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I would just like fluff. Them chasing each other around the loft & him catching her and them laughing and it ending is smutty goodness of course. Just chasing and laughter and smut. Maybe he has something she wants or vice versa and that prompts the chasing? Tickling in there too, would be awesome. :D Thank you! :)--Gretchen

Stupid Damn Duvet Cover (Olicity, Early Season 6ish)

(A little domestic!Olicity fluff set in the domestic-af Season 6 I see in my head before tonight’s episode. 

Does include some spoilers based on recent photos from the set.)

Soft curses greeted him when he opened the front door.

Oliver chuckled.

“I can’t believe how bad these directions are. This is YouTube voodoo.”

Balancing the last box in one arm, he closed the door behind him with his other hand, quietly, not wanting to disturb her. More cursing drifted from the far corner of the loft. Their loft, now. His heart warmed, just like every other damn time he’d walked into their house today.

Their home, for their family.

Setting the box on the ground with the others, Oliver went to find his wife.

“Why. Aren’t. You. Working?”

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Jyushi! Jyushi! I know I'm late, but after all the support you and mun have given me, i had to make sure i got you a present! Take this Medal, it's for the best cheersquad and the most hustle. Thank you, and happy birthday to you and your brothers, Jyushi! -WITH A WHOLE HEART FULL OF LOVE, 5K ANON

I hope life’s been good!!

Of Course Pt. 2 (Kim Seokjin)

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“The saddest thing is that we fell apart so suddenly even though we did everything right.”  

Word Count: 1,039
Genre: Angst

A/N: I decided on a way to format this story, I’ll be going back in time through memories (I hope that makes sense) I do hope that none of you are too saddened by this, although it was rather painful to write this myself, the next part will be put up sometime before Sunday for sure, Enjoy <3

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|~|Part 9|~|Part 10|~|Part 11|~|Part 12|

You walked straight to the nearest hotel, silently praying they had a room left. Thankfully there were a few available. After you paid the woman at the front desk kindly escorted you to a small room on the corner of the third floor.

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Kiba, Kankuro, and Kakashi all with s/o, in modern AU? Like do they live in an apartment or house, what are dates like? That kind of stuff!

I just wanted to let you know that thinking about K9 Officer Kakashi has done things to my heart and I will probably never recover. Thank you for this brilliant request! I love AUs so much.

Kakashi, Kiba, and Kankuro Modern AU Headcanons

Originally posted by lavakage


• Kakashi lives in a modest 1 bedroom apartment in a middle – lower class neighborhood. Not out of necessity, because as a K9 officer in the local police force he does alright for himself; but because he is a terrible cheapskate and refuses to spend a lot of money on an apartment that he basically only uses to sleep in.

• Because of his aloof nature, it’s actually hard for him to snag a date because everyone assumes that he’s not interested in the slightest and he’s hardly the type to chase after a potential date unless he sees something special in them. But when he spotted his s/o, he made a point to get to know them on a personal level, and he often takes his lunch break where they work so he can spend some one-on-one time with them.

• He likes to take his s/o on creative, athletic dates. He doesn’t like doing the same thing everyone else does because it just feels lame to him, and he thinks dates with him should allow them a glimpse of who he really is. He likes to take them out in the woods and play a game of capture the flag while armed with a paintball gun, or take them kayaking in a lazy river and finding a quiet spot to sit and talk.

• He drives a 2011 model silver Honda Accord. Something sensible and not too flashy, because he thinks it’s ridiculous to spend tons of money on a car that will eventually have to be sold. On his days off, he likes to wake up early and bring his s/o breakfast then take them to work.

Originally posted by lawlu


• Kiba lived with his mom for a long time, and would have stayed there for a lot longer. He only moved into a tiny brick house nestled in the woods because he got tired of her overbearing nature and her refusal to let all seven of his dogs sleep in the house. His house is a trainwreck when he’s certain no one will be coming over, particularly the laundry room because he loathes doing laundry and he wears the same hoodie every day, most of the time with no shirt underneath to avoid laundry buildup.

• He has a bit of a loud, party boy nature and often takes his s/o on bar crawls. He tries not to drink too much because he has gotten both of them kicked out of bars for his embarrassing, unruly behavior and more than once he has punched another guy for looking at his s/o when he was drunk. Drinking brings out a petty, jealous streak in him when he overindulges, but when he doesn’t he is actually a riot to be around. He spends all night cracking jokes and making his s/o laugh until their stomach hurts.

• For all of his brashness, he has a huge soft spot for animals and worked tirelessly as a bartender for years to earn enough money to put himself through veterinary school. When he loses an animal, he takes it really hard and has a tendency to brood. During these times, he spends a lot of time at his s/o’s place because being near them makes him feel better. He lays quietly on the couch with his head in their lap and soaks it up when they stroke their fingers through his hair.

• On lazy afternoons he likes to grab lunch at his favorite Chinese takeout place and take his s/o and all of his adopted shelter dogs to the park for an impromptu picnic. He spends the entire afternoon playing Frisbee with his s/o and playing fetch with the dogs, and no matter how long he’s at it, it seems like he never gets tired.


• Kankuro shares a pretty nice flat with his younger brother, but he doesn’t take his s/o there very often because his little brother’s quietness can make things a little awkward. If he does take them there, he usually gives them a minute to say hello to his brother, then guides them to the bedroom where he has a flat screen TV mounted on the wall opposite to the king sized bed. Things start out innocently enough with snuggling and watching a movie with popcorn, but it’s never too long before he starts getting handsy.

• His idea of a fun date is taking his S/O to curiosity museums with macabre content, like stuffed goats with two heads and horses with a split tongue. He loves things like that, and his excitement can be pretty contagious. If things like that creeped his s/o out, he wouldn’t force them to go though, but he would also make fun of them forever for being a scaredy cat.

• He drives a huge black Ford F-250 Lariat, and honestly it’s a pain in the ass to get in and out of if his s/o isn’t tall. He thinks it’s masculine and tough – looking though, so he has a deep fondness for his truck and refuses to downgrade to a smaller model. Plus, he thinks it’s cute when his s/o has to ask him for help to get into it, so he’ll get down and let his s/o use his thigh to push off on and if his s/o wears a skirt or dress, he will definitely be looking up it.

• Kankuro is a mechanical engineer, and as a result he spends a good amount of time tinkering with personal projects in his room. Though his s/o may not understand a word he’s saying when he’s excitedly explaining how he creates his machines, it’s still flattering to know they are special enough to him that he even attempts in spite of their plethora of questions. He answers each one patiently, even going as far as demonstrating just to bring his s/o into his world for a little while.

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Kbtbb au where kbtbb guys accidentally cheat on MC then MC Breaks up with them and tried to leave, Well, Tried but they turn " Yandere " for MC? Thank You ! ♡

A/N-  Sorry for the long delay.  I barely had any free time with school, my mom, and etc.  I hope you guys like it.  I will try to write more for now on; hopefully, I can actually keep the promise.

I hope they are yandere enough lol


Eisuke-  “What is going on here?” I yelled as I looked around the dark room.  I woke up with a pounding headache, and handcuffed to a king sized bed.  Last thing I remembered was packing my stuff in my apartment to move to my new place, after that everything went hazy.  I had a strange bitter taste in my mouth as I looked around for the source of this nightmare.

I was alone.  The room was completely quiet.  A shiver went down my spine as I began to see shapes in the darkness that shrouded my prison.

I tested the strength of the handcuffs as I moved my arms around.  A shot of pain went through me like an arrow with every small movement.  I closed my eyes as tears filled my eyes and I took a deep breath to calm my painfully fast beating heart.  I began to yell for attention and heard footsteps coming from the darkness.

The door opened and I was quickly blinded by the heavenly light.  I blinked repeatedly as I tried to see who it was.  Standing in the middle of the light was a familiar dark silhouette.  What is going on?

“You’re finally awake,” Eisuke’s voice echoed through the silent room as he walked up to me haloed by the light.  The heavenly illumination slowly disappeared the closer the hotel owner walked toward me giving him a more dastardly look.  With a wicked smile he pushed a piece of hair out of my face.  I stared up at him with a pale expression as all the pieces fell into place.  I should have known he was behind this in some way.

I took a deep breath before muttering, “let me go Eisuke.”  I knew it was hopeless, but it was still worth a shot.

Eisuke smiled as he sat down on the edge of the bed, “why would I do something like that after spending so much time trying to get you back?”  I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out.  Eisuke leaned closer to me and ran his fingers through my hair as I turned my face away from him.  “Nothing can keep us apart,” Eisuke whispered, “I’ll destroy anything that tries to.”

Baba-  I felt a cold breeze on my back as I tried to sleep.  I groaned as I sat up in my bed.  I swore I closed the window, and now it was open.  I got out of my bed and walked over to close it but was stopped once I took a few stops away from my bed.  I felt someone cover my mouth with one hand and wrap the other around my waist.  My arms were pinned to my sides as I tried to kick the person to no avail.

This cannot be happening.

The person pulled me toward my bed and threw me down.  I looked up to see a familiar face smiling down at me.

“Baba… what are you doing here?” I muttered as I tried to sit up; however, Baba pushed me back down.

“I came to say hi,” Baba said as he tipped his hat to cover his eyes.

I groaned, “you can’t do this.  We’re over.  I could’ve…”  I stopped myself before I could continue; I did not want to admit that I had already started seeing another guy.  While I was lost in my anxious thoughts, I felt the bed shift as Baba straddled me.  “Baba, ge–” I began as Baba put his hand on my cheek.  I felt a pain in my chest as I gazed up at him.

“I know about him,” Baba said with a small smile.  I turned my head and avoided his gaze; I was speechless.  The two of us sat there in silence as I tried to think of how to respond.  Baba sighed, “I met him.  He was nice.  How did you two meet?”

“We work at the same job,” I responded, “and can you get off me?”  Baba shook his head no as he put his hands on either side of my head and gazed down at me.

“You want to know what he said?” Baba asked as all the nerves in my body told me that I should run away.  I could not move though.  I could not move as Baba pinned me on the bed with a wicked smile on his face.  He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “ stop.”

“Stop?” I repeated.  Baba straightened up and took a shiny object out of his pocket.  I gasped as the moonlight illuminated the crimson knife.

Ota-  I opened my eyes and felt a pain in my neck.  I rubbed my neck as I sat up and looked around the room.  I was lying on a cold wooden floor in a small room with a small hanging light illuminating it.  I was alone.  There was blank canvases leaning on the wall by a table covered with various art supplies.  A lonely easel stood in the center of the room facing away from me with a canvas on it.

I stood up and walked toward it.  I gasped at the sight of the picture; on the canvas was a painted image of myself sleeping on the floor.  The style look familiar.

I looked around the room as my heart began to pound painfully in my chest.  I rushed toward the door and tried to open it, locked.  I stepped away from the door as I looked around for another way out: one locked door, and no windows.  I felt my breathing began to quicken as I tried to calm myself.

It had to have been Ota.  What the hell did Ota do?  Why?

I banged on the door to get attention before falling to the floor.  I heard the door unlock and opened to reveal a familiar sight.  Ota stood in front of me and behind him was his studio.  Ota smiled and kneeled down in front of me.

“Finally, you’re awake Koro,” Ota smiled.

“What is going on here?” I said as I stood up and tried to push myself past him.  Ota pushed my back into the room and I fell to the floor.

Ota sighed, “I am punishing my pet for leaving her master.”  I stared at him with wide eyes as I tried to remember how I got here.  I was relaxing at home one minute and then… and then… a voice spoke to me.  Not any voice.  Baba was at my apartment for some reason, I guess he was helping Ota?

I hesitated as I tried to figure out what to do, but before I could do anything Ota rushed at me with a rope in hand.  I did not respond in time and Ota pulled my arms back and tied them together.  Shit, I should have done something when I had the chance.  “I’ll get something better later, for now rope will do,” Ota muttered to himself as he pulled me toward the wall across from the door and sat me up.  “Are you hungry?  Thirsty?” he asked as I glared at him.

“I want to leave,” I muttered.

“Can’t have that,” Ota smiled as he pushed my hair out of my face, “you are staying here Koro until I let you go.”

Mamoru-  I knocked on the door with a small sigh.  Mamoru wanted to speak to me about something– he refused to tell me what it was over the phone.  I waited in front of the door and groaned as Mamoru began to take a long time.  Why do I get the feeling he is sleeping? Falling asleep after inviting me over is something he would do.  I went to knock on the door and Mamoru opened the door with an exhausted look.  I knew it.  His eyes widened as he saw me standing on his doorstep.

“Come in,” he said as he moved to the side.  I slipped inside to see his apartment was as messy as usual.  It probably has not been cleaned since I left.  “Sit down, thirsty?” Mamoru muttered as he ran his fingers through his hair.

I walked over and sat down as I shook my head, “I am fine.”  Ignoring my response, Mamoru walked into the kitchen and came back with a cup before placing it in front of me.  I stared at the cup suspiciously as Mamoru dropped down on the couch beside me drinking from his mug.  “So, what is it?” I asked as I leaned over and grabbed the cup.  A fruity smell hit me like a truck as I brought it closer to me.

“I just wanted to say sorry kid,” Mamoru muttered as he took out a cigarette and lit it.  I sighed, did he expect me to just forgive him like that?  

“Too little, too late,” I muttered as I placed the drink down on the table without taking a sip.

Mamoru stood up from his seat as he ran his fingers through his hair, “I’ll be right back.”    Before I could say anything the lazy man left the room.  I sighed as I sunk in my seat staring at the cup in front of me.

What is it?  The only drinks I have ever seen here before was beer, maybe the woman left drinks behind?  I leaned over with a sigh and picked up the glass again.  Out of curiosity, I brought the drink up to my lips and took a sip.  Once the liquid slipped down my esophagus I felt as if I was thrown into a pool of ice.  My head started to pound as I began to cough.  The more I coughed, the more my throat began to feel numb.  I tried to take a deep breath but it felt like I was drowning.  My vision began to be filled with a rainbow of spots as I heard footsteps walk toward me.  Someone sat down next to me and began to rub my back as I felt my body shake violently with every cough.

“Sorry kid, it’ll be over soon,” Mamoru whispered in my ear, “you’ll live.”  I tried to ask what the drink was but I could only cough.  The colourful spots made me feel nauseous as Mamoru’s comforting words began to sound distant.  The last thing I remembered before everything faded away was Mamoru pulling me close to him and running his fingers through my hair.

Soryu-  My expression paled as I slowly stepped away from my door.  My heart pounded painfully in my chest as I tried to think of an escape plan.

“We know you are there MC,” a familiar voice called out.  I could not put my finger on who exactly it was, but I knew he worked under Soryu.  I turned around and saw the window and quickly rushed toward it.  Before I made it halfway across the room the front door was loudly kicked open.  I did the stupid thing and turned toward the noise.  The tall man rushed toward me and tackled me onto the ground.  My shoulder and head hit the ground hard and I began to see bright white spots and the man got off of me.  He turned away and spoke to someone I could not see.

I heard footsteps as the spots began to fade and sat up to see Soryu walking into my apartment and toward me.  He had a emotionless expression as he kneeled down beside me.  A shiver went up my spine as he looked me up and down like a person examining their meal before eating.

I muttered, “why are you doing this?  What do you want?”  I was not surprised he would do something like this after all the threats I have received since we separated.

Ignoring my questions Soryu spoke,”were you expecting someone?  He is going to be late.”  I let out a gasp.  I had planned on going on a date tonight with my new boyfriend, and he found out.

“What did you do Soryu?” I asked.  Soryu did not say anything, but smiled wickedly at me as he grabbed my shoulder which began to hurt from the fall.  He pulled me up as he dragged me out of the building and toward a car.  “Why are you doing this, we are over,” I yelled, “we both have moved on, let me g–”  He cut me off by pushing me at the car.  My back hit the metal and and I lost my balance and fell to the floor.  Why must I keep falling today?  He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up before pinning me against the car.  Grabbing my arms he handcuffed my wrist together.

“You are mine, no one else,” Soryu stated as I stared into his eyes, “you belong to me only.  I bought you, did you forget?”

“I don’t belong to anyone, and if you truly ever cared for me you would let me go,” I cried as the man from earlier opened the car door.  Soryu pushed me into backseat and I tried to kick him.  The kick did not connect.  Soryu pulled out his gun and pointed it at my head causing me to freeze.

“Don’t doubt I would,” Soryu said as he climbed into the car and slammed the door shut.  I tried to open the door and window.

“Windows are locked, and the doors have a child lock,” Soryu said as he put my seatbelt on, locking me in place.

My vision became blurred through tears as I muttered, “please Soryu–”  Before I could finish my statement Soryu hit me across the face with the gun.

“Quiet now, I’m not getting you go,” he stated as I sunk desperately into the seat.  I looked down at the handcuffs on my wrist and thought about how I could escape.  It was hopeless.  He touched my cheek and forced me to look at him.  He had a fake gentle gaze, “I’m sorry, but this had to happen.  You will realize soon.”

kryallaorchid said: AU where Robin’s a male escort and Raven hires him because she just to cuddle someone.

I’m sorry, I don’t remember asking you to give me prompts that make me squeal at decibels hitherto unknown to the human ear, Kry. 

- - -

Raven nervously tapped her fingers against her knee, her eyes darting from the clock to the door and back again. A small spot of remorse began to blossom just under her rib cage, and she shifted uncomfortably as it twisted inside her.

This felt completely stupid. Raven was a grown woman, a strong woman, determined, smart… but clearly lonely in someway. Of course, that was something she really didn’t want to admit. Her eyes slid closed and she leaned her head back against the back of the chair, taking slow, calming breaths as she seriously contemplated what she was about to do. 

She had spent her entire week’s pay on this night, from the five star dinner, to the plush hotel room over looking the bay, to the 17 year old scotch in a crystal glass dangling from her fingertips, and all of this was leading up to the… friend she had scheduled to visit her. This amount of money to be wasting on a single night was obscene, but then again…

Her thoughts trailed off as she heard the knock at her door. 

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Two Odd Princes ~A Solangelo AU~ Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Nico hesitantly knocked on the office door. He heard his father say come in, so Nico did, knowing it was too late to turn back.

Hades faced toward the window, his back turned away from his son. Nico stood near the door, expecting this to be a quick visit. Unfortunately, Hades told Nico to sit. The young boy knew this meant he was in trouble.

“Nico,” Hades spoke without any emotion, “where were you when Prince Will arrived?”

“Finding a new job,” Nico replied with attitude, not caring how his father felt. Hades ignored the tone in his son’s voice.

“And why’s that?”

“I got fired for being late.” There was a silence, Nico assumed that this was all the king wanted to know. “Is that all?”

“No,” the king finally turned to look at his son. It had been over a year since they had seen each other face to face. He noticed how much his son had grown. He looked paler, and his hair was longer and more unkempt. “At the end of the month is the engagement party. The next day your sister and the prince will be on their way to the sun kingdom. The day they leave, I expect you to leave as well.”

Nico narrowed his eyes and clutched his hands in anger. “Is that all you called me up here for? Just to give me an evacuation notice? To kick me out? I know the only reason I’m here is so the prince doesn’t get suspicious of our family ‘secret’.”

Their family’s 'secret’ was about Nico being gay. No one other than the royal family knew about it. The servants in the castle knew there was a fight between the father and son, causing many difficulties for everyone, but they never knew what the fight was about. The rest of the kingdom didn’t know anything about it, and, when the prince was away, they were told it was for political reasons; that Nico was going to negotiate or make deals to help their country. In reality, it was because the prince wasn’t welcomed by his father.

Hades sighed with his eyes shut. “Nico, just bear with me–”

Nico had suddenly gotten up from his seat and was already out the door. He wasn’t dealing with his father a second longer than needed.


Nico was walking down the halls of the castle, trying to remember his way around the place. It was difficult, has it been two years since he set foot inside his old home. He knew how to get a few places: his father’s office, both his sisters rooms, the library, and the kitchens. It embarrassed him that he didn’t remember where his own room was. He wished he could somehow ask without humiliating himself.

“Nico,” someone shouted from behind him. He turned around to see his wish come true. Hazel was running up to him. “Let’s play in your room.”

Hazel grabbed his hand, leading him to his room. He made sure he was paying attention to where they were going. After a few turns, they were standing in front of his door. Nico hesitantly opened the door, revealing his old room.

The bed was neatly made just like the day he left it. On the far side of the room, was television and a small couch. Next to the couch was a table with a deck of Mythomagic card. Nico couldn’t even remember the last time he played the game; thinking back on it, he hadn’t played since he left this very room.

“Princess,” Hazel’s nanny called out, “oh, princess, where are you?” She sounded desperate.

Hazel ran behind the couch. Nico knelt down to his sister, asking, “Does Miss Diaz know you’re here?” The little girl shook her head no, but then yes. Nico sighed, scooping her up and carrying her out to the nanny.

“But I want to play with you,” Hazel whined. “I miss you.”

Nico frowned. It’s not he didn’t want to play with his sister; it’s just that he needed to re-adjust.

“I’ll play with you later. I promise.”

Nico handed Hazel back to Miss Diaz, heading back to his room. When he got went back, he remembered the books he had hidden under his bed.

Back when Nico lived in the castle, his father wanted him to focus on his studies. Nico hated studying or anything along those lines, so he’d read fantasy book. When he was caught, his father started locking up the fiction section of the library, but Nico had managed to snuggle a few out and hide them.

All the books Nico had taken were still where he left them. A few still had dust on them, but others were well kept. He wondered if someone had been in his room while he was gone, but decided that wasn’t important anymore.

The young prince wandered around his room, slowly remembering his way around. All the clothes in his closet no longer fit him, meaning he’d have to go out and buy new clothes for his short stay. He’d also have to fit for a suit.

Nico took a deep breath, flopping onto his king sized bed. That’s another thing he hadn’t always liked. He was only a boy, so why did he have such a big bed? It never made sense to him.

He stared at the ceiling, thinking and thinking till he fell asleep.

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I saw you were accepting prompts? (Yay kandreil!) but can I request a headcanon with kandreil and long bus ride?

buckle up guys! 

  • so here’s the thing, despite being quite small themselves (and by them i mean neil and andrew my little smalls) its a huge feet for andrew, neil AND Kevin to all get on a bus seat together 
  • 2/3′s of the trio might be small but they weren’t tiny 
  • neil and andrew with both built 
  • andrew with his broad shoulders and thickly muscled arms he was bound that take up  some space 
  • and don’t fucking get me started on neil and his fucking legs this boys got exy thighs and whoo his calf muscles are bound to be on point 
  • and kevin’s body is always in peak exy form the legs the shoulder  
  • fucking shoot me
  • but the whole point is 
  • these boys take up space 
  • so usually because Andrew won’t sit anywhere near the front 
  • what can i say he’s a cool kid 
  • so they all sit in the back
  • and the seats are a larger than the normal ones so they’ve got a little bit of space 
  • but neil almost always has to so what sit on kevin (not that either them are complaining) 
  • andrew sits next to the window with neil next to him and kevin is on the edge 
  • but sometime’s Kevin is just nervous for a game (spring season worries) and he sits up with wymack going over statistic after statistic and eventually make his way to the back 
  • or he’ll stay in the back with neil and they talk endlessly about statics and plays 
  • when this happens andrew makes them sit in the row cross because he can really only take so much exy 
  • but here’s the thing 
  • it’s spring season and things are crazy and 
  • one thing leads to another and some matches for rearranged 
  • and instead of playing penn state they are now playing UT 
  • yeah yeah just roll with it 
  • here’s the kicker because it was a last minuets change all the fights are full 
  • yeah yeah just roll with it again okay?
  • so the foxes are in for nice 14 hour 
  • drive all together 
  • in an inclosed space 
  • safe to say aaron is thrilled he can’t think of anything better 
  • but this isn’t about him 
  • back to kandreil 
  • so because of switch the ERC splurged and got the foxes a nicer bus for their travel 
  • this bus has really nice seats and the whole back of the bus is one long seat 
  • Kevin, Neil and Andrew all take this seat 
  • The fact that they haven’t has as long to prepare is making Kevin antsy despite the fact the fact that UT is not as good as Penn state 
  • so while he and neil obsessively talk stats and tactics for the UT backliners 
  • surprisingly Andrew hasn’t made them move yet but 
  • it’s still early 
  • after a few hours andrew pulls out a bag of M&M’s and i’m not saying like a nice little bag or even like the king sized bag this thing is 
  • pretty massive 
  • and kevin sweet baby kevin 
  • almost has a heart attack 
  • and he start to go on and on about healthy eating choices 
  • and how he can’t just eat junk all the time 
  • and andrew just looks at him and pops a few more into his mouth 
  • neil holds back a smile 
  • “Kevin babe let it go, you can’t change his mind” 
  • kevin sulks 
  • surprisingly things are going well 
  • and by well i mean andrews only tried to stab nicky twice maybe three times 
  • aaron hasn’t snapped at anyone but the might be due to his constant and i do mean constant texting with katelyn 
  • so it’s late afternoon and they’ve still got like 6 hours late and their all tired
  • all the foxes are asleep except nicky 
  • who sneaks back to check on the trio
  • except he nearly died because in the back he see this: 
  • andrew is is leaning agains the window almost sitting straight and next to him is neil his hand fucking holding onto andrews 
  • they totally were holding hands back there 
  • but then you’ve got the big lug that is Kevin day laid on the rest of the seat 
  • head in neil’s lap and own hand on top of the other two 
  • except andrew isn’t asleep and he fixes nicky with stare 
  • fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck (these are nicky’s thoughts) 
  • and all andrew whisper is, “You never saw this” 
  • and shockingly enough this is one of the only things nicky’s managed to keep to himself 

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sleep headcanon and Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
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Having woken up on the 21st Century has its perks, but beds are definitely not one of them. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with them, they haven’t really changed at all to be fair, but well, Steve has. He’s a grown up with his own apartment now, and he supposes anyone else in that position would be enjoying the comforts of a nice, cozy, king-sized mattress… but.

It makes sense, probably. He did grow up in a cramped, old apartment, wrapped up so tightly in blankets that a bigger bed –assuming they’d had the room for it, which, ha– would’ve been a waste of space, and half the time he’d been sharing body heat and the other half of his tiny bed with his mom –as a kid– or Bucky –later on–. Then the war had happened, and with it had come the cots and the sleeping bags and the even more confined spaces, and after that the long decades in ice had caused a blanked burrito relapse. So basically, by the time Steve finally gets around to buying some furniture for his newly acquired apartment, a big bed just feels… wrong.

He still buys one, though, because he’s a stubborn little shit, and refuses to believe something as petty as the bed size can have any sort of effect on him. He feels vulnerable and exposed and goes 3 days without any sleep at all before yielding and returning it.

After that, his lack of sleep is no longer the bed’s fault. It tries to help, but there’s probably little that can be done about the nightmares and the hole in his chest where his heart should be. But it does try to help, to keep him warm and safe and shielded from a world that’s missing a certain pair of steel blue eyes, so at least what little sleep he gets is good. And if a huge supersoldier sleeping all curled up in a ball on a tiny bed makes for a comical picture, none of his friends say anything about it. Tony swiftly replaces all the beds on his floor for smaller ones, and Sam doesn’t mind him crashing on his couch instead of the guest room when he stays over.

Downside to twin sized beds, though? They don’t actually fit twins. Or maybe they would, if, for instance, said twins were the size of Steve’s old self, but Steve isn’t exactly tiny anymore, so to try and fit another body, even one half as big as his own, next to him would be practically impossible. Which hadn’t really been a problem up until now, because it’s not like Steve’s swamped with suitors, and that one time Thor and him hadn’t really made it to the bed anyway.

But now… well. Bucky. Who’s very much alive and back with him and just as built as a tank as Steve himself, possibly even more. Who’s just shyly asked him if they can go back to sleeping together, because he’s been coming to terms with the fact that he can want things, and he says his shoulder hurts when he’s cold, at night. Bucky was never shy before, and absolutely didn’t need any reason for wanting to sleep with Steve other than the fact that he wanted to, but Steve’s stomach is doing backflips anyway, and he’s not about to let something as ridiculous as his small bed stand in the way of all the potential cuddling. It might be a good thing, even. Definitely should help with the cold. And if Steve has to pull Bucky closer until his back is flush against Steve’s chest, arms wrapped tightly around Bucky’s waist, just to prevent him from falling off, Bucky doesn’t really seem to mind.

They wake up with a stiff neck and bony parts digging into each other, and it’s the best sleep either of them have gotten in decades, cryo freeze included. Bucky smiles into the crook of Steve’s neck and snuggles closer, and Steve kisses the top of his head and whispers “good morning”, grin present in his voice. And everything’s finally back to the way it should be.

Until it’s not anymore.

It’s a well-intentioned comment. They’ve been sleeping like this for a week, and they might be supersoldiers and heal easily, but they’re sore, every muscle taut, and as much as they like the closeness, it’s really not practical. So when Natasha and Sam casually mention wanting to go to Ikea, and suggest that they come along and get themselves a king-sized bed that actually fits them, they just shrug and mutter “uh… yeah, sure”, and come along.

It feels off for some reason, but they’re both a pair of idiots, and they’re also not sure they know exactly why this feels wrong, so none of them actually say anything. And they continue to not say anything for 3 hours. And then, after 20 minutes of staring at the same bed like it just insulted their mothers, they do.

They’ve settled into a somewhat gloomy mood at this point, but Steve still tries for a small smile when he looks at Bucky. It’s strained and doesn’t reach his eyes, but A+ for effort.

“Wanna try it out?” he asks, sitting on one side. Bucky mimics his move and takes the other one, and they lie down. “Comfy, right?”

“Yeah…” Bucky answers.

“So… you like it?”

“I dunno, I guess,” he says, and Steve sighs because this isn’t going well and he doesn’t know how to fix it. For a few minutes they just lie there, both on their backs, with no inch of their bodies touching. It is a comfortable bed. Steve hates it.

“At least now I won’t have to hold you to stop you from falling over. You’ll be able to actually breathe,” he tries to joke after a bit, even though he’s starting to figure out just why it is that this doesn’t feel right.

Bucky visibly winces at that.

“Or we could…” Steve goes on. “I don’t… I’m sure they have other—”

“Steve?” Bucky cuts him off.


“I… I don’t want a bigger bed…”

He wouldn’t’ve been able to stop the smile if he wanted to. Which he doesn’t. Because they’re idiots, yes, but they have each other, and Bucky’s perfect, idiot or not, and wants to sleep with him, too, wants him close, and Steve can just feel all the tension leaving him, feels happy. So happy that he scoots closer and wraps a hand around Bucky’s neck. So happy that before he can realize what he’s doing, he’s kissing him. Lying on a bed at Ikea. And he doesn’t even have time to freak out, because Bucky’s smiling into the kiss, returning it, tangling limbs with his, and suddenly the bed seems a lot more welcoming.

They wind up getting one just slightly bigger than the one they currently have, for comfort, but it’s still definitely a tight fit for two super soldiers, and they love it.

They also get the king-sized one for the other room. For reasons.

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