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Myths of Unova Author Notes #013: The Kings of Unova (2/2)

You thought I forgot about my TL;DR author notes? Think again! And what an unlucky number for an author’s note…quite fitting for a pair of unlucky children…

Now that THE UPDATE is out, I shall be tying up some loose ends. For part 1 of this, please click here!

As always, a warning: Spoilers will be mentioned. Along with the usual TL;DR

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Random MoU Ancient Unova Tidbit: The heir to the throne is always determined by age. The term “King” is quite gender neutral in this society, so there have been kings that did not identify themselves as male. The oldest child is always picked as the sole heir, unless the circumstances state otherwise (the main culprit being the child’s overall health). Even with cases of twins/triplets, the oldest one is usually chosen as heir. There have been three instances of more than one ruler in the kingdom, the most infamous being the twin Kings that started the Great Unovan war (and to a lesser extent, the sons that succeeded them).

The previous King before these twins was Asha Harmonia, famously nicknamed as “Asha the Conquerer.” With the navy amassed by House Aequita, she took over all the nearby islands (and associated waters) surrounding West and South Unova, expanding the kingdom territory by nearly twice its size. Currently 80% of these islands are now underwater, and the ruins are popular diving spots.