king pegg


The World’s End (2013)

Director - Edgar Wright, Cinematography - Bill Pope

“Tonight, we will be partaking of a liquid repast as we wind our way up the Golden Mile. Commencing with an inaugural tankard in The First Post, then on to The Old Familiar, The Famous Cock, The Cross Hands, The Good Companions, The Trusty Servant, The Two-Headed Dog, The Mermaid, The Beehive, The King’s Head, and The Hole in the Wall for a measure of the same, all before the last bittersweet pint in that most fateful terminus, The World’s End. Leave a light on good lady, for though we may return with a twinkle in our eyes, we will be in truth blind - drunk!” Gary King

We thought it would be challenging to make a comedy about somebody who was essentially very sick. Gary is an addict, he’s deeply, deeply unhappy. All his bravado, all his kind of flare is all about fooling himself and fooling his friends into thinking he’s okay. And he’s not okay, you know. He’s dying. And I think it’s… it was a real key issue in the film to keep that intact. I know addicts, I have friends who are addicts, and I have seen people suffer because of addiction, and it’s a terrible, terrible disease. It’s often overlooked, often people look down on them, because they think “Oh, it’s your fault”, but it’s not, it’s an illness. And I think that it’s something that is… It’s either addressed in very serious drama… it’s rarely addressed in a populous form. And we figured doing it as a comedy and smuggling it in as we often do… […] It was important to us to make his suffering very very real. And underneath all the comedy there’d be this terrible secret, and you don’t find out what that is until the end. […] When you come back and watch it again, and you know all this time Gary’s wrists are bandaged this whole film, it changes how you look at him. And it also hopefully makes you realise that sometimes if there’s someone in your life who is a pain in the arse, maybe there’s a reason for it. Just creating a real character was very important to us.
—  Simon Pegg about “What part of Gary King made The World’s End what it is” on FantasyCon (X)