king of wings

This gives me life ….

I wanted this moment for so long, im crying …. my babies … they’re finally together <3

Since the last week chapter, I still feel all of this like a dream … until now, each time when I see this I think it more like a dream. Maybe this is a silly feeling, but im really happy! I love this two so much, since the first time i saw them ….

I hope they’re were so happy! They deserves it! Now I’ll begin to think some headcanons!

Plus for King’s wings! That lil wings are so cute! So tiny <3 i hope they’re grow up soon!

  • Cassian: Can you feel what's happening?
  • Azriel: What?
  • Cassian: And they don't have a clue.
  • Azriel: Who?
  • Cassian: They'll fall in love, and here's the bottom line -
  • Azriel: Oh.

Roses are red,

my water wolves are blue.

 Your blood will be shed,

 I’m coming for you. 

 -Feyre to the King of Hybern

Princess of Carrion

So.. the first part of ACOWAR carries the title “Princess of Carrion” (I know, nice title…).

Tbh the first thought/word that came to my mind was “Igitt! (eng. translation: Yuck!)”. My second thought was “Okay, Feyre what will you do to earn such a title?”

And you know what, Feyre was already once called Princess of Carrion from no one other than the Book of Breathings. Right before she put both of the book halves together in Hybern.

“Yes, you see now, princess of carrion- you see what you must do…” (Chapter 62, ACOMAF)

The book also called her, shortly before, sweet-tongued liar and lady of many faces.

I actually could be the case that the book can somehow predict the future (I mean it’s a very mighty spell book that can talk, so why not *shrugs*) and therefore she will earn this title in ACOWAR. The title is probably also connected to the two other titles, sweet-tongued liar & lady of many faces, and refers to the role that she will now have to play as a spy in the spring court.

It’s clear that she will not only play the saved damsel in the spring court but also a person, a weapon, who is willing to cooperate with the King of Hybern to take down the Wall and the Night Court. And that means that she also has to do something that is in favour of the King of Hyberns will. 

Carrion probably refers to the death that she might cause, the destruction and suffering. That what might be left after the war.

MTV Idols of Asia - Top 10 albums sales in 2016


1. EXO - EX'ACT  

2. BTS - Wings

3. EXO - For Life

4. BTS - HYYH: Young Forever

5. Twice - Twicecoaster: Lane 1

6. Seventeen - Love & Letter (including repackaged version)

7. EXO-CBX - Hey Mama!

8. Lay - Lose Control

9. GOT7 - Flight: Turbulence

10. Seventeen - Going Seventeen


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Map shows the most popular NHL team in every state


NHL team twitter headers

What I learned in school today: Ireland was called Hibernian at one point….. and the Morrigan was the mother goddess whose name translates to “Great Queen”

Chain of thought:
1. Hibernia….. Hybern. It even kinda looks like Ireland.
2. The King of Hybern refers to Mor as a queen right?
3. That could match her name, or her name could be foreshadowing the bond between her and Hybern.
4. Horror floods through my mind….