king zebra


i’ve ranted about the lion guard before but this just makes me extra frustrated with it, the zebras here are just making pitched up horse sounds. zebra calls are distinctly different from both horses and asses

the reason it bothers me so much is because a) in the original lion king movie there are zebras and you clearly hear them and b) this show tries to be educational but again it feels like the actual research in it is half-assed, a feeling i get a lot watching the lion guard

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Not sure if someone already replied but zebra dan is glorious he was so small and drunk !!!I think it's from a small is festival (bestival maybe??? Idk) but there's a video somewhere of to kill a king performing choices and zebra dan joining them I think kyle too ?

wait are you talking about the first picture kate sent me??? is this zebra dan???? help

i literally googled “zebra dan smith” and this came up he lp is THIS A REAL THING

Some would say this is putting in too much effort for something terry related. 

I would say to them, “yeah, you’re probably right.”

But who cares about that! It’s(or at least it was) Terrys birthday! Dude’s blog has far too few followers for how great it is. Be sure to go and wish that dude a(belated) happy birthday!