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YEET. Tiny Rant.

This ones shorter, I promise.

Pennywise is evil and crazy, but he is sane. He is basically a god. A creature SIMILAR to Maturin. You know what that means? HE THINKS SHIT THROUGH AND STUDIES. YOU THINK SOME KILLER FROM SPACE GONNA COME TO EARTH AND BE LIKE “oh. Oh what shall I do. I’m hungry, I got the nibbles. Mm need food. Maybe I’ll get the pasta.” NAH, THIS BOY KNOWS HE IS THE GOOD SHIT. HE GONNA KILL EVERYONE. IF HES GOTTA HAVE AN ORGY TO GET A NICE MEAL, HE DONT FUCKING CARE. HE GONNA DICK THEM DOWN BUT HE ISNT GONNA GET ANYTHING FROM IT. “Oh… are you confortable, do you need a pillow? Am I going too hard?” BITCH AINT GONNA BE CARING. HE GONNA FUCK A HOE RAW AND RIP OUT HER JUGGULAR WHILE THRUSTING.

Anyway. To sum it up, Pennyboi a killer. He isn’t a teddy bear. He doesn’t get a hard on and is like “oh. Oh I’m so embarrassed. Gotta fix it.” He wouldn’t give a flying FUCK about sex unless there is something he can gain from it. (Or with Reader *cough*)

Stop being like “MY PENNY WOULDNT DO THAT. HES A PRECIOUS INNOCENT BOY. SO SOFT. HE HAS A CLUSSY.” Okay one Ima need you to sit down and take your multi vitamin gummies. You’re tweeking. Two, this fucker doesn’t care about racism, killing kids, causing massacre, PRETENDING TO BE BEVERLY’S RAPIST FATHER. WHAT MAKES TOU THINK THAT HE IS NOT EVIL AND ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THE HARM HE CAUSES. BOI. REALLY? YOU CAN LOVE HIM BUT HE IS NOT INNOCENT. HE IS EVIL.

Okay I’m done. Carry on loving the clown.

Go Away Penny

Angsty drabble of Reader x Pennywise where reader makes a big mistake

Often when the two of you argued, it would result in one or the other huffing and puffing for a few days until someone apologized. You always got into dumb arguments with him, mostly because Pennywise loved to push your buttons. He’d purposely cause you to go overboard and yell at him and you would do the same as seeing him riled up was adorable and frightening- yes frightening because you ever knew if he’d actually kill you one day.

You had come home to the creaky floors, the oozing walls, the broken glass and you were content. Despite the raggidy, torn down house, you loved it more than your own as if it were your home away from home.

Pennywise, however, wasn’t home. He hadn’t come for a few days and you were starting to get annoyed. Must he insist on leaving without saying anything? He knew it upset and worried you! You groaned and decided to fix yourself up a nice lunch. Perhaps he’d walk, or crawl, in that door any moment.

Hours passed and still no sign of your lover, you grew anxious and aggravated. When the familiar song of bells were heard, you ran to the door. “Pennywise?” You called out, “Pennywise where are you?” A drop in temperature formed behind you, causing you to slowly turn around and gasp, even after recognizing the it’s face.

“Where have you been?”


“For almost a week? Without saying anything?”

“Why does it matter”, he giggled. He could see the red tones in your face rise while he carefully backed away. You snatched him by his collar, nearly choking him, and meeting him face to face. “I thought we agreed that we’d tell each other where we are?” Pennywise did not like that at all- being forcefully grabbed against his will, he clicked his tongue and suddenly you were against the wall under his grip. “Do not FUCKING touch me!” You spat, struggling to remove the strong grip from your throat with both hands. Your feet dangled and your hands wrapped around the single gloved one which covered your neck, pushing away as tears fell.

“You don’t talk to ME like that, little one. You’re in MY house, remember that. You’re nothing but a pet and so help me, I will kill you in this moment..” Pennywise’s voice was deep. There was no more playful tone hiding anymore, not even the small jingles could make you laugh. For once, you were truly scared of the man before you, the man that you loved. Before you managed to go unconscious, he dropped you and you hit the floor. You were so frustrated, upset, heated- you wanted nothing more than some space right now.

Broken eyes stared into fiery ones, Pennywise wasn’t going to back down any time soon. You gently rubbed your throat, feeling as though the hand was still suffocating. “Go..”


GO! GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND LEAVE ME ALONE. IF YOU CARED ABOUT ME YOU WOULDN’T TREAT ME LIKE THIS. Just leave me alone please.. I need some time to think..”

Pennywise was taken back. He hadn’t realized how far this argument had gone- he stared down at you for a few seconds, hand reaching out to your shoulder before you slapped it away. “Now.” The clown had slowly faded out while you focused somewhere else, not saying another word. Over the next few days, you managed to calm down. Pennywise terrified you a bit, and perhaps you had over done it by kicking him out, but as soon as you’d see him you were going to kiss him. Kiss him and tell him how much you love him.

Only you won’t. Because days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. There’s no more missing Derry children and it isn’t until the crime rate goes down that you realize the fact that Pennywise was no longer coming back. “How could you be so careless. So stupid??” You questioned yourself every day. It was merely another dispute that would’ve worked itself out on its own, but instead, you got heated and kicked him out- not knowing that day would’ve been his last.

You sat on the curb as the sun retired for the day, sniffling and wiping away the tears. You couldn’t help it as they overflowed onto the gravel. “Stupid.. stupid stupid stupid.. I didn’t even get to say.. that I love you..” you mumbled quietly, nudging away another tear. Eventually your eyes could no longer take it, the puffiness had become irritated by the constant rubbing of your sleeve and it burned- the same for your nose and you weren’t sure how many times you had wiped off any excess boogers.

As you made your way home, you looked over at the empty storm drain, and suddenly your tears were attempting to push their way through. You kept walking. You passed a few more before you couldn’t bare it anymore and you found yourself on all fours. “H-hey baby.. if.. If you’re down there, I just. I just want to say I’m sorry. For everything and that I love you and miss you.. I hope you sleep well… I’ll uh. I’m not sure where I’ll be, actually.. but if you still are interested, I’m sure you’ll know where to find me… I’m sorry Pennywise.. I hope one day you can bring yourself to forgive me..” you choked out the last sentence, covering your mouth incase he heard you cry.

You waited for a moment and picked yourself up, finally heading home until someting from the corner of your eye caught your attention. A red balloon was loose, and drifted pass and you smile brightly, looking back towards the drain you had just spoken to. “I love you..” you whispered

incorrect it qoutes

*when IT takes beverly into the well*

beverly: the fuck!

beverly: the fuck!

beverly: the fuck is in the air?!

beverly: the fuck!

beverly: there’s dead children everywhere!


Hiya, Georgie! Do you want a balloon? 🤡🎈

Sorry for the really creepy lighting. It was really dark out, but here’s some more pictures of me as Pennywise! Can’t wait to get more pics at the convention!

Pennywise HC’s

dragon-thorn said to wetclussy: Do you have any Penny heartache/grieving hcs?  

💔 IT hasn’t experienced this kind of emotion in a long long time, they’ve pretty much forgotten how it feels all together.

💔 Pennywise, or IT, are not really one to get so attached to something, or someone. So for them to have grown so close to whatever it was, then losing it, emotions ERUPT from within their being.

💔 Once experiencing it again, it is almost too much to bear. Overtaken by sadness and sorrow, IT is unable to hold they’re Pennywise form, constantly shape-shifting in pain and agony.

💔 Since Pennywise is it’s favorite form, being unable to keep it stable does not help resolve they’re situation. Resulting in weeks up to months of constant roaring in grief.

💔 Tears will fall, blood is shed (they’re own and those unfortunate souls near them). Many times they’ll end up in a sad wet puddle in they’re lair, sobbing, weeping, wallowing in grey waters as they’re emotions go to the extreme no matter what emotion it is. Going absolutely insane (if they weren’t already).

💔 Whatever/Whoever they lost, once the storm ends, a shrine is made to remember, it is in a special area tucked away under the large horde in they’re lair. IT will often visit it, clean it up and add things to it. Sitting in front of it, lost in thought of their loss.

💔 If the pain is great enough, an early hibernation might take place, for IT to get away from it all in a death like sleep.

💔 The Pennywise form has returned and is stable, but this sad clown’s laughs and giggles continue to fall flat for awhile longer. Being that they were so overflowing with sorrow and grief, getting it out of their system takes a very very long time. But eventually, they come to accept their loss.

💔 Every loss they experience, it gets that much harder to get to them. They will push those urges and emotions deeper and deeper, so they have to ever happen again.

Yeah heads up. Pennywise is not canon a female or a male. He turned into a giant female spider not only for fear factor, but to show off what he was and could do. He doesn’t have a gender, but it is obvious he prefers to take the male form. The reason we call him he? MALE FORM. Doesn’t matter. So stop harassing people and saying he is female and if anyone disagrees they are a bigot and sexist and all that. Happened twice to me today and litterally all I said was he doesn’t have a specific gender. There isn’t really a concept for him. He likes to be on point with his looks so yeah, chances are he has a panini in his pants. Can he make himself a vagene? Yeah. But he would probably always have male genitalia as a clown. Plus who cares? It’s not like he is whipping his pants down and swinging his dick at you? Why do you HAVE to obsess what he has between his legs. He’s an alien. There could be a bee hive there for all we know. Or an extra mouth. Which would be cool af.

Imagine Pennywise... #6

🎈 Coming after a human in their sleep, towering over them about to scare them awake. Instead, when the human feels a presence, the human hugs him in their sleep. He is taken aback by this, sensing extreme sadness with each attempt of pulling the human arms away. He notices that he hasn’t been held like this in a long time ass well, so he ended up staying there, he can wait until morning to feed then. 😶 😶

🎈 S/O goes away from Derry for awhile, not sure of when they’re coming back. Pennywise misses feeling their heat, ends up hugging a heater that was on full blast and burned himself. When S/O returns, they notice their heater was destroyed. 😣 🔥

🎈 cuddling up to S/O like an animal trying to get warm, no matter what size S/O is, they end up being the big spoon at these times. Feeling the pleasing vibration of Pennywise’s purrs. 🐱 💘

🎈 (if S/O was deceased) Weeping as he lays where S/O and him would cuddle. 🖤 💔

🎈 Needing to touch S/O, he doesn’t know why, but he won’t leave their side. He follows them around all day, only they can see him, needing to hold their hand. 💞

🎈 (if you told him to stay home but he wants to come with you) He appears randomly around S/O through out the day. On S/O’s phone, in your work computer, pictures in they’re textbooks. S/O definitely knows when they hears screams, Pennywise probably lured in someone into a frightening trick.

🎈 Doesn’t understand the meaning of the phrase “I need space”. He’ll move things around in S/O’s home and in his lair to make it more ‘roomy’ for S/O. It’s the thought that counts, S/O can’t help but find it funny and pretty cute that he misunderstood. He will still cling to S/O like gum on a shoe. 😅 😌

🎈 being caught trying on S/O clothes, depending on how big S/O is. He is either ripping all of them, fitting perfectly with a few tears here and there due to him not being careful, or they are too baggy. He’s mostly obsessed with smelling the clothing. He loves S/O’s scent, makes him feel good and happy in his insides. Be careful, he’ll take take everything, from the clothes, the bed sheets, to the rugs. 👚 👕