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In Awe (a Liam x MC microfic)

*Thanks to Liam faceclaim week for bringing this GIF into my life.

The fog clears and he sees it. 

The Roman goddess, Libertas, holding a torch above her head – a beacon for lost souls searching for a home. He sees the broken chains at her feet, half-hidden by her robes, her form rising above her limitations, her restrictions, her inhibitions. 

And then he sees her

And he feels something foreign stir inside him. 

She smiles as she gazes at the monument, her eyes sparkling with life, her smile warm and tender. 

“She’s beautiful,” she says. 

And he feels it. A flicker of hope. 

“Yes. She is.”


“Obviously, correlations between behavior and stereotypes do exist. But when things are kind of feeding into heteronormativism, and the harmfulness of everyone is living inside of a patriarchy, and the bullying that exists within the male system with things threatening their masculinity, that’s just a bad thing, you know?”

Sad Rock Songs

here are the songs that I listen to when I’m sad they’re ranging from alt to post hardcore so a little bit for everyone
Listen here ( on Spotify thanks to @chrondodite
“Ten”- Yellowcard
“Sing For Me”- Yellowcard
“What a Catch, Donnie”- Fall Out Boy
“The End of All Things”- P!ATD
“The Light Behind Your Eyes”- MCR
“Fake Your Death”- MCR
“If It Means A Lot To You”- ADTR
“Stone Walls”- We The Kings
“Just Keep Breathing”- We The Kings
“I’ve Given Up On You”- Real Friends
“The Messenger”- Linkin Park
“Coffee Break”- Forever The Sickest Kids
“The Kids Aren’t Alright”- Fall Out Boy
“MSK”- Yellowcard
“Missing You”- All Time Low
“Future”- Paramore
“Last Hope”- Paramore
“The Only Exception”- Paramore
“Demon Limbs”- PVRIS
“King Of Anything”- Beartooth
“Mt. St. Joseph”- A Loss For Words
“Hate To See Your Heart Break”- Paramore
“Legendary”- The Summer Set
“Better Off Dead”- Sleeping With Sirens
“Lead Me Out Of The Dark”- Crown The Empire
“Call Me”- Shinedown
“Therapy”- All Time Low
“Pieces”- Sum 41
“Snuff”- Slipknot
“How to Save a Life”- The Fray
“Remembering Sunday”- All Time Low
“Monster”- Paramore
“Hated”- Beartooth
“Disenchanted”- MCR
“Bullet”- Hollywood Undead
“Hate Me”- Blue October
“Hold On Till May”- Pierce The Veil
“The World Is Ugly”- MCR
“This Is Gospel”- P!ATD
“Crash”- Sum 41
“Believe”- Mumford and Sons
“Demons”- Imagine Dragons
“Only One”- Yellowcard
“California”- Yellowcard
“Lift A Sail”- Yellowcard
“This Song Saved My Life”- Simple Plan
“Golden”- Fall Out Boy
“Human Interaction”- Tonight Alive
“Amelia”- Tonight Alive
“Only Love”- PVRIS
“Empty”- PVRIS
“Clairvoyant”- The Story So Far
“Dark On You”- Starset
“Jenny”- Nothing More
“Take On The World”- You Me At Six
“Placeholder”- The Story So Far
“Sleeping At The Wheel”- Matchbox Twenty
“Beacon Hill”- Damien Jurado
“I Of The Storm”- Of Monsters and Men
“Paper Walls”- Yellowcard
“COMA”- Issues
“The Lines”- Beartooth
“Save You”- Simple Plan
“Terrible Things”- Mayday Parade
“Stay”- Mayday Parade
“Miserable At Best”- Mayday Parade
“Roses”- Against The Current
“Paralyzed”- Against The Current
“Monster”- Starset
“You Found Me”- The Fray
“Where The Story Ends”- The Fray
“Third Eye”- Florence + The Machine
“I’ll Be OK”- Nothing More
“Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes”- Fall Out Boy
“Hear Me”- Imagine Dragons
“Lonely Girl”- Tonight Alive
“Let It Die”- Starset
“End Of Me”- A Day To Remember
“Reassemble”- A Day To Remember
“Crash”- You Me At Six
“Little House”- The Fray
“For You”- All That Remains
“Never Too Late”- Three Days Grace
“God Went North”- Nothing More
“Heaven”- PVRIS
“If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask”- Mayday Parade
“(The Symphony of) Blase’”- Anberlin
“Half”- PVRIS
“Fireworks”- You Me At Six
“Winter”- PVRIS
“We Are Broken”- Paramore
“It Seems”- Nothing More
“Waving Through A Window”- Dear Evan Hansen
“Just Say When”- Nothing More
“Alibi”- Thirty Seconds To Mars

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

It’s so refreshing to have a heated discussion with a man who is more focused on resolving the actual problem at hand, understanding the differences in our perceptions, improving our communication skills and finding a common ground with an end goal of restored peace, than a guy who thrives of being petty.


- Meggan Roxanne

God did not ask you to be like others; God asked you to be like Him. Don’t compare yourself with those around you, they are not your role to follow. Jesus is.

here’s to the losers
to the outcasts
the odd ones out
the weirdos
to the dreamers
the lovers
here’s to the ones who are afraid
but still face their fears
the ones who fight back
the ones who turn their anxieties into adventures
here’s to the leaders
the loudmouths 
the artists
the badasses
the cautious 
the hesitant  
the sensitive
here’s to the abused
the abandoned 
the bullied
to the ones who have been beaten
but are not broken
here’s to the ones who have lost
and lost
and lost
but still continue to move forward

here’s to the losers
may we find it in ourselves to be as brave and strong as they are

(cc, 2017)