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Kent Parson’s Not-So-Guilty Guilty Pleasure Rookie Year Dumpster-Party Playlist on Spotify

All that good 2008-2009 pop music. 
Don’t ask me how the 19 year old gained access to all that alcohol. Let him have his unhealthy coping mechanisms and celebrate with his game pucks and drink away all thoughts of Zimms.

The spotify list may grow haha.

And I’ve got um. More playlists that I’m working on omg. 

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During a concert in 1975 - Elvis was told that a blind girl was in the audience who absolutely loved him. Elvis told his entourage to bring the little lady on stage, immediately.
The little lady got on stage, Elvis knelt before her.
Here is the conversation that followed:
Elvis: “I heard you enjoy my records, little one.”

Little lady: “Yes, sir. I sure do. I listen to them every night before bed.”
Elvis: “Really?
Little lady: "Yes, sir.”


Here’s some evidence that Rob and Rich did more than sleep when they slept in the bed in episode 9 aka ‘The Wedding Episode’. I give you amoung the trash spread throughout the room used tissues (exhibit a, c, d, and f) even though neither acted like they where sick or had a cold the rest of he episode, and what could be lubricant or lotion (exhibit b). Will leave this here for you all to come to your own conclusions. 


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven.