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  • Richie: *writes a note* psst...Bev pass this up
  • Bev: pass this up *passes to Ben*
  • Ben: pass this up *passes to Mike*
  • Mike: pass this up *passes to Bill*
  • Bill: P-p-pass t-his up *passes to Stan*
  • Stan: *tries passing note to Eddie*
  • Teacher: Stanley are you passing notes to Eddie??
  • Stan: No I just-
  • Teacher: Don't lie to me
  • Stan: I'm not lying! Bill handed it to me-
  • Teacher: Stanley, if you think its so important to interrupt my class then why don't you come up to the front and read your note to Eddie for everyone to hear??
  • Stan: But I didn't write the note!
  • Teacher: Stanley Uris, you come up here right now and read your note!
  • Stan: *sighs and walks to the front of the class, glaring at Bill*
  • Stan: *Reading note* Dear Eddie, you have got such a great ass. I could sleep for days on those perked cheeks, let me tell you. I'd like to live with you and wear your ass as a hat for all eternity.
  • Richie: *snickering*
  • Eddie: *turns to Richie* BEEP BEEP TRASHMOUTH!!!
  • Stan: You guys fucking disgust me... *crumples note*
  • (Roughly based on the South Park episode "Clubhouses")
  • Neil: 'From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as "Eagle One".
  • Nicky, code name "Been There, Done That".
  • Andrew is "Currently Doing That".
  • Kevin is "It Happened Once in a Dream".
  • Matt, code name "If I Had To Pick a Dude".
  • Aaron is "Eagle Two".'
  • Aaron: 'oh thank god'

December 1st 1955: Rosa Parks on the bus

On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks, a 42-year-old black seamstress from Alabama, refused to give up her seat on a bus for a white man. A member of the NAACP, Parks was returning home from a long day at work when the bus driver ordered her to give up her seat on the full bus for a white man. No stranger to civil rights activism, she was subsequently arrested for civil disobedience in defying the state’s Jim Crow racial segregation laws. Through this act of defiance, Parks sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, during which time African-Americans - under the leadership of a young, charismatic reverend called Martin Luther King Jr. - refused to use the city buses, arguing that they should be integrated per the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision. The boycott was successful in forcing Montgomery to end its discriminatory segregation laws, and marked the beginning of the main phase of what is now known as the Civil Rights Movement. From Montgomery, African-Americans across the United States went on to lead sit-ins, freedom rides, and political marches, in an attempt to bring an end to segregation laws which had oppressed their community for so long. These activists were all indebted to Rosa Parks - known as the ‘mother of the Civil Rights Movement’ - for her simple act of defiance, firmly asserting her humanity and her rights as an American citizen. As the movement grew, Parks remained an influential symbol and leader of the movement, which ultimately brought an end to legal segregation and forced Congress to pass the 1964 Civil Rights and 1965 Voting Rights Acts. As for Parks herself, the affair of her arrest and the subsequent boycott caused her to lose her job and made her a victim of harassment and threats. She moved to Detriot and in 1965 began to work in the office of Congressman John Conyers. In 1999, Rosa Parks was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for her role in transforming American race relations, and upon her death in 2005 she lay in state at the U.S. Capitol. Today, 60 years on, we remember Rosa Parks’s personal bravery, the successes of the movement she inspired, and the steps yet to be taken as the struggle against systemic racism continues.

“People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true. I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day…No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in”

60 years ago today

  • King Beast: What’s the situation here?
  • Ben: This is my girlfriend Mal, and this is Mal’s girlfriend Evie…Mal is gay, but she’s straight for me, and she’s gay for Evie, and Evie’s really gay for Mal. And I hate Evie.
  • Mal: It’s not that complicated.
  • King Beast: Oh. Yeah. Sure.

Luc Robitaille: That’s what you really think of me? You think I’m annoying?

Rob Blake: Luc, sometimes you’re kind of annoying. I mean I thought that was your thing.

Luc Robitaille: My thing?! My thing is not being annoying! My things are making friendship bracelets and dancing like nobody’s watching and thinking up really cool nicknames for my friends. You of all people should know that Big Rob!