king ringo

Brave Police J-Decker
Scotland Yard Brave Police unit leader
King Detective Ringo

body search..

and suddenly I realized they never showed his back.
then I realized his shoulder guns are super cool.
and then I noticed they never showed his legs that good.
then I didn’t see anything of his hat because of the dark colors.
finally I had to almost make up/try to figure out from what I had
And then I died a little bit inside..

I’m pretty sure he us a firevan or some sort of constructing powertool. Seeing as the whole damn group is rather random I considered Firevan is way cool. Shut up don’t judge me!

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Kings of Leon play The Eagles’ Take It Easy at the Kennedy Honors Center.
Caleb also sings on Life In The Fast Lane at the end of the video, with the other guys awkwardly doing handclaps. ;-)

Other artists include Juanes with Steve Vai and Steuart Smith on Hotel California, Vince Gill on Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Bob Seger on Heartache Tonight, with Ringo Starr presenting.

Video via KOLfanblog.

Uh oh it’s spooky Ringo time! Hey everyone! Here’s a good new real Ringo Starr fan art hot off the press. This one is of the spooky clown Pennywise from the Stephen King novel It, soon to be a good movie. Man, I, the real deal Ringo Starr, remember when I first read this book. When I read it and Pennywise first appeared, I said, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWAAAAsHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! i’m scared!”


George Harrison (with Ringo Starr and Mal Evans) during the Let It Be sessions, January 1969. Photos presumably by Ethan Russell.

“[O]n her [Doris Troy’s] wall were photos of people she admired and who most inspired her. Martin Luther King was among them. Another was Billy Preston, who slept on the floor until he found a roof of his own. Another was George Harrison.” - Apple Records website [x]

“[George] was into his spiritual life - that was who he was, he wasn’t a partying person. He always appeared to be really cool and really calm, he never cursed nobody. He was just a good guy - the child was serious.” - Doris Troy, While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison

“George was beautiful, his soul was beautiful, and his mind was beautiful. His attitude was beautiful, he was just a beautiful guy, he was one of a kind. There’s not many people like George, I’m telling you, and I’ve met a lot of people over the years. The man was one of a kind.” - Doris Troy, While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison

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Yeah, I read that. It may be true in a way, but a lot of them are like that, as well; it wasn’t just the White Album. A lot of the time it was John’s doing his tune and we’re backing him up, and occasionally I’d do my tune and they’d back me up. There were moments, of course, when it’d all fit together and everybody’s contributing. On loads of them, like ‘Rubber Soul,’ it was very much a group effort. And even through to the last one, 'Abbey Road,’ there’s things on there with the harmonies of 'Here Comes the Sun King’ and that whole medley of tunes on the second side which took a lot of effort on all of our behalves, to learn the harmonies and all our bits.

The White Album did have a lot of strain. I was feeling really quite good when we started it, because I’d just come out of three months of heavy meditation in the Himalayas, and I came back to the world feeling quite good. But there were all kinds of strange things starting to happen. John and Yoko had just got together, so she was sleeping under the piano all through the [recording of the] album, which was a bit weird.

—  George Harrison in response to Chris Willman’s question, “What was the collaborative process like with the Beatles? The White Album, for one, has been described as a compilation of four solo albums.”, 1987, published by EW, 14 December 2001