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A while back someone requested that I draw some Underswapped Soriel and I was all “oh heck ye that sounds adorable” and then I got to thinking about Toriel within this au.  And then I couldn’t stop thinking about Toriel in this au.  King Toriel, this motherly figure who has the blood of six children on her hands, who is simultaneously one of the most beloved monsters underground and one of the loneliest, who is powerful and beautiful and wise yet secretly youthful, teasing, funny, romantic….

King Toriel is the character I’ve been freaking dying for.

So what started as a cute request has turned into a big ol project I’m going to tentatively try and undertake that explores this character’s role in various timelines.  Maybe I’ll actually stick with it, possibly, idk don’t quote me on it but damn I really really love her.

Edit:  It’s important to note that this event takes place before all the time anomalies, so it’s a fixed point in the story.


Part Two | Extra #1

Things Enchancia family does on Valentine's Day

Sofia: Makes Valentine’s Day cards for everyone telling them how great they are, handing out sweets.

Amber: Makes the chefs make a dozen of chocolate covered strawberries for each person she adores, telling people that she should be their Valentine.

James: Throws heart shaped chocolates in the air and says “ Love is in the air!! ”, stuffing his face with a bunch of sweets.

Miranda: Going to the garden to cut some roses, handing them to each of her family members and to the servants.

Roland: Orders the chefs to make lots of jiggly wiggly pudding… for the family of course.

Baileywick: Arranges a special early brunch for Miranda and Roland, a festive Valentine’s lunch for James, Amber, and Sofia, hosts a lovely dinner for everyone in the family.

Cedric: “ Fool! Do you really think I appreciate this holiday about love? Well I don’t now run along. ”
Actually cries and smiles to himself when he receives chocolates and roses from the family.




Roger Taylor of Queen modeling for Disc – February 15th, 1975
Clothes from Kensington Market & King’s Road boutiques – Granny Takes A Trip, Cloud Nine, Bus Stop, Ambalu & Essences
Fashion by Lynne Thirkettle

‘I suppose the clothes are a bit flash, but then I’m a bit flash!’

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Do you think my little fire baby and Mare bear will get back together cause that ending broke my heart and the epilogue didn't help either😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ but the gold as the crown update did help thank you at least you didn't tear apart my heart😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

ahahahaha (laugh nervously as I look at my GatC outline)… ahahaha, yeah um… sure, they gonna be together 5ever. (backs away slowly) (trips) (all my reunion fics fall out, all of song of fire falls out, all of gold as the crown falls out) oh my god, look I was just, (trip and more fics fall out) I was just holding these for my beta! (my reunion and angst fics for after kings cage fall out) oh my god just listen! (Trips on all my fics) LISTEN! 

A Package for Ms. O'Connell
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Hey everyone....

Guess who’s gonna be a legal adult in like a month and a half????

that’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s Cal Calore. 

and he obviously does not have that shit handled, so someone needs to get that kid blackout drunk on his birthday. 


“Let’s go in the garden.
You’ll find something waiting
right there where you left it,
lying upside down
When you finally find it,
you’ll see how it’s faded.
The underside is lighter
when you turn it around.

Everything stays
right where you left it.
Everything stays,
but it still changes
ever so slightly,
daily and nightly,
in little ways
when everything stays.”

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Do they think we're made of money? I mean geez I'm trying to get a job to make money myself. Why are jyp so money hungry. A lot of fans are broke and are trying to make it in this world. I always thought got7 would never charge us for something like this. 😪

JYPE most def thinks we’re made of money kings and queens of taking AHGASES money cause they know we love our boys 😪 I saw it coming tho a whole vapp think they somebody making this channel plus nonsense and a bunch of artists have been doing it for a while now so it was only a matter of time till Jype put the boys on the band wagon too! But the money does go to got7 and a majority of their content will still be free on their regular channel like a good 90% and their is a one month free trial and ch+ content is paid for with “coins” that you can earn free from vapp and $4 worth of coins int a lot of coins so it isn’t to bad and AHGASE will def come through with those good good reuploads for AHGASE who can’t afford to pay every month so even if you can’t afford to drop the money for it every month you won’t miss anything I’m sure👌☺️but don’t look at it as got7 charging us cause im sure it wasn’t up to them the company they work for see us all as dollar signs so it was unavoidable😩