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Play table tennis. Whoever wins gets to publicly humiliate who they choose, or if that's not how you boys roll, the winner gets a food prize or something.

Hello there stickies.
it is I, Pond Frog, King of the pond. this pink tree (that washed its hands) grabbed me and now i am high up. this is good for it gives me a better view of my kingdom.
that is all. Good day.
- Pong Frog, King of the pond

Greetings Pond Frog, King of the pond! 🐸👑
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❃ The party clown, most likely. He will prank the others and also get pranked, but just laugh it away because it’s a party and it’s supposed to be fun. He will be surrounded by a rather big group of people who are going to listen and laugh at every single world he is saying. It doesn’t even matter if it’s funny or not, they are laughing just because he is making everything sounds amusing. 


❃ The one that will probably drink a little too much without wanting to; was influenced by Seongwoo to play Beer pong together and after losing 2 times in a row, this boy will be somewhere on a chair trying to contemplate why the hell did he agree to play with Seongwoo. He will start talking non-sense to anyone trying to strike up a conversation with him.


❃ The couch potato. He won’t see the fun in the stupid drinking games and neither in all the dancing, yelling or making out on the couch next to half empty cups of beers and cigarettes smoke. He won’t talk to anyone he doesn’t know and all his answers will be short and concise. He will rather be anywhere but at the party and was probably dragged along by Seongwoo and Jaehwan. He will have his headphones in and listen to his own music than the one that’s playing at the party. 


❃ The self-proclaimed king of all games. Beer pong, Kings cup, Flip cup, every game you can name Seongwoo will always say he is the ace of them all and there is no possibly way for him to lose it. He will be the one to hype everyone up and come up with ideas for games to play. And when he wins, the whole party will know and he will make everyone chant his name.


❃ The guy that will song on every song that comes on. It won’t even matter if he knows the lyrics or not, he will just blabber and stutter on the words, but who even cares? At some point he would yelling the lyrics while jumping around on the couch disturbing everyone else with a drink in his hand that he will half spill on anyone that’s standing close. 


❃ The massive flirt; will flirt with anyone and probably will have all the girls and half of the guys crying over him by the end of the night. Will also like taking the position of DJ at the party and try to hype up everyone while blasting the latest dance songs. He will probably not take requests unless you either pay him or give him your number. 


❃ He is just here for the free snacks and drinks. Doesn’t even know everyone at the party, but tagged along when he heard there will be food. Will probably be sitting next to Minhyun on the couch and glaring at the older boy when he tried to steal a potato chip out of the bowl. Will slap his hand away and give a nasty look to anyone who wants to take it away. 


❃ The one that hits up the dance floor all night long; he won’t even take a break, just literally dance the night away. It won’t even matter which song or genre it is or if he even likes or knows the song. This boy is dancing and nothing can stop him. He will challenge everyone to a dance battle and show off his most flashy moves while blowing away his opponents with so much ease.  


❃  The little boy that is so lost he mistook vodka for water and drank one full cup in one go because he was so thirsty. Afterwards he will start becoming emotional and hugging each and everyone of his friends. Will apologize for not answering your text message 3 months ago and also for how he showed up 5 minutes late when you had to meet up two weeks ago. May also cry about how that pretty girl he likes doesn’t like him back. 


❃ Suddenly becomes the mom friend who is stuck between Minhyun’s complaints and Jinyoung’s sobs who is currently crying on his shoulder. He will sigh while patting his head and probably nudge Minhyun to help him; but will be met with a categoric refuse from the older one. He will basically spend the whole night listening to everyone’s problems and solving the.


The guy that always asks “what’s your wifi password” before even saying hi. Eyes glued to his phone, attitude a little stingy and acting like he is too great to even spare a minute for the girl that’s trying to flirt with him. He will just roll his eyes out and ignore everyone until they are left alone. Would rather just watch other people getting drunk and recording their fails than being in the middle of the action.  

College Party Head Canons - Kuroko no Basket Version

*raises hand for knb drunk shenanigans* even though i noticed your askbox is closed for requests, idek if this counts as a request x.x but if you wanna do some stuff for some of those guys then i would not be opposed!!

AN: I’m glad you gave me an excuse to write this yo I gotchu

So here are the KnB boys who would most likely be caught at a college party and what kind of drunk they are!

WARNING: Alcohol & weed mention!


  1. A very cuddly person! Always has his arm tightly around someone or some people with a mixed drink in his hand. Often buries his nose in his shorter partner’s hair affectionately.
  2. Can’t stand the taste of most hard liquors, so prefers a heavy dose of jungle juice, but isn’t opposed to shots.
  3. With that said, does lotsa body shots! Like a crazy amount…. His drunk self thinks it’s the sexiest thing if someone is so willing to lie down and let him lick salt off of them before a tequila shot.
  4. The type to bring someone up to the host’s bedroom and lock the door the whole night.
  5. The king of beer pong because Midorima doesn’t go to parties.
  6. Has a permanent, sexy smirk and bedroom eyes the entire night and he can easily bring someone home.
  7. He’s an affectionate drunk, both cute and cuddly and nsfw LOL. Most of the time he goes to these parties and drinks for recreation and fun, but sometimes he’ll go to forget the bad day/week he had. Alcohol enhances the mood he’s feeling that day.


  1. Who let this mans into the house? Straight up making out with someone the second he enters throught the door, even before he grabs a drink.
  2. The one that everyone wants to end up in bed with. Rumor has it he spoils his catch of the night until they’re shaking and begging for more.
  3. Straight no chaser typa mans. It’s tequila and henny or nothing.
  4. Most likely to black out and not remember the night. Any normal person would be scared as hell blacking out, but Haizaki isn’t normal LOL.
  5. Although he looks like the tank of the party, his tolerance isn’t too high, but not too low, either. He tries to outdrink everyone, but it never works out and he’s gone after 10 shots.
  6. Spends half of the night on the dance floor. Lives for being in the middle of a grind train.
  7. Most likely to get into a fight, let’s be real. He’s the reason why parties get busted by the cops LOL.
  8. A wildcard when he’s drunk. He’s either super horny and tries to get it in, or is angry as hell and tries to fight.


  1. This little shit cheats in beer pong like he cheats in basketball.
  2. He gets caught too many times, so he’ll play circle of death or irish poker instead.
  3. Prefers beer because hard liquor burns his throat.
  4. Honestly doesn’t get too drunk at parties on purpose. He thinks watching everyone else drunk is entertaining. He likes to spike others’ drinks or shove shots into their hands.
  5. Also likes body shots, but only because he gets to lick salt off of soft skin. Most of the time the person he’s licking will drag him up to the bathroom or the 7 Minutes in Heaven closet, which is exactly what he wants.
  6. Would rather finish that business at the party rather than take them home. He thinks it’s too much work to do the morning after.
  7. When he does drink to get drunk, it’s either as a celebration or because he’s in a bad mood, so like Aomine, how he acts really depends on how he feels that day.


  1. Uh oh.
  2. It takes a lot to get him drunk, but because of that, he doesn’t really know his limit, so he’ll chug and mix lots of things and it all hits him at once….
  3. Most likely to be hunched over a toilet or found in the backyard. He’s very good at not making a mess in the house.
  4. He gets very needy when drunk, but only to his close friends. He’s not really one to socialize, so he’ll get clingy to the people he came to the party with.
  5. He got so tired of drinking and tasting alcohol that he decided to try some other party paraphernalia. If you think he eats a lot now, oh boy…. you do not want this gentle giant high.
  6. When high, he’s a lot lazier than usual LOL but he thinks high sex is the best sex he’s ever had and gets so into it that he’ll actually do equal amount of work as his partner.
  7. After converting to the greens at parties, he almost instantly gets a hard on, due to all the activity he’s experienced with it, so had to convert back to alcohol (he’s like Pavlov’s dog).
  8. Usually keeps to himself at parties. Doesn’t really approach others unless he sees someone he really likes. Once he talks to them, he’ll do all he can to take them home.


  1. Life of the party! Everyone knows who he is and everyone says hi to him as they enter the house.
  2. Is often the host of the party because Midorima always visits his parents on the weekends (he doesn’t know).
  3. Likes to kiss everyone either on the cheek as a friend or pull them into a heated make out.
  4. Is always the dj because obviously everyone’s taste in music sucks except for his.
  5. Takes lotsa snapchats to show the world how lit his party is.
  6. Makes the best jungle juice. It’s both strong and tasty.
  7. Because he’s the host most of the time, he’s like the mom at the party. He readily supplies water, plastic bags, napkins, a place to stay if someone reallllyy needs it, and saltine crackers.
  8. Once in a while, when he’s attending someone else’s party, he’ll go all out. A row of shots immediately, but then quits because it doesn’t take him long to get drunk.

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Mc going on a fun exercises (any kind of sport) with the RFA boys (+Saeran and V pls). Like who'd be pro or suck at it? How's their reaction~ Thanks♡

*me, slamming my fists on the table repeatedly* SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!


  • Yoosung wearing swimming trunks and a bro tank playing 2 on 2, one team is him and MC and the other is Seven and Saeran
  • him and MC kill it together 
  • normally he sucks at sports but he thinks volleyball is really fun, and as long as MC sets him up he can spike the shit out of a ball
  • Yoosung is also very talented when it comes to literally throwing himself on the ground to get the ball
  • and its easy to beat the choi twins, because they have no teamwork skills
  • from MC and Yoosungs side you hear lots of “nice job, babe!” “got it!” “great hit!”
  • and from the choi twins theres mostly “Seven, get it!!!” “thats out, asshole” “fuck!” “shit!”
  • Yoosung and MC are smiling and high fiving and the team work is adorable and incredible
  • but keep in mind, this is the only sport be can come even close to playing well


  • he would look so cute in gym shorts
  • and with his hair in a high, tight ponytail
  • he probably joins in on some guys’ random game of bball while him and MC are out to impress them
  • but he’s actually not very good at all
  • Zen is all talk but no BASKETS tbh
  • MC giggles from the side of the court as they watch Zen signal that he’s open and EVERYONE ignores him
  • and they bust out laughing when Zen finally gets the basket ball, shoots, and misses miserabley
  • he plays until he FINALLY makes a basket
  • “babe, babe!! did you see that?!”
  • “whooohoooo! thats my basketball star Zenny!”
  • as soon as he makes the shot he’s like “alright i’m done for now, good game guys”
  • he runs over to MC and then says with a hushed tone
  • “i was awful, wasnt i?”
  • “i dont think ive ever seen you flop so hard”
  • “i do it all for you”


  • the kings game
  • ball chess
  • GOLF
  • picture Jumin wearing his best golfing outfit
  • he looks so dorky but he thinks he looks so good
  • he’s so good at this game since he has to play it with snobby rich men all the time
  • teaching MC to putt by doing that lame flirty thing where you wrap your arms around them
  • and he does it every time they have to putt
  • “Jumin, i think i got it now”
  • “oh, i know. i just like doing this”


  • did y’all really think Seven DOESNT have a ping pong table at his place?
  • he always folds one side of the table up so he can play by himself
  • wears a sweatband every time he plays
  • forces Vanderwood to play ping pong with him all the time
  • usually ends with Vanderwood chucking his paddle at Sevens head
  • “what do you call a gorilla that always wins a game of table tennis?”
  • “king pong”
  • him and MC can play ping pong for HOURS
  • Seven wins every single game, but sometimes he’ll pretend to be really shitty so MC can have some actual fun and win
  • every time MC scores once they do a victory dance and shout and tell Seven he sucks
  • and he’ll be like “dammit! MC, please teach me your ways”
  • “you will learn in time, young grasshopper”
  • can juggle like 16 ping pong balls at once


  • owns 30 baseball hats
  • really bad at it, though
  • he has so much fun but hitting the ball with the bat is hard, ALRIGHT
  • prefers pitching!
  • when him and MC play together its almost like they can read each others minds from across the diamond
  •  when their team loses:
  • “maybe we should just stick to watching baseball”
  • “can i still wear my hats?”
  • “yes, V”
  • he wraps an arm around MC and pulls them close playfully
  • “deal!”


  • lacrosse
  • Saeran hates every boy who has ever played lacrosse
  • which is why its so fun for him to smash into them
  • normally he plays attack
  • but if MC is on his team they both play midfield
  • he likes being able to run around the entire field with them and work together
  • Saeran is constantly covered in bruises
  • probably gets penalized a lot because if anyone touches MC on the field he will actually attack them
  • the entire RFA comes to all of him and MC’s games to cheer them on
  • do this on the field together all the time


bts at a party

Seokjin: that one person who’s really talkative and goes around the whole house to have a conversation with everyone because he’s probably friends with everyone there

Yoongi: keeps complaining that he doesn’t want to go to the party but once he’s there he gets super hammered and ends up falling asleep in the bathroom with a party hat on

Hoseok: shouts “wohoo!” or “aww yeah turn up” to try and pump everyone up. is always dancing. stands on top of the table and twerks to any song. starts a conga line whenever he thinks things are starting to get a bit dull

Namjoon: is on the couch with some friends, getting high. starts up intellectual conversations and philosophizes everything including the smallest things like the dead plant on the windowsill

Jimin: tries to flirt with girls (or boys) but fails because he keeps using the same lame pickup lines (did you just fart? cause you blew me away or are you from Tennessee? cause you’re the only ten I see). eventually gives up and joins hobi to dance on the table.

Taehyung: gets so into the music. asks the host of the party if he can plug his phone to the speakers. he turns into full performance mode (lip syncing, air guitar, singing along in an obnoxiously loud voice) whenever his favorite songs come on

Jungkook: joins every single drinking game just to prove how good he is at games. people start calling him beer pong king because he literally wins every round and some even start complaining cause he’s been hogging the table the whole night

gallagher girls headcanons because why not (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

edward actually hates early grey tea but he has a refined british aesthetic to uphold so he deals with the bitterness and absorbs it into his bitter soul and abby thinks it’s hilarious

abby meanwhile has the most complicated, white girl™ starbucks order that takes longer to say than it does to make. she lives for seasonal drinks, and is first in line the day they start making pumpkin spice lattes again

zachary goode had an emo phase, fight me on this. he definitely listened to my chemical romance and pierce the veil and panic! at the disco and said things like, “no one understands me” and slammed the door and who am i kidding zachary goode is still in his emo phase. 

liz got her pixie cut after coming out as part of a transformation of sorts to be more comfortable with herself and bex loves it and compliments her on it like, “looking good, lizzie” and liz blushes like a dork

bex and grant are the KINGS of beer pong. watch out when they decide to go against each other, it’s the sporting event of the season. like, “the only thing i’ll be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother!” “good lord, bex.”

bex is also a memelord bye

joe puts up this whole mysterious, tough guy front but he is the biggest nerd of them all. like, all that boy wants to do is fish. he never wanted to lose his best friend and join a terrorist group and get put in a coma. he just wanted to live in his cabin and play board games and watch star wars or something and FISH leave the boy alone

“morgan townsend…you were named after my sister’s husband. your cousin, cammie, was named after me and her own mother i know it’s complicated okay don’t think about it too much”

her entire first year at gallagher, macey slept with a stuffed animal that she hid under her bed at night. she thought no one knew about it, but the other girls did and washed it and never made fun of it because macey is all gooey on the inside though she doesn’t act like it. she tries to act like buttercup but she’s such a fucking bubbles omg

cammie makes the dumbest jokes of all like…dad joke level jokes. she 10/10 got it from matthew like. “god, i’m exhausted, this mission is killing me.” “hi exhausted, i’m cammie!” “cammie for the love of GOD why do you keep doing this”

catherine wears big thick glasses when she reads that make her look like a hipster which she hates but she really can’t see, okay? she just wants to read her mystery novels without getting headaches. when she forgets to put her contacts in, she literally is tripping over her own two feet. ((she also unironically likes EDM and probably says things like “sounds fake but okay” because she knows what the cool kids are in to, okay? She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.))

if gallagher girls were at ilvermorny, abby and bex would be in thunderbird, zach, macey, and catherine would be in wampus, rachel, liz, and townsend would be in horned serpent, and cammie, matthew, and joe would be in pukwudgie 

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Mtl to always lose at beer pong?

so this is most to least likely to lose at beer pong

jin (he’s pretty good at every other drinking game except for beer pong. he says the table is cursed)



yoongi (he starts out super confident and is always saying that he’s going to win because he plays basketball so he’s good at shooting stuff but once he starts to lose he’ll go “ah, suddenly i don’t want to play anymore” and ask someone else to take his place)


jimin (lowkey can beat everyone’s ass including jungkook’s)

jungkook (calls himself the beer pong king. hogs the table during parties) 

I need my friends back.

Went to a birthday kickback of an acquaintance. Not even gonna hold you I was surprised by the turn out of attractive men that showed up.

I’m not dating so I was chilling. But these girls throwing the kickback barely provide liquor. Didn’t have a playlist and didn’t want to be on the aux. didn’t prepare for flip cup, beer pong, kings cup nothing! And when I left it was deadass girls on one side dudes on the other. No interacting. The fine niggas started to leave. And I was just like damn y'all weird.

And the bday girl wasn’t even turnt up 🤦🏾‍♀️

Even when shit was dry me and my friends speak to people. We throw some shit we’re providing things to make the social setting less awkward.

Bruh when I left the dudes was like damn you leaving and I was ugly af and dry af compared to my usual self. Girls gotta learn to interact with dudes on a platonic level. Cause I know they were mad cause I was the only just joking with them.

Like bruh we 21+ ain’t no reason for this lame shit.

One Shot: The Frat Party; Jack G Part One

One Shot Series: The Frat Party

Listen to this while reading this

Part One: Jack Gilinsky

I sighed in annoyance as I rubbed my sweaty hands on my thighs while I followed my best friend to get to the front door of the frat house while the familiar sound of techno music boomed through the neighborhood. “Aren’t you happy that I got you out of the apartment?” (Y/BF’s/N: ) squealed while she opened the door of the frat house.

It looked like the one from the film, Neighbors. “Not really, especially when you’ve dragged me to a damn frat party.” I groan, while she stopped in front of me while her back faced the crowd of people and she had put her hands on her hips.

I was already bored here; I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to be at home and watching Netflix. “You can’t be bored here! It’s a frat party! Go dance, I know you love to dance.” She sighed; she and I go way back. She could read my face as if she was reading a book.

“Ugh, I don’t want to dance with some douche bag trying to get into my pants or end up getting bumped on my some slut.” I complained. She was trying to get me to dance, or at least do something. “Just go dance, pretend they aren’t there. Go have fun.” She pushed on my right shoulder and pursed her lips. Ugh, if she’s going to be like this all night; I might as well just go get drunk or something. Get myself to loosen up.

“That’s it. I’m going to get a drink.” I shook my head as I finally gave into her dangerous ways of known as drinking. “I’ll come with you if you want.” She suggested as her eyes lit up at the thought of the alcohol. She was a party girl while I was a small girl who loved Netflix and Netulla.

“No, go find a boy to dance with; I can already see a blonde haired boy staring at you from upstairs.” I couldn’t help but point at the blonde boy that was staring at (Y/BF’s/N: )’s backside for quite some time and I thought she would like to know that someone was checking her out before she could check someone out.

She turned around to see the boy; I knew by her stance and her sudden change in mood, she was ready for the hunt. She turned quickly at her heel and I saw her lips in an evil smirk. She winked at me before beginning to walk towards the crowd of grinding, drunk people. “Looks like I’ve already found a boy for the night.” She giggled. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Go try to catch him while I…” I noticed the familiar game over her shoulder. “Play beer pong?” I raised my eyebrows I heard the howls of the drunken boys surrounding the table.

“Go have fun.” I said loudly over the music as I watched her fade away in the crowd. I begin to walk to the kitchen. I saw how the kitchen was covered with red solo cups, and beer cans. A few familiar soda brands were masking silver cans too with broken pieces of chips all over the floor.

I noticed how the game was almost over and the boys were stumbling around the table with one boy was standing back, watching them acting like total drunken idiots. “I call next game.” I could feel the guy’s eyes burning into my skin. The two guys who were playing the beer pong chuckled at me. With raised eyebrows and curiosity sketching onto their face.

“Do you think you can handle it?” One guy chuckled, his eyes glinting with amusement. “I’m not like the skanks here who can’t handle their alcohol bucko.” I deadpanned. One guy ooh-ed while the other guy who spoke to me scowled at his friend. Making him shut up instantly.

“Fine, then who are you going play against?” I shrugged and looked between the guys. “She’ll go up against me.” A magical voice spoke; it was the guy who was watching us intently. “Dude… Are you sure? You might make the pour girl get drunken off her ass.” The guy who ooh-ed murmurs. “Like you’re not drunk off your ass, Alex.” I felt the pull towards this guy. His dark hair was short yet it still brushed his forehead and his dark eyes seemed as if they could get any girl to drop their panties for him


“I want to see what the girl can do.”

“And who might you be?” I cocked my head to the side as I put one hand on my hip and the other on the table to hold my weight. “I’m Jack Gilinsky. I’m one of the fine gentlemen who run this party.” I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “So you’re a frat boy?” He chuckled and licked his lips, taking his bottom lip between his teeth before speaking again. “I prefer a regular college student.” I shook my head as I felt a spit of fire begin to form inside me.

“Two things, Jackie boy;” I growl, “One, you and your little frat buddies aren’t gentlemen. You’re more like stupid Neanderthals who like the taste of alcohol and the taste of a drunken girl’s vagina on your tongue in the morning. Two I’m only here to drink since my roommate thought it would be perfect to get me away from my studies.” He kept raised eyebrows and a smirk stretched on his face.

“I like you. You got spunk sweetheart.” I rolled my eyes. “He’s the beer pong king, are you sure you want to go up against him?” I glared at the guy he called ‘Alex’ “Bring it on.” I growled, Jack chuckled again and winked at me.

“Set up the cups!”

∞Seven Cups Later∞

“Okay, I can do this.” I giggle as I try to aim the ping pong ball but I stumbled on my own two feet. I giggled as the other boys who stood across me from behind my cups of beer seeing that I only had three left. “No more drinks for you sweetheart.” Jack says, as he walks over to me and wraps one arm around my waist. I gasp and look up at him. He was really tall.

Yet he was extremely attractive without a doubt. I liked playing hard to catch with guys and I liked to see them get irritated and leave me the hell alone. “No! I’m about to win!” I cry as I try to stand my ground. The other guys across from us chuckling at my drunken state. “C’mon, let’s get you to my room for you to lie down.” Jack groaned, finally tugging on me away from the table.

I ripped myself away from him and looked at him with curious eyes. “No! You could try to take advantage of me in my drunken state.” I pouted my lips as I saw the irritation written on his face. “I’m not like that (Y/N: ).” Jack murmurs. He finally gets me away from the table and is pulling to the staircase. “Wait… How come you’re not drunk? You drank six cups.” I pout as we trudge up the steps and Jack’s hand was wrapped around mine.

“I wasn’t going to drink tonight since I was in charge of the party.” He says as we finally get away from the people, the music getting duller and duller as we walk deeper into the house. “Then what were you drinking while we were playing the game?” I question, he stops in front of a door and quickly unlocks it. Pulling me inside, and shutting the door behind me.

“I was drinking soda.” His voice was dull and I took in his room. (A/n: imagine Zac Efron’s room from the movie Neighbors) I sat down on his bed and gasped as the words were slowly processed in my drunken mind. “You cheated!?” My voice sounded like a child. But I was still looking at Jack with surprised gaze. “No, just lay down and I’ll get you one of my shirts to sleep in.” I nodded my head and watched as he walked away from me and to his dresser and pulled out a black shirt like the one he was wearing.

“Here,” I nodded my head as he handed me the shirt, I began to undress myself without a care in the world. I was in my bra and under wear when I felt Jack’s big hands on my hips; his warm breath brushing the back of my neck. I took deep breath and closed my eyes, I had felt the sudden pit of heat begin to form between my legs and I knew that Jack could hear my heart beating a million a minute.

“Jack…” I trail off as his hands moved to my front and he cupped his hands over my belly button. “I-I…” I whisper, his lips pressing up against my skin and the feeling of the heat I felt before had began become a bomb fire. Jack’s voice was hidden while he continued to make an assault on my neck.

“Jack, I-I don’t think this is what you meant by lying down.” I stutter, but he takes his hands away from my belly button to my hips again, the pads of his fingers brushing my bra line. I sighed happily, feeling the trail of fire that dragged behind his fingers.

“Do you want this (Y/N :)?” He whispered, his lips felt hot against my earlobe, I nod my head eagerly and turn around to face Jack. His eyes weren’t the regular brown I noticed while playing Beer Pong, they were dark brown that almost was black. “I need to hear you say that you give me permission to do this (Y/N :).” Jack whispered as he ghostly brushed his lips against mine, the sparks were running all over my body.

“I want this Jack.” I whisper back, bringing my hands to his cheeks and my fingers teasingly tangling up in his hair. He licked his lips and finally brought them to meet mine, they tasted like the sweet taste of Sprite. His hands slid from my hips to the back of my thighs, he tapped his fingers against them.

“Jump baby,” He mumbled against my lips, I nodded my head and complied with his words. I jumped up, wrapping my legs around his hips and groaning at the contact of my clad cl!t against his clad c0ck. I could it was already hard. It was thick and longer than any that I’ve had before. Jack takes staggering steps back and my back lands on the soft comfortable sheets he called a bed.

I looked up at him as he stood between my legs and his hands were rubbing up and down my sides and legs. “Jack?” I murmur. “Yes?” He replies, his voice muffled as he kisses and sucks on my neck, creating hickies on my neck and collarbone.

“Is this… Is this going to be a one night stand?” He pulls away from my neck and looks at him deep in the eyes. “Is that what you want?” I shake my head and gulp, my lips parting slightly as I wait for Jack’s response. “Yeah… I do a little bit.” I close my eyes and feel myself start to sober up a little. The feeling of the alcohol running through my system began to fade away. “J-Jack, get off.” I pull my hands away from his hair and put them on his shoulders. “Wait… (Y/N:),” Jack pleaded as I unwrapped my legs from his hips and he pulled away from me completely.

Jack let my stand up and search for my clothes; my skinny jeans and my crop top, as I was about to stumble out of his bedroom. A hand grabs mine and pulls me back in, slamming the door behind me. My eyes widened as they met the familiar pair that belonged to Jack. “What if I lied? What if I wanted this to be more than a fling?” Jack whispers as he leans in close to me.

He was staring into my eyes as if my breath was his new oxygen tank. “Then tell me honestly right now Jack.” I reply. My back arching off the door to press it near his body; one of his hands was still holding onto my hand while the other held onto my hip.

“I’ve barely known you for over a term of the three hours you’ve been here. I already know that if I let you leave this house right now, I’m going to regret it tomorrow.” He licked his lips, moistening his tempting look lips.

“Why does it feel like we’ve known each other for years?” I whispered, my lips were already yearning for his. “I-I don’t know.” I couldn’t help but giggle. Did Jack just stutter? Yeah, I’ve known him for three hours but I could tell by his aura. “What’s so funny?” He asks me. I bite my lip and smile. “You don’t stutter and you just stuttered.” He chuckled lowly as his hooded eyes were staring at my lips.

“If you’re going to kiss me, kiss me already and let’s finish what the hell we started. I might be slightly drunk but I’m still got my spunk.” I say sassily. Jack chuckles again and finally kisses me. His hands were in my jeans back pockets, his fingers beginning to wrap around my butt cheeks; groping me. His lips were like a drunk.

Jack was between my legs while we kissed down my neck. His hands were sliding up and down the sides of my stomach; I hooked my legs on his knees, his large c0ck was pressed against my naked cl!t. “Jack, please.” I whisper, my head was tossed back on the pillow while his lips were still skimming against my neck and collarbone again.

“Let me get a-” I cut Jack off. “I got my tubes tied at sixteen. I didn’t want deal with a child and I never will want a child.” I rambled. Jack stared at me for a moment before pressing his lips against mine again, quickly thrusting into me. A gasp escaping my lips, Jack’s teeth nibbled on my neck. “The pain will go away I pro-” “Just fuck me again Jack. The faster we get this done, the faster we can go another round and ignore all the drunken people outside.” Jack smiled before he started to fuck me faster and harder.

My moans erupting throughout the room and Jack’s grunts breaking through my ears. “Jack, right there.” I whimper as he hits the right spot inside me. Jack chuckles and puts one hand on his headboard while the other was next to my head as he continued to thrust inside me.

“Ugh, fuck.” He growls under his breath, his c0ck inside me twitches and I could feel his hot seed shot through me while my climax came and crashed down like an avalanche.

Jack collapsed down next to me and draped one arm across my front, his head nuzzling into my neck while his eyes were fluttered shut. Our mingled breathes were the only thing audible in the room and the dull thumping of the music outside.

“Go to sleep baby,” He grumbles under his breath. I giggled and turned on my side, draping one leg across his hips as his head still stayed nuzzled in my neck. My fingers began to run through his hair. “Can I at least get a shirt on? I don’t like sleeping naked.” I scrunch my nose as he chuckles. “Go grab the shirt I gave you. I would love to see you in my clothes.” I rolled my eyes and complied to what he told me to do.

I was still wearing no bra and underwear with Jack’s shirt on. It stopped just below my thigh. I climbed back inside the bed and cuddled up next to Jack. We had begun to fallen into slumber.

A/N: If you want part two note this and we’ll see it goes from there. This will be a series for the Magcon Boys with Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Aaron Carpenter, etc. No Mahogany, I’m replacing Mahogany with Hayes. Hayes will be over the age of eighteen to nineteen years old



Preference #88: He is Being Sassy (Request)

A/N: This was an enjoyable request and I just really liked imagining and writing this one! I hope you guys like it, and like I said, feedback is always appreciated! .xx

Harry: “I am so excited to go to the dance club tonight babe. I get to show off my amazing dance moves.” He said, smiling, his dimples quickly forming. You could not help but giggle thinking of Harry dancing, “What are your signature moves Haz?” He put his fingertips to his chin, and thought for a few moments, “Hmmm… Well I am not sure, but I do know that I am a much better dancer than you.” He winked, and you were a little shocked, “Oh really? What dance move is going to make you a better dancer than me?” He chuckled, backing up a little bit, “Observe Y/N… The sprinkler.” And you couldn’t help but laugh.

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Louis: “Louis. Can you tell me why you are so sassy?” You asked, steadying your gaze on Louis, hoping for an answer, “I don’t know really love… All I know is that I am.” You smirked at you, raising his eyebrows watching your every move. “One day, I am going to be just as sassy as you, and you will not know what to do about it.” You told him with a wink. He looked slightly taken back by your remark, “You underestimate my sassiness… That day shall never come.” He winked at you, making your heart melt a little, but you were determined to one day be as sassy as Tommo. “Perhaps I can teach you my ways young grasshopper.”

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Liam: "Liam can I have a kiss please?” You asked with a big smile, making sure to bat your eyelashes a little bit extra. A smug smile came across his face, “Sure babe…” He puckered his lips and slowly began moving closer to you, only to move at the last possible second. “Hey!!” You pouted, clearly not pleased with Liam’s last minute decision. Liam must have been feeling a bit sassy as he pushed his cheeks together making another puckering face. And he couldn’t help but giggle seeing your face, “Hehe, sorry Y/N.” He said, pulling you into him and placing a gentle kiss on your lips.

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Niall: You and Niall both had a competitive edge, and when it came down to it, the two of you liked to show it off against each other. Today was no exception as Niall challenged you to a game of ping pong, “Are you ready to lose Princess?” You said with a wink, and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “Oh please Horan, you know how this is going to end.” The two of you played the best two out of three, and it was close, but Niall came out on top. “Yeahhhhhhh! Thats right!” He said sticking his tongue out at you, and dropping his paddle on the table. “Ping Pong KING!” He slowly walked to your side of the table and snaked his arm around your waist, “And you are my Queen…”

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. potency

just having fun, as always
popping & playing with pronunciations

I almost said I love you—
turns out the dealer
had jacked up my weed,
so I’m writing lines I don’t mean
and washing down your memory
with Hennessy in this warm iced tea.

Do you still pray for me?
Because I’m missing you
like I aimed wrong,
praying a peasant’s penance
for playing you like king kong
playing ping pong with blue balls:

Just the same song you taught me,
awfully calmly, softly
as you called the kettle black
(too black to call back).

You left me hanging like a dream catcher,
catching feelings nobody asked for,
still dreaming of your massive rack racking up
the scoreboards—


I know that’s not
what I’m here for, but you’ve got me
waiting on the sidelines
with the side guys
professing I love you
like my fat side at dinnertime.

You’ve got me hooked like a monk
on the blood of Christ,
rep-p-peating penance like I lost you twice,
rep-p-p-peating, just turn out the light,

I’m desperate to deflower you
and shower you with the unspoken syllables
that live in the riddles that whistle
between your front teeth.
Re-p-p-peating what does “we” even mean?

I almost said
Turns out the dealer had jacked up my weed,
so now I’m writing lines that I don’t mean,
so now I’m…  I mean…


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Alcohol Poisoning

Pour up,


Head Shot,


Sit Down,


Stand up,


Pass Out


Wake up


Faded Drank

Faded Drank

Like the ombré if you hair



Kings, flip cup, pong, six shot

You played it

Jungle juice drips down your neck

And stains your collar


Like the situations you get stuck in

Stayed out all night in a bathtub

At a stranger’s house

Woke up hungover the next morning

And stumbled out

Pour up drank

The clear bottles

Shaped like yor glass body

That shatters every weekend

Leaving behind pieces

On beer covered dance floors

There are cracks in your veins

And your friends have shards

In their feet and palms

From hauling you downstairs

It’s painful to watch


Head shots Poured

Peer pressured down your throat

Gargantuan cups


Until your liver weeps

And your stomach bursts

From crooked screwdrivers

Wringing the vodka from your pillows


Shots Shots

Kiss your dry lips

Your pores are drunk

Stumbling on your skin

Colliding into each other

Starting fights

Called breakouts

You’re as pale as styrofoam cups

You wreak is spilled goldschlager

And cat fights

Just like last night

Next night

Every night





Until you fall into the carpet

Seeing stars

A mirror image

But you’re descending

You’ve morphed to comets

Sit down drank

Stand up vomit



To the nearest room

Lay down cry

Pass out on your side

Faded drank

Faded died .

You expect me to believe that Light’s dad didn’t have a rebellious phase in his youth where everyone called him Soichi-bro Yagameister and he was the king of beer pong or whatever?