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Summary:You have a secret to tell Thorin

Warnings: Ugly Crying 

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You watch as Thorin plays with your baby boy. It had been four years since the Battle of the Five Armies, three since you were married to Thorin, and two since you had your son, Frerin II. He looked all over Thorin, but with h/c hair and e/c eyes. He was such a blessing after all the grief.

“Is something wrong love?” Thorin asks, picking Frerin up from the carpeted floor and moving to the bed where you were currently sat. You give him a small smile.

“Of course not, love. I was just thinking about how much of a blessing you both are,” you tell him, leaning over to kiss his cheek. He smiles at you and lays on the bed.

“Adad! Me want play,” Frerin grumbles, pouncing on his father’s belly. Thorin grunts and recoils. You laugh, reaching over to grab your son from doing more damage to your husband. “It’s time for bed, sweetheart,” you tell him, standing.

“I want sleep here, amad,” he tells you and you look at your husband. He shrugs and you smile. “Well I guess we can allow that,” you say and he jumps out of your arms and onto the bad. Thorin stands and the both of pull back the covers to let Frerin in and you both get into bed once he settles down.

You both move closer to him and you look at your little family. You’re little family that’ll soon come to an end.

The next day, you wander the halls, trying to look for Balin. Thorin said that he had given Balin a break today. He wasn’t as young as he used to be and deserved rest days.

You turn the corner and you bump into someone. The hand steadies you and you find Dwalin. You smile at him.

“Where’s the little one?” Dwalin asks. You usually always had Frerin with you unless it was a special occasion where one of his cousins wanted to watch him and today was that day.

“With Kili and Tauriel. Practice, you know?”

He just grunts and moves to walk pass you.

“Where’s Balin by the way. I wish to speak with him,” you ask him. “In the library. He’s supposed to be relaxing and yet he still somehow finds a way to work,” Dwalin scoffs before walking off. You roll your eyes and make your way to find Balin.

You find him easily in the back of the library, sitting at a table and reading a book on hobbits. Interesting read. You take a seat in front of him and he looks up from his book to address you.

“Hello, milady,” he says, closing the book and you glare at him. “Sorry, y/n. Force of habit,” he tells you and you shake your head. “What can I do you for?” He asks and suddenly your nerves come back. You had not even told Thorin about this. You hadn’t told anyone in fact. The only person that knows is Oin and an elf by the name of Hildrohim.

“Balin. There’s something wrong with me and I don’t know how to tell Thorin,” you start and he looks a bit confused. Last he checked, you were completely fine.

“What is it lassie? You know you can speak to me about anything,” Balin says, reaching over to grasp your hand in his. You look away as tears start gathering in your eyes.

“I-. I went to see Oin because I’ve been feeling weak for the past couple of months. Just completely tired and overwhelmed all the time. It’s like my entire body shut down. When I went to him, he gave me all these medicines and I always came back because nothing worked. He asked Thranduil for his best healer and an elf by the name of Hildrohim came and we met in Dale at Bard’s home. After doing a few examinations, he said that there was an incurable sickness within me,” you say, letting out a sob.

Balin comes over to you and pulls you into a hug. You wrap your arms around his neck and his go around your waist.

“I’m dying and I don’t know how to tell Thorin or Frerin or anyone. I’m such a failure,” you hiccup.

He rubs your back.

“It’s okay, y/n. It’s completely understandable. It happens,” Balin says. “But the life that we have built together was so amazing and I’m about to rip it a part because of something I can’t control and I can’t even tell Thorin!”

“Y/n. It is like you said. This is something you can’t control and Thorin will understand,” Balin replies. “But he’s already had so much taken away from him. His home, his parents, his brother. I would hate to cause him more pain,” you sob again and he just pulls you closer. You just continue to cry into him, wishing that you had never met Thorin so you wouldn’t be able to cause him so much pain.

A throat clears and you lift your head to find Thorin. You spring apart and try to wipe your tears. Balin is wiping away a few tears of his own. He dismisses himself, patting Thorin on the back on the way out.

“How much have you heard?” You ask, sniffling. “All of it,” he replies, reaching out a hand as if to not frighten you. You take it and he pulls you into a hug and the water works start going yet again with you just apologizing over and over and over again.

He pulls back and cups your face in his hands.

“Amralime. It is not your fault. None of this is ever your fault. You have brought so much joy in my life and everyone’s life you could never disappoint me. I just wished you had told me sooner. That way, I could love you up as much as possible,” he says, eyes searching yours.

“But you have lost so much-,”

“And I have gained so much by loving you. I will always love you and I will continue to love you until the end of my days,” he tells you and you pull him into another hug, hoping and praying to Mahal that you are given more than just two months to live. 

Thorins hopes and your prayers go unanswered and the Queen Under the Mountain ceased to exsist. The only happiness left for the King is his one and only child. The child that reminds him of the woman he had loved and had lost and everyday he wished their prayers hadn’t gone unanswered.

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Thorin Oakenshield “King Under The Mountain”

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A Kings True Mate 3

You know some shit is coming (hahaha) so yeah

Pairing: Thranduil x reader, Thorin, the company, Tauriel, Legolas, Gandalf, Bard and his kids, even Smaug makes an appearance

A/n: this goes extremely roughly by the movies, which ends up slightly off track so. ANY WHO! Get ready for the next part that will have the major fight scene along with some possible sexy time with our beloved Elven King. 

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

               Bard busting through the door in a very unpleasant mood, which didn’t surprise you. You had gotten Tilda to go to sleep and Bain and Sigrid as well. This left you alone in Bard’s home until he returned. The second he stepped through the door, you knew you had to grab what little things you had and go find where your dwarven companions were. You quickly did and not even thinking twice of anything but getting to your friends. You were about to walk out the door when you felt a hand on your arm.

               “You know as well as I, those dwarves are going to cause chaos if they enter that mountain.”

               “I know Bard. Why do you think my father told them not to enter the mountain without him?” Little did everyone know, you had once had a run in with dragons. You barely escaped the village but your beta never made it. The only thing to remind you of then was the massive scar that you would hide with elven magic that you learned while you were in Rivendell many centuries ago. “I need to find them and remind them of my father’s words.”

               You didn’t wait for him to respond. Tearing your arm from his grip and ran out the door. You listened silently as you heard the sounds of a feast not far from you. You quickly made your way through the town and found your dwarven friends in the town hall, being as loud as they could be. You stepped through the door, only to be greeted by the yells of most of the dwarves. Bofur was the one who barely managed to walk over to you.

               “Aw, there you are lassie. Thought you had left us for your alpha.”

               “Oh Bofur, this journey is not over. You cannot get rid of me that easy, despite the fact you tried in the beginning.”

               “Aye, it was only a way to see if you were as good as we were told.” Bofur drank what was in his hand and took yours in the other. You allowed him to guide you through the room to the others. As soon as you reached the others, a drink was handed to you and the rest of the night was a blur of food, music and drink. Until Fili shook you awake the next morning, smiling at you.

               “Why must you wake me at this hour you, you retched blonde dwarf?” You groaned as the morning light flooded the room.

               “I’m just surprised you are able to wake, (Y/n). You out drank Bofur and he is still out.” You heard him chuckle.

               “What did I win? I don’t do drinking games without a decent prize at the end.” You started to sit up. You could hear Thorin telling everyone to get ready to set off. “Must he be that loud this early?”

               “Aye, (Y/n), you know how he is.”

               “Aye, I do but still.” You groaned slightly as Thorin started coming closer to you and Fili. You hand went to your head as his voice boomed through the room. Bofur didn’t even budge when Thorin spoke. You got up from your spot and grabbed your clothes from yesterday, walking into a spare room to change. Once in your battle dress you made your way back to the group, only to see that Bofur was still asleep and the others started to make their way out of the building.

               You made quick steps to reach the group before some of them loaded up in a single boat with armor glistening in the early light. You saw Thorin stop Kili from entering the boat and the look on his face fell as from what you could only think of was Thorin telling him he cannot go. Kili looked deathly ill as Fili climbed out of the boat, Thorin grabbed his arm and muttered something to him but Fili just walked to his brother and Oin. You made it to them just before they set off.

               “Thorin, whatever you do. Do not enter that mountain. Remember my father had told you to wait for him.”

               “I know, (Y/n). Now, come with us.” He reached his hand out to you.

               “No. If Kili and Fili are not going, neither am I.” Thorin looked a bit upset at your words. “Before you say another word, oh King Under the Mountain. I know my father said stay with the group, I do not care anymore. You have changed, Thorin, and not entirely for the good. This is the first of many promises that is broken, I fear the worst is yet to come.” You turned and walked over to Kili.

               “You are but a mere omega and will listen to the led alpha of this group.”

               “You are not my alpha Thorin, I do not have to listen to you. Not any longer.” With that, the boat with the other dwarves and Bilbo set off. The music started blaring with moments later Bofur finally showed up.

               “Did you all miss the boat too?” Fili looked at him unamused. Just then Kili almost fell over which pulled all of your attention.

               “Kili!” You quickly wrapped his arm around your neck. He was looking more and more like death. “We need to get him somewhere.” Fili pulled Kili’s arm around his neck and helped me back towards Bard’s house.

               You made it back and Bofur knock on the door. Bard opened it and his face fell into a sour expression.

               “I’m done helping dwarves.”

               “It’s Kili, he’s sick very sick.” You heard the worry in his voice and Bard looked at Kili.

               “Please Bard.” You looked at him, worry covered your face. He sighed and let you all in. “Thank you.” You whispered as you walked by him and sat Kili down on a becnch. Oin was starting to look him over again. You looked him over for a distance and the last thing that caught your attention was his wound from an arrow from the day before. You pushed past Fili and Oin to get to Kili. Sigrid and Tilda were on the other side of the room with a look of concern on their faces. Bard looked confused as you moved in front of Kili.

               “What is she doing?” He was clearly confused with what was happening.

               “You know how she was called a half-blood yesterday by Thorin?” Bofur stood next to Bard.

               “Aye, but what does that have to do with anything?”

               “Well, she is half wizard and half elf. She does her best to help heal one of us when we need it but it doesn’t last long until the pain returns. She was never really great with healing spells from both sides.” Bofur looked at you as you untied the blood soaked fabric tied around his leg and Kili winced at the pain in his leg.

               “It was an Orc that shot you, wasn’t it?” You didn’t look up at him at first. Kili nodded and the other three dwarves began to worry. “Damn it.” Your head dropped in a sigh. You let Oin fix the dressing for his wound.

               You all sat around him for several hours, keeping an eye on him. He gained a fever and Oin asked Bard for herbs for it. The next thing you knew Bofur was out the door. You looked down at your friend with worry and concern. You heard something in the distance, something that didn’t sound good as well felt the ground shake. In that moment, you knew that Thorin went against your father’s words and went into the mountain. You could hear Bard and his children talking.

               “You all need to leave, this town is no longer safe.” You turned to the humans.

               “And go where?”

               “Anywhere but here Bard. This place shall not be the cause of your family’s death.” Bard looked at his children and then yanked down on what looked like an arrow just before him and Bain walked out the door.

               Moments later your elven hearing could hear the tiles on the roof move. Just then, Orcs came busting in which caused Sigrid and Tilda to scream. You, Fili and Oin tried your best to fight them off. In the mist of battle, Legolas and the female elf came. Helping to defeat this pack of Orcs, which caused some to chase Legolas out of the home while you and the female elf took care of the others. Once they were all dead, the female elf looked at Kili. The look in her eyes told you that they were meant to be.

               “Tauriel.” Legolas stepped in through the door and looked at her.

               “He needs to be healed or he’s gonna die.” She looked at you when you spoke. “I would have done it but I didn’t want to make it worse.”

               Tauriel stepped closer to Kili and grabbed the herbs she needed. She began going through the motions and reciting what sounded like an elven healing spell. Moments later, Kili was starting to look better as the color returned to his face. Fili hugged his brother as the worry fell from everyone’s faces. Tauriel looked at you and smiled. She was about to say something when Legolas stepped closer.

               “We must go, Tauriel.” His voice was flat as he spoke to her.

               Before you could say a thing to either of them, there was a loud screech that filled the air. You looked at Bard’s children and then to Fili with fear filling your eyes. Tauriel looked at Legolas before he walked out of the door.

               “Tauriel, we must save i’ hini.” She looked at you and nodded. “Sagrid, grabbed anything that is dearest to you and take Tilda. Bain, your da would want you to protect your sisters.” Grabbing what you could and helped Kili stand along with Fili on his other side. Bofur and Oin along with Tauriel led the way out of the house. As you walked out you saw in the distance a figure in the sky, you saw it light up with fire within itself and fear shook through you but that fear was quickly pushed aside by the thought of keeping the children alive.

               Over the course of the next few hours, you saw the town burn in flames and the death of the dragon that had laid dormant in the lonely mountain. You could hear the cries and screams of the towns’ people as many reached the shore that was leagues before the ruins of Dale. You and Tauriel managed to keep everyone in your small group alive. You saw Kili and Tauriel have a moment to themselves as Fili walked over to you.

               “Thank you for helping us, (Y/n). I see that you won’t be coming with us to Erebor.” Fili smiled at you and you gave a small smile back.

               “Someone needs to stay here with the people of Lake Town, to help them with the wounded and I want to stay with Bard’s daughter until they find him. I cannot ask you guys to stay any longer because you are needed up in Erebor.” He smiled at you once more before you gave him a hug. “Tenna’ telwan, Fili.” He looked at you strangely once more. “Until later. My father or I shall teach you elven yet.”

               You stood there in the morning light as you watched the four dwarves make their way up to Erebor. You heard the shouts of Sigrid and Tilda as they found their father. Tauriel and Legolas vanished before you could thank her for her help. You walked up and Tilda launched herself at you, wrapping her arms around your waist.

               “Thank you so much (Y/n).” You patted her on the top of her head.

               “You are very welcome nessa er. I am glad that I was able to save not only you but your sister and the dwarves as well.” You smiled as you hugged her in return. Bard walked over to you and smiled.

               “Thank you (Y/n).”

               “What kind of being would I be if I let the likes of these two beautiful ladies die in the fires of Lake Town? It would have gone against everything that I am.”

               “Are you not going with the dwarves to Erebor?” Bain looked at you slightly confused.

               “No I am not. My place right now is here, helping all of you.” You placed you hand on his cheek before walking off to help some of the wounded.

               You heard the sounds of yelling and shouting. Moments later, you started to see people come and help carry the wounded. Hearing something about going to the ruins of Dale for better shelter. You helped a little girl after you got her cleaned up, carrying her on your back. You felt her face nestle into the back of your neck, she was scared and wanted her family to which you didn’t know if they were alive or dead. You kept her calm as you hummed an elven tune that you remembered from many centuries ago. You felt her grow heavy as she started to drift off to sleep, just before reaching Dale. One of the kind women helped her off your back once there and placed her into someone else’s lap.

               “She is unharmed but I fear that her family didn’t make it.” You looked at her kindly, wishing to have one of your own. The pain in your chest from past memories started to fill, causing your eyes to fill with tears.

               Over the next few days, you helped the wounded and guard the people in case Orcs decided to do a surprise attack. Many people were getting stronger but the food supply was greatly depleting. You walked helping people when you heard Bard talking to someone. The only thing that really caught your attention was the words “army of elves.” Moments later, you hear the sound of hoofs followed by a carriage along with the voice of your alpha. You ran towards the voice and stood near a pillar, above everyone that was surrounding the carriage of supplies.

               His scent hit your senses immediately as you took a deep breath, closing your eyes as the feeling of his lips and hand filled your mind. From the sound of it, he was mainly there for the white gems he told Thorin about. Your eyes opened when you felt someone was looking at you, your alpha looked right at you as his nostrils flared. You knew that your own scent was affecting him, just like it had only days before. In that moment, you hoped that this war would be over by the weeks end all because you really didn’t want to go into heat while fighting.

               You turned to walk around the court yard, you can feel his eyes on you as you moved swiftly through the crowd of people. You saw a canopy being built a short distance from you which you had a feeling that it was for Thranduil. Standing a bit from it, you saw some elves carrying chairs, tables and some other furniture into the tent. When the elves were finished with their task, you snuck into the tent. You could hear Thranduil just outside as an elf told him that they couldn’t find you. He stepped in and a smirk played across his lips.

               “I see why none of my elves could find you, Melamin.” You had taken it upon yourself to take comfort in his throne once you knew no one but him would walk in. “I thought I told you to run if the dragon had woken.” He looked at you a bit coldly.

               “I would not allow innocence in my presence die due to a stubborn dwarf that woke the dragon.” Remembering seeing the fear and worry in Sigrid and Tilda brought a tear to your eye. “Besides that, Melamin, the beast came after a pack of Orcs attacked which lle utinu and Tauriel came and helped defeat them.”

               Thranduil looked vastly different while wearing battle armor. He looked broader but yet you still wanted him to take you. You would want him to take you even if he was covered in mud. You wanted to desperately feel his broad chest against yours or even against your back. To feel his hard length fill you completely and to feel him knot you, to even claim you as his.

               He noticed that you were lost in thought. He placed his hand on your cheek, pulling you from your thoughts.

               “Where is your mind, amin lisse’ omega?” His eyes looked down at you while you were still sitting. You stood up and pulled him into a kiss. He pulled you to him as he turned with you in his arms and sat down in his throne, pulling you into his lap. Making sure that both of your legs were off to one side. His tongue swept across your bottom lip as his hand began to make its way up your thigh and under the tattered hem of your battle dress. You could feel yourself become wet as his hand continued up your thigh. His hand reached the thin material of your undergarments and his thumb ran over the wet patch that had formed. “lle naa ikotane nin ten’ amin, Melamin.” He pressed his thumb against the growing wetness and pulled a soft moan from your lips.

               “ere’ ten’ lle, Melamin.” Your head fell to his chest as his thumb continue rubbing up and down the wet patch of your panties, only now with a bit more pressure. His scent was driving you insane as his hand moved so his long slender fingers were now playing with you through the soaked fabric. You tugged your lower lip in between your teeth as his fingers pushed against you and you felt how hard he was under you. Just before he could slip a finger past your panties, there was a sound outside the tent.

               “amin aran!” An elven servant called out, knowing better than to step into the room at the moment. You felt Thranduil growl in annoyance deep in his chest. He swept his fingers one last time over your cloth covered core with a bit more pressure before pulling his hand away. He helped you stand before him and you noticed that he caught a glimpse of the silver chain he had given you.

               “Enter.” His voice went flat as he spoke to the elven servant. “We shall finish this later, my omega.” You leaned forward as he still sat down and pressed a simple kiss to his lips. “But for now, I wish to have you by my side until the battle starts. Then I want you to be as far from here as possible.”

               “I will stay by you, my Thranduil but I cannot promise to that I will leave you here or the people here. I may be your omega but I will not leave you here, not now and certainly not ever.” The servant entered the tent just as you took your place next to Thranduil. Bard entered the tent after the servant and his eyes widened for a moment as he saw you standing near Thranduil. The look caused Thranduil to stand, he looked slightly upset.

               “So this is who your alpha is, (Y/n)?” Thranduil looked back at you.

               “Aye, Bard, he is. Which is why I almost cut you the other day.” The look in Thranduil’s eyes soften as they looked at you.

               “I see.” Bard’s gaze shifted from you to Thranduil. “Thorin is not willing to keep his bargain. He would rather be held up in that mountain and wait for war.”

               “Of course he would. A stubborn dwarf like him only wants to keep what is his to himself.” Thranduil walked over to his wine and poured three glasses then handed you one before handing Bard the glass that only had a little in. You then heard a noise from outside and grew curious. Before anyone said anything, your father walked into the tent.

               “Father.” You ran to him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

               “Hello my child.” He hugged you back before letting you go.

               “(Y/n), leave us. We must talk alone.” You looked at Thranduil surprised but the look he gave you, you knew if you didn’t he would get upset.

               “As you wish.” You nodded to him and left but not before walking to him and placing a simple kiss to his cheek, not caring if he was the elven king of Mirkwood. You felt three sets of eyes on you as you walked out of the tent. You managed to hear what your father said before walking out of earshot.

               “So, you’re her alpha?”


“Well, aren’t you a beautiful creature, my fair maiden. What is your name?”
“Do not touch her, elf.” growled Thorin and gave the Elven king a looked that could’ve killed him ten times over.
“Oh my, I feel like the King under the Mountain has found something, or someone he takes more interest in then the mountain itself.”
Thorin didn’t say anything and just gave the king many deadly glares.
“Well, the fair maiden can stay with me if she wants. I’ll keep her safe here in my kingdom.”
“Don’t even thing about it, elf. She’s coming with us and not staying here with some traitorous king.”
The Elven king smirked and looked at you with his beautiful, blue eyes.
“My fair maiden, I not as bad as he is tries to make it seem. I can promise you that.”

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“I have the only right…”

Here finally comes my watercolor King under the mountain :D I’ll surely make some other illustrations of Thorin where he’ll be less…well…mad and grumpy :)A next illustration will follow the light ray (of the Arkenstone of course :D) who goes from his heart… Soon :)