king of the netherlands

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is set to host a special dinner for 150 Netherlanders who share the same birthday as him (April 27th) and who are celebrating jubilee years ending in 5 or 0, in celebration of his 50th birthday this year. The King’s 50th Birthday will also be marked with 50 hours of public celebration at the palace as it is opened to the public

Dutch Royal House

I hope we’ll lots of other royals attending!


02/04/2017: Queen Maxima and King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, Princess Catharina Amalia of the Netherlands, Princess Beatrice of York, Queen Anne-Marie and King Constantine of Greece, Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, Princess Maria Olympia, Prince Nikolaos of Greece, and former Queen Sofia of Spain attended the wedding of Filippos Lemos and Marianna Goulandris in London, England. Marie Chantal and Pavlos’ son, Prince Odysseus-Kimon, also served as a ring bearer in the wedding. Princesses Alexia and Ariane of the Netherlands also served as flower girls. .


Kate Through the Years

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Every photo of Kate since her engagement, from Miss Middleton to the Duchess of Cambridge.

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April 30, 2016- The official portrait from King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday banquet 


this just in: the actual KING of the netherlands dabbed in public

Violent spelling mistakes

Belgium: “Your spelling is atrocious.”
Netherlands: “No it isn’t, what are you talking about?”
Belgium: “You wrote the word ‘geweld’ as: ghewelt, gheweldt, geweldt and gewelt in a single document.”
Netherlands: “…I recall no such thing…”

Empress Joséphine’s Sapphire and Diamond Parure, sold by Hortense de Beauharnais, Queen of Holland, to King Louis Philippe of the French in 1821.

♠︎ Kingdom of Spades ♠︎

Made a quick lineart for the kingdom and rushed it so the colours are flat. I like the Benelux siblings under the Spades but next time, I’ll add the other Kirkland brothers and the original cast.

King: America, Queen: England, Jack: China, Ace: Hong Kong, Knights 10 & 8: Netherlands & Luxembourg, Priestess 9: Belgium

I seem to have the habit of forgetting to draw Texas.


Yes, I’ve landed in the Netherlands.

King Louis was the first king of the Netherlands. He was the brother of Napoleon. He wanted to connect with his people, and so he tried to say “Ik ben uw koning,” meaning “I am your king,” yet because of his French accent, it ended up sounding like “Ik ben uw konijn,” meaning “I am your rabbit.”

Thus he became known as the Rabbit King!

It’s interesting how the Dutch disliked the idea of a monarchy at first but now ended up being one of the few remaining monarchies.