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about consistency in the mens. it has been bandied about that while no one is particularly consistent, that yuzuru is one of the worst. every commentators fave statement is how he's either on and he's gonna set a world record or he's off. when in fact he's been on the podium at every comp save 2 since 2012 worlds and those 2 times were due to severe injury/illness. so why does he seem to be held to some higher standard than others who actually bomb off the podium sometimes?

But they also call him legend, king, GOAT so like… #yolo

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take three

aka - gdi i will try until i succeed to talk about arya and the justice-vengeance thing
i started trying to write this like a year ago just let me LIVE

warning: this is both ~~deep~~ and full of tomfoolery soooooooooo don’t pretend i didn’t warn you.

nb–like the ap: it doesn’t count if i cross it out.

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