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Take It or Leave It


This is something new I’m trying where the reader is a Lawyer for Tony Stark but after the Avengers get back together after the Accords Ross is still coming after them. Tony Stark wants the reader to get Ross off their backs but what happens when Ross decides to play a little dirty? 

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“What is this, Tony?” Steve looked from the sheets in his hand.

“It’s a resume.” Steve stared at the man. “Y/N L/N, she’s my go to lawyer. When I met her she had only just started at her firm. She had just finished a case and was handing it in to Hayden Hughes, the Managing Partner at the firm, when I was in his office. Instead of taking me to a senior partner to sign with, he told me to sign with the girl. I’ve never regretted it.” 

Steve looked back at the paper. “So you trust her.” It wasn’t a question. 

“Listen, Rogers, if there’s anyone you can get you out of your predicament, shall we say, it’s her. Her record runs on a strictly win-only basis.” 

“She’s worth a shot, Steve. I may have only met her for twenty minutes once before when she was getting Tony to sign something but she’s a good kid. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone keep him in line as well as she did apart from Pepper.” Bruce looked up from his StarkPad to affirm Tony’s praise of the lawyer. 

“Hey! I’m not that bad!” 

Natasha spoke up from her quiet conversation with Clint. “You’re only proving his point, Stark. Besides, this L/N lady can’t be that bad; she’s from the best law firm in New York, Hughes and Wood, which means she came from Harvard, the best law university in the country. She’s used to working cases which have high stakes so she knows discretion is key.”

“What’s the worst that she can do? We’re already wanted fugitives.” Wanda quipped in her thick accent. 

“Call her, Stark. Let’s see what she can do.” 

“No need, Mr Rogers, Mr Stark already called.” You waltzed out the elevator bags scattering your body. “But more importantly, I brought the Chinese.”

“We’ve already eaten.” Steve turned to look at you front on.

You laughed. “Oh that would be a good joke if takeout menus weren’t scattered across the coffee table, members of your team weren’t holding the aforementioned menus, half the people didn’t perk up at the thought of food and I didn’t get all of your favourites.” 

“How would you know our favourites? You have never met us.” Wanda queried. Her distrust for you was clear on her face and through her body language.

“Then how can I do this, Miss Maximoff?” You plopped most of the bags on the floor apart from the food. “Crispy Shredded Beef for Mr Stark, Chicken Chow Mein for Dr Banner, Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls for Captain Rogers, Szechuan Spare Ribs for Miss Romanoff, King Prawn Chop Suey for Mr Barton, Honey Pork for Mr Odinson, House Special Foo Yung for Miss Maximoff, Special Crispy Noodles for Mr Vision, Singapore Mixed Meat Chow Mein for King T’Challa, Stir Fried Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce for Mr Lang, Shrimp Chow Mein for Colonel Rhodes, Beef Shanghai Style for Mr Wilson, Chicken Singapore Noodles for Mr Parker, and finally Crispy Chicken Fillet and Roast Duck Fried Rice for Sergeant Barnes.” You finished as you placed the final tub on the table. 

“Oh that’s it. She’s my favourite lawyer.” Clint fist pumped the air dramatically. 

You raised an expectant eyebrow. “Oh, I’m sorry, did you miss the memo? I wasn’t done. I also got Prawn Crackers, Prawn Toast, Crispy Seaweed, Spring Rolls, Crispy Wontons, Salt and Pepper King Prawns, Honey Roast Spare Ribs, Yung Chow Fried Rice, Fried Dumplings, Deep Fried Crab Claws, Aromatic Crispy Duck and finally Fortune Cookies for a bit of fun.” 

“I think I’m in love.” Scott whispered, staring at you.

Ignoring the blubbering man, you pulled out a gift bag from the collection around your feet. “Sorry I couldn’t make your birthday Mr Stark, you know I had court the next day and you can’t arrive in court under influence.” 

“Sure thing, Bunny, no worries.” The man smirked as the nickname came out again. Apparently when you were working or thinking your nose scrunched up and Tony had made it his job to entitle you with a nickname because of it; he thought of Bunny to be a sufficient name. Either way, everybody was watching with rapt attention as Tony removed the black tissue paper from the top of the bag and pulled out the box inside. Tony’s face lit up at the sight, prompting the question. 

“What did Lawyer Lady get ya, Tin Man?” Sam asked expectantly, like a petulant child. 

Thankfully Vision saved him from his despair. “It appears to be a Glen Garioch 46 Year Old 1958 Whiskey, average pricing around $2,777.” 

Low whistles ran throughout the men of the room. 

“Vis! You don’t tell people the price of gifts!” Wanda gave an exclamatory hiss in said man’s direction causing him to frown in thought.

“Damn, L/N. That’s good whiskey.” Sam addressed you but his eyes were still on the bottle. 

“If you play your cards right, Mr Wilson, you might get gifts like that too.” 

He shot you a flirty smirk. “I’ll play you any cards you want if it gets you around here more often.” 

“I’m surrounded by people like Mr Stark, and more, all day, Mr Wilson, you’re going to have to do better than that.” You pouted slightly at the man, fully enjoying the little exchange. 

“I like her. I’ve been telling you for a long time, Birdbrain, you’ve got to up your game.” James permitted himself to join the conversation. 

“Damn, and here I was thinking the only person you like was you boyfriend: The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan.” 

“Didn’t you get anything for yourself, Miss L/N?” Peter asked you as he leant forward to get his noodles. 

“I got the Szechuan Spare Ribs. They’re the best thing on the menu.” You replied with a nod towards Natasha. 

“Amen to that, sestra!” She raised her beer to you and it reminded you of the other bag. 

You pulled out the beer that you had brought with you, alongside the Chinese. “Vy khotite drugogo?” You held out a bottle for her. 

“Ty govorish’ po-russki?” She looked surprised as she took the bottle. 

You nodded. “My parents were quite pushy and strict when I was younger. They made sure I knew as many languages as I could so I would be well prepared for life.” You took a can opener from your bag; you were starting to feel like Mary Poppins. Carefully popping the cap off your bottle, you offered the opener to Natasha and she gratefully accepted. 

“It’ll be fun to have another Russian speaker in the mix.” James stirred his food quietly before taking a bite. 

“The Three Musketeers.” Clint raised his bottle to us jokingly. 

“Any other talents we should know about, Sweetcheeks?” Sam wiggled his eyebrows and you simply gave him an unimpressed look. 

“Alongside Russian and English, I also speak French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin, Italian, and Mandarin. Fluently. Mum made me do Ballet and Gymnastics whilst my Dad made me do martial arts whilst growing up. And I had to learn the piano at school.” You listed them off with an impressive air of nonchalance. 

“You have the skill set to join the Avengers.” Scott announced dramatically whilst chewing on his mushrooms. 

“And you clearly didn’t read the resume.” You quickly rebutted, taking a swig of your beer.

“What’s making you say that?” 

“Honestly, Mr Lang, it’s obvious.” You shook your head to yourself. “The only people who have read my resume in this room is Mr Stark about 9 years ago; Miss Romanoff, Mr Barton and Sergeant Barnes all have read it because they wanted to assess my threat level to themselves individually and the team, hence why they have been carrying most of the conversation as they are trying to evaluate me; Mr Vision will have read my resume due to the fact that he has never seen or interacted with a lawyer before; and finally Captain Rogers will have read my resume as he doesn’t trust me in the slightest right now, his feet are angled ever so slightly towards me showing interest, he hasn’t spoken at all to me apart from a defensive lie at the beginning and now he’s contemplating on how to talk to Tony about me after I’m gone without causing conflict. Tell me I’m wrong.” No one said anything. You stood up from your seat and gathered your bags. “Mr Stark, I presume I’m in the usual room?” 

Tony let out a tired sigh. “Yeah, Bunny. Please just call me Tony for the millionth time.”

“Of course, Tony.” The pair of you shared knowing smiles as you picked the bags up and disappeared down the hallway.

Is EXO the Most Stylish K-Pop Band of All Time?

It is a 90-degree July day in Seoul, and the air is thick with unfallen rain. Still, the concrete steps leading up to the World Cup Stadium are swarming with boys and girls in black baseball jerseys armed with clear plastic ponchos and posters, paper boxes packed with sweet fried chicken and sour pickles. It is the sixth edition of SM Town Live, a summer concert series put on by SM Entertainment to showcase the company’s impressive roster of K-pop stars—icons such as BoA and Yunho of TVXQ, Girls’ Generation and Shinee. Yet the main event is without a doubt EXO, the reigning kings of K-pop, who are there to close one chapter of their career and kick off the next with a new album and look to match.
Calling them kings is controversial. It stirs up rival factions (the band’s new album is titled The War), and internationally, that designation is up for debate. But in Korea, the beating heart of K-pop fandom, the nine-member boy band remains at the top. Last year they won five daesangs (Korea’s biggest music award, roughly equivalent to album or artist of the year), one of which they had won for the fourth consecutive time. The band celebrated its five-year anniversary in April with a live video broadcast that drew 80,000 viewers in less than two minutes. The next month, they played two nights at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium; seating some 70,000, it is the country’s largest venue and only four K-pop groups, including EXO, have ever played there. Both shows sold out in under 30.
For years, their status has remained relatively unchallenged, but it is difficult for anyone at the top to stay there. EXO also struggles with the perception that they are too perfect, a manufactured pop act without much personality. Korean boy groups also have to deal with the country’s mandatory military enlistment policy, which effectively puts a two-year pause on their careers that is hard to bounce back from. It is one reason why this particular comeback is so crucial for EXO, and why they chose to dramatically change course. “Ko Ko Bop,” the lead single and sole video to be released from The War, is the aesthetic opposite of the band’s previous summer single, “Monster.” Musically, it combines EDM and reggae. It is a sun-soaked song with a distinct “tropical” vibe, and that sharp tonal shift is most clearly communicated through the clothes.

The starting point for the video’s style was The Talented Mr. Ripley, specifically the rich, disaffected Dickie Greenleaf, played by a young Jude Law, as he lazes about the Italian coast. “Ko Ko Bop” reimagines the eight singers (Lay, the group’s only remaining Chinese member, was unable to participate in this album due to his “schedule”) as younger, more fashion-forward versions of Dickie. Sehun wears a Saint Laurent Hawaiian shirt from Spring 2017, covered in retro pop surfboards and station wagons; his hair has been dyed and spiked to resemble a Bird of Paradise. Chanyeol has hair the color of tropical punch and has thrown a white Céline blouse with watercolor blooms over a Saint Laurent logo tee; Baekhyun appears in Valentino, a mustard ikat Etro blazer, and a red mullet. A matching pair of palm tree–dotted All Saints shirts make the rounds on almost all members, loosely swapped around to convey the shoot’s trippy, drug-fueled vacation vibe (a bit odd, considering Korea’s anti-drug culture). All said, it continues EXO’s tradition of slowly pushing the boundaries of K-pop men’s fashion.
The band began honing their singular take on style two years ago with the song, “Call Me Baby.” Before that, they were generally clothed in matching suits or tees plucked off the racks of Boon the Shop and other local boutiques, a one-size-fits-all solution that emphasized their uniformity. In 2015, however, they found a way to bring out each member’s personality by tailoring what they wore in each shoot. More importantly, they began to source designers that K-pop stars were not wearing at the time. Back then, when singers wore high-end fashion, they generally went with big name, easily shoppable brands—Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton. EXO reached instead for labels fashion people love: Pieces by Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, archival Helmut Lang. These were mixed with Korean designers, including custom suits from Heich Es Heich, and eventually, a few items from their personal collections—a surprising move. K-pop bands, EXO included, are known for casting off and slipping on new identities with each album. To let a bit of their personal taste shine through, no matter how small, felt like a change.
It is a sartorial mix that has influenced the rest of the industry and reflects the country’s growing emphasis on individual style, which took centerstage on their Exo’rdium world tour, where the above photos were shot. Below, they reflect on the band’s evolution and their own. Kai prefers simple pieces from A.P.C.; D.O., all-black workwear from American heritage brands. Chanyeol is passionate about streetwear—Vetements, Balenciaga, Supreme, Gosha—and he recently confessed to keeping the tags on his clothes for a month, unable to tear them off. Moments like this are thrilling; they feel intimate and authentic, a real flash of expression through fashion. There’s no better way to begin again.

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do you have a favorite poem?

Who can resist this stirring, subtle piece of wry satire by Théophile de Viau, dating from 1623? 

Au marquis du Boukinquan (to the Marquis of Buckingham) 

Apollon avec ses chansons
Debaucha le jeune Hyacinthe,
Si Corridon fout Aminthe,
Cesar n’aimait que les garçons.

On a foutu Monsieur le Grand
L’on fout le Comte de Tonnerre.
Et ce savant Roi d’Angleterre,
Foutait-il pas le Boukinquan?

Je n’ai ni qualité ni rang
Qui me donne un Marquis pour garse.
Et tu sais pourtant bien que j’arse
Aussi fort qu’un Prince du sang.

Which translates loosely (because I only have an A Level in French) as:

Apollo with his songs
Debauched the young Hyacinthus,
If Corridon fucks Amyntas,
Caesar loved only boys.

One man fucks the Baron of Bellegarde*
Another fucks the Count / Earl of Tonnerre.
And this learned King of England,**
Did he not fuck the Duke of Buckingham?***

I have neither the status nor the rank
Which makes a Marquis of a wench.
And yet, you know I could****
As well as any Prince of royal blood.

Sheer poetry.

* Monsieur le Grande was a cute lil nickname.
** King James I of England.
*** George Villiers. Also, in response to the question posed here, yes.
**** I actually have no idea what ‘j’arse’ means, because it looks like no word I have ever seen before, so I was intentionally ambiguous and left it up to context. Naughty me. I am not a translator.

Imagine cleaning Thranduil’s injuries after he returns from battling the Serpents of the North


“They are nearly at the gate.” Your apprentice Oron announced as they came in. The king had lead a small group of dignitaries and guards to the north on matters of business, but had encountered a terrible fate. A pair of dragons. You did not yet know how severe the damage might be, but the company was due to return any minute. “King Thranduil!” Oron gasped as a team of elves brought the limp figure through the door.

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Good evening.

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Now then, there was En-sute practice today too.

When I looked at the practice schedule in the training room
“Huh, it’s already time for the full rehearsal isn’t it !”
I was surprised.

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sabadel and his two comrades knelt before the elvenking, arms bound tightly. though they had only been on the earth for decades and amounted to little more than children in the eyes of the elves, they were much larger than the king and his men, and not to be treated lightly. 

the king regarded the pale, long limbed creatures that sat before him. two seemed out of their minds, throwing glances at each other and snickering. their eyes and teeth were blackened as though they had been smoking spurweed from birth. the third looked no less insane, cracked lips twitching as if he was trying to conceal a grin.

the king forced a calm expression. 

“you have been caught vandalizing our realm. setting fields alight, painting obscenities upon our people’s most treasured landmarks, hunting that which is not yours to hunt. tell me why i shouldn’t have you imprisoned for the next millenia.”

whatever thin thread of restraint that held sabadel at bay suddenly snapped.

“how, then, would i be able to sodomize your most treasured landmarks?”

the king froze, vaguely aware of the delighted gasps that spilled out of stained mouths.

a flash of sunlight hit steel as the king’s sword embedded itself within a palid throat. sabadel attempted to bark out a final laugh, but instead gurgled slightly as he collapsed at the king’s feet. his companions began to cackle wildly.

miles away, within the cold walls of a castle built beneath a low mountain, another king stirred from his reverie. coal-black eyes widened as a dull sense of loss flooded his thoughts. 


his scream echoed through dark passages, reaching the dragon keep below.

the surface world would know the sting of dragonfire once more.

“Where’s Ryan?” Gavin questioned Jack, who leaned himself against an iron door. The bearded man let out a slow sigh.

“He’s in there.” Gavin peeked within, a bit surprised. Inside, Ryan was sitting against the bottom part of the golden tower they used when transferring the crown. The brunet was gripping his sleeves a bit, his eyes closed as if trying to make something leave his mind. “He comes in here every so often. Asking me to watch him just in case. Only ever in here for an hour or so.”

“What for?”

“To get the darkness out of his head.” The two noticed a change in the older man over the weeks, noting that his eyes appeared more tired and his voice hoarse. Most attributed to illness, but the kings knew well what stirred in him.

Suddenly, a soft voice came. Gentle singing, the soft thump of the back of Ryan’s head tapping the golden blocks coming as the two stared at him through the small opening in the doors, the considered mad king at a moment of peace.

A cleaning robot saw it.
The cleaning robot,
Tsukumo, is always watching.
It saw the naked girl pretending to be a cat,
Running around the campus.
It saw the boy that fell from the sky,
Wearing an expression as if he had been there all along,
Blend into school life.
It saw the Red King and Blue King come along,
And stir up trouble in the school.
It has seen everything.
And from now on, Tsukumo will always be watching.

No one ever gets why original story Irene Adler was cool.  Sherlock Holmes calls her “the woman” because at the point when Watson writes the story, Holmes as been defeated by three men and one woman, and Irene Adler is “the woman” who defeated him. 

She’s an opera singer who was once the lover of the King of Bohemia, who wants to ditch her to form a politically advantageous marriage with a religious woman who probably won’t forgive a scandal.  Irene grabs some compromising letters and a photograph of the two of them and returns to England, threatening to expose their relationship not because she wants money, but because she’s pissed at the way he’s treated her and wants just revenge.  (I think I remember the King saying something about how she always treated him like they were equals, which he found amusing right up until he didn’t.)  Holmes in disguise manages to get her to reveal where her blackmail articles are, but before he can go back for them alone, she’s realized what she has done and moves them, leaving a nice letter in their place promising that she’s not going to blackmail the king anymore, because during the months he’s been trying to buy her off, she’s fallen in love with and married someone else and doesn’t want to damage her reputation either.  She’s keeping her stuff though, as insurance to keep the king from stirring up trouble for her and her new husband, which was probably a good idea since the king’s reaction to Sherlock Holmes confirming her marriage took place is not, “Thank goodness she’s happy and I’m free,” but “She cannot possibly love him!"  After the king leaves, Sherlock and Watson discuss how they’re secretly kind of glad Irene won, because while blackmail is not OK, the way the king treated her was pretty shitty and she seems like a cool lady whom they hope will be happy in her new life.

She’s not a femme fatale.  She’s not an evil mastermind.  And she is not, for the love of all that is good and holy, Sherlock Holmes’s love interest.  Instead, we have a woman of high but probably not Holmesian-genius level intelligence who demands egalitarianism from her royal lover during their relationship, who wants to make him pay for leaving her, but who values her own happiness over her revenge and is willing to let her scheme go when it seems it might hurt her.  The story also implies that part of the reason she was able to outsmart him was because Holmes underestimated her due to his own sexism, never dreaming a woman would see through his disguise.  Yet she writes him a polite, respectful letter because she knows he’s just doing his job.  H&W are right, she’s a very cool lady, and one of the coolest things about her is that we never see her again after this story.  She goes off to be the protagonist in her own life having earned Sherlock Holmes’s respect.  Respect.  From a very proper Victorian gentleman to someone who must, from the nature of the case, be a "fallen woman.” That in itself is tremendous.  I don’t think I can express how much it lowers her to change her from “THE only woman who defeated Sherlock Holmes” to “THE only woman who makes Sherlock Holmes feel something in his pants,” not because sexual tension and respect are mutually exclusive, but because it’s so rare to see a female character be important for something other than her close relationship to a more significant male character.

Irene Adler.  Autonomous woman.  Make that the story.