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seungchuchu hcs

because i’m still sad over how little screen time seung gil got

-phichit has the most fun ever seeing seung gil’s reaction when calling him ‘jagiya~’ (dear) when it’s just the two of them
-seung gil can’t tell if he’s happy or jealous of how well phichit and his dog get along
-sometimes he feels like he has two dogs
-phichit just barely cares when he hears this, replying that seung gil is a lot like his pet and then they take a selfie together with a doggy ear/face filter
-they walk the dog together sometimes, at night so they can hold hands and chat in low voices close to each other
-seung gil’s clothes are a huge turn off it just goes from sexy times to sns time
-it’s fine if seung gil doesn’t talk much, phichit understands
-and when he does, he’ll ask questions
-(though sometimes he does want seung gil to say it out loud, and he’ll bait those words out of him any way he can)
-seung gil quickly learns that phichit is no actual angel but boy does his heart tell him otherwise
-seung gil is so done with all the cute things phichit does
-phichit is so done with seung gil’s closet but what can he do
-seung gil is starting to learn from phichit how to be flirty and romantic and phichit is an unhappy flustered mess
-when they first started dating, every time phichit got nervous he’d dodge the issue by taking a picture of seung gil’s face
-the first time phichit saw seung gil smile he had a mental breakdown
-seung gil finally dealt with all the criticisms over the lack of expression in his programs and did one that really expressed the sexual allure of man and boy was phichit allured
-meanwhile phichit learned how to be quiet with his emotion and performs one of the most beautiful and thoughtful programs ever
-phichit is always trying to sneak vegetables into seung gil’s diet
-sometimes seung gil is afraid he’ll be swallowed up by phichit’s charisma and flair. just one moment of weakness and he’ll fall too deep for this person he needs to beat
-sometimes they steal a rink away for an hour to themselves and just skate together, hand in hand, helping each other with jumps and enjoying the presence of each other
-they’re fine spending so much time apart, occasionally messaging each other. they knew what was coming when they entered the relationship
-whenever they hang out phichit is always (trying to) hang off seung gil for his warmth
-or his dog
-seung gil refused a selfie with phichit once and it was terrible, he was hounded so long, he’ll never say no again
-usually phichit sits in seung gil’s lap to keep him from escaping from quality time together but once seung gil sat in his lap and phichit got turned on in like 0.2 seconds but then he kept making a big deal out of it like “HOLY SHIT SEUNG GIL THIS NEVER HAPPENS I NEED A PICTURE” and seung gil just gets up and leaves him to take care of his own problems
Beyond G-Haro on Twitter
“Kubo posted a whole summary of the movie on her Twitter earlier. Here’s a quick TL (it’s p. lol):”

Phichit Chulanont from Yuri on Ice, skates to a song from a fictional movie in episode 6 called The King and The Skater. Mitsurō Kubo has tweeted a plot summary of the movie.

A retired figure skater has magic powers given to him by trading cards and travels back in time to fall in love with a Prince.

So, Yu-Gi-Oh and ice skating and time travel and gay. Basically: everything you ever wanted in a movie. 

I want to see this movie.

Viktor on the finalists
  • <p> <b>Chris:</b> My BFF! He's also a pretty good skater<p/><b>Yuri:</b> I knew him once. He's a pretty good skater<p/><b>JJ:</b> I don't know who the fuck this is I guess he can skate<p/><b>Otabek:</b> He's a damn good skater. Pretty quiet though<p/><b>Phichit:</b> Selfie king!!! Good skater<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> ISN'T HE BEAUTIFUL???? HE CHANGED MY LIFE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I CAN TALK ABOUT YUURI ALL DAY<p/></p>

Thanks much for this comment. I gave it some thought and decided to elaborate on my original post about my reaction to “The King and I” references.

I made an earlier post about Phichit 

I believe that “The King and the Skater” references “The King and I” and the song “Shall We Skate?” references “Shall we Dance?”

Why is this important and why is Phichit making history by being the first Thai to perform this song?

Because he’s doing something borderline illegal. He’s taking the role of a character from a Western series that portrayed his country’s king as, well, an idiot, to say the least. In Thailand, that’s a big no. “The King and I/Anna and the King” with all its adaptations was banned from Thailand in real life. Lèse majesté is one of those grey areas that people can get imprisoned for. Phichit probably had to ask for permission to be able to have this as his program. There’s no joking around.

As Yuuri (?) said, Phichit is making this song his. He’s owning it. He’s taking this character that portrayed a former Siam monarch in an incredibly negative light and giving him pride. He’s showing people, “Look, this was a king of my country. Nobody can portray him like I can. I will show you how he really lived. I will show you who he was.”

Maybe I’m overanalyzing like usual, but I feel like the people who made Yuri!!! On Ice would at least realize how important it would be for Phichit to be allowed to skate to something that references “The King and I.” He is legitimately making history.

About Phichit’s Short Program:

Phichit’s short program from Episode 6 was to the song “Shall We Skate” from the fictional movie The King and the Skater. It is inspired by the song “Shall We Dance” from The King and I, a musical written by Rogers and Hammerstein that has been reincarnated several times including in 1999 as Anna and the King. For those who do not know, the musical tells the story of Englishwoman Anna Leonowens and the King of Siam and how the pair fall in love. The song “Shall We Dance” is where Anna teaches the King the steps to English dance and the two first come together. The song is largely about Anna’s idea of finding love at an English dance.

Here is “Shall We Skate” from Yuri On Ice!

And here is “Shall We Dance” from the 1956 version of The King and I

I just want to point out to all of you how the vocals in “Shall We Dance” are sung by a woman (Anna) and a man (the King of Siam) while the vocals in “Shall We Skate” are sung by two men (predictably Anna’s male equivalent and the King) . I just want everyone to stop for a second and appreciate the subtle gay undertones this show has introduced at every turn.

BONUS: As for why Phichit would chose a song based off an American musical like The King and I, here is a map of the former Kingdom of Siam where the musical is set for reference:

Please note:

The level of detail in this show is awe inspiring. 

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Photo: @sammuller

I saw this on Facebook and this is such an adventure of a plot. Helppppp lolol

YOI ep11 initial thoughts

I usually wait for the subs to release before putting up thoughts, but:

  • Yuuri skating first - man he’s unlucky, but he did squeak in, and that’s the starting order we expected.
  • Changing his SP to have a 4F certainly takes guts - especially when both of them know that Yuuri hasn’t been able to land it cleanly in practice yet.
  • Victor pulling a Brian Orser and jumping along with his students gives me life.
  • Yuuri looking determined and not despondent after his lower SP score.
  • Phichit has actual hamsters! Interesting that he brought up that “Shall We Skate” (from “The King and the Skater”)originated in Thailand, but there was never a Thai skater who was able to skate to it at a large competition.
  • It’s pretty realistic seeing him greet stars/presidents/going to fancy gatherings because he represents Thailand.
  • Victor looking out at Yurio and recognizing a world-record breaking score when he sees one.
  • After all, he did choreograph it for winning: “If I was skating this program, I would win.”(back in episode 3)
  • Yurio resembles a young Victor so much that Yakov has a flashback - it’s cool that we were getting hints back in episode 8 and 9 about the similarity.
  • I’m sure Victor has some mixed feelings seeing his score broken by his own program skated by someone else. That’s another aspect of figure skating - your records WILL be broken. The field moves too fast for a record to stand for long (but wow this was short - I’m sure everyone thought the record would hold for at least a year or two).
    • Yurio is going to have a heck of a lot of press coverage for this miraculous skate.
  • It was nice to see Victor looking at Chris’ skating with fondness - his long time podium-mate never fails to live up to his reputation. He’s doing one heck of a program.
  • Chris has a butler/boyfriend/someone who looks after him???!
  • Otabek skating for his country, it was nice to see a flashback to the time when he trained in Russia alongside Yurio.
  • J.J. -he was intimidated by the immense talent of his young contemporaries.
    • when skaters miss a jump at the beginning, it can really rattle them. Many skaters will mess up later jumps (implode) and the program can fall apart. J.J. was experiencing this.
    • He was bolstered by the audience and managed to make a comeback in the second half ( “sell it to the crowd/judges”). That’s an actual thing that happens, that the audience gives a skater strength. It works well with energetic programs where the crowd can clap.
    • He still singled the planned 4Lz. Which is a LOT of points left on the table. His PCS probably took a hit, too, but his presentation scores (part of PCS) probably held up because of that second half.
    • He has a lot of grace. He was able to return his thanks to the crowd by pulling on a smile and giving his signature pose - even if it must have hurt so much.
    • Remember that he’s only 19. It’s completely possible for skaters older than him to be rattled in the same situation. 
    • Mental strength takes a long time to cultivate, and skaters will say something along the lines of “I’ve learned from this competition how to better handle my mental state” and “I have many things to think about” and “I’ll work on it for the FS and future competitions.” 
  • Yuuri has a shot to podium, for sure. Gold will be in reach if the others mess up their FS and if he skates clean. Stranger things have happened, so who knows what could go on in the FS next episode. Yurio might not be able to keep up with the crazy 2//6 jump layout, Chris might miss jump combinations or might zayak. Literally anything could happen.
Headcanon time!

It’s canon that Pichit is totally a Disney (ish) fan, but he’s not the only one

- Yuuri, before Detroit, had never seen a Disney movie.
- Now he knows every word of every song since Snow White.
- Thank you Pichit.
- Pichit’s favourites are The King and The Skater (obviously) and Aladdin
-Yuuri’s are The Lion King and The Princess and The Frog
- I think that Yuuri really loves Tiana
-She works hard and she fight for what she wants.
- He cried at the Evangeline scene
- And at Mufasa’s death
- who didn’t

- Yuri is also a Disney fan
- fight me
- he’s a Mulan & Merida kind-of-guy
- He hums “Be a man” during his runs
- When he was young he wanted to be Jasmine
-bc she’s got that tiger tbh

- Viktor is actually a Dreamworks person
- “No Yuuri you’re not going to marry him! ”
- “He’s a /Dreamworks/”
- “Pichit calm down”
- they marry anyway and Pichit still ships them
- Viktor’s favourite is totally RoTG
-bc of /Jack Frost/
- at some point he and Yuuri sang “I See the Light” from Tangled
- bc they are dorks

- Michele and Sara are Disney people too
- but they are more Classical Disney
- Beauty and The Beast 10/10

Okay but how many times do you think Phichit made Yuuri watch “The King and the Skater” with him when they were both studying in Detroit?

How many times was Phichit super stressed by finals or training or competitions or boyfriend trouble or whatever, and Yuuri was just like, “hey let’s get some beers and put your favourite DVD on.”

Imagine all that as context for how Yuuri was feeling when he saw his best friend dance “Shall We Skate?”

this probably could go without saying, but this is a small detail that i really love so…

phichit’s SP music is “Shall We Skate?” from the first movie he ever saw, The King and the Skater, which had a huge impact on him.

ofc, there is no such movie… because all the music in yuri!!! on ice is original…

but, there is a movie… based on a musical, based on a (highly fictionalized) historical novel… called the King and I, featuring a song called “Shall We Dance?”

now, if you’re not familiar with the story of the King and I, it’s about the King of Siam (ie, Thailand) in the mid-1800′s and the English governess he hired to teach his children about the Western world, since it was invading.  the king is portrayed as ruthless and barbaric, and the story largely revolves around the governess, Anna, using her supreme Britishness to educate and civilize both his children and him.  in reality, the king of Siam, known in the west as Mongkut, was a very well educated and spiritual man who successfully navigated his country through the tumultuous invasion of Western culture into Asia.  he and Anna never had a romantic relationship.  the movie and musical and novel are all really good examples of orientalism.

so… it’s understandable that Coach Celestino is SUPER proud of Phichit here, and sees this program as part of a signature for his skater, and as historic.  i love Phichit’s own inner thoughts even more, though. 

Many different people have skated to this music,
Many different people have told the story of my country,

but I’ll overwrite that history!
but I’ll reclaim my country’s story!

This music is mine!
This is my history!

i think it’s a really nice, fairly subtle touch, and it’s even underscored by Phichit’s princely costume, since that places him in the role of the King, and makes the story about HIM, and not Anna (the skater).

caveat: i’m not Thai, so i hope i’m not stepping on any toes with this…

So I'm a bit of a musical geek

Did anyone else notice that pichit’s program, “shall we skate?” from the “the king and the skater” is a play on the song “shall we dance?” of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “the king and I?”

Which is fitting because the king and I takes place in Thailand. And pichit is … from Thailand.

Am I the only one excited about this little nod to musical theater? Yes? Ok. I’ll sit down now.