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songs for your betrayal

a playlist for the inevitable confrontation to come

youth - daughter / this is gospel (piano version) - panic! at the disco / circles - the eden project / hand over mouth, over and over - a lot like birds / a sadness runs through him - the hoosiers / exile vilify - the national / the river kings - foreign fields / call them brothers - only son feat. regina spektor / run (acoustic version) - daughter / i move on (sintel’s song) - helena fix / hide and seek - imogen heap

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I imagined an AU with young Moon and River as humans.

Moon is well behaved, proper, and smart. She enjoys reading and tennis. She keeps her emotions in check because a proper lady doesn’t lose her cool. Though, when the situation gets a little extreme, she’d get worried, scared, or angry. Even when it comes to River. She can’t help but worry about him when he’s hurt or laugh when he does something funny.

River is carefree and full of energy. He’s crazy, likes fighting, and going on adventures. He tries his best to behave sometimes, but when he sees an opportunity to fight or escape to go on adventures, he takes it. He sometimes feels bad for making Moon worry. When she’s sad, he would try to cheer her up. He’s not afraid to express his feelings.

As for story. I imagine their families are rich, though Moon’s family are richer and more important. Their families are staying in a rich hotel. Moon and River would sometimes spend time together and explore the building.

Diaz and Butterfly Families

Marco Diaz and his parents Rafael and Angie Diaz, and Princess Star Butterfly and her parents Queen Moon and King River Butterfly. That is big families between Diaz Family live in Earth and Butterfly Family live in Mewni.

Something I'd like to see in the show
  • Queen Moon Butterfly: "You'd fight for Mewni?"
  • Buff Frog: "Mewni is home. But make no mistake- I vould never fight for you. You have left my people in the dust. They are your's to vatch over, and you leave them to starve. I will never be behind you."
  • King River Butterfly: ...
  • Queen Moon Butterfly: ...
  • Buff Frog: "I vould never fight for you, but I will always fight for the true future of Mewni. I fight for a future I can trust in."
  • Buff Frog: "I fight for Star Butterfly."

Wholesome Week - Prompt 2: Parents

The Diaz’s invite the Butterfly’s over for a casual get together, River gets a bit too excited telling them about past tales of glory! I kind of ran out of time to work on this, I may have been too ambitious; gotta immediately start the next prompt!

Not pictured on screen: Star and Marco’s looks of horror as they walk in just as River reveals he spent the whole fight naked, as the monster ambushed him while bathing

The Clique

what’s composition >.< what’s anatomy how do people do backgrounds

I imagine River could have at some point insinuated that Toffee was Moon’s pet. Toffee was offended, sure, but in the end that joke totally backfired, because Toffee now had the excuse to stretch across Moon’s lap at any time.

What if...

I just had a crazy realization.

Okay so everyone with the Moontoffee ship seems to suggest that Toffee is to Moon what Marco is to Star.

But what if instead… Toffee was to Moon, what TOM is to Star?! A jilted, bad boy ex-boyfriend who pines after their lost love, having to watch them fall for someone else.

This ship already has a lot of tragic backstory potential, but I like the idea of including River to mirror the relationship between Star, Marco and Tom.


It is the “Quince años” of Star" and River and Rafael decide to have some corn liquor before the event… but things get weird and wild.  These two would have too much fun.

Sidenote: the song is by mexican singer “Vicente Fernández” and the song is “La ley del monte”:

(every mexican dad knows at least one of his songs).