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I’m not saying Morrigan, Queen of the Court of Nightmares, Queen of the Court of Dreams, runner of Velaris and the Hewn City, Third in Command, member of the Inner Circle, a survivor, referred to as the Morrigan, dreamer born in the Court of Nightmares, and fought full on with Amren and survived, is my wife, but that is exactly what I’m saying.

All of Us When Tamlin showed up at Hybern:

What if!?

I have two things in mind that could happen in AcoWaR:

What if the king of Hybern uses the caldron’s power to mind control Feyre, because we know it can! What if we have to see Feyre mindlessly throwing fire and water and wind and ice at her friends because the cauldron is being told to tell her that. But eventually Rhysand breaks through and bring her back. She’s horrified that she almost hurt their friends and almost promise to never use the powers again because she’s desperate to have them safe after that. What if the king of Hybern then tries to mind control Feyre again, but this time Feyre is able to keep herself sane by staying far enough away from the cauldron.

Feyre’s beast form. I imagine her as a gray wolf with Illyrian wings on her back. But unlike Tamlin’s feline wolf form, she’s just wolf. So Tamlin locks Feyre in the manor again because he won’t let her go to war, she breaks out and goes to the battlefield. Rhys and Tamlin is in the middle of fighting, both is in their beast form and Rhysand is winning. Then Tamlin does something she can’t make out and Rhys falls to his knees. Tamlin is just about to kill Rhys when a gray winged wolf tackles the sping lord away. Everyone stops fighting and stares as this gray wolf attack a high lord. When Feyre manages to injure Tamlin enough to check on her mate, she finds out he’s okay now. He places his hand on the wolf’s head and she leans in. He smiles and tells them it’s time to win this war.

Rhysand as an older brother

So we all know that Rhysand had a little sister before the absolute toolest-to-tool got in the way but just imagine what Rhysand would have been like as an older brother:

-He’d still be the annoying, over-bearing, over-protective, over-everything (come on, don’t tell me Rhys’ personality doesn’t thrive on being extra to everyone)

-But when she wasn’t around, he’d melt like butter every time she was mentioned (”Would do anything to protect you my smol bean” “…What did you just call me, Rhys??”)

-Please don’t even think about bullying her because not only would Rhys make you suffer, but so would best-friend/cousin Morrigan, holy-shit-terrifying-older-sister Amren, yes-you’re-my-favourite-older-brother Cassian, and the-chillest-and-illest Azriel.

-Period. Just. Don’t.

-Cheekiest older brother to cheeky (if you tell me Rhysand wouldn’t tease her about crying about crying over a dog picture, (and then crying in his room after she showed him the picture of the most floofiest, smollest, cutest to ever cute dog he’d ever seen) then you lyin’)

-Point to an ugly bat contest

-Like legit, they’d point to an unattractive bat picture

-“Dat u” 

-Like he’d be an ass, but you know it’s not Rhysand if he ain’t one of the best older brothers

-They would have a very, very close relationship

-I mean, she would take time to comfort him every time Rhys was stressed about becoming a High Lord and Rhys would in turn devote his life to having his little sister safe at his side

-Because being the High Lord of the Night Court would mean a target on his, and everyone he loves’ back 24/7

-But Rhys never tells that to his little sister

-That the thing he’s most afraid of is failing to protect her just because he was the heir to the throne (don’t even get me started on how guilty he felt when he heard that she died at the Spring Courts’ hands)

-Don’t even get me started if she started dating

-Like Rhys would have the address, number of living relatives, and the freaking social security number of their entire family in 2 seconds flat (”What?? Me?? Abusing my position as High Lord to find out who breathes where in my territory?? Noooooooo”)

-Just imagine family life within the Inner Circle and Rhysand’s little sister

*goes off to cry because the feels decked me like a patio on steriods*

*imagines her with the Inner Circle.* *cries even more*

*imagines her watching Rhys suffer Under the Mountain and meeting Feyre* *decks myself*

At the End of ACOMAF

The Fandom when reading the end of ACOMAF:

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Sarah J Maas writing the end of ACOMAF:

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Sarah J Maas: Oh I’m so good! *to the Fandom* Keep calm! Read on…*evil smile*
What if Lucien kills Tamlin!?

What if Lucien is tired of being treated badly! What if Lucien can’t let Tamlin hurt others anymore! What if Lucien doesn’t think about his mate when he does it, because his mate has been saved from having contact with the high lord of spring! What if he’s thinking about Feyre, what she said to him, about him! What if he remembered, “you choose him. Chose obeying him. Even when you saw what was happening to me!” And he’s not thinking that this is his mate’s sister, he’s thinking that this is his friend. A friend he failed, a friend that made him open his locked heart. What if he can’t let his once best friend blow out the candle of a light that entered his life. What if he’s sad for everything his best friend had done, and can’t stop apologizing. What if his last words to his best friend is, “I’m grateful for everything you gave me, Tamlin, but I can’t let you take the ones I have grown to love.”

Sarah J Maas vs. the fandom

Sarah: Creates Rowan Whitethorn as such

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Fandom: Re-creates Rowan Whitethorn as such

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Sarah: Creates Rhysand as such 

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Fandom: Re-creates Rhysand as such

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cresswell headcanon where cress is deadly afraid of spiders and has been ever since she saw one for the first time

Nope. Sorry. I do not headcanon that Cress is afraid of spiders. In fact, I headcanon the exact opposite – that Cress is in love with all animals, great and small and it’s in fact, Thorne, who is the one deathly afraid of spiders. After all, it is canon that Thorne freaks out when bugs are near.

  • So it’s really Thorne who squeals in a high-pitched voice when a spider is spotted in the galley. And it’s also Thorne who leaps onto one of the dining chairs as it teeters precariously from all of his excitement. 
    • Then it’s Cress who has to come to the rescue and roll her eyes when she finally sees what all the commotion is. And it’s Cress who grabs a sheet of paper and glass to capture the spider and keep it from scurrying away before they can release it outside. 
      • Then it’s Thorne who screams asks, “What are you doing? You need to kill it!”
      • And then it’s Cress who insists that they need to keep the spider safe until they can set it free outside.
      • And then it’s Thorne who hysterically demands insists that the spider be disposed of immediately. 
      • And then it’s Cress who threatens to release the spider onto Thorne’s shirt if he doesn’t stop acting like a big baby.
      • And then it’s Thorne who asks to sleep in Cress’s bed for the night, just in case the spider gets out.
  • It’s also Thorne who nearly pees his pants when they visit the world famous San Diego zoo and Cress volunteers to hold the gigantic, hairy tarantula. 
    • He may or may not have passed out when she stood there grinning as the zookeeper placed the tarantula on her head. 
    • He also may or may not have refused to kiss her until she took a shower and changed her clothes. 
  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • everyone around me: yes, you love Morrigan and Dorian Havilliard, we know, you love Morrigan and Dorian Havilliard so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love Morrigan and Dorian Havilliard, we KNOW , you love Morrigan and Dorian Havilliard you fucking love Morrigan and Dorian Havilliard ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE Morrigan and Dorian Havilliard. WE GET IT.