king sphinx

A granite sphinx of King Amenemhat III, with the rarer lion’s mane, replacing the usual striped Nemes cloth headdress. 12th dynasty, c1820 BC. Black granite. From a Tanite Temple. Cairo Egyptian Museum. Photography from ‘The Art of Ancient Egypt’, Phaidon Press (Vienna, 1936).


These are some of my favorite monsters from season 1 of MMPR.

The Mighty Minotaur

The Mighty Minotaur is a minotaur monster created by Finster, half chicken, half bull. It manages to cause mass havoc against Jason, Zack, and Billy while Trini and Kimberly are preoccupied fighting the Putty Patrollers. After the Minotaur grows, the Rangers regroup and call on their Zords, but after a brief confrontation in Megazord Tank Mode, Zordon determines the monster is too much for the Rangers’ zords without allowing them to attempt a battle in Megazord Battle Mode, although there was nothing to indicate that this battle would end any differently than other battles where Tank Mode was overwhelmed. Zordon gives the Rangers their Power Weapons to battle the monster. When confronted by the Minotaur again, they bring their weapons together to form the Power Blaster and defeat the monster.

The Minotaur also appeared in the Sega Genesis “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” game. He was the first boss of the game, as well as a playable character in its Battle mode.

King Sphinx

King Sphinx was a Pharaoh-like Sphinx monster created by Finster. He could send away other beings with his wings. He also wields a scepter with a gold question mark on the end, which emitted flaming question marks. Finster supposedly created him from a handful of Egyptian sand, which he threw into the clay mold while making the monster’s model. At Rita’s request, Finster made King Sphinx for the sole purpose of defeating and destroying Jason the Red Ranger, so that the Power Rangers could be destroyed quicker without their leader to guide them. When the Black, Pink and Red Rangers arrived at the Children’s Theater in the park to confront the monster and Putties, King Sphinx flapped his wings and sent the Pink Ranger away to the Youth Center’s Gym and Juice Bar. After sending the Black Ranger away next, he teleported away with the Red Ranger to a mountainous desert to fight one-on-one. They seemed evenly matched in combat at first, but, even with the assistance of Goldar later in the battle, the Red Ranger started to get the upper hand over King Sphinx. Rita then made King Sphinx and Goldar grow to crush the Red Ranger. After finding Red Ranger’s location, Zordon was able to use Jason’s Power Sword to send him the Power Crystals so he could allow the other Rangers to arrive and summon their Zords. King Sphinx fought with Goldar mostly while the Zords were in the Megazord tank mode, but once it transformed into Battle Mode, the monsters (and even Rita herself) became very worried. King Sphinx and Goldar fought Megazord together, but after a lengthy battle, the monster was finally destroyed by the Megazord’s Power Sword.

Pudgy Pig

Pudgy Pig was a ravenous pig monster. He supposedly could wipe out the Earth’s entire food supply in a mere 48 hours, but given the rate of time it took him to get through Angel Grove alone, even 48 years would be a stretch in reality (and since food supply constantly replenishes, he would have been ineffective at best, a mere nuisance in reality). However, he didn’t like spicy food. Pudgy Pig was created by Finster to ruin the Food Festival at the Youth Center, immediately beginning to eat everything in sight. When battling the Power Rangers, Pudgy Pig swallowed their Power Weapons and sent the Rangers into a swirling vortex. The Rangers realized that the monster didn’t like spicy food, so they fed it a sandwich containing a spicy vegetable, causing it to become ill and vomit up all the food while slowly shrinking as it began collapsing inwards upon itself (whilst shouting something that sounded suspicously like “me want honeycomb” repeatedly, like the little creature in the Honeycomb cereal commercials would always say), as well as the Rangers’ weapons after further weakening it beforehand. The Rangers then used their Power Blaster to destroy the Pudgy Pig.

Some time later when the Rangers were sent to the Island of Illusion, they were assaulted by the illusions of monsters they had already defeated, including Pudgy Pig. A few dozen episodes later, Rita Repulsa was able to transform Norman (Bulk’s pet pig) into another Pudgy Pig. Like the first Pudgy Pig, Norman was gluttonous, but unlike the first, he did not have evil intentions — he just wanted some food to snack on. Also, Norman had better command of the English language than the original Pudgy Pig had.The Rangers were able to track Norman to a farm where he was found gazing at a female pig. Trini observed that none of Rita’s monsters could fall in love like Norman had. The Rangers then turned this Pudgy Pig back into Norman.

Eye Guy

Eye Guy is an eye monster created by Finster. Rita had once employed Eye Guy’s skills on Redna 2 to capture incredibly bright children to use their intelligence for evil. Eye Guy was one of Rita’s favorite monsters and Eye Guy seemed to show some attraction and loyalty to her, calling her “lovely” and “a sight for sore eyes”. Eye Guy had an array of energy beam attacks he could launch from his various eyes, and could reassemble himself if blown apart. Eye Guy’s mission was to capture a highly-intelligent child so Rita Repulsa could absorb their intelligence. Eye Guy captured Billy’s friend Willie and was challenged by the Power Rangers. Eye Guy proved to be invulnerable to their Power Blaster and had them on the ropes until Billy destroyed his main eye. Grown to giant size by Rita, Eye Guy was destroyed by the Megazord, freeing the child before Rita could get to him.

Some time later when the Rangers were sent to the Island of Illusion, they were assaulted by the illusions of monsters they had already defeated which then vanished when they were about to touch the Rangers. One of these illusions was Eye Guy. However, all of the monsters vanished when the six Ranger teens stood their ground.

Eye Guy later returned in “The Wedding” three-part story in season two as one of the monsters to fight the captured the Power Rangers in the Spectre Theater, primarily fighting the Yellow Ranger in part two. Eye Guy left the Rangers briefly to attend Rita and Zedd’s wedding, where he brought them a caged spider as a gift for “either a decoration or a light snack.” After the reception, he returned to Earth with several monsters where he chased after the Power Rangers when they escaped the Theater. Eye Guy was one of six monsters to grow and fight the Thunderzords, where he was destroyed by one of Tigerzord’s fire balls.

Terror Toad

A toad monster with an seemingly endless hunger (it was literally always hungry) created by Finster. It could swallow people using its horn when it turns into an energy Pac Man like shape, large white energy tongue or its extremely long main tongue, and it could bounce off weapons fire with its belly by croaking. It was originally used on the planet Sorcery 7 where it most likely ate everyone on the planet. Terror Toad used the large white energy tongue on Trini and Zack and sucked them into the monster’s mouth in the form of spheres. Its belly bore pictures of the yellow and black ranger’s faces. Terror Toad’s power (and its hunger) grew as it ate the rangers. Kimberly and Billy chopped off Terror Toad’s horn with their blade blaster blades. Terror Toad managed to swallow Jason and Billy with its tongue, as it chewed the rangers it revealed hidden eyes and a mouth on its neck. Kimberly shot three arrows from her power bow into Terror Toad’s neck, making it fall over and releases the four swallowed rangers from its mouth in the form of energy spheres. With the Rangers free from the Terror Toad’s belly, the Terror Toad was destroyed by Kimberly’s Power Bow’s arrow.

The Terror Toad is seen again in “Island of Illusion” Part 2 as a flashback when Quagmire urges Kimberly to recall how she destroyed the monster.

The Terror Toad appears again in “Crystal of Nightmares” when Billy has a nightmare of when he was eaten by the Terror Toad. This was the Terror Toad’s last known appearance. 

Pumpkin Rapper

A pumpkin monster planted by Squatt and Baboo. Resembling an orange humanoid with an upside-down jack-o-latern on its head, the Pumpkin Rapper spoke mainly in rhymes and rap tone (though one line was spoken in non-rhyming tone). Although it proved a tough adversary with vine tentacles and pumpkin bombs, it was soon taken out by the Power Blaster.

Because the Pumpkin Rapper happened to be one of Zedd’s favorite monsters, it was resurrected by Zedd as part of a Halloween monster assault. While the army (consisting of Robogoat, Primator, Rhinoblaster, Invenusable Flytrap, and Snizzard with Doomstone as the leader) was largely unsuccessful, Zedd threw a growing bomb which Pumpkin Rapper used to grow himself only after leaving the dimension. It battled the White Tigerzord until succumbing to the Thunder Megazord’s saber. Pumpkin Rapper appeared again helping Zedd and Rita conquer a planet in the Vica Galaxy. He was destroyed by Zordon’s energy wave.