king of the jungle gym

Suitors as kids based on their MBTI

Leo (ENTP)- that kid with no inside voice. “Shhhh inside voice.” “LIKE THIS!?”

Alyn (ISFJ) - that one kid who saves every animal he finds and stands up to bullies for friends.

Louis (INFJ) - the kid who cries when someone kills a spider.

Sid (ESTP)-the kid that squashes the spider, and flicks his boogers at girls.

Nico (ESFP) - the kid that eats playdough and licks the frozen lamppost.

Giles (ENFJ)- that kid that brings poached salmon for lunch and winks at his teacher.

Byron (ENTJ)- that king of the playground kid who sits at the top of the jungle gym.

Albert (ISTJ) - that kid with the asthma inhaler in 2nd grade, and one day he chucks it to give CPR to the 4th grade beauty queen and never uses it again.

Robert (ISFP) -that kid making the Taj Mahal out of clay, while you’re over here just trying to get the general shape of Gumby.

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Number 5 pretty please!

“So is it just you raising them or do they have another parent?” Holly asked, turning to face her.

Gail smiled, she’d been waiting for this question for the past two hours. “It’s just the three of us. They’re a product of a one night stand. I did find the guy but he isn’t one for responsability, I got lucky with him though. He gives me money when he can, has given me all of his family history -which includes twins- and is willing to meet them when they get old enough to understand his side.”

“He sounds nice.” Holly commented.

“He is. Ollie get’s her hair colour from him, Zander gets his freckles and curls from him and same thing with both of their athleticism.” she smiled as she watched her children crawl around the jungle gym in the Burger King.

“Oliver Traci Peck I told you to stop doing that. One more time and you’re going to be sitting here watching your brother play” Gail yelled to the blonde girl with a pointing finger.

Holly smiled, “I thought her name was Olivia and we just called her Ollie cuz it’s cute.”

Gail chuckled at the memory, she barely noticed how different her daughters name was anymore. “She’s named after my old TO, he convinced me to name one of them after him. I was iffy about it at first but then was told I was going to have two boys so I was like ‘why not’. After finding out she wasn’t a boy I started to play with other names, I couldn’t. Her name was Oliver, so I changed her middle name to a girls and that was that.”

Holly nodded along, intrigued by Gail’s logic and incaptivated by her voice. Everything about this woman had her incaptivated.

“Did you just like the name Traci or is it also after someone?”

“Traci is someone I owe my life to so it seemed fitting. She’s actually my sister-in-law. And before you ask yes Zander is also named after people. His full name is Aleczander Steven Peck, Steven is my brothers name and I’ve always loved the name Zander. You know Buffy The Vampire Slayer right?” she chuckled.

Holly laughed, “I thought it might have been a Buffy thing.”

They sat in silence watching the kids play. It’d been a long time since Gail had thought about in a romantic way, it’d been even longer since she’d even considered it but there was something about Holly. She was different. Gail could usually set her feelings aside, letting logic set in a concrete wall to prevent such things. She was too busy for dating and didn’t want to break her childrens hearts if anything happened. But she couldn’t get the wall up with Holly. The brunette snuck in when she wasn’t looking and had set up camp with no intention of moving. Gail’s stomach dropped at the thought. 

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