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I'm looking for a fan fiction about Rick getting a job in Atlanta and he moves his family from Kings County. After a night out with his co workers he pulls michonne over for speeding. They instantly fall in love. Daryl and Rick are best friends but Lori doesn't like Daryl. And michonne is also married.

Hi anon! 

We feel certain this is the same fic we helped another lovely follower find just a few weeks ago. Please check it out here [Xand feel free to hit us up again if you feel like it isn’t. We hope this helps.

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Books on Ted Bundy

I already had a few asks about it so I decided to put together a list of the ultimate books on Ted Bundy. It’s a work in progress, and I might add more in the future!

The Only Living Witness : The true story of serial sex killer Ted Bundy by Stephen G. Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth 

Michaud and Aynesworth are a reporter and an investigator team who interviewed serial killer Ted Bundy while he was on death row in Florida. This volume chronicles his activities throughout several states but is at its best in a long section of transcripts from the interview in which, while he never admits his quilt, Bundy offers vivid details of the crimes and commentary on the mindset of a serial killer.

The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule 

The Stranger Beside Me is a 1980 autobiographical and biographical true crime book written by Ann Rule about the serial killer Ted Bundy, whom she knew personally before and after his arrest for a series of murders.

Note : It’s a good book but her perception of Ted is often off base. It’s better to be read with some distance as she perpetuated some fake myths like the long parted hair in the middle, but it’s overall a good read with an interesting point of view from someone who worked with him and hanged out socially a few times with him.

Ted Bundy : Conversations with a Killer, The Death Row Interviews by Stephen G. Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth 

Drawn from more than 150 hours of exclusive tape-recorded interviews with Bundy, this collection provides shocking insights into the killer’s 11th-hour confessions before his death in a Florida electric chair. A unique, horrifying self portrait of one of the most savage sex killers in history.

The Riverman by Robert D. Keppel 

After a search of over twenty years, one of America’s most elusive serial killers was finally apprehended. Now, read the true story of one man’s attempt to get inside the mind of the Green River Killer July 15, 1982: 3 woman’s strangled body was filed, caught on the pilings of Washington state’s Green River. Before long, the “Green River Killer” would be suspected in at least forty-nine more homicides, with no end in sight. Then the authorities received an unbelievable letter from the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy – then on Florida’s death row – offering to help catch the Green River Killer. But he would only talk to one man: Robert Keppel, the former homicide detective who had helped track Bundy’s cross-county killing spree. Now these conversations are revealed, in which Bundy speculates about the motive and methods of the Green River Killer – and reveals his own twisted secrets as well. Now, as never before, we look into the face of evil … and into the heart of a killer.

The Phantom Prince : My Life with Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall 

One of my personal favorite, it’s a kind of autobiography written by Elizabeth Kloepfer about her 7 years relationship with Ted. It gives the best insight on how he acted around someone close to him and on his every day life. It’s a must read! 

Defending the Devil : My story as Ted Bundy’s last lawyer by Polly Nelson 

As a brand-new lawyer, Polly Nelson was offered serial-killer Ted Bundy’s case as a pro bono project for her prestigious Washington, DC law firm just weeks before he was scheduled to be executed. Defending the Devil is a unique and candid look at the Bundy case and at Nelson’s three-year personal battle to balance her duties as a lawyer, her compassion for human life, and the inhuman crimes her client had committed.

Through the obstacles and setbacks faced by Nelson there was Ted Bundy himself. While his crimes show the extremely violent side of his personality, there were many other sides –many other extreme sides–that the public never saw. Ranging from shy and defensive to a narcissistic performer, Bundy professed his innocence by day while offering confessions to the police and helping the FBI at night. His own worst enemy, Bundy seemed never to understand the severity of his crimes, the punishment, or the public’s reaction to them. Through it all stood Nelson, defending him from both the system and himself.

I’m Not Guilty : The Case of Ted Bundy by Al Carlisle Ph.D. 

Dr. Al Carlisle evaluated Bundy for the Utah court when he was first arrested in 1975 and conducted extensive interviews with him after that. Carlisle has painstakingly reconstructed the life of Ted Bundy through conversations with his friends, family, neighbors, lovers, investigators, and surviving victims—and with the killer himself. I’M NOT GUILTY finally answers the questions about Bundy’s own crimes through a fictional dialogue between Carlisle and Bundy on the day before his execution, and sheds light on the development of the violent mind.

The Bundy Murders : A Comprehensive History by Kevin Sullivan 

Theodore Bundy was one of the more infamous, and flamboyant, American serial killers on record, and his story is a complex mix of psychopathology, criminal investigation, and the U.S. legal system. This in-depth examination of Bundy’s life and his killing spree that totaled dozens of victims is drawn from legal transcripts, correspondence and interviews with detectives and prosecutors. Using these sources, new information on several murders is unveiled. The biography follows Bundy from his broken family background to his execution in the electric chair.

The Trail of Ted Bundy : Digging up the untold stories by Kevin Sullivan 

Within the pages of The Trail of Ted Bundy : Digging Up the Untold Stories, you’ll hear the voices - many for the first time - of some of Ted Bundy’s friends, as they bring to light the secrets of what is was like to know him while he was actively involved in murder. The stories of his victims are here as well, as told by their friends, including the information and anecdotes that didn’t make it into the investigative files and are being published here for the first time. Two of the former detectives who worked with author Kevin Sullivan during the writing of his widely-acclaimed book, The Bundy Murders, return to aid readers in fully understanding Bundy’s murderous career; it’s ripple-effect impact on those who came into contact with him in one way or another, and dispelling commonly held myths.

The Trail of Ted Bundy is a journey back in time, to when Ted Bundy was killing young woman and girls in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It’s told by those who knew him, and you’ll hear their revealing stories, many being voiced and put to print for the very first time. The friends of the victims are here as well, and they too share their insights about the victims, and some of what they tell here had been held back from the investigators, such was their commitment to their deceased friends. It’s also the story of those who hunted Bundy; those who guarded him, and those who otherwise were a part of this strange case one way or another.

The Bundy Secrets : Hidden Files on America’s Worst Serial Killer by Kevin Sullivan 

Within the pages of The Bundy Secrets : Hidden Files Of America’s Worst Serial Killer is a unique, never-before-published look at the investigations undertaken to stop the depredations of America’s most infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy. Presented here in an easy-to-follow chronology are the raw, unedited and most fascinating official case files as they appeared to the detectives from the Pacific Northwest to the Rocky Mountains to Florida. 

Ted Bundy : A Visual Timeline by Rob Dielenberg 

Ted Bundy was, and still is, an enigma. This book goes part way towards dismantling some of the mythos that has been built up around him over the 40 years since he first came to light. It does this by presenting – in chronological order – all the important available information on Ted gleaned from books, archives, TV, film, newspaper articles, essays, police reports, court transcripts, and original sources, so that readers can make up their own minds. If you are a student of abnormal psychology and/or criminology you will find this book an invaluable resource in answering most, if not all, the questions you ever wanted to ask about Ted. This book may not be the last word on him, but it is without doubt the most exhaustively researched to date.

In Defense of Denial: Ted Bundy’s Final Prison Interview 1989 

In 1989, shortly before his execution, Ted Bundy met with Robert Keppel in what would be his final confession to the events that had occurred some years prior in Washington State. Although much of this confession has been published in other forms and through various media outlets, this is the original version of that confession as provided by an FOIA request made in June of 2015. It contains more of the interview than has been discussed over the years.  It was released in transcribed form by the King County Sheriff Office.

Reflections on Green River : The letters of, and conversations with Ted Bundy, edited and compiled by Sara 

“Reflections on Green River” contains a collection of original letters written by Ted Bundy to the Green River Task Force in 1984.  It also contains the original transcriptions of the recorded interview with Ted in 1984 and in 1988.  In 1984 the interview centered on Ted Bundy’s evaluation of the Green River killings but it also discussed a suspect in the case as well and went into detail about the dump sites and Ted’s intuition that the Green River killer was moving up and down I-5 corridor possibly more than police were aware of.  Bundy also analyzed the disappearances of the women associated to the Green River Killer and those that he felt could be associated.  The 1988 interview centers around Ted’s evaluation of questionnaires related to crime being developed in Washington State as well as discussions related to serial killing.  These interviews and letters were talked of in some measure in other books but this collection is more complete than most other sources.  It is a very important text for those researching the Bundy era.

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Any fan fictions where we see Rick and Michonne go through the pregnancy process?

Hi there Anon :)

Here are some fics where Rick and Michonne go through the pregnancy process for you:

241 Days Journey by fithola

Follow Rick’s and Michonne’s journey as they navigate their first pregnancy. AU/ No Zombies. 

Lost In A Dark Place by goshangie

Rick and Michonne have known each other as kids but when Michonne moves to New York and Rick stays in Kings County their friendship falls apart. After 10 years she’s back but they are both strangers to each other now. Will they be able to work through their shaky relationship or will anger get in the way? A/U. No zombies. 

Seed by malladay

Several months after the group’s first run in with Negan, they find themselves regaining hope, and Rick and Michonne begin to seriously consider what the future holds for them. Pregnancy Fic. 

We hope this helps! 

Also please check out these other Michonne/Richonne Pregnancy Fics below: (please note some of these fics may deal with miscarriage/infant death) 

☆ UPDATED ☆ Pregnant Michonne/Richonne Fics

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Photo of Janice Ott, one of two women murdered by Ted Bundy near Lake Sammamish State Park in Washington. Courtesy of Rob Dielenberg’s “A Visual Timeline.”

According to Ann Rule’s “The Stranger Beside Me,” Janice Ott held a position with the King County Youth Service Center as a probation case worker. The 23-year-old had been married to her husband, Jim, for a year and a half before her disappearance. Jim was studying to be a prosthetic designer in Riverside, California and had plans to reunite with Janice in September that year. 

On July 14, 1974, the 5-foot, 100-pound blonde bicycled from her home in Issaquah to Lake Sammamish State Park. Ott left a note for her roommates stating she would return later in the afternoon. Only minutes after arriving at the park, Janice was approached by a man who introduced himself as “Ted.” Witnesses described the man as good looking with a slight accent - sounding British or Canadian - and was dressed in a white tennis outfit with a sling on his right arm. After talking to Ted for a short while, the young woman agreed to help him load a sailboat onto his car. Janice Ott wasn’t seen again until her remains were recovered on September 6, 1974.

Prompt #5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Rick stands on the guard post, his rifle in hand as he paces slowly back and forth. It’s a rather quiet day at the prison so far. A pretty day. The sun is high and bright, a soft breeze from the east whips around him, keeping him cool. He glances off toward the yard as Carl and few kids walk through, their lively banter filing the air. His hat is low over his eyes as he kicks a soccer ball with his foot. His ever-growing dark hair cups his face. Rick’s chest swells as lingering thoughts of Lori invade his senses. He looks so much like her. Rick drops his eyes away from his son and swallows, closing his eyes as he lets out a breath through his teeth. She could still be here, if you-

“Don’t,” He whispers, willing her ghost to leave him alone.

A rumble in the distance snaps him out of his trance. He raises his rifle, looking through the scope, and his anxiety lowers just a bit. He spots Daryl on his bike, leading Maggie and Glenn in the truck, with Michonne bringing up the rear with her trusty horse, Flame. He lowers his weapon as Carol, Beth, and Carl run to the gate, the three of them opening it to allow the scavengers back in. He watches quietly as the three flock around the returning members of their clan, smiles and hugs going all around. They’ve been gone for almost five days, longer than usual. Everyone is glad to see them.

His eyes drift to the dark-skinned samurai as Carl gives her a high five. She smiles widely back at the younger boy before tilting her head back and laughing loudly at something he’s said. Carol joins them a moment later, throwing her arms around Michonne’s shoulders before leaning into her, resting her head against hers. Daryl and Maggie are the next to join the group, Maggie hugging Carl swiftly before looping her arm around Michonne’s. Daryl even tugs at a few of her dreads, causing Michonne to swat at him with her long fingers.

Rick sucks his teeth a little as another deep breath escapes him. They love her already. It was a rocky start at first. They, well, he and Daryl mainly, didn’t trust her and she sure as hell didn’t trust either one of them. Glenn and Maggie were really the first to give her a chance. She led you back to us, Rick. She didn’t have to do that. Herschel held off her departure for as long as he could, knowing that her concussion was healed but just not wanting her out there on her own. Next was Carl, suddenly turning a new leaf when it came to the woman after their visit to the old neighborhood. Then, day by day, she lightened up, they all lightened up and now she’s one of them. Except with Rick. She has indeed, not lightened up when it comes to him.

She still side eyes the shit out of him whenever he’s around. If she’s talking, laughing, joking around, it’ll instantly come to a stop if he even acts like he’s coming toward them. In fact, she’ll grab her katana and leave the situation entirely, suddenly needing to check the yard, or help clear the gate. It bothers him. Why? He’s not sure, but she’s good with everyone else, literally everyone; but him. Standing here, watching her interact with everyone makes it even worse. Daryl refused to call her by name when they first met, referring to her only as the last samurai for weeks on end. But here they are, laughing and goofing off like they’ve known each other their entire lives. She forgave him, why not Rick?

She went out of her way to help Carl back in King County when she didn’t even have to. He gave her the slip and even shot off that mouth of his, but he’s her most trusted confidant now. Alright, so he put his gun in her face, multiple times mind you, and told her that she had to go once she was patched up. Is that really that bad? Okay, so he banished her to sleeping out in the yard at night. If she would just talk to him, he could clear the whole thing up. She won’t even give him a chance. Merle! Even fucking Merle gets a small reprieve from her and he nearly killed her! He shoots little comments and slurs toward her all day long, Nubian goddess, sweet cheeks, black mamba. She just smirks, trading barbs with him until he ultimately gives up when he can’t get a rise out of her. She stopped threatening to kill Merle like a week ago, but Rick still can’t even get a glance from her. What does he have to do?

Rick is so deep in thought that he doesn’t even notice Glenn approach him from behind. Glenn follows the older man’s gaze to the group of people below, then steps up beside him, resting his forearms on the railing as he leans over, “Daryl’s wondering where you are. You should go say hi.”

Rick blinks as he readjusts the rifle in his hands, tucking it under his arm, “Maybe later.” He answers, taking a few steps to his left as he continues his glare out beyond the walls.

Glenn drags his eyes back up to the sheriff, a smirk on his face, “Why? Cuz Michonne is down there?” Rick cuts his eyes toward the younger man, tightening his jaw, “Dude, she’s cool. You need to give it a rest.”

“What are you talking about?” Rick asks, slightly annoyed.

Glenn smiles again, looking back down on his family as he catches Maggie’s eye. She covers her eyes with her hand to block the sun, but raises the free one, wiggling her fingers at him. He holds up his own hand to her before she smiles back and turns toward her friends once more. He takes a breath as he looks over the land, the yard, then back on the rambunctious people below them. It’s coming together for them; finally. He tosses his eyes back toward Rick only to notice him watching her again. Watching her place her hands on Carl’s shoulders, shaking him lightly as they move toward the prison. Watching her turn back toward Daryl as he makes some sort of crude joke, probably about her butt. Watching her as she laughs, throwing her head back again before she turns fully and punches Daryl in the arm.

Glenn knows that Rick won’t go down to join them but he also knows why. It’s a little bit of everything really. He’s still reeling from losing Lori and having fatherhood thrust upon him again with a newborn. He’s anxious that the governor is still out there, somewhere, and he’s angry that he couldn’t stop the bastard. And, because he’s jealous. Sturdy, well, not so much as of late but, usually sturdy, gruff, gritty Rick Grimes is jealous. Jealous of Daryl, of Carl, of Maggie, Carol, Herschel, Beth, and Glenn. Because of the new, popular, pretty girl in town. She gets along with everyone but Rick. She likes everyone but him; and it’s killing him. Absolutely killing him.

Glenn laughs a little to himself, leaning back as he grips onto the railing in front of him. It’s funny really, and it’s, dare he say, nice. It’s reminiscent of the old days when you didn’t have to worry about a walker biting your face off. When all you had to worry about was impressing a pretty girl. He turns toward Rick, slapping him on the back, “Maybe try being nice, for a change?” He starts, before moving toward the ladder, “You know, say hi, how’s it going, how was the trip, instead of pointing your gun in her face and telling her she can’t stay in the block with us.”

Rick turns his head toward Glenn, sucking his teeth a little but doesn’t speak, “It gets cold at night man, she can’t stay in that bus forever. Just,” Glenn sighs, stopping on the ladder, “Quit being a bitch, tough guy. Go say hi.” Glenn disappears from sight as he climbs down the ladder, stopping once more to yell, “That’s why she likes us! We’re nice!”

Rick turns as Glenn makes his leave, shaking his head a little. He drops his eyes to his family once more as Glenn jogs to catch up with them, wrapping his arms around Maggie’s waist as they move beyond the second fence and into the workout yard. Rick continues to watch as Glenn disconnects from his wife and throws an arm around Michonne’s shoulder before turning back to face him. He raises his free hand and promptly flips Rick off, smiling all the while as Michonne grabs his hand dangling off her shoulder.

Rick scoffs loudly, smirking to himself before he turns back out toward the outer fence, “Fucker.” He sighs, his blues scanning the trees and grass for more of their dead friends. He bites the inside of his mouth as he focuses in on nothing at all. Glenn’s words float around his brain for a few minutes before he clicks his teeth and sighs heavily. He throws his rifle over his shoulder and heads for the ladder, starting his decent. He moves inside the prison, finding them all in the common area, pulling out bowls and cups as Carol starts on lunch for the hungry, rowdy warriors.

Rick leans the rifle against the wall and heads toward Carl, who is butted up right next to Michonne. He rests his hand on his boys’ shoulder and clears his throat, grabbing both of their attention. She glances at him, quickly, but before she can look away, “Hey,” He pipes up, although lowly, as he drops his eyes some before he makes direct contact again.

“Hey.” She answers briskly, pushing her eyes away from him to grab her katana and standing up to walk away.

“How was the trip?”

She stops, shooting her eyes back toward him, “Um, good.” She says, nodding her head slowly, “Really good.”

“Good,” He answers, nodding his head as well, “Glad to have you back.”

She smirks a little, just a little, and puts her katana back down. She climbs back onto the picnic table they dragged inside and resumes her spot next to Carl as Rick sits to join them, “Thanks.” She says after a few beats.

Glenn watches the pair closely, smiling widely as he elbows Maggie and pushes his chin toward the two of them once he has her attention, “I am so good.” He says, dusting off his shoulder with his hand.

She giggles lightly, “Shut up.”

for: @2emagin

“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an organization that publicly claims to represent the best interest of animals – indeed their “ethical treatment.” Yet approximately 2,000 animals pass through PETA’s front door every year and very few make it out alive. The vast majority – 96 percent in 2011 – exit the facility out the back door after they have been killed, when Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater stops by on their regular visits to pick up their remains. Between these visits, the bodies are stored in the giant walk-in freezer PETA installed for this very purpose. It is a freezer that cost $9,370 and, like the company which incinerates the bodies of PETA’s victims, was paid for with the donations of animal lovers who could never have imagined that the money they donated to help animals would be used to end their lives instead. In fact, in the last 11 years, PETA has killed 29,426 dogs, cats, rabbits, and other domestic animals.”

“A supermarket dumpster full of garbage bags. When police officers looked inside, they found the bodies of dead animals – animals killed by PETA. PETA described these animals as “adorable” and “perfect.” A veterinarian who naively gave PETA some of the animals, thinking they would find them homes, and examined the dead bodies of others, testified that they were “healthy” and “adoptable."”

“The PETA field killing kit found by police in the back of the PETA death van in Ahsokie, North Carolina.”

“An Ahsokie Police Detective dressed in a hazmat suit prepares to bury a puppy killed by PETA. This puppy and dozens of other animals including cats and kittens were found by police throughout June of 2005 after PETA employees dumped them in a garbage bin in North Carolina.’”

“Puppies killed by PETA in the back of a van – a donor-funded slaughterhouse on wheels. Despite $35,000,000 in annual revenues and millions of "animal-loving” members, PETA does not even try to find them homes. PETA has no adoption hours, does no adoption promotion, has no adoption floor, but is registered with the State of Virginia as a “humane society” or “animal shelter."”

“Not only does PETA kill animals, they also defend the killing of animals by others. This is a dying kitten in a Houston shelter after staff "lost” the kitten. When he was found, he was near death. His last hours were ones of suffering.”

“A puppy dying of parvovirus in the Houston shelter is not given anything soft to lie on as she urinates all over herself. Here she sits, unable to keep her head up, alone in a cold, barren stainless steel cage without receiving necessary veterinary care. Other shelters have a better than 90% rate of saving dogs with parvovirus.”

“The PETA solution: dead “feral” cats in a Florida shelter. PETA successfully defeated SB 1320, a law that would have clarified that nonlethal programs to neuter and release feral cats, rather than killing them, are legal in Florida. As shelters and health departments nationwide embrace trap-neuter-release programs, PETA remains a stalwart opponent of this humane alternative to killing, arguing that healthy feral cats should continue to be killed, even urging their supporters to take them to shelters or veterinarians to do so. The PETA website states that, “the most compassionate choice is to euthanize feral cats. You can ask your veterinarian to do this or, if your local shelter uses an injection of sodium pentobarbital, take the cats there.” This shelter used “an injection of sodium pentobarbital,” killing the cats in front of other cats, catch-poling the cats as they tried to flee while they urinated and defecated all over the kennel in fear. That is how terrified feral cats behave in shelters. Apparently to PETA, this is as it should be.”

“A cat in the King County, Washington shelter begs for food and water. Cats in the infirmary were not fed or given water over a three-day holiday weekend and both their food bowls and water bowls are empty. Although staff was assigned to the shelter, supervisors and staff chose to socialize instead. I was hired by the King County Council to assess the shelter. My advice: Hire supervisors who are not part of the same union so as to eliminate conflicts of interest; all staff should be given a checklist of assigned duties; and supervisors should double check that those duties have been done. In a letter to the King County Council, PETA told officials not to listen to me because I was “radical.” Read the full article Written By: Nathan J. Winograd (Huffington Post, Director, No Kill Advocacy Center):”

(via Repost for Awareness - F*ck PETA)

Fulfilling A Fantasy by SBK

Michonne breathes in deeply welcoming the fresh air caressing her skin and moving through her hair as she and Rick cruise down the highway with the windows down.  The night air is not too cool nor too warm but a pleasant mixture that is more than comfortable.  

She looks over to him, wondering at the smile he has worn ever since he came home from work. He refused to tell her where they were going.  He’d planned their date night weeks ago but didn’t give her any details as he wanted it to be a surprise.  The only clue she has is that it is some miles away from King County as they have been on the road for over a half hour.  He also insisted that she wear a dress which was even more puzzling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me where we’re going?  I’d like to have a reason for matching your smile.”

He shakes his head, the air tossing his curls.  “Nope. Now stop asking.”

“Not even a little hint?” She prods.

The smile never leaves his face as he reaches up and presses a button to power on the radio.  A melodic country tune fills the car and he proceeds to sing along….loudly.

Michonne sighs realizing that she is not going to get anything out of him.  She sits contently, excited about their night out and anticipating his plans.

He continues to sing, allowing his eyes to drift down as he takes in the clingy dress she wore.  He clears his throat as a distraction, commanding his body to quell down its response to her.

Several minutes later, he is making a turn off the main highway and pulling onto a dirt path, driving up to a small booth with a young teen seated inside.

“Evening folks.  Y’all are just in time.  Two?”

Rick nods as he grabs his wallet and hands him a couple of bills.  Michonne frowns as she canvasses their surroundings.  The trees are shrouding whatever is ahead but she can’t help wondering if this is an outdoor concert or something as she can hear some sort of music playing nearby.

Rick accepts his change and drives forward.  Michonne breaks into a smile as she realizes they are at a drive in theater.  She thought these were obsolete everywhere.

“How did you find this place?  I’ve never been to a drive in movie before.”

He smiles with her. “Leon Basset told me about it. They just opened up a few weeks ago.” He sighs as he looks around, trying to find a place to park.  “I remember going to a drive in as a little kid but they were all gone by the time I was old enough to really enjoy them.”

He parks the car and kills the engine.  He leans over and gives her a kiss to the cheek.  “Be right back.”

She looks up at the screen informing them that tonight’s double feature is a romantic comedy and a horror film.  She cringes at the latter, hoping Rick will be ready to call it a night after the first movie.

He returns promptly, carrying a tray loaded with soda, popcorn, and candy.  She watches as he attaches the tray to the window just like in the old movies she has seen.  The fact that she is experiencing this for the first time with Rick just makes it all the more special.

He looks down at the console between them as he hands her the popcorn and soda and wishes he’d driven his old pickup truck.  They’d be cuddled side by side with nothing to divide them.  He shrugs and decides to just make the best of it.

“This was a really nice idea Rick.”  She looks around at all the other cars and notices that the parking lot is full. “Thanks for surprising me.”

“You are more than welcome.”

They turn their attention to the movie which has begun, munching on their snacks as they watch with interest.

Several minutes into the film, Rick finds himself glancing at his wife more than at the giant projection screen.  The flickering lights from the screen plus the post lights in the parking area are giving off enough illumination to make her smooth skin glow and showcase her perfect cleavage as they both beckon him.

He leans over, resting an elbow on the console as he looks at her and then at the screen.  He stretches an arm towards her, resting it across her shoulders as he pulls her closer to him.

“Mr. Grimes, what are you doing?”

“I want to kiss you so badly right now.  I remember hearing the older kids talk about how they used to make out at the drive in and I remember how I couldn’t wait to get older so I could do the same thang but I never got the chance.”

She gives him her full attention, noting the mischievous sparkle in his eyes.  “So you brought me to the drive in just so you could make out with me in the car?”

“Of course not.  You said yourself that this was a nice idea. A great date, right?”  With her nod, he leans in a little closer.  “So let’s make it even greater.”

She can never resist when her husband is in an amorous mood.  She’d seen this particular romantic comedy before anyway.  She looks around cautiously before leaning in and pressing her lips to his.  She can feel him smile before he opens his mouth over hers and delves inside with his tongue.  She latches on, pulling slightly before she offers up her own tongue, pushing inside slowly.

He moans as he tilts his head, bringing his hand up from her waist to cup one of her breasts softly. He honestly feels like a randy teenager, trying to hit a home run.  He trails kisses along her cheek and down to her neck, the sweet fragrance of her perfume going straight to his head.

She runs her fingers through his hair, tossing her head back as he tongues her neck expertly.  Her breath comes in short pants as her excitement continues to elevate.  “Is this some sort of fantasy for you?”

He stops momentarily to look into her eyes, his breathing just as erratic as hers.  “More than that because I’m with you.”

She smiles, wondering yet again how she got so lucky.  Rick is the sweetest man she has ever known.  “I don’t know how I’m going to top this date since I have to plan our next outing.”

“You’ll think of something. If not, we can always come back.” He gives her a quick kiss before lifting himself from the driver’s side and smoothly making his way to the back seat. He sits there gazing at his gorgeous wife with passion filled eyes, his long legs spread wide, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Are you serious? What if someone catches us?”  She asks cautiously.

“We don’t have to go all the way but you could at least let me get to first base.”

She covers her mouth as she giggles, shaking her head at her incorrigible husband.  She allows her eyes to rake him slowly before she bites her bottom lip and climbs into the back with him.

He gives her a huge smile, his hands splaying her waist as he situates her onto his lap.  He rests one hand at her hip and the other across her back, relishing in the softness of her hands as she palms his face.  He starts to kiss her once again before allowing her butt to hit the seat and moving his hand underneath her dress, skimming his fingers up her thighs.  Her body shudders as he cups her sex, rubbing against her nub through silken panties. “Did I tell you this has already surpassed anythang I’ve ever fantasized about?”

She answers with a push against his hand before wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in for a more intense lip lock.  She rocks slowly, gently, finding a nice rhythm as they continue to taste each other. A gasp is inevitable as he pushes her panties aside and touches her slick, naked flesh.  “This is more than first base.”

He doesn’t answer just continues to caress her as he travels down her body with kiss after kiss and bites her breasts lightly through her clothes.  His eyes pop when she grabs the bodice of her dress and reveals a plump breast with an erect nipple straining for his mouth.  He obliges, suckling with purpose and intent as he continues to finger her gently.

She slides a hand down his chest and unzips his jeans, pushing inside and wrapping a hand around his rigid shaft.  She can give as good as she gets.  She rocks her hips with more aggression, satisfied when he does the same, pushing into her hand over and over again.  The tension builds up, his touch taking her higher and higher until her body stiffens with release.  She continues to work him despite her rapid breathing, shaking, and jerking.  

“Ah…..ah……” he pants loudly, giving in to her ministrations, exploding inside of his pants with a strangled cry.

She nuzzles his neck as they both start to come down from the ultimate high.  “Was that good?”

All he can manage is a slight nod and a really goofy grin.

Rick’s sister (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

Fandom: The Walking Dead 

I first wrote this on my Wattpad account as a two-part imagine but as I haven’t been really active these days so I thought why not giving you a little Christmas gift in advance with this long oneshot! Enjoy folks! 

Imagine being Rick’s little sister. He thinks you’re dead but you survived somehow to find him and his group at the farm months after the outbreak.


Originally posted by kendaspntwd

You were running in the woods outside the city of Atlanta. Your lungs filled with fire as you ran for your life. It has been 4 months now since the world came to an end. Roads full of dead people walking. You weren’t ready when it happened, but then who was?

Only a month before the apocalypse your brother had been shot in the line of duty. He was a sheriff in King County, ‘officer Rick Grimes’. You chuckled in your head hearing his proud voice when he came home with his uniform for the first time. You had always been close to your big brother, sure he was overprotective and could get on your nerves sometimes but he was your brother, your best friend, your blood. So when shit hit the fan you decided to go back in town for him not trusting a single word that his best friend Shane had say about him being dead. Nobody can kill Rick, he’s a survivor.

So were you.

Unfortunately, the city was already overrun when you arrived. You wanted to reach the hospital he was in but you couldn’t find a safe way in. It was a suicide mission. In other words, it was impossible for a young woman with only a handgun as a weapon. You had kicked and punched walls, screamed to the sky in despair, you had cried for hours not knowing what to do. Your brother needed you and you had failed him. He was always there for you when you needed him and the only time he could have needed your help you hadn’t been able to do a single thing.

You had been alone since then, not seeing a human face for 4 months. You were running as fast as your tired legs could carry you trying to get away from the geeks. You had been trying to steal some food in a store when the monsters came out of nowhere, trapping you in the small town you had been staying in for two weeks. When you finally had the chance to run away some of the dead had followed you in the woods. You shot a lot of them before running out of ammo and switching to use your knife. You weren’t going to die this way.

‘I can survive! For you Rick!’

You thought as you jump over a fallen tree. Your ears filled with the sounds of your fast heartbeats and your vision began to darken, little sparks exploding before your eyes as you ran using your last piece of energy. You could survive if only you hadn’t trip and fall to the ground. In a couple of seconds one of the geeks had reach you and was already trying to tear your flesh apart. You were screaming and holding the heavy monster as far of your face as you could. Your head was hurting, your muscles were aching and your mind was begging you to give up. After what felt like the eternity you closed your eyes and speak out loud what you thought would be your last words.

“I’m sorry Rick, I love you brother.”

And you let your arms fall back to your side waiting for the pain but it never came. You only felt a heavy weight fall on top of you then nothing. You open your eyes to see the geek dead with an arrow in his skull. You frowned when you heard fighting sounds and pushed the dead body off of you before sitting up. When you looked around you saw a tall man with a crossbow killing the last geek that was chasing you. You watched impressed as the man turned around, breathing heavily and pointing his crossbow at your face directly.


You squeak out and raised your hands in the air to show him that you weren’t a threat. This man was the first human being you were seeing since the outbreak. You couldn’t help but smile but he didn’t flinch, his crossbow still pointed at your face.

“Who the hell are ya girl?”

The man asked you in his redneck accent. Somehow, the intonation in his voice made you remember your brother. The southern accent was evident in the family.

“I… I’m (y/n). Please I’m not a threat, I promise. I don’t have a group, I’m alone don’t shoot me.”

You begged with tears threatening to spill. The man looked surprise and lowered his weapon suddenly aware of how innocent you were. Guilt flash on his features for a second but he turned around to walk away without another word. You got up quickly and tried to catch up with him.

“Wait! Where are you going?”

“Not your damn business kid! I saved you now go.”

“I can’t, please. I can’t do this alone anymore.”

“You’ve done it since a long time no? So keep doing it.”

The man said harshly and you stopped walking after him, looking down at your feet. He stopped too and looked back at you. You were small but he could see the muscles on your arms and your legs. You weren’t weak but for an unknown reason you were ready to give up.


Was all you answered in a shaking and weak voice. You looked back up at the man and your eyes locked with his sticking blue eyes. Yours were softer, a pale blue with sparks of grey.

Your brother had the same eyes.

That wasn’t the only feature you had in common. Your hair was also brown and curly, reaching the middle of your back in perfect waves and framing your face softly. You also wore your heart on your sleeve, like your brother. The man was looking at you intently.

“What do ya say your name was again?”

He asked, for the first time not sounding angry at you.

“(Y/n). (Y/n) Grimes.”

The man’s eyes widen slightly before he took a step towards you. He was studying your face.

“Grimes huh?”

“Yeah. And you are?”

He locked eyes with you once again. 'Damn his eyes are stunning’ you thought and feel yourself blush.

“Daryl. Daryl Dixon.”

He said in a low voice then he grabbed your wrist and start walking rapidly.

“What the hell are you doing?”

You screamed and tried to break free from his grip.

“Stop screaming like that girly. I’m taking you back to my camp.”

“I have a name you brute and I can walk just fine by myself thank y…”

Just as you said that you start to feel dizzy and tripping over your own feet.

“M… Mister Dixon, I don’t… Feel that good…”

You said before falling to the ground and fainting.

“Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!”

You heard Daryl say clearly annoyed before everything went black.

Your eyes fluttered open slowly. You were disoriented. 'Where am I?’ You couldn’t remember a single thing. Your head was pounding and the light was hurting your eyes.

“What the hell?”

You said in a croaked voice. You heard loud footstep approaching you and you opened your eyes to be met with the same striking blue eyes that had saved you.

“Mornin’ sleeping beauty.”

Daryl said with a small smirk on his lips.

“Where am I?”


He answered shortly. You opened your mouth to speak when the door of the room you were in opened suddenly making you jump. An old man with white hair and beard entered the room followed by… Rick?!


You screamed and rushed to your brother who was still in shock to see you alive. You cried as you hugged him, he soon hugged you back slightly crushing you in the process. You laughed feeling happiness filled your heart. Rick buried his face in your hair and you could feel his tears fall on your bare shoulder.

“I thought you were dead.”

He said still crying.

“I thought you were too.”

You answered tears also falling down your cheeks. Your brother pulled away to look at you, checking for any injuries.

“When Daryl said that he had brought back a lost girl I never thought it could have been you, sister! How… Are you hurt?”

You shook your head no and sat back on the bed feeling a little lightheaded.

“No I’m fine. Well I wouldn’t have been if Mister Dixon hadn’t save me.”

You said and turned around to look at your savior. The redneck shrugged.


He answered but Rick walked towards him and put his hand on Daryl’s shoulder.

“No, thank you so much Daryl. You brought me back my little sister. I can’t thank you enough.”

“She definitely looks like you man. Simply more beautiful.”

He said playfully and the two men chuckled slightly when you blushed a deep shade of red.

“I think you should let (y/n) rest for a while now. And I will ask someone to bring you something to eat.”

The old man said before helping you to lay back down on the bed.

“I’m Hershel by the way.”

He said before leaving the room. Daryl nodded his head at you before exiting the room, leaving you and Rick alone.

“Carl and Lori will be so happy to see you. I’m going to bring them to see you. They were so worried when you left.”

“Oh you knew I went back for you?”

You asked with a small smile on your lips. Rick sat next to you on the bed and kissed your forehead.

“Yes. I knew you wouldn’t give up on me that easily.”

You grinned at him before hugging him again.

“So… What is this place?”

Rick explained you everything. How he woke up in the hospital, lost and scared. How he found the group and his family. How they lost people at the CDC and the first camp. How they ended up at Hershel’s farm looking for little Sophia.

“Dear Lord…”


Rick looked down clearly blaming himself for what happened with the little girl.

“It’s not your fault Rick, you didn’t have the choice.”

Rick shrugged is shoulder and sighed before kissing your forehead once again and getting up.

“I’ll go find Lori and Carl. I’ll be right back. Try to rest okay.”

“Yes mom.”

You answered him and rolled your eyes. Rick chuckled and left the room leaving you to smile at the ceiling. You sighed in relief. You weren’t completely safe, nowhere is truly safe nowadays but even if you might die tomorrow you’re with your brother again… thanks to your redneck savior.

You were still laying on the bed, waiting for Rick to come back with his little family. Your mind was blank as you looked out of the window. The warm Georgian breeze making the fluid white drapes float into the room. You could hear the soft sound of people chatting in the field outside the house. You closed you eyes and exhaled a sigh of relief.

After a while, a soft knock on the door brought you out of your daydream. You opened your eyes to see Daryl entering the room with a tray of food. You smiled slightly at the man, secretly wondering why he even bothered to bring you food.

“Hershell said ya need to eat.”

He said as he extended his arms to hand you the tray, his statement sounding more like an excuse to explain his presence.

“Yeah I guess he’s right. I’m starving.”

You answered while sitting up on the bed and grabbing the tray with your weak arms. You definitely needed a proper meal. You dug into your food without hesitation, the smell of chicken and potatoes filling your nostril. It was irresistible.

You heard a soft chuckle from beside you and blushed at Daryl’s comment.

“Easy girl! You’re going to get sick.”

“What can I say? I’m hungry!”

You exclaimed and playfully stuck your tongue out at him.

“Careful with that tongue of yours princess.”

Daryl warned in a low threatening voice that (you couldn’t deny it) made your stomach flutter. You blushed and mumbled.

“I’m not a princess.”

You sounded like a kid and you could see Daryl smirk from the corner of your eyes. You dug back into your food to hide your flushed cheeks but this time much slower. After ten more minutes you had finished eating and rested your back against the bed’s headboard, a warm feeling spreading into your body.

“I already feel better. Thanks to you mister Dixon.”

You stated and turned your head to look at your savior.

“Call me Daryl… Ya make me sound older than I truly am.”

You chuckled softly and nodded your head in approval.

“But aren’t you old?”

You teased him with a devilish smirk on your lips. Daryl groaned and glared at you. You couldn’t help but laugh at his antics.

“I’m kidding! Don’t kill me.”

“I would never harm you. Even if you were trying to kill me. I couldn’t hurt such an innocent young girl like you.”

'For Christ sake! Can you stop being cute for a second?!’ You thought but you only answered with a shy: “Thanks… I guess.” Daryl shrugged but then it hit you.

“Wait… How old do you think I am, Daryl?”

“Something like 18… Maybe 19.”

You raised an eyebrow at the man before bursting into laughers once again. When you opened your eyes he was looking at you with confusion.

“What’s so funny?”

“I know that I look young but not that much! I’m 25, Daryl.”

The man now looked at you in disbelief, looking you over as if to find a piece of evidence that could prove your age.

“No way in hell, princess.”

“I truly am! Ask Rick, dummy.”

You giggled and shook your head as Daryl continued to check you out.

“Take a picture Dixon it will last longer.”

You playfully teased him. Daryl blushed slightly and you bit your lips trying to calm the squeaking voice in your head that was screaming at his cuteness. An embarrassed silence settled between the two of you when suddenly the door opened and Carl ran into the room jumping on the bed and hugging you.

“Aunty (Y/N)!! I thought I would never see you again!”

You hugged the little boy back, kissing the top of his head as Lori and your brother entered the room. Rick looked at Daryl with questionable eyes before smiling at you and his son. Carl was babbling about something that happened today when you saw Daryl getting up from the chair beside you and leaving the room. He stopped at the door to look at you one last time then left and closed the door behind him. Weirdly, you already missed the man’s presence but you quickly shook the thought away and focused your attention back on your nephew.

Later on that day, Hershell decided that you could get out of bed and walk around the farm to meet everyone. So Rick helped you up and you walked out of the house with his arm around your waist to support you. He was back at his overprotective self, afraid of you falling down if he didn’t hold you.

“I’m fine Rick, really I’m not made of glass.”

“Daryl told me how you fainted. He said that you looked like an innocent lost little bird, all alone in the woods.”

You scoffed and laughed sarcastically.

“He also thought that I was 18 so…”

Rick smirked and looked down at you as you walked down the steps of the house carefully.

“What? I know that smirk! What are you implying?”

“Oh nothing.”

Your brother answered still with the same knowing smirk on his lips.

“Ah come on Rick! What?”

“(Y/N) and Daryl on a tree…”

Your brother sang just above a whisper.

“Stop it!”

You squealed, embarrassed as you punched his arm.

“Ouch this hurt!”

You both laughed as you arrived in the middle of the camp. You looked around to be met with unknown faces apart from your family, Daryl and… Huh Shane.
Your laughers died down as you shuffled nervously, looking down. Rick squeezed your shoulder to comfort you and took a step forward to address the small group.

“Alright… Everyone I’d like you to meet (Y/N). My little sister.”

Rick turned to look at you with a bright smile on his lips. You looked up and waved shyly at the group.

“Hi, nice to meet you all.”

The group smiled at you and everyone came to meet you. Glenn was a nice guy, you could already picture the both of you becoming good friends. Dale was a sweet old man, he was already welcoming you in the group. Andrea as well. Carol seemed to be a nice lady but sadness was written all over her soft features, you remembered that they were still looking for her daughter and hugged her a little bit longer than the others. T-Dog was funny, you liked the way he would talk and tell you fun little stories about the others. You were slowly feeling less shy when Shane came and hugged you. You didn’t feel at ease in his arms, the man was your brother’s best friend but you couldn’t shake the memory of him and Lori together off of your head.

“Hm… Yeah nice to see you again too Shane.”

You told him before pulling away, the hug lasting too long for your liking.

“It’s good to see your pretty face again (Y/N).”

“Huh… Yeah sure.”

You faked a smile and Shane ruffled your hair as if you were a kid. God damn it! You hated that! You looked away and tried to straighten your hair with your hands as Shane was laughing at you. Your eyes landed on Daryl. He looked pissed, his fists clenched at his side. You attempted a small smile in his direction but he turned around and walked away.

“Excuse me a second.”

You quickly told Shane before following your savior as quickly as you could with you dizzy head.

“Daryl! Wait up! I can’t run without feeling dizzy.”

You said in a chuckle as you approached him. The man stopped but didn’t answer.

“You okay?”

You asked, walking next to him.

“Yeah I’m fine woman.”

“Why do you “woman” me now? What have I done?“

"Nothing! Leave me be!”

His voice had been harsh and it made you stop in your tracks, looking shocked. Only minutes ago he would talk to you, bring you food and now he was ignoring you. Even worse, he was pissed at you for something you couldn’t point your finger at.

“Leave him some time sis. He’s not used to be around that many people.”

You turned around to see your brother with his arms crossed over his chest looking at the now small silhouette of Daryl Dixon.

“Where is he going?”

“He’s going to look for Sophia. He’s the only one going today. I can’t go because I gave too many blood units to save Carl.”

“He’s going alone?!”

“Yeah that’s not a big deal.”

“You must be kidding me? He has nobody to watch his back! So many things could happen.”

You said the last sentence just above a whisper, afraid to even say it out loud. Rick hugged you by your shoulders.

“Don’t worry sis, he’s going to be just fine.”

You scoffed and glanced up at your big brother.

“As if I cared.”

You said stubbornly, earning a chuckle from Rick.

“Indeed (Y/N), you don’t have the slightest crush on Daryl huh?”

“C… Can you stop?”

You wined and turned around, walking towards Lori as you continued to behave like a 6 years old.

“Lori your husband is teasing me again!!”

You screamed over the camp, making everyone laugh.

It was late in the afternoon now and Hershell had told you to move in with the group. You were currently trying to settle your small possessions in the only available tent, which was Daryl’s. You sighed as you tried to think about something to tell Daryl. He will never let you stay with him in his tent, not after the way he talked to you this morning. You shook your head trying to stay calm but your efforts were quickly ruined when you heard the tent opening to reveal a tired looking Daryl.

“What the hell are ya doing here?”

“I… I’m sorry it’s the only tent available. Rick told me to go inside, I didn’t mean to intrude but if you want me gone I can…”

“Nah 'sfine.”

Daryl cut you and laid down on his side of the tent. You tried to chat with him but he was ignoring you so you decided to go outside for a walk. You walked in the field, nearing a greener path leading to some small graves. You look at them with sorrowful eyes. After a while you sat against the tree nearby the graves and looked at your small family from apart. Suddenly you heard someone shuffling by your side and sitting next to you. You looked at the person to be met by a pair of stunning blue eyes. You looked away quickly, wondering what he was doing here.

“I’m sorry… I’ve been an ass to ya.”

Daryl’s deep voice apologize. You turned to face him entirely.

“I… I’m not used to be around someone like ya.”

“Someone like me?”

You asked, confused.

“Yes… Someone genuinely nice.”

“Well thank you.”

You smiled softly.

“Girls like ya don’t give a shit about men like me.”

“What is that even supposed to mean?”

“I’m just some redneck trash. Beautiful, nice and intelligent girls don’t talk to me. Or even spare me a glance.”

“Is that really what you think of yourself?”

He didn’t answer, he simply shrugged not daring to look at you.

“You’re so much more Daryl. In only a day that I’ve known you I can already see that there’s so much more about you than you think. You’re a good man and a man of honor too, I can see that.”

“Ya don’t really know me.”

“Maybe… But I’m willing to learn more about you.”

Daryl looked at you with an expression that you couldn’t really read.

“I… I have this for ya.”

He said with a faint blush on his cheeks. You looked at his hand to see the most beautiful flower you had ever seen. The soft petals were white, intertwining in the most perfect way. You smiled up at him, a blush slowly making its way up your cheeks as well.

“It’s beautiful Daryl. Thank you.”

He nodded and placed the Cherokee rose carefully in your hair, his fingers gazing your cheek softly.


He whispered while looking at you. You chuckled and leaned up to place a kiss on his cheek. Your lips lingering on his skin after the kiss.

“I’m glad you saved me Daryl Dixon.”

“And I’m glad I saved ya (Y/N) Grimes.”


Tell me if you want another part for this one :) Have a nice day! Next one is a Christmas request ;) 

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Time Has Come Today (A Richonne Letter/AU)

Michonne finished getting dressed. It was 5:16 am, and she had to catch her flight from Atlanta to New York by 7:00 am. Traffic was always an issue so she had to hurry up.

She sat at the desk in the hotel room. She scribbled away as she had a lot on her mind, but she couldn’t miss her flight. Speaking to him directly would delay that, she would probably sacrifice it all for him. So she expressed everything she could think of at the moment. There had been years of thoughts, wishing, wanting, and hoping that she wanted to convey.

Michonne folded the piece of paper and stood up, walking to the side of the bed that Rick slept on. He was so damn sexy. He lay there as if he was being sketched by Michelangelo himself. He looked older. Not in a bad way. She hadn’t seen him since they were 17. They were now 30. He was a man. He had muscles and a beard. The time they had together last night definitely proved he was a grown man.

She bent over him and kissed him softly on the lips, closing her eyes to remember how they felt. Soft. Tinder. He didn’t move at all. She was glad she didn’t wake him. Saying goodbye to him right now would be too hard.

She propped the folded paper up against the lamp on the side table. He would definitely see it when he woke up.


Rick opened his eyes and quickly turned to his left. The room was bright with rays of sunlight. Michonne wasn’t in the bed. Her suitcases weren’t in sight anymore. He knew she had an early flight, but he at least thought he could see her before she left.

Last night had been amazing. After his divorce, he didn’t think he would even enjoy being around anyone again. He couldn’t believe he just ran into Michonne the way he did, at a gas station of all places. She changed a lot. Her locs were so much longer now. She had just started them when they were seniors in high school. They hit the middle of her back now. That’s how long it had been since he had seen her.

She still looked like she carried the Sun around with her. She just lit up every room she walked in. He looked to the right and saw a piece of paper with simply, Rick, written on it. He reached over and picked it up. He sat up and hunched over as he read it.

Time is a funny thing right? It can pass by so fast. One day you’re 17, and you know exactly who you are and where you are going. Then a second passes, a minute, a day, a whole year, then nearly a decade before you realize that what you’ve mapped out never truly formalized itself. It was never really fulfilling.

Ialways planned on moving away from Georgia. I wanted to go live in New York City, because I sold myself on the idea that I needed to get away. My whole high school thinking was ‘study hard, and you can get out of Atlanta.’

Then I met you. You just moved to Atlanta from Kings County during our senior year. We had the same home room. We just had so much in common. We liked the same music, same shows, same movies. You were just so different from everyone else. Everyone used to say we had our own little bubble we lived in. We were always hanging out.

One night, we were watching tv at your house and I was talking about something I can’t remember now. It made us laugh so hard. Gosh, I wish I could remember what it was. When I finally stopped cracking up I noticed that you weren’t laughing anymore.You had this look in your eye and it kind of scared me. At 17, you don’t really know what lust looks like, but that’s what it was.

A week later I got accepted into school in New York. You told me to go. I said I wanted to stay. For some reason, I didn’t want to leave anymore. You insisted on it. You said it was my dream and I had to go. You said you wouldn’t hold me from my dreams. Then I kissed you. I wanted to. I needed to. That night we had sex for the first time. It changed everything. It made my decision even harder, but you said we had the whole summer together.

The school year finished, summer flew by and then I left for school. We said we would stay in touch. That we wouldn’t lose ourselves in life. But Time swallowed us up. I got caught up in becoming a lawyer and I heard somewhere along the line you started a family.

I don’t know Rick, last night brought up a lot of old feelings. We left things incomplete. Your touch was different. Less shy and tentative and more firm and confident. It excited me. I hadn’t felt that alive in years. It was slow and sensual. I could have wept it was so beautiful. As I sit up early this morning, I look at you. The moonlight is shining on your skin, and I think of all the possibilities we missed. All the laughs. All the tears. All of the memories.

Can I see you again? Is that even possible? Will Time trip us up once more, make our paths to one another more difficult to navigate? I don’t know. I have no clue.

I do know what we shared was special. It moved me so much, I couldn’t leave without saying all this. Without letting you know how I felt.

Till next time, right?

To my first friend, my first love,


Rick looked up from the letter. He couldn’t describe how he felt. Anxiety, maybe? He missed her. Seeing her after all those years. They were young. He chalked their drift apart from her moving on. From his moving on. Young love doesn’t last forever.

They had only known each other for those six months, but she had left her mark on him. He jumped out of bed. He had to make something happen.


Michonne sat at her desk. Her office was on the 15th floor and she had a pretty decent office with a huge window. All of Manhattan was buzzing around below her. She turned around and looked at the wall. Images of her night with Rick flooded her brain. It was as if her mind made its own personal video for her viewing pleasure. She missed him, but this was her life. This is what she wanted.

Her intercom made a loud buzzing noise which shook her out of her reverie. “Mrs. Jones. There is someone to see you in the lobby. Would you like to meet them out here, or can I send them to you?”

“Who is it?” She said resuming her notes again. She had to stay on task. She couldn’t act like a high school student in lust.

“A delivery guy. He said he has some flowers for you?” Michonne was shocked. She wasn’t involved with anyone as of late, except Rick. Would he send her flowers? That was sweet of him.

“Send him up, Noah. That’s fine.” She said in a professional manner, but she was giddy on the inside. A few moments later, she heard a knock on the door.

“Eddie’s Arrangement’s.” The guy said on the other side of the door. Michonne stood up and smooth her black pencil skirt down. She fixed her white button up blouse. She opened the door.

The flowers were on the floor. A beautiful arrangement of red roses with baby’s breath throughout. She smiled and picked them up, smelling. She looked at the note that was attached to the arrangement. It was blank. Then she heard a voice.

“Hey, Michonne.” It startled her. It couldn’t be.

“Rick?” She said with wonder. She looked to her left and there he was, leaning up against the wall.

“What are you… how did you.. when…?” He stopped her babbling with a kiss. Long, hard, and deep. It swept her off her feet.

“Time has come today. It’s finally let us catch up with it.” He said rubbing her lips. She blushed. He came all the way to New York.

“Supercuts.” He said to her with a smile.

“Huh?” She said back. She was sort of confused.

He laughed. “Remember that girl, Jessie? She tried to cut her own hair into a bob and it looked terrible. Shane started calling her Supercuts.” He had a smirk on his face and she burst out laughing. That’s what it was. That night on the couch that had her cracking up.

She kissed Rick again and he put his arms around her waist. After all these years of not seeing him, she was glad he was here. It was about time.



This is a list of the podcasts I have or am currently listening to, followed by ones I have not listened to yet and would like to.

Scifi- Wolf 359, The Message, ars PARADOXICA, SAYER, Our Fair City(post apocalyptic podcast), EOS 10,  

Horror-Alice Isnt Dead, The Black Tapes, TANIS, Limetown, Wormwood, A New Winter, Archive 81

Fantasy- Alba Salix Royal Physician, The Elysuim Project, The Bright Sessions, Supervillain Corner

About Odd Towns- Welcome To Night Vale, Qwerpline, King Falls AM, Uncanny County, Tales of THATTOWN

Comedy : Wooden Overcoats, Its About Time, Hadron Gospel Hour, Kakos Industries

I dont know how to categorize Greater Boston, Within the Wires or The Hidden Almanac, but theyre cool too Have not listened to yet- Ruby Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe, The Behemoth, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, The Cleansed, PleasureTown, Liberty, Atlantik, Hello from the Magic Tavern, Return Home, The Rogue’s Gallery, Were Alive, Were Alive: Lockdown, A Knight Adrift, Metamor City, The Once and Future Nerd, Illusionoid

friendship- showtunes about the bond of friendship

my junk - spring awakening // company - company // dear old friend - love never dies // my friend, the dictionary- the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // best friend - the wild party // together wherever we go - gypsy // friendship - anything goes // bosom buddies - mame // friends - the apple tree // two kinsmen - the mystery of edwin drood // what it means to be a friend- 13 // stuck together (strange but true) - catch me if you can // secondary characters - [title of show] // a friend like you - murder for two // you’ve got a friend - beautiful: the carole king musical // happiness - you’re a good man charlie brown // be my friend (the facebook song) -  edges //