king of the wasteland

smoke.      a mix for youth trash royalty.  
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i:  fuckoff is not the only thing you have to show by css  ///  ii:  the high party by ted leo + the pharmacists  ///  iii:  tiny cities made of ashes by modest mouse  ///  iv:  disparate youth (the 2 bears remix) by santigold  ///  v:  love me or hate me by lady sovereign ft. missy elliott  ///  vi:  paper planes by m.i.a  ///  vii:  the walker by fitz and the tantrums  ///  viii:  kids these days by kongos  ///  ix:  everybody talks by neon trees  ///  x:  hate everyone by say anything  ///  xi:  don’t you (forget about me) by new found glory  ///  xii:  royals by lorde  ///  xiii:  new in town by little boots  ///  xiv:  lies by chvrches  ///  xv:  breezeblocks (rza remix) by alt-j  ///  xvi:  runabout by little dragon  ///  xvii:  american daydream by electric guest  ///  xiii:  we own the sky by m83  ///  xix: pieces by chase & status ft. plan-b  ///  bonus tracks:  diane young by vampire weekend  +  hideaway by kiesza


Now you stand reborn before us all // so glad to see you well // but I’m more than just a little curious // how you’re planning to go about  making your amends to the dead

king-of-the-wasteland asked:

((I don't know but Koschei is whining and he misses Theta so uhm..)) "Thete... Theta?" Koschei asked in a hushed voice. "Are you still awake?"

Giving a tiny noise the blond student stirred in his sleep, rolling on his back and clumsily reaching to his face to push the blond strands from his face. 
"am now.." he uttered, but it did just sound sleepy not in any way angry. 
Turning his head on the pillow to the door, he blinked a few times, still half-lidded eyes but a smile tugging at his lips:
"Hey, Kosch. is somethin’?"  


Working with friends at Vlambeer on their next game: WASTELAND KINGS!
Did some promotional art based on Paul Veer’s awesome designs!
Also did a t-shirt design (the red and yellow image) that was available at PAX.
Game development will be streamed weekly, and I might even stream some art too! It’ll be out on Steam for PC/Mac as well as on PS4 and PSVita! Check the website for more info.

Excited to be working on this, everyone on the team is super talented!

For now, you can try the MOJAM version that was made last year.

It also happens to be Vlambeer’s 3rd birthday today, made this little .gif for them:


#ThrowbackThursday! Let’s take it back to Pierce the Veil’s ‘King For A Day’ music video featuring Kellin Quinn!

Also don’t forget to check out their “This Is A Wasteland’ tour documentary!