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The Most Hilarious/Strange Alt. Titles for Godzilla Films from Around the World:

Mothra vs. Godzilla - Watang and the Fabulous Empire of Monsters (Italy)

Godzilla vs. Monster Zero - Monsters of the Galaxies (Mexico)

Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster - Mothra, the Flying Dracula Monster (Holland)

Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster - Frankenstein’s Monster Hunt: Godzilla’s Son (Germany)

Destroy All Monsters - The Heirs of King Kong (Italy)

Godzilla’s Revenge - The Return of Gorgo (???) (Italy)

Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster - Frankenstein’s Battle Against the Devil’s Monster (Germany)

Godzilla vs. Gigan - Frankenstein’s Hell Brood (Germany)

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla - King Kong vs. Godzilla (Germany, For reference, the original KKvG was called The Return of King Kong )

Terror of Mechagodzilla - Destroy Kong! The Earth is in Danger! (Italy)

And I’ve saved Godzilla vs. Megalon for last, not only cause it’s my favorite Godzilla film, but holy shit, look at these:

Gorgo and Superman Meet in Tokyo (Spain)

Planetary Titans (Mexico)

Godzilla 1980 (French Belgium

King Kong: Demons from Outer Space (Germany)

At the Borders of Reality (Italy)


MST3K on CBS Morning. The Subject: GODZILLA

This little video is from 1998 and was shown as (probably) a way to attract viewers to the new film from CBS. Clips are shown and questions are answered by who other than Mike, Crow and Tom Servo! I’ve never seen this footage before and I loved seeing it. 


So which upcoming Godzilla Blu-ray/DVD re-release are YOU most looking forward to? Personally I can’t wait to get KING KONG ESCAPES in high-definition, regardless of it only being the US version only. It’s one of my very favourite Toho kaiju films.