, I’m useless. Pathetic. Weak.” you mumbled, as you tried to pull away from him. He held you tighter.

“Look at me” he demanded. You managed to pull away this time, avoiding his eye contact and mumbling some sort of excuse.
“Look. At. Me.” he demanded, more forcefully this time. He put his thumb under your chin, lifting it so that your eyes met. You stared into his captivating blue eyes, a feeling of guilt bubbling up. His eyes softened.
“What am I going to do with you?” he sighed. “[Y/N], I love you so much, can’t you see that? I would move the heavens for you”. At this, he stole a sweet kiss. 

“Please, what’s gotten into you?”
“I-I heard some pe-people talking about m-me”. Your voice wavered and you lost the courage to go on.
“What did they say?” He spoke softly and comfortingly, trying to coax you to go on. You told him everything you had heard. Every last insult, mean comment and snide remark.
“Oh [Y/N]” he whispered, as he held you close. “You didn’t need to face this alone. I’m here. I’ll always be here. Please, speak to me next time.”
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t want to bother you or waste your time.” you stuttered.
“My sweet, I would give up my entire kingdom if it meant your happiness”. He smiled as you blushed prettily under his intense gaze.
“B-but all those people said-”
“Never mind what they said. You are what’s most important to me. What do those people know?” he whispered.

Then, upon the realisation that it was his subjects that caused this, his gaze hardened and sparked with anger. “Who are these people who dares cause you such grief? I will execute them immediately!” His eagerness to jump to your defense warmed your heart.
“George, it’s fine. Drop it. It’s just people in the court gossiping”.
“But, my love-”
“It’s fine George. Yes, their words hurt. Yes, I won’t forget them. Yes, they were horrible and uncalled for, but it was just gossip. Nothing more, nothing less. We can’t convict them on human nature. Just let it go, for me?”
“How did I ever convince someone like you to be my wife?” he asked in awe. “You’re just plain amazing, you know that right?”
“George.” you said, exasperated at his attempt to sidetrack you.
“Ok, I promise I won’t do anything. For you, my sweet, I give my word.”

“But seriously, can’t I chop a couple of heads off?”
“Sorry, dear.” and the King of England, ruler of millions, meekly complied.

Hamilton (Lams) Princess Bride AU

Hear me out tho

  • Theo jr. is sick, so Burr comes in to read her a story.
  • Alexander is Buttercup, the orphan who lives on a farm with adoptive parents (George and Martha) 
  • John is Wesley, a sweet farmhand whom Alex falls deeply in love with
  • Alex is promised to King George III, who is a complete douchecanoe 
  • Meanwhile, on the cliffs of insanity, we’ve got Laf as Inigo Montoya, Herc as Fezzik, and Charles Lee as Vizzini 
  • “I’m a general! WHEEE!” “I do not think that means what you think it means…”
  • Laf being a sexy swordsman who can do flips n shit :3 
  • Hercules trying to bash Alex backward against a rock as they have a pleasant chat 
  • Alex outsmarting Lee with the iocane powder, then being kidnapped by the Dread Pirate Roberts (John the BAMF) they are ecstatic to see each other
  • “I thought you said there wasn’t any kissing, dad. When are we gonna get back to the action?!” “Wait for it, Theo… wait for it.” 
  • King George takes Alex back to the castle, but John is determined to get him back 
  • He ends up getting tortured by the six fingered man (Seabury gone dark) 
  • Laf and Herc find a weakened John, bring him to James Madison the Miracle Worker, who figured he may as well use his natural gift to not only heal himself of his perpetual colds, but to help people (ft. his witchy bf, Thomas) 
  • they save Alex, but Laf needs to avenge his father’s death
  • “Hello. My name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” 
  • And they all lived happily ever after!!!111!!
Pennywise Playlist

First post! Hey, I’ve been lurking about in this fandom for a while liking and reposting content from amazing fans and I’ve decided it’s my time to contribute to so I thought a headcanon/imagine page would be a great way to do so! I’ll be taking as many requests as I can handle, feel free to ask away! 

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Breaking... Ch.12

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

A/N: This chapter took way too long because I wasn’t planning for it but it’s here now so let’s go y’all! I’ll get back to the main plot next chapter I swear!

Wordcount: 3609

Warnings: Blood, slut shaming, taunting, cursing

Tags!!: @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @renae-writes @deltablue202 @literally-melonkitty @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demi-godamit @gum-and-chips @sweaterkitty-fluff @pinkyiger7 @littlemissshortcakes@msageofenlightenment @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221@hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple @ashwolfcub @myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate @superwholockbooknerd526 @frozengal2013 @lmaodedhaha @itsmikayblr @sarmar29 @arya-durin-77 @phantastic-fandoms @hoshihime98 If anyone else would like to be tagged just shoot me an ask saying so! ^-^

Breaking Trust

You felt the impact send waves through your skull, they reverberated through your brain. Bouncing off the bone. You were falling past the ground, it seemed like the ground faded from under you. Varying shades of grey were around you and sticking out like jagged stone; but as it faded out to white you felt the familiar wrapping of silk around your body. Just as you saw the end of the gleaming fabric, one of the pieces wrapped itself around your leg and dangled you above your point of exit. You stared numbly into the light, you couldn’t see anything beyond it but you could hear something faint. “Miss, I’m going to need you to step back and leave the room! The doctor needs room to work.” It was a woman, she sounded older and frustrated. “No! Please, I need to be here with her! Y/N! Please, wake up!” Another woman said, she seemed much younger than the first and her ton was frantic. Her voice was familiar. “Damn it all! She’s drifting off! Miss L/N, do not fall back asleep!” An older male voice called. You tried to fight the silk and reach out towards the voices but it was no use. The silk raised you up as you struggled and flung you the way you fell. You flew through the air, past the white, past the rocks and into the light you came from.

             Your eyes shot open as you gasped for air. You were laying on some kind of couch and you felt the warmth and light from a fire nearby.

“Well, at least you’re finally up.” A female voice said curtly. You looked around to see a woman standing by a door. Her clothes were similar to yours, only her bodice was orange and had longer sleeves. “Honestly, you’re lucky to be alive at all. If Mr. Burr had not seen your horse, you would certainly be dead.” Mr. Burr? Her voice was cold, her hair, skin and eyes all matched that tone. Icy.

“Where am I?” You asked as your frantically sat up. She chuckled at your panic.

“I shall inform Mr. Burr of your current status. Wait here.” She ordered you and walked out of the room. What the hell happened? The last thing I remember… You touched the left side of your face and winced. You felt some sort of bandage along your left temple and although you couldn’t see it, you could feel how bruised your face was. There were footsteps coming toward the door so you stood up, you still felt a bit dizzy but you quickly steady yourself. In walked in a familiar man, dark skin, wearing a deep purple and a pleasant smile.

“I see that you are awake. What was your name? Titania, was it?” He asked.

“M-Mr. Burr, sir! Um, that’s what I am called yes?” Am I lying? He nodded and sensed your confusion about the situation.

“I heard a commotion outside my door at sun rise and saw a horse with gear standing on my lawn. I recognized it as belonging to Mr. Hamilton and decided I should send it back to his estate but it was acting rather strange.  It kept moving away from me whenever I approached and, although it was probably foolish for to think it, it seemed to want to show me something. Low and behold you were not even a twenty meters from my home. I brought you back and called for a doctor, you had a terrible head wound but he said that you would wake up soon. Luckily he was correct, the sun has just only begun to set.” He explained. That’s crazy! Seriously universe? Why do you have to be such a bitch to me?!

“I don’t know what to say… Thank you, Mr. Burr! You really saved my life! I don’t know how I can thank you enough let alone repay you for this!”

“No need for thanks, I couldn’t just leave you out to die now could I? And in terms of repayment, I shall talk with Alexander about that.” Talk with Alex…Fuck… He’s not supposed to know about what happened! And hell I’ve already caused them enough trouble, why do I have to be like this?! He’s going to have to pay money for my idiocy! Ugh! He could read your disappointment as if you were actually saying it to him.

“Is something the matter?” He asked. Fuck.

“No, no, no, no, no! That’s perfectly fine! It’s just… I don’t exactly like having other people pay my debts but I suppose I’ll have to just live with it.” This is going to be bad when they get back… He closed his eyes like he was thinking about something. You couldn’t read his expression at all, which was something that Alex frequently complained about him. He was elusive.

“I have a proposition for you then, Miss Titania.” What?

“A proposition?” You asked.

“My wife you see, has fallen quite ill and we are a bit short of staff. I am aware that the Hamiltons are up town for the winter. Perhaps, while they are away, you could lend your services to help around here.” He offered.

“Seriously? Thank you so much, Mr. Burr! I just really don’t want to cause any problems for Alex and I’ll work really hard to make sure my debt is paid-“ He shushed you.

“Talk less.” Wait, what? “I will take that as a yes, however there are some rules you must follow.”

“Oh, um, of course.”

“Things are done very differently around here than at Alexander’s. You are at the Burr estate now and you must behave as such. Based on how you have worked at the Hamilton’s I can tell that your personality is rather… loud. That will not be the case while you are with me. Talk less, smile more. That is how you shall operate. You will be expected to hold a demeanor of calm and collectiveness at all times. I will not tolerate anything less, is that clear?” You were surprised by how serious he was while speaking to you, you were actually taken aback. I suppose not everything could be as accepting as it is with them… Even with the terms being so out of character for you, you knew you had to try. So you agreed to the conditions.

             That night you were given back your horse and set out for the estate. You felt slightly uncomfortable with having to ride again after what happened but it was your only option. You were going to be a maid for the Burr’s and would have to leave at dawn every morning to get there on time for work. You got back home, led the horse back to the stables and went inside. You hastily prepared a fire to ward off the chill in your bones. You weren’t sure why but you didn’t have a good feeling about this.

Dear Starlight,

             It already feels as though I have been away from you a century, has it truly only been a month and a half since I have seen you? I miss you, I miss our conversations, I miss your lectures, I miss your voice, your spirit, your passion. I miss it all, everything down to the way you hold a teacup as though it could fall apart in your hands. It is very quiet uptown; I do not think I like the quiet though. It feels empty and, dare I say, a bit lonely without you by my side to share your thoughts on this world we live in. Everyone else misses you as well. Father and Mother have been telling Grandfather all about you, he seems to find you quite charming. Angelica says that studying is becoming a bore without you there to give her alternative methods of remembering her work. Even Alexander, James and John seem quite withdrawn; specifically, they long for one of your fairytales. I have no idea what they are talking about but it has something to do with a fruit that can show you everything you desire? Or was it about gaining knowledge from it? It sounds fascinating, then again, everything about you intrigues me. It is surprising to think that it has not even been an entire year since our first meeting, I feel as though I have known you my entire life. Although since we are on a similar subject, I have some rather exciting news. My birthday is next week! I shall be turning sixteen, soon enough I will no longer be considered a boy but instead a young man. However, I only care about that title when it comes to you. Your wit and luminosity may suggest you consider me an equal. Yet, does that mean your heart sees me as such? I wish not to be considered a child in thine eyes, a boy who becomes as red as a blooming rose over his frivolous romanticized fantasies. I do not think the word ‘different’ quite fits how I see you, perhaps extraordinary would be a better term? You are not like any of the other maidens I have encountered; you are bold, utterly silly and stubborn in every wondrous way. You are the brightest star is the sky, the North Star. Others gaze upon you and wonder where you shall lead them, while I can only hope that you will take pity on a soul deprived of your love, a soul left completely helpless. I see your eyes and smile in the night sky, Lord knows that I have prayed. I have prayed that you will leave your celestial heaven and keep beside me. Is it not embarrassing? Even on paper I cannot articulate what I am feeling without becoming muddled. Perhaps it is best if I wait to express myself when I meet you at the end of February. Until then ma cherié, please do not forget to write. I know you must be busy as to not have the time to write but that shall not stop my own writing tendencies, your words bring me more joy than you could possibly imagine.

Sincerely yours,

P. Ham, your sunshine.

Your mind and your heart were telling you two distinctly different things by the time you finished reading Philip’s letter. Why does everything have to be so complicated?! You held your head in your hands, trying to decide what to do next. It’s been two weeks since you started to work for Aaron Burr and to say you hated it would an understatement. You’ve never felt so restricted in your entire life, it was huge reality check for you. Not everything could be all feminism and modern like it was with Alexander. Proper etiquette hangs over your head constantly, you never expected Burr to be as uptight as he is. It isn’t all bad though, Mrs. Burr is actually quite lovely. She tells you many stories of her younger days when she’s well enough to speak cohesively. Honestly, the best times were when she was awake, it always gave you the chance to take a breather from Aaron. He wants to be by her side as often as time allows, he acts like a completely different person around her. He’s happy. That doesn’t last too long though, and Sarah doesn’t help much either. Sarah was the maid that was ‘by your side’ when you awoke at the Burr estate. She’s kind of, maybe, the worst person. She frequently taunts you for the position you’re in and tries to accuse you because of your relationship with the Hamilton’s. “I know what you did, who knew a man would actually defend his whore.” When you asked her what she was trying to imply she said. “I wonder how the son reacted to learn that his whore was also his father’s. I believe I would pay to see such an encounter!” No matter how many times you try to convince her of the truth, she just shuts you down and claims that a prostitute will do anything to hide her sins. First of all, I’ll do what I damn well please with my body! Second of all, I DID NOT have an affair with Alexander! Seriously, I thought this whole situation was over! You didn’t have time to read the letter before you had to leave for work, so you took it with you. You heard footsteps from beyond the door you were behind and quickly hid the letter in your bodice. You stood up from where you were sitting at the dining room table, taking your spare cloth off of your apron and using it to wipe the table. You know, to make it seem like you were working even though there was nothing to clean yet. Sarah, cold looking as ever, came bursting in.

“Good morning, Miss Home Wrecker. I will be taking care of Lady Burr today, which means you will be in charge of everything else for the day. I suggest you be on your best behavior, or else you shall receive quite a tongue lashing from Mr. Burr… Although you probably want that!” She snorted as she left you alone to fester in your anger. Fuck you too, Sarah! Okay Y/N, calm down. It’s only for another five or so weeks. I can do this! Just put on your best smile and suck it up, buttercup! You took a deep breath and left to take your normal rounds. Things were going relatively smoothly, at least until mid-day approached.

             You heard a carriage drawing into the ‘driveway’ as you started to call it. Ugh, a visitor… Normally, you wouldn’t mind having to greet a visitor, but you haven’t had to deal with any of Burr’s guest yet. You weren’t excited. Nevertheless, you did what you were taught, you walked over to the door and smiled sweetly. You heard footsteps and you opened the door, closing your eyes to block out the brightness from the light hitting the snow outside.

“Welcome to the Burr estate! What may I do for you today?” You asked in a bubbly voice.

“Well I’ll be damned.” Oh no. Please let it be a hallucination! Please let it be a hallucination! You slowly opened your eyes and to no surprise the first thing you see is a bright color. Magenta. The whole image started to fade in, Thomas Jefferson, in all his horridness, was standing in front of you. On top of that, you had to greet him with a smile and give him hospitality. I’d rather shut the door in his face… You bit your tongue and moved out of the way for him so that he could enter. “Well, well, well, Miss Titania! I would never guess I would find you here. What brings you? I thought Hamilton was away for the winter?” He gave you a mischievous grin as you shut the door behind him.

“Simply working, nothing worthy of noting.” You said through gritted teeth. He chuckled, but before he could retort, Burr’s voice echoed from the nearby staircase.

“Hello Thomas, forgive me but my wife is awake at the moment so I must focus on her. Miss Taylor, please make him some tea.” Can I pour the tea on him?! You nodded to the demand, you couldn’t exactly say no. You turned and began to walk towards the dining room.

“Take a seat, I’ll be back with your tea shortly.” You lashed, obviously annoyed. He smiled, but he didn’t sit down.

“Actually, I would much rather follow you. I hate not having company and personally, I’d say you make some pretty fine company.” He raised his eyebrows up slightly. This bitch… You shot him a thin smile and turned to walk into the kitchen, rolling your eyes as he trailed behind you. You began the tea preparations, hoping that he would at least give you the pleasure of not speaking. You were not granted that pleasure.

“How have you been Miss Titania?” He asked, your back turned to him.

“Fine.” You said insipidly. You began to heat up the water and turned to find Jefferson a few feet away from you.

“That’s a rather noxious injury you’ve got there.” He pointed and traced out in the air the slight crescent shape from the stitching on your left temple. You covered it up with your hand. “May I ask how that happened?” He asked with curiosity in his brown eyes, you spoke as you walked past him to grab the tea box.

“It seems that I am no equestrian, Mr. Jefferson.” You said with dun. He clicked his tongue.

“I see.” After that, things went silent for a moment. You got out the teapot and made the tea, now all that was left was for you to set up the tray and cups, you assumed Burr would join him shortly. You set the tray down, picked out he saucers, the cream and sugar as well. You grabbed one of the tea cups with both hands, careful not to drop it and as you picked up the second one, Thomas spoke up.

“How has Philip been recently.”

Crack, shatter, puncture, warm.

             Some glass fragments from the delicate cup began to trickle from your seizing hands, the pieces digging into your palms. You whipped your head around, shock was etched into his features and it only grew deeper when he saw the burning hatred on your own.

“Don’t ever! You do not have the right to ask me about him after what you did! You made him hate me! Even if it was only for a day, it killed me! You do not deserve the grace of hearing his effulgent name, let alone say it!” You spat, you had had enough. You couldn’t hold back anymore, you were tumultuous. You felt like crying, screaming, and being sick all at the same time. He doesn’t deserve to know how wonderful that family is! He almost ruined them! He threw his hands up to show peace.

“Whoa, perhaps it would be best to calm down.” He said in an oddly soothing voice. You wanted to yell, don’t tell me to calm down! But you realized something.

The cup

You opened your hands and the rest of the glass fell to the floor, there were tiny cuts on your hands and blood prickled out from the ends but that’s not what you cared about. Fuck! You crouched down onto the ground and frantically began to pick up the pieces, gathering them up in your apron cloth to hold them.

“No, no, no, no! Burr’s going to kill me!” You spoke breathlessly and then a voice you really didn’t want to hear.

“Why am I going to kill you?” Burr asked dryly. He looked down at what you were doing, his expression blank. You hated that look, it made you even more fearful than most things. The idea that he could be thinking of anything and you wouldn’t know terrified you enough as it was. But now it was directed at you. You were about to apologize, try to convince him it was an accident and that you were sorry but you were interrupted.

“I dropped my cup, you know me Burr, my senses are never quite right when I’m around a pretty lady! I’ll pay for it, don’t worry about it!” Jefferson laughed. What? What’s he doing? Burr sighed and shook his head, rubbing his temples, which he commonly did when he was stressed.

“Seriously, Thomas? You can’t stop your womanizing for even a second? Well… It’s not the good china so I suppose no harm was done. I came in here to tell you that we shall head to the cabinet in a moment, I just have to get properly dressed first. It’ll only be a moment. Taylor, please clean up this mess.” He said as he turned and left the two of you alone once more. You quickly gathered up the rest of the glass and stood up, making sure it wouldn’t fall out of the sides of your apron, the edges you holding lightly between your fingers. You turned to look at Jefferson.

“Why…? Why did you cover for me?” You were dumbfounded, he took a deep breath.

“I know how Burr can be, it was honestly just better to say that I did it. Besides, I’m not a scoundrel all the time you know?” You disposed of the glass as he stepped closer to you. He was only a foot away from you by the time you noticed, he held out his hand.

“May I see your hands?” He asked calmly. You reluctantly showed him your hands, he held one in each of his and inspected them closely. “Hm, you should be alright. Clean them up, use a cloth to stop the bleeding and if anyone asks, tell them you slipped on the ice outside.” He instructed, you nodded along, still a bit confused.

“Why would you help me? Don’t you hate me or what I stand for or something?” He sighed at your question.

“Listen, I will admit that my accusations were under a false pretense, that I apologize for. I wasn’t asking you about Philip to be antagonizing, I was genuinely curious. I talked to James a while back and he told me about what you said. ‘I don’t care about my name’ All you care about is everyone else’s wellbeing. You could say it put things into perspective for me. Why would a whore care about her ‘lover’ and not have it be about money? Why would Hamilton write an entire pamphlet to protect the dignity of one mistress but incriminate the other? It doesn’t make sense, unless I’m wrong and that you truly had nothing to do with it. It was presumptuous of me, and for that I am very sorry. When it comes to Philip however, I am rather close to Angelica and we have discussed the two of you the recently. So do not worry, I get it.” He let go of your hands and gave you a soft smile, walking past you towards the exit into the dining room. “I should meet with Burr, perhaps I shall meet with you again in the future, Titania? It would be a real shame to not see your pretty face again. Au revoir, mademoiselle.” He waved goodbye to you with that same grin on his face. What just happened? Is he not an asshole 24/7? You were left to stew in your questions for a bit, but you eventually followed the directions he gave you, pushing the questions to the back of your mind. Which then made new questions form.

What am I going to do when they get back?