But like

If this is the reaction Izuku got when he was trying to rescue that kid

Then I can only IMAGINE the reaction Bakugou is going to get during this part of the test given his explosive attitude, especially since he’s more in tune with fighting than actual rescue procedures. 

It’s either going to be the most hilarious thing we will ever see in this manga or the most surprising thing we will ever see.  

Haikyuu 224 - The New King of the Court.

Something amazing and extraordinary has just happened.
I’m exploding with joy; Kageyama is a new person now.

First of all, he realized his mistake. And when I say “mistake”, I’m only referring to his unpolite and too much straightforward way to speak. What he said was right, though.
He realized and felt sorry. His teammates understood that he was right after all, he wasn’t doing anything wrong actually.

The real problem was communication itself.
I already said it last week: Kageyama believes that communicating in that way is his only way. He’s just like this. He actually can’t stop behaving like a King, because he is a King.
A King who can guess what’s better to do in every situation. A King who knows how to exploit his teammates’ talent perfectly. A King who is able to give his best in front of the strongest opponents.
This is the true King of the Court.
This is what Kageyama is.

And if people around him have a problem with it, they just have to say it in the same direct way Kageyama does. Hinata has always known it. That’s why he didn’t say anything in the last chapters, because he’s used to confront directly with him if they disagree about something.

And this is all wonderful and special, because thanks to Hinata who has never had problems with Kageyama’s behaviour, Kageyama learned to accept what he repressed about himself after middle school. He accepted his true nature. He accepted the fact that he is a King and is allowed to be a King, as far as it allows him to communicate and understand his teammates.

He’s finally able to be himself. Not a two-goody-shoes, not a tyrant.

I’ll be screaming about this FOR A WEEK!!!!!


“It’s a day-to-day issue. I’m still pondering it. I know what I’m supposed to be in the very big picture. The two things that really matter is you get to be a good man and a good dad. That’s really it for me. If, in the interim, in this little journey of life, I can do some good or interesting work, or do something that’s a little outside of what others are doing, then boy, I’m blessed. But in terms of the philosophical and spiritual quest, I just keep moving forward.”- Johnny Depp