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Holy hell! There’s 1000 of you now!! Thanks so much for sticking around during my shenanigans. Please enjoy this list of some of my favourite fics found on tumblr. (Warning: There may be some triggering angst, please refer to the fics for more detailed warnings). You can find more in my ‘fics I love’ or ‘fics I like’ tag!  This isn’t exclusionary in anyway, it’s just a few of the fics I adore.

Most of these are 18+, sorry youngins. 

Steve Rogers

  • At A Cellular Level (Virgin!Steve): Alex was created as a weapon by AIM.  She can control things down to the Cellular level.  Altering them so they can be something else.  SHIELD rescue her but thanks to years of torture she is damaged and dangerous.  Can Steve Rogers get through to her? (@emilyevanston)
  • Caring CompanyYou’re sexually frustrated and can’t sleep. Most nights like these, your best friend Steve Rogers keeps you company- it’s always just been platonic and friendly until one night he finally makes a move. (@marvelfic)
  • Misdialed Call: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero. (Drabble Series)(@avengersandchill)
  • Married With Benefits (College AU):  In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (@bovaria)
  • Take A Chance (AU): After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could change your life for the better or worse. (@themusicplayedherlife)

Bucky Barnes

  • Heart On The Line (AU): You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together. (@sugardaddytonystark )
  • Incubus (AU): A mysterious man comes to your rescue when you attract some unwanted attention at a club.  It just so happens that he’s a sex demon…  (@after-avenging-hours )
  • Rotten Judgement (AU): Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why? (@redgillan )
  • The Friendly Wager (AU): Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit? (@just-some-drabbles )
  • A Lesson In Love (AU): (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance. (@buckyywiththegoodhair )

Sam Wilson

 T’Challa Udaku

Thor Odinson

  • Worthy: Botched date plus a hot tub fully stocked with one fair-haired prince equals some rather heated exchanges. (@theunholygrails)
  • Your Scars Make You Beautiful: You get injured during a battle and Thor insists on helping you stitch yourself up. It is then when he get to see all of the scars that you have from fighting. (@missrainbow15)
  • Bound By A Name (Soulmate AU): soulmate au where the name of your soulmate is tattooed on your wrist  (@Skymoonandstardust)
  • His Touch: Porn with little to no plot :D (@mellifluous-melodramas
  • Love Always Wakes The Dragon: It could be worse. You do have all the luxuries befitting a princess, though one charged with treason. But a gilded cage is still a cage. And the prospect of withering away in this, the tallest tower of the Palace of Asgard, in the same place where your once-betrothed will live and marry and rule from, it’s almost too much to bear. (@sugardaddytonystark )

Clint Barton 

"Quiet. They can hear us." Harry Osborn x Reader

Prompt: “Quiet. They can hear us.”

You and Harry are old friends and you return to the city after moving away years ago to revisit family and friends. When you go to visit Harry he’s in the middle of a meeting with a sneaky business man apparently wanting a partnership between his company and Oscorp. You offer to help Harry snoop around and stop whatever plans the man has to abolish Oscorp.

A/N: Harry Osborn is my Goblin King and an actual sugar daddy, so I wrote this despite it not being requested. (sue me)

Word count: 4877 words

You inhaled the New York air as you strutted down the street, pulling your scarf further up to cover your face all the way past your nose as protection from the nipping wind that bit at your skin. You had your black, wedge heel boots on with faux fur lining them to keep your feet warm, and a woollen, pale blue coat with a belt. Your scarf was the only thing that didn’t really match with your outfit, being an old gift that you’d had for years.

It was a bobbly and tattered, with a couple of holes in, but you loved it all the same. After all, it was special to you.

As you passed through the revolving doors into the building you believed was where you wanted to be, you removed the scarf and shoved it hastily into your bag. Workers of all departments were walking round with places to be, and you had trouble weaving past people to get to the reception desk.

“Excuse me?” You asked the receptionist. He lifted his head up from the monitor to find you standing there with a smile on your face.

“This is Oscorp…right?” You asked him, looking around you. He laughed.

“What, you didn’t see the huge lettering on the outside of the building?” He chuckled, making fun of you just a little.

“Sorry, I suppose that was a bit of a stupid question.” You apologised to the receptionist, looking behind him at a large board that gave information of what department was on each floor. You hadn’t a clue where you were supposed to go. You needed to see someone urgently. Someone special indeed, who you were very intent on seeing. Completely a surprise of course.

“Do you happen to know what floor Mr. Osborn is on? I’m here to meet him.” You explained. The receptionist raised an eyebrow and clicked his computer mouse as he searched something up.

“Have you got a meeting with Mr. Osborn?” He asked you. You shook your head.

“I’m a friend of his, I moved away a few years ago and I’ve come back for a few months to revisit family and friends.”

The receptionist pulled a sympathetic face. “I’m sorry Miss, but without an arranged and approved meeting you can’t see him.”

“Please, look I have proof. Here.” You scrambled for your purse and in the little side pocket you pulled out a folded up bit of paper. Opening it up revealed a photo, rather worn round the edges with creases on it from where it stayed in your purse. It was you and Harry, around ten years ago when you and him were ten or nine years old. It was shortly before you had moved. In the photo is you and Harry attending one of Oscorp’s grand parties, with Harry joining you and your family rather than his own.

The receptionist seemed to scrutinise the photo closely, before passing it back over for you to put back in your purse.

“Well that’s definitely Mr. Osborn. I suppose I can have someone from Security escort you up there. His assistant will be there too. Currently he’s in his last meeting, but you can wait around for him to finish.” The receptionist sighed, buzzing for Security to come. A large man in a suit appeared moments later and was asked to take you up in the lift to the 101st floor. You were handed a visitor’s pass before you obediently followed after him, being able to walk easily through the workers as they avoided the six foot guard walking in front of you. The glass lift was voice activated and you felt a sickening lurch in your stomach as it shot up. Although the feeling could also have been due to nerves and excitement.

On the 101st floor you were glad to find it empty except for a few seperate offices with people sat inside at their desks. At the end of the corridor was a frosted glass door which opened by the security guard pressing his pass against a sensor. Obviously only accessible with the right authority.

You walked into a rather spacious waiting lounge and took a seat on  the end of the large sofa that stretched round half of the room. At a little desk was a young, pretty woman with dark hair, typing on her computer. It was all built into the desk and the screen was actually a transparent pane which her work was projected onto. The guard quietly told her why you were here before leaving. You took off your coat, now unbearably warm in this room. The woman got up from her desk and asked to take your coat, hanging it on an ornate coat rack in the corner of the room.

One side of the room was entirely glass and overlooked the city below and you stood up.

“Is it okay if I…” You pointed to the window and the girl nodded, returning to her desk.

You walked up to the glass and gently pressed your nose against it, looking down as far as you could to the ground below. You were an awfully long way up, and you felt the nauseous feeling rise in your stomach again. Stepping back from the window, you asked where the restroom was. The girl pointed at the door leaving the waiting room.

“Out there and to your right. Press the buzzer when you come back and I’ll let you back in.” She informed you, still typing with one hand. You politely said thank you and dashed out the room, finding the restroom and going inside. It was, like most of the rooms on these floors, spacious and with no expenses spared. Marble countertops, full length mirrors and even little vases of flowers.

You stood in front of one of the mirrors and fiddled with your clothes. Smart, black trousers with slim fit legs and gold buttons. A dark crimson top with long sleeves, a high neckline and open front. Plus a little gold necklace with a simple ring in the centre. Tugging at your top, readjusting the necklace and smoothing your hair out, you sighed with frustration. You just didn’t look right.

For some reason your nerves were turning you into a wreck. You were worried he wouldn’t recognise you. Or that he’d completely forgot about you and would send you away.

You knew you’d spent too much time already in there, so you returned quickly and pressed a little button would sounded a button. The door opened a moment later, the woman at the desk watching you come back in.

“Five minutes.” She told you as you sat back down.

You crossed your legs over and rested your hands on your stomach, trying to comfort your jittery self. You made sure to breath in through your nose slowly before exhaling through your mouth. The door to Harry’s office opened and out walked a very dissatisfied man. He had a hunch and under his arm was a blue folder. You watched him go, him ignoring the young girl’s kind goodbye and instead pulling his phone out to call someone.

The intercom on her desk crackled and came to life, a slightly static voice coming through.

“Felicia, I want every piece of information on that man that you can find and I want it before I leave.” The voice snapped, obviously irritated. Not very calming for your nerves.

“Yes Mr. Osborn. However, there’s someone else here to see you.” Felicia announced, glancing over at you sitting and biting your lip absent-mindedly. A pause.

“All my meetings are done for today, I have no more arranged.”

“Please Sir, she claims to know you.” Felicia persuaded him.

“Fine, let her come in.” The voice sighed, not in the mood to argue. Felicia nodded at you, giving you the okay to go in. You rose to your feet and readjusted your top and smoothed out your hair again.

“You look fine.” Felicia whispered, a hint of a smile on her face as she watched you panic. Smiling at her, you gave her a thumbs up and grabbed your bag. Gripping the handle, you pushed the door and walked through. Walking round a corner led you to double glass doors which opened by motion sensors detecting you approaching them. It was then you entered Harry’s office, the room the full length of the building as it had a view even more impressive than the waiting room with its full glass wall. His desk was unoccupied, the chair empty and all electronics locked out.

“Care for a drink?” Asked a low, throaty voice. It was rough and coarse yet had a huskiness to it. You turned your head to look at the other side of the room where a man stood with his back to you. A long shelf held plenty of alcohol and different glasses and tumblers. He was currently pouring himself a drink out.

“Harry?” You spoke softly. His hand slipped as he went to return the brandy back on the shelf and swiped the bottle to right, slipping off and crashing onto the floor. The contents were spilt everywhere as the bottle shattered on the hard floor. Harry turned round and came face-to-face with you. His hair that always used to be perfectly combed was ruffled and fell over his right eye. His eyes were a bright, startling ocean blue and were wide with shock.

“H-Hey.” You breathed, smiling uncontrollably. He had a leather jacket on, slipping off one of his shoulders. Black t-shirt and stylish, designer jeans with slightly scuffed up boots that weren’t tied up. Hardly a suit and tie like you’d imagined.

“Is that really you, Y/N?” He asked you, walking towards you with his glass of brandy in hand.

“You remember me?” You utter with disbelief. Harry laughed like it was obvious.

“Of course. Y/N, the only girl who played with me because she actually liked me. Not because she was forced to.” Harry slammed his glass down, a little bitterness in his words as he spoke. “What are you doing here?” He asked you, all serious again as though he hadn’t just laughed like he’d been happy to see you.

“I’m staying here for a few months. Visiting people.” You nodded, looking round his office. “It’s uh, quite an office you’ve got. Working for your father?” You asked, turning back to look at Harry. His face was downcast, his gaze falling to his shoes.

“No, uh myfatherdiedacoupleofmonthsago…” He mumbled, his words coming out as a jumble of undecipherable words.

“What?” You asked, walking closer to Harry and stopping a couple of metres in front of him.

Harry cleared his throat, although there was nothing stuck there.

“My father died…a couple of months ago.” Harry repeated himself, blowing his cheeks out and exhaling slowly.

“Oh my God, Harry I’m sorry.” You reached your hand out and let it hover over his bicep, stopping yourself from gripping onto him. He seemed rather emotional at the moment, and you didn’t want to cross any boundaries with him when it seemed like he was too upset to handle fondness.

“Yeah well, he’s gone now.” Harry sniffed, raising his head and pulling his shoulders back so he stood tall again.

“So…what are you doing now?” You asked, pulling your hand back and awkwardly fiddling with your necklace. Harry shrugged.

“Talking with you.”

You couldn’t stop the involuntary eye roll that came from his response. “I meant other than that.” You sighed, rather exasperated.

Harry smiled, a much friendlier smile than the one he’d had earlier whilst he’d been laughing. That one had been rather bitter as well. You were learning fast that Harry had grown up to be a very bitter man. Which you found a shame at such a young age. He was only twenty after all. But this smile that lasted all of a second was a humoured smile. He obviously found teasing you fun.

“I was going to investigate something.” He told you. Your eyebrows rose as your curiosity was peaked.

“Can I help?” You asked him. Harry picked up his glass from the table and downed the drink.

“I was hoping you’d say that. Come on.” Harry extended his hand out. You turned to leave which made him laugh behind you. You stopped and turned to look over your shoulder at him.

“What?” You asked sincerely. Harry shook his head.

“I was, uh, extending my hand out to hold yours.” He told you, biting his lower lip to stop himself from laughing again as you freaked out.

“Oh! Oh shit, I’m such an idiot! Sorry!” You babbled, slapping your forehead and hiding behind your hands. You’d gone red for sure, having commited the most stupid act ever in front of Harry. You couldn’t understand why you were so nervous around him either, maybe just because it felt like talking to a completely different person. Harry stepped forward and pulled your hands away from your face.

“You really haven’t changed have you?” He smirked, leaning in slightly towards you. You shook your head, letting out a breathless laugh.

“Not really.” You sighed, letting Harry take your hand as he had intended and lead you to the door. He pressed a button on the wall and the lights in the room switched off as the two of you left.

“You look hot though.” Harry observed, making your head snap up to look at him with a shocked expression, your mouth open slightly as you were rendered speechless.

“H-Harry!” You hissed, slapping his arm lightly. The two of you entered the waiting room and you grabbed your coat and said goodbye to Felicia. She just gave you a secretive smile when Harry’s back was turned.

“I couldn’t help noticing. I’m a guy, Y/N.” Harry explained, a very innocent look on his face but a malicious twinkle in his eyes that betrayed him.

“Sure. So where are we going?” You asked him as you both stepped into the lift.

“My rival company’s headquarters.” Harry announced, commanding the lift to go to the basement floor and giving the access code needed to be able to access that floor.

There was a car waiting already in an underground car park that was bare save for Harry’s chauffeur and the vehicle. Tinted windows in the back, and a partition between the driver and the passengers in the back that opened and closed with a touch of a button. It was a fancy car, owned obviously by someone of taste. That someone being Harry.

Harry was kind enough to open the door for you, shooing the driver away with a flick of his wrist who had made a move to open the door himself. You slid in and Harry followed after you, not leaving much space between the two of you despite the spacious backseat. The two of you were touching from your hips down to your ankles, legs pressed together. You wondered to yourself if Harry was playing some sort of game or simply enjoyed teasing you.

As his friend, you decided it was the latter. Even when his arm looped over the back of the seat behind your head. The other rested in his lap as he relaxed back and secretly watched as you looked out the window at the streets going past.

When you were a street away from your destination, Harry ordered the driver to stop and allow the two of you to walk. This was to avoid unwanted attention you would surely get if you rocked up in front of the building in a fancy car. So the two of you hopped out and walked down the street together. You went in straight through the front doors of the building, which you found to be rather obvious. But Harry’s plan was smart and also well thought out.

He walked through confidently, with you following by his side and trying to mirror his bold swagger by relaxing your shoulders and letting your hips sway. This did attract a few sets of eyes, namely a few men who Harry was quick to glare at. They returned to their laptops and coffee instead.

Harry stopped you by the lift door and made you stand behind him, the two of you positioned right beside the door. As soon as it opened Harry stepped forth quickly, colliding with a young girl. He put his hands on her waist and caught her as they both stumbled together.

“I’m sorry, I guess I should watch where I’m going next time.” Harry apologised, his tongue darting over his bottom lip as he gazed down at the young woman. Her cheeks went pink and she giggled, tucking her hair behind one ear.

“No problem. You just made my day significantly better.” She quipped, biting her lower lip and slipping past him. Harry shoved his hands in his pockets and let her leave, raising an eyebrow at her when she glanced back over her at him. The two of you got in the lift together, letting the doors close. It was then you turned to Harry.

“What was that all about?” You asked, rather defensively, as you folded your arms over your chest and raised one eyebrow. Harry smirked at you, and from the pocket of his jeans, pulled out a laminated access pass he had nicked off the woman’s clip-on badge. Your mouth dropped open slightly as he slid the pass over the sensor in the lift. It beeped and the light on it turned from red to green, signalling it’s acceptance. Harry pressed a button for the designated floor.

“Heading to Floor 87.” An automated voice announced through a speaker overhead.

“I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” Harry told you, putting the pass in his pocket again. He could see the astonishment on your face, but he also noticed the jealousy hidden in your eyes too. This made him curious.

As the lift rose he decided to explore this emotion, unbeknown to you. “You didn’t think I was just aimlessly flirting did you?” He quizzed, examining the micro-expressions that skimmed on your face.

Shock, denial then scorn.

“No, of course not. I just wasn’t expecting Harry Osborn to be such a charmer.” You remarked, pulling a face as you kept your eyes fixated on the numbers shown on a panel that were increasing. Harry laughed.

Before he could speak again, the lift opened and you were stepping out with Harry following suit.

“Where to?” You asked him, eyes skimming over the desks with people sat at them, some doing work and others packing up to leave. Harry looked to his left down a corridor and saw a plaque on the wall. He encouraged you to follow him and read the plaque.

“This is the floor his office is on. Let’s go.” Harry grabbed your hand and pulled you after him, heading towards where he believed the office he was looking for would be. You arrived at the door and Harry peeked through the window of the door. The lights were off inside. Harry tried the door, only to find it was locked.

“Shit” Harry swore under his breath, looking around as he tried to jiggle the door handle and then slam his shoulder against the door.

“Let me try.” You whispered, nudging Harry aside and rummaging in your bag. “I did this at school once when I wanted to get my mobile out of the teacher’s cupboard and I picked the lock.” You told Harry as you took two paperclips off some paperwork that was in your bag and began to bend them. Sticking one in the bottom and then another above it, you began to feel along the pins that kept it from moving. It took you a few attempts, but eventually you managed to slowly turn the clips and were rewarded with the click of the lock shifting. Trying the door, you let out a quiet noise of triumph and the two of you snuck inside the office.

Inside, everything was neat and tidied away, but Harry was quick to start searching through the drawers of the desk and the filing cabinets along the wall.

“What are we looking for?” You asked Harry, looking out of the window for anyone approaching. You were lying if you said your heart hadn’t sped up considerably. Harry growled and slammed a cabinet shut.

“A blue folder. Labelled Oscorp.” He informed you, pointing over to another door in the corner of the office. This wasn’t locked, and you opened it to find it was a small storeroom with fresh boxes of printer ink, paper if different sizes and stationary. No files to be found in there.

“Nothing here.” You reported, shutting the door. Harry shook his head too. No luck.

“We should-” You began, but Harry dashed over to you and put his hand over your mouth quickly. He listened intently and you did the same.

Voices, and footsteps, approaching this room. Harry yanked you over to the storeroom you had just searched in and squeezed the two of you inside among the boxes. He positioned the door so that it remained open only by a crack. The office lights came on moments later and the two of you peered through the crack to watch who was in the room. You recognised the man to be the guy who’d walked out of Harry’s office earlier.

“D'you think he saw us?” You whispered, watching as he sat down at his desk and chucked a folder down in from of him. It was the blue folder!

“I don’t know. But we need that folder.” Harry pointed it out, frowning as he thought to himself. You were both currently trapped in his storeroom, so your options were rather restricted.

“Sir, Oscorp sends their regards from the meeting this afternoon.” A male voice spokeup, and a young advisor came walking into view up to the desk.

The man scoffed in his seat. “They can take their regards and shove ‘em elsewhere. Stupid CEO brat.” He spat, tapping the folder. “Luckily I’ve got some dirt on the Osborn kid and his father’s company. Release these files to the press and the company goes down in flames.”

“Bastard!” Harry hissed, his eyes blazing with fury as he listened to the man spit on his name and company. The two men paused for a second and looked round the room.

“Quiet. They can hear us.” You whispered in a hushed tone, pulling him away from the door.

“Did you hear something?” The man asked his advisor who shook his head.

“I thought I heard someone’s voice.” Continued the man suspiciously, starting to get out of his seat. You grabbed Harry and began to pull him past the boxes, shifting them aside so you could squeeze behind them. Placing the boxes to act as a wall the two of you squished into the far corner and kept your eyes firmly on each other, not daring to move. Harry stood, shielding you from view with his entire body, his hands firmly on your hips and keeping you pressed as close to him as possible. To save your hands being trapped between the two of you, they were holding onto the lapels of his jacket.

You waited in the dark with bated breath. Then the door opened and light flooded into the storeroom. You squeezed your eyes shut and prayed for you to both remain hidden. A few moments later Harry was shaking you gently.

“Y/N, he’s gone. I just heard them both leave the office.” Harry told you, speaking at a normal level again. You opened your eyes and found you were still plunged in near darkness, only just able to make out Harry’s silhouette. You got your mobile out and used the screen light to illuminate both of your faces.

“That was close.” You sighed, laughing your nerves away and looking up at Harry.

“Too close.” Harry blew air up to get his hair out of his eyes, grinning properly for the first time since you’d seen him. “But it was kinda exciting.” He added, lifting a hand up to your face and stroking his thumb across your cheekbone. He became very quiet all of a sudden, and had a rather lustful look in his half-lidded eyes as he gazed down at you.

“Harry?” You gulped, feeling the air being sucked out of your lungs as he leaned in swiftly, capturing your lips with his. He wasn’t gentle, in fact it was chaste and hurried, as though he couldn’t let his lips linger for too long. He gasped when he pulled away, seeming out of breath and rather panicky.

“Sorry, shouldn’t have done that.” Harry stepped back out of your grasp and took his hands away from your hips. “Let’s go before he comes back.” Harry sighed, stepping past the boxes and leaving the storeroom.

You brushed your fingers over your mouth, lips tingling still from the taste of Harry that lingered on them.

“Y/N!” Harry hissed from outside, snapping you from your dream-like state and beckoning you out of the storeroom. Harry had the blue folder in his hand triumphantly.

“These are stolen files from Oscorp. I can burn these and get rid of the evidence and when he tries to put dirt on Oscorp we can ask how he got the information and he’ll have to admit he stole them! Then, without any evidence this company will go to shit since he’ll be fired and charged for theft crimes!” Harry had a malicious grin and was waving the folder around, concocting his plan.

“That’s great Harry, but we need to go!” You grabbed his arm and pulled him to the door. As you went to reach out for the handle it turned of it’s own accord and the advisor from earlier opened the door. For a second the three of you all froze, before he opened his mouth to shout for someone. However he never got the chance, as Harry stepped forward and delivered a sharp punch to his face, knocking him out cold and busting his nose in the process. The man fell into a heap on the floor and the two of you dragged him into the office, before bolting out of there. The two of you got into the lift and waited for the doors to shut.

As you waited, your heart sank as the man you had just stole from passed by and looked at the two of you. As the doors began to shut Harry waved the folder triumphantly, and you watched as his face turned white. Feeling a sudden burst of bravery, you stuck your middle finger up just as the doors shut and he ran up to the doors and began banging on them. But it was too late for him, and the two of you were descending to the bottom floor, running out the lift to the front door as you made your escape.

Jumping into your ‘getaway’ car where it was still parked from earlier, the two of you collapsed into the seats and laughed as you both tried to catch your breath. Harry rested his hand on your thigh as he sighed and threw his head back, shutting his eyes blissfully. Thinking back to earlier, you leaned over and kissed his jaw softly, not being able to reach his cheek. The muscles in his jaw tensed against your lips and when you pulled away he was biting on his lip.

“That felt nice.” Harry admitted, opening his eyes and sitting up properly, his hand still on your leg.

“It felt nice when you kissed me earlier too.” You replied, taking the folder out of his other hand and chucking it onto the seat next to him. Harry seemed to understand that you wanted to repeat his earlier actions and leaned over you, pressing a button and watching as the partition between the driver and yourself rose up.

“We don’t need an audience.” Harry muttured, his hot breath hitting your lips as he leaned in and captured you in a slightly off-centred kiss. You made sure to correct it and angle yourself so that you could move without bumping heads. He’d obviously never kissed a girl properly before besides a quick peck on the lips, but you weren’t going to call him out on it. You were far too busy sliding your fingers through his fringe and letting him take control of you, his hand slipping up your thigh slowly. He made a soft moan when your fingers tugged softly on the hair at the back of his neck, mouth falling open a little. But he took this as an opportunity to pull away from your lips and plant hot, open-mouthed kiss on your neck. You only stopped him when he bit softly on your skin and began to suck gently at your neck.

“Woah there, at least by me dinner first before you mark me as yours.” You joked, lifting his head to look up at you with a finger under his chin. Harry pressed a chaste kiss to your lips and smirked at you.

“Is 7 good for you?”


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if it helps i completely agree with you on colonel sanders. burger king is best sugar daddy tho

i had a response types out calling colonel very unnecessarily lewd and provocative names and for once in my life i thought about the words i was going to say

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Care to share the backstory of Margaery's homemade bikini wax?

after a number of trial-and-error with various infomercial waxes, sugar baby margaery tyrell doesn’t trust anyone else with her cooch. so after many a consultation with her sex guru grandmother, she makes her own bikini wax that leaves nary a burn or stubble behind, although it still hurts like hell because it’s wax, ffs


full disclosure but margaery’s character is based on a couple of my irl friends who do stuff like this for all their platonic girlfriends, so i def see where that impression comes from but it’s unintentional on my part (at least, i don’t intend for marg and sansa’s relationship to be sexual, just natural and comfortable)

there is a longer, more personal and serious explanation to this end, but suffice it to say that these girls are a huuuuuuge influence on how i write modern au marg, as well as reminiscent of most of my female friendships now

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are there any new daddy king/sugar daddy fics?

Hi, this is the most up to date daddy kink comp and this is the sugar daddy comp! There are two newer sugar daddy fics

winds of autumn - V/Jungkook
he looks like an angel, jeongguk hates to admit, but angels wouldn’t be in this position.

in which taehyung has sex with older rich men for money, and jeongguk wants to forget that he’s paying for taehyung’s time.

how’d you get so fly? - Jin/Rapmon ~ V/Jin/Rapmon 
“It’s not like your job at the coffee shop and my job at the market were getting us by,” Taehyung said, smiling, “At least this job is fun.”