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- Trans! Richie refuses to admit that he’s scared of needles and puts it down to the fact that he has really shaky hands, so every time he needs to take his T shot, Eddie does it for him and puts a pastel bandaid over the injection mark

- When Richie is Pre T, his face is still a little rounder and soft, so Bev teaches him how to contour his face in a masculine way and also fills his eyebrows in :-)

- The first few months after Richie comes out, the club all carry around spray bottles so that if one of them slips up, they can just Spritz. Bad.

- Mike and Bev (all of the club but . My Point,) are completely ready and willing to fight anybody at school who’s rude to Richie, after a while everybody knows to keep their mouths shut around Beverly because she’s not afraid to smack a prick

- Stan buys him his first binder, he doesn’t want the moment to be emotional so he puts the package in Richie’s backpack at school with a note that has his initials on it (Richie totally hugs him for twenty minutes the next day and even cries a little bit, Stan loves it despite his eye rolling)

- Eddie kisses his top surgery scars

- Bill’s parents practically adopt Richie after a point, they keep his medication at their house and he stays there p much all the time unless he’s at Eddie’s

- At Thanksgiving, he goes to Eddie’s house, his entire family are so careful to not mess up his pronouns, Eddie’s aunts pinch his cheeks and tell him all night how much he’s grown, how proud they are, how handsome he’s gotten ect

- Eddie and the rest of the group come with him to every check up, and every appointment and afterwards they go for ice cream

- Ben and Mike both comfort him the best, Ben writes poems inspired by Richie, how strong he thinks he is and Mike does everything in his power to help Richie feel safe and comfortable in his skin, taking extra care to compliment him every day and when Richie asks him how to tone up his muscles, Mike takes him to the gym and watches every week how he smiles more when he sees himself in the mirror

- When he graduates, and the principle calls out ‘Mr Richie Tozier’ the entire club cheers, on their feet screaming and clapping as he takes his diploma with what possibly is the biggest smile he has ever worn (beverly cries, her boy is all grown up)

- When his voice breaks for the first time, they’re all there to witness, in a cafe as he’s talking about something none of them can remember, Bill pulls him into a hug and Stan laughs at how awkward he sounded

- Trans! Richie Tozier finally feels comfortable in his skin, he’s a man now and he has the most accepting, loving group of friends and the most amazing boyfriend in the world.

Can I just say how unbelievably happy I am with all the canon lgbta+ representation in podcasts? Almost every podcast I can think of has at least one lgbta+ person, and they’re main characters.
To all the podcast creaters: thank you. It means so much to me.

[INFO] 170831 Athlete Jeong Hae Rim mentions Super Junior in Interview for/about 2018 PyongChang's Winter Olympics (Snowboarding).


Q: If I have something I like right after snowboarding, what would it probably be? 

A: It would be the group Super Junior. When Super Junior debuted in 2005, I was in elementary school in 5th grade. Their music and performances have awakened the “excitement” inside of me. I especially like the skillful dancer and the tactful/witty Eunhyuk as well as the good-looking Donghae. I also like the blue colour since it’s the symbol of Super Junior. 

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