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Podcast Truths

TANIS - everyone’s in love with Nic Silver

King Falls AM - everyone’s in love with Ben Arnold

Wolf 359 - everyone’s in love with Doug Eiffel 

EOS 10 - everyone’s in love with Ryan Dalias

Hello from the Magic Tavern - everyone’s in love with Chunt

Bright Sessions - everyone’s in love with Mark Bryant

Wooden Overcoats - everyone’s in love with Eric Chapman… and hates Rudyard Funn 

Podcast Rec List

So I figured I’d make a list with everything I’ve downloaded since I started listening to podcasts. Favorites have an asterisk (*).

Audio drama (Fantasy)

Hello From the Magic Tavern - An improv comedy podcast hosted by Arnie, a man who accidentally passed through a portal into the land of “Foon”. Every week Arnie interviews patrons of the Vermilion Minotaur tavern including monsters, wizard, and adventurers.

Audio drama (Horror)

Alice Isn’t Dead* - A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead, encountering not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman along the way. This podcast is produced by the same people who brought you Welcome to Night Vale.

Archive 81 - These are the recovered tapes of missing archivist Daniel Powell, posted by a well-meaning friend hoping to locate him.
Audio drama (Pseudo-radio show)

King Falls AM*** - (sci-fi/fantasy) A late-night talk show from quaint town of King Falls that is frequently interrupted by peculiar happenings and paranormal events. This is my absolute favorite podcast, so you should DEFINITELY give it a try!

Welcome to Night Vale - (cosmic horror) Community radio updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

Audio drama (Sci-Fi)

The Bright Sessions* - The recorded therapy sessions of Dr. Bright, who provides support for patients with unusual talents. ((It’s more of a paranormal drama that a true sci-fi)).

Kakos Industries - Corporate announcements for Kakos Industries, a corporation dedicated to helping you ‘do evil better’.

Pending: I either haven’t started these or haven’t listened to enough to categorize them, but most have been recommended by multiple sources so check them out!

ars Paradoxica -  A journey through spacetime and the Cold War with Dr. Sally Grissom, a physicist send back in time when an experiment goes awry. I’ve only listened to half of the first episode, but it seems super interesting, so I’ll be listening to it more this summer.

Within the Wires -  The podcast takes the form of an instructional audio guide in the form of Relaxation Cassettes, which unravel to tell a deeper, more surreal, more personal story about the listener. IDK, maybe you’ll even feel more relaxed. Only one episode has come out, but they come every other Tuesday, so I’m ready to delve deeper into the alternate dimesnsion.

If there’s a podcast you like that’s missing from this list, please drop me a line (message, ask, etc. etc.) and I’ll check it out! Enjoy

Podcast time... again?

Like I wrote a post about a week ago or so. And never a post of mine had receive such likes and reblogs (there aren’t many, but for me they are a lot. I have like 20 followers and most of them are not real people, and I’m at 70 or more notes) So if people like this, why shouldn’t I write more? This isn’t going to become a weekly thing, because even if I wanted I get obsessed with things too often. Like I only listen podcast for two weeks and then I stop and see like 10 seasons of 6 different series, or 20 movies per week, or 3 books a day (the book thing happens scarscely, usually on holidays). Well, here I go again.

If you want, you can skip to the interesting part, I don’t mind people not reading my rantings.

Podcasts I’m listenting to:

-Alice isn’t Dead, written by one of the creator of Night Vale. It promises to be as strange as Night Vale is, and I have to admit it creeps me out a bit, but other podcast is almost giving me nightmares.

-D&D is For Nerds, just listened to the first episode, mostly it is an easy listening (does that expression make sense?) It’s just a group of friends having fun.

-EOS 10, I finished the first season and I love it. I can’t bring myself to listen to the second one because we still don’t know when the third season will start. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be able to resist so I’ll probably have finished it by the next update I’ll post.

-Hello From the Magic Tavern, this was actually a recommendation I got from tumblr (thank you, @elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey​ ) And it is just pure, unadulteraed fun. It is improvised and the main cast are just three but they have guests in almost every episode. It’s a fantastic comedy, quite literally.

-Kakos Industries, I listen to it when I want to stop thinking It’s quite regular i its format, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It can be a bit monotonous but it works. I like it.

-King Falls AM, it’s so easy to fall in love with King Falls AM. I’ve previously compared it with Night Vale, and maybe the concept seems similar but the actual show isn’t. Whereas Night Vale is a creepy town which I would be scared to live in, I actually would love living in King Falls. Just listent to it.

-Limetown, waiting for the second season.

-Lore, creepy as always but I’m actually a bit disappointed with the last episode because it seemed more like an addition to the first episode than anything.

-The Black Tapes, remember when I said before ‘other podcast is almost giving me nightmares’? Well this is it, between this and Lore, these two week I’ve scared of everything, I’m like 8 years old again and I can’t be without a light on. Pathetic, right? I was actually kind of bored mid-season because they never really closed a case and most of the information given I could do wihout, even when Alex *SPOILER ALERT* realises that everything is connected, which honestly wasn’t such a big a revelation, it was a rather weak plot twist. Ok, it kind of got me mad, because it was kind of stupid. (Ok, sorry for ranting, sorry Black Tapes, I like you a lot really)

-Welcome to Night Vale, I still need to listen to the last two episodes so nothing new to report

-Wolf 359, only listened to the first three episodes but so far, so good. I love Eiffel antics and how he distrusts basically every other character.

List of to-listen: Tanis, Pleasure Town, Our Fair City, The Message, Serial, Sayer, The Secret World, We’re Alive and Presidential.

SHIP #32


I ship you with Gendry:

• you worked in a tavern in King’s Landing. Your boss is like the worst shit of westeros, you’re so tired of the capital and the people who live in this city and just hoping for the right moment to leave.
• “Goddamn Y/N quicker with this ale! I don’t want to lose clients because you can’t move your pretty ass”
“ You’ll see if i can’t move it, you pervert” you whisper for yourself while serving some men.
Suddendly a fight exploded. You’re used to see sword fighting between drunk people but this time it seemed different. There were soldiers in gold armure. Step by step all the tables joined the combat, there were blood and bodies on the floor.
“What are you doing here m'lady?! Get out! “ yelled à young man you’ve never met. He pushed you to the door and close it with a plank of wood.
"What happened?" ” The king’s guards they are looking for the bastards of robert baratheon, i guess one of them was here"
“But… i lived here, I…”
“I’m leaving tomorrow with a bunch of people, Yoren Reed will leads us north. you should come”
• you are the only woman of the voyagers but anyway, not afraid about the long road. It’s almost like you’ve been waiting for this all your life. Btw boys are so much funnier than girls.
• “It’s stupid but i don’t even know your name" "I’m gendry”
“ gendry what?" "I don’t know, my mother raised me alone”
“You’re a fucking bastard!" "Shut up”
• there’s a boy with you, sometimes after a long day of travel he plays some nice music with his flute.
“Shall we dance” asks Gendry " of course" you mimicks the highborn girls with their demure smiles.
Both of you know you are as poor as young. But life is in front of you.
• Being together came so naturally, it was almost an obviousness since the begining
• you sleep together, body to body for “human warmth”. But everybody understand it is for more than this.
• he is a really tactile boyfriend but you’re far from being his toy. No man can control you or something. You’re free and told him hundred time you belong to no one but yourself.

I ship you with Draco Malfoy 

• “What’s going on between you two” “ ‘don’t know” 
you put a plenty of potatoes in your mouth “you had sex did you?” you left your eyebrow in a comic way and almost choke with your potatoes.
• “Come on, you’re such a pussy” you sneak out the ravenclaw common room ”I heard the sky is beautiful tonight” “I wish I never met you” your friends sigh.
“What do we have here” Draco and his band was near the door “You sure know how to use your Prefect privileges Malfoy” 
“Want to join?” he show you a bottle wrap in paper “Better not”, you grab your friends hand and run through a secret passage.
• Hogwarts choral was one of the best moment of the day, you perform today in the great hall. You spotted Drago discret in the corner of the hall, your heart pulse so much.
• “We’re very alike you know”, you puff “what? no” 
“The first time we met you told me to eat dragons ball” you laughed “what does that even say ‘bout us”
“you said us?” “ shut up, Malfoy” 
• “We should leave this country when we are done with school” said Draco 
“To where” you laid on your stomach and look at him, daydreaming on the bed 
“Anywhere” “Did you imagine we are still a thing since school is over so?”
“Shut up Y/L/N*” he trowed you a pillow 
• “Want to go for a drink this weekend?” Malfoy stand in front of you and all your friends at lunch, they all look at you “Yeah…” “Nice” he left and you immediately smile “ GIRLLLLLL” scream your best friends
    - “What was this things in front of my friends, I thought you wanted to be discret” “I’m tired of it, I’m so proud to be with you Y/N” You blushed, wow. 

I ship you with Chris 

Your group of friends is pretty cool, since you hang with the Penetrators you could say your band is hype. Chris and you are almost best friends, almost because you crush hard on him. Everyone keep asking if you two always had a thing, but even if you are really close nothing ever really happened. 
• You were laying on his stomach your fav position, just talking about anything
« I go to Cornelia’s house tomorrow night’ » you frown  « You serious right now?” « What? » you stand up « we are going to see rogue one remember? »
« Shit, ca we go an other time » « Yeah right » you took your bag and left his room.
• He send you many messages which you don’t reply, and you know he wouldn’t stop until you respond because he’s such a stubborn
• You heard a knock on your window and you know already who it was
« Why are you so mad, it’s just a movie » he looked at you with his deep eyes, his hair falling in front.
« Idk » you cross your arms « Talk to me » you bit your lips, he start to come closer and tickles you « come onnnnn »
« I don’t like that you choose to be with her than me » 
« Why? you’re always the one who introduce me girls and everyhting..”
« Not anymore » you took a deep breathe  « I like you » you say.
«  I know , I like you too » you rolled your eyes « Ok whatever » 
You turn back and he grab you by the hand « you mean..? » you nodded 
« are you fucking serious? , girl I always feel like you friend zoned me »
« What..? » « You always introduce me girls, and with your sexual sense of humor I can’t know if you’re being serious or not »
« So you.. too..? »  
« Since the first time I saw your green eyes » 
He was still holding your hand, and in a second he kissed you while his hand pull you closer. 
« We are so stupid » he laughed with his beautiful smile, your heart jumped so hard « Indeed »

* Y/L/N : your last name

who’s ready for podcasts this week???

Monday - Hello from the Magic Tavern & Wolf 359 (where Maxwell, Keplar, and Jacobi are going to be monsters and WHAT ABOUT HERA)

Wednesday - The Bright Sessions (CALEB. ADAM. I JUST. I CAN’T. I’M NOT READY)

Thursday - Welcome to Night Vale (ep 100! I’m so behind BUT EVERYONE’S COMING BAAAAACK) & Wooden Overcoats (finale finale finaleeeeee) & KING FALLS AM (episode 40 AND GUYS. IT’S GOING TO BE SO GOOD on top of the Ben and Sammy feels YOU ALL WE ARE NOT READY FOR WHAT THIS TEAM HAS COOKED UP) 

So basically I will be a hot mess and I’m so excited. 

Tonight I got to meet Mac and his band and shoot the shit for about half an hour. I introduced myself as ‘Brumbo Tungus’ and Mac made up a song on the spot and sung it to me. He even did it again to let me video it. Tomorrow I’m going back over and me and Vick are cooking them all dinner and having a few beersies. I got to watch their show from the mezzanine inside the club with no-one else up there since the people who live in the apartment above the bar they were playing at have no idea who they are. I walked in and the band was all just in my friends lounge room and every one who lives at the house was in their bedrooms (I was fucking shocked). One of the funnest nights of my life, I can’t wait for tomorrow.