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Petition for Netflix to pick up Kings of Con

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1,933 needed to reach 5,000

Who likes this guy?

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Well what about this other guy?

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Or….picture this……BOTH of them…..TOGETHER…..on a comedy show….. *gasping all around*

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T͡H̛EN̢͘ ̛͠FU̧͝C̨̡Ḱ̨I͏̶͝N͝͡͠G͟ ̸͝SI̶̸G̡͝Ń̨ T́H̕E̶͡ PÉ͘T̶I̢͝T̵͘͠I̛O̢N̢ ̷Y̨̧O̢̡U̢ ́͘P̢̨I͏̷͜EÇ̕É̢͘ ̛͢O̶̢F̵ ̡̀S̸H͝I̧͝TS̛̕

okay so youre not ALL piece of shits unless you dont sign

but either way what im saying here is, if we can get this petition to 5000 signatures we could get rich and rob a NEW home for kings of con, for a better price than what Comic con H-poo was charging AND A WIDER VARIETY OF VIEWERS


Link to petition


‘We walked through the night and made it back to Castle Rock
a little past five o'clock on Sunday morning, the day before Labor Day.
We’d only been gone two days but somehow the town seemed different. Smaller.’

Stand by me | 1986 | dir: Rob Reiner | dop: Thomas Del Ruth