king of vultures

Hamilton but BIRDS

made by me and Dixie @worldseemedtoburrn YOU GUYS ARE FUKCING WELCOME

Alexander Hamilton = Flamingo (what else would he be)

Aaron Burr = Crow (it’s just fits)

John Laurens = Woodpecker (smol, overlooked, etc.)

Marquis de Lafayette = Swan (god damn it)

Hercules Mulligan = Parrot (he’s a fashionista okay)

George Washington = Eagle (because he fucking can)

Eliza Hamilton = Duckling (feisty cinnamon roll that must be protected)

Angelica Schuyler = Mockingbird (mockingbird @alexander @thomas)

Peggy Schuyler = Hummingbird (small and forgotten)

Thomas Jefferson = Seagull (annoying and problematic, just go away)

James Madison = Penguin (it just fITS)

Maria Reynolds = Peacock (walk walk fashion baby)

King George III = Vulture (no comment)

King vultures, with their colorful plumage and bright wattles, live in the tropical lowlands of South America. Their sight is good, but their sense of smell is less refined than that of other vulture species. When it’s feeding time, they keep a close watch on their fellow vultures in hopes of being led to a carcass meal. (Credit: Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS.)


10 Amazing Species for Vulture Awareness Day

Egyptian Vulture - IUCN Status - Endangered

Bearded Vulture - IUCN Status - Near Threatened

California Condor - IUCN Status - Critically Endangered

Hooded Vulture - IUCN Status - Endangered

King Vulture - IUCN Status -Least Concern

Lappet Faced Vulture - IUCN Status - Vulnerable

Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture - IUCN Status - Endangered

White Headed Vulture - IUCN Status - Vulnerable

Andean Condor - IUCN Status - Near Threatened

Cinereous Vulture - IUCN Status - Near Threatened

bonus African Crowned Crane

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So I feel like Aaron and John would bond over animals. Like, John for the obvious reasons but Aaron too because I feel like he's someone who just kinda of likes to go sit and stare at nature. And like, I think Planet Earth would be one of their common interests.

It was a friday night and Aaron had just gotten home from work. Hamilton had been more irritable than usual, resulting in Aaron also being irritable-

“Those documents were supposed to be sent three days ago, Alexander!”

“Fuck off, Burr.”


So when he got inside, kicking off his shoes, he grabbed his phone and ordered a large pizza with all the fixin’s. Then, after quickly changing into his sweatpants and tank top, he plopped down on the couch and turned on planet earth. It wasn’t the most action packed of television material, but it always brought Aaron down after a long week.

He had just started the episode on forests, when a knock sounded from the door.

“That was fast.” he muttered, pausing the video and hopping off the couch.

Although, when he opened the door, money in hand, it wasn’t the pizza man.


“Hey Burr,” John said, his voice tired and monotonous, “what’s on the menu?”

Pushing passed him, Laurens entered the apartment, dumping his backpack on the ground by the door and kicking off his shoes, allowing them to fly across the room. Aaron sighed as the man took off his jacket, throwing it on a nearby chair.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t the fact that Laurens had shown up and taken over his apartment that surprised him. It was the fact that he was here alone.

“Laurens, what’s this about?”

“What, can’t I pay my dearest friend Aaron Burr a visit?”

“Usually not without being incredibly drunk.” Aaron said with a roll of his eyes, “Are the guys with you?”

John let out a bitter laugh and Aaron suddenly became aware of the dark circles under his eyes and the way his fists clenched in subtle anger.

“No,” he bit out, before stalking over to the couch and plopping down on it, “what’re we watching?”

Burr sighed, shutting the door behind him as he wandered back over to the sofa.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“No.” Laurens paused for a moment, looking at his socks, a soft frown on his face, “Alex yelled at me. I was trying to help and he screamed at me.”

“He seems to have been a bit on edge recently,” Aaron said.

“It’s his own fault, he works himself too hard and then takes it out on everyone around him.” he ran a hand through his wild hair and looked away, “But I didn’t come here to talk about Alexander.”

“I see.” Aaron nodded, meandering over to sit by his freckled friend on the couch, “well, I hope you like Planet Earth-”

“Burr no way, no way!” the man broke out into a huge smile, practically bouncing in his seat, “I love Planet Earth, how’d you know!?”

“I must be psychic, Laurens. Scooch over.”

Aaron laid down against the arm rest, his legs out slightly, pushing into John’s space. John had his feet up on the small table in front of them and when Burr complained, trying to kick his feet off, Laurens only laughed.

Knock Knock

“You get it,” Aaron said, nudging Laurens with his foot, “money’s on the table.”

He got up, going over to open the door before letting out a small, albeit dramatic gasp.

“Pizza, Burr? You’re really going all out here. Have we classified this as a date yet?”

“No, now c’mon I’m hungry.”

“Well, I’m classifying this as a date.” Laurens muttered, bringing the pizza over to the couch.

“Did you know a group of King Vultures is called a solitary?”

“Did you know that seahorses don’t have stomachs? The food goes through so fast, they have to almost constantly eat to survive.”

“Did you know that the Spotted Salamander returns to the same mating pool every year? By the same route?”

“Did you know the Sun Bear looks like a bad drawing of a normal bear?”

Laurens snorted with laughter and Aaron joined in. The two had shifted positions, John now lying almost on top of Burr, his head on the other man’s chest, face turned to watch the television.

“Thanks for letting me stay, Burr.”

“It’s no problem, this is fun.” Aaron let his head loll back, thinking about the heavy feeling of Laurens’ on his chest.

“Not so bad for a first date, huh?” he moved to face Aaron, his chin resting on his chest.

“You’re hopeless.” Aaron sighed, but couldn’t help the small smile that crept up his face.

“Maybe so, but I’m the smart one. I got to spend all night with you, while Alex is probably working himself to death again. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

“But you’re gonna tell him?”

“Hell yeah!” John grinned, pushing himself up slightly, so that Burr was between his arms, “I’m gonna be bragging about this to him for weeks!”



Back when music videos meant something…

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - People Vultures



The king vulture was extremely prominent in Mayan mythology, lending its name and glyph to the 13th day of the month (Cozcacuauhtli, or vulture in Nahui).  The messenger between humans and the gods was said to be a deity in the form of a winged man with the head of a king vulture, which many have suggested is why the king vulture is called “king”.  It was also believed that the vulture’s blood and feathers were cures for many diseases.