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Hi..i was wondering which scene u were refering to in season 2 that had "the biggest and best eye sex in the history of eye sex"? I know they were plenty that season so which one?

Oh, Anon. Anon, anon, anon. 

There’s really no choice to make here. 

Is this not the eye-sexiest of eye-sexes? You cannot tell me that he wasn’t fantasising about taking her right there on that table, Diggle be damned. I simply won’t believe you. 


Bae looks fine as ever

He wore the pink hat (not Ari’s but still)

He just “danced” to shake it off

Cleo made him say that he’s aware of what he’s said about Frankie all summer, and they’re still “cool”. Also he agreed to do the interview because he wanted to, not because his mom made him.

Swag is now spelled “sawag” according to the king Zach Rance

He’s being recognized a lot, hard to adjust and he’s overwhelmed but is blessed for the following he has

Cleo literally just asked why Jill was so selfish when she hugged him for 5 minutes at the finale wtf

His family picked him up from the airport in a limo

He talked about Peyton and how much he’s grown and matured this summer

He’s trying to catch up on sleep lol


He says he’s marketable to everyone, whatever their pronoun is (paraphrasing but you get the gist)

A fan sent him a PS4 and he’s gotten “thousands” of hats, which he’s going to sign and send back to everyone who sent him one

He says it should be illegal for his mom to have 1700 followers and we should unfollow her

He loves social media atm and is getting the hang of it; he’ll be posting nonstop (and that’s a promise ya frootloop dinguses!)

(cleo pretty much said outright that the BotB was rigged for Frankie, Zach completely shut him down)

He says TA could’ve been better had it been Donny, Nicole, and him (kinda shading frankie but ok)

He talked about being a “sponsor” for Kellogs and frootloops

He feels like his character on the show was to be outspoken and brutally honest

Shake it off is his twerking jam; he says Taylor Swift should give him a call (he’s also a NSYNC enthusiast)

His ‘type’ is someone smart with a big heart, other than that he doesn’t have a type

He threw about 3 comps this summer

He gushed about Frankie being a huge physical threat and beasting his way through 9 comps

He’s having a party this weekend and Victoria is invited (he also has her number)

Cleo asked about the wall screamers and Zach refused to answer what they said about Caleb and Frankie

He said Kathy Griffith was the king/queen of zings

He thought about trying to get Vic to punch him in the face and get evicted

(And now he’s quoting Frankie from his interview with Lance ffs)

He wasn’t fine with being backdoored and Caleb was pissing him off before he was evicted. He tried to get Frankie to tell him he was going home so he could use the renom rule but it didn’t work

(cue more Frankie shade)

The froot loop throwing was a spur of the moment decision, he was going to throw them at the audience but changed his mind at the last minute

(cleo just asked is it caught him off guard when Julie refered to Zankie as a showmance)

“None whatsoever, Frankie and I became a “showmance” day 2. I fucking love the kid as a friend… I’m gonna be best friends with him forever. We’re actually going to hang out next week together and spending a couple days together… they called it a showmance, it’s all for tv… you know how they throw those words out there, it doesn’t mean anything. As far as the showmance, we had a final 2 deal and there were no sexual interactions whatsoever… I think I’m just ranting now.. I wasn’t thrown off that Julie called it a showmance, because I called it a showmance.”

Donny and him would’ve taken down the house had he come back into the house

He was happy as heck for the jurors to return to the house

He said Caleb is the funniest person- besides Frankie

He spent most of his time in jury with Donny and Hayden (until Nicole came back)

He thinks Derrick could possibly be the best big brother player ever

He talked to Dr. Will for an hour a yesterday and he’s his idol apparently (he talked about him for about 5 more minutes lol)

He thinks it’s great the support he’s gotten from BB greats

Cody would’ve won against Caleb, Derrick would’ve won against Frankie (he would’ve voted for Frankie had it come down to it) a toaster would’ve won against Victoria lol

He says the fact that Frankie was playing for charity would’ve swayed his decision towards Frankie if it was him and derrick (defending his bae now)

“I love the kid for doing that. I’m gonna go with him next time he does it and we’re gonna build a school together. It’s gonna be fabulous”

He was speechless when he was in top 3 for AFP (he basically gave an acceptance speech for about 2 minutes after this)

He was surprised that Frankie wasn’t top 3 (that’s all he really said about it)

Bold and beautiful on October 30-31

He wants to host something, be on ANTM, etc

He  spending thanksgiving weekend at a football game lol

(cleo just said that means he won’t be on TAR and Zach agreed)

He doesn’t know when he’s going to watch the episodes and hasn’t even thought about it

“I’m gonna go to sleep right after this”

He loves the fanvideos and is going to look at all of them

He doesn’t want fans to send him money or giftcards

He says he doesn’t know who he’s taking to Germany but it’ll definitely be a girl (Ok right Zach)

He’s in a group chat with Cody, Caleb, and Nicole (who he saved as Nicole dingus aww)

He’s feeling pressured to be on social media more

“expect a couple tweets a day and a picture on Instagram”

He wants to get verified on twitter

Don’t tweet him follow me follow me, do something super creative and he’ll follow you

He’s going to Disneyworld next week

He’ll be smarter on All Stars but still as entertaining

He put on his Donny shirt with a beard and he has a froot loop dingus shirt that will be coming out very soon

Peyton stayed home from school the past couple days to hang out with him and they haven’t gone golfing yet because its been raining

Dr Will told him he needs to figure out what he’s gonna do now

He wants to be on All Stars, host a tv show, have a reality show, etc

For right now he’s just relaxing and getting his mind back into his family

He loves the fans and wants to thank everyone who’s supported him

He’s gonna twerk on Instagram

“To all you frootloop dinguses out there,stay thirsty, I’m cominghard on social media, don’t ever change, and look out for ZachAttack… on your next tv screen” *wink and gator claps*

(wow this really is hella long, I’ve never recapped something like this before so sorry if it sucks. But in my defense, it was over an hour long)

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I wonder how excited Larry King is for tonight. He was after all the first official celeb Olicity shipper and asked Stephen if Felicity was his girlfriend without even being that knowledgeable about the show. Larry must be so proud! lol

Anyone given our Larry a call? Let him know what’s going on tonight?

I feel like Larry needs to call Stephen back on the show. You know, for an update to this:

*friendly reminder: Jimmy Kimmel Live was not the first primetime show to use the portmanteau “Olicity”