king of the wasteland

Wasteland critters and mutants

“Naturally” developed mutants:

  • Mole rats and pig rats, huge rats (New California)
  • Mantises, from praying mantises (New California)
  • Radscorpion, from north american emperor scorpions (New California, DC Wasteland and the Mojave)
  • Brahmin, from regular cows (All fucking over the place)
  • Ghouls and feral ghouls, from humans, origin debated, possibly “accidental” combination of background FEV and high radiation
  • Slags, from humans sealed in an isolated environment (New California)
  • Giant ants, ants (All over)
  • Geckos, from pre-war geckos (New California and the Mojave)
  • Swamp folk, humans from a unique combination of radiation, local toxicity and possible inbreeding (Point Lookout)
  • Trogs, humans affected by Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion (The Pitt)
  • Yao Guai, from black bears (DC Wasteland, Zion Canyon)
  • Bloatflies, from bloatflies (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Mirelurk and swamplurks, from chesapeake bay horseshoe crabs (DC Wasteland)
  • Mirelurk kings, swamplurk queens and lakelurks, from snapping turtles (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Radroaches, from cockroaches (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Marked men, from humans (The Divide)
  • Bighorner, from bighorn sheep (The Mojave)
  • Tunnellers, from people (The Divide)

Genetically engineered mutants:

  • Deathclaws, from jackson’s chameleon among other creatures DNA (Pre-war government)
  • Intelligent deathclaws (Enclave)
  • Cazadors, from tarantula hawk wasps (Dr. Borous, Big Mountain)
  • Nightstalkers, from rattlesnake and coyote DNA (Dr. Borous, Big Mountain)
  • Centaurs, from a large variety of creatures thrown together, most notably cats, humans and dogs (The Master, New California)
  • Floater, most likely from flatworms (The Master, New California)
  • Mariposa super mutants and nightkin, from humans (The Master, New California
  • The master (FEV accident)
  • Wanamingos, no fucking clue what they were made of (Pre-war government)
  • Spore plants, from venus flytraps (Vault 22)
  • Vault 87 super mutants, from humans (Vault 87)
  • Fire ants, modified giant ants (Doctor Lesko)
  • Giant mantises, from praying mantises (Vault 22)
  • Ghost people, from humans changed by the Cloud (Big Mt experiment in Sierra Madre)
  • Spore carriers, from dead people (Vault 22 and Big Mt)
  • Frank Horrigan (Enclave)
  • Harold (FEV accident)

king-of-the-wasteland asked:

((I don't know but Koschei is whining and he misses Theta so uhm..)) "Thete... Theta?" Koschei asked in a hushed voice. "Are you still awake?"

Giving a tiny noise the blond student stirred in his sleep, rolling on his back and clumsily reaching to his face to push the blond strands from his face. 
“am now..” he uttered, but it did just sound sleepy not in any way angry. 
Turning his head on the pillow to the door, he blinked a few times, still half-lidded eyes but a smile tugging at his lips:
“Hey, Kosch. is somethin’?”  

Send me a ۵ and my character will react to having your character come up behind them and start kissing their shoulder up their neck.

He wasn’t really keeping one big laboratory for himself, but preferred to have a lot of small ones. A lot of them either time engineering or biological research. Small observatory rooms, with the view on one of the gardens.That’s exactly where he had disappeared after a larger argument with the Master. Naturally he broke some of the fragile glass vials being clumsy in anger, but still tried to distract himself with work. 
Of course he sensed the other Time Lord long before he even entered the room, but what he did surprised him enough to freeze and tense up even under the gentle touch of the other’s lips on his neck. 
“What are you intending with this, Master?” he said quietly, still the distance created by the row in his voice.  


when u try to roll as fish but big bandit gets there first