king of the goobers

I have so many feels about FFXV and so far they’re all happy feels?! And the four of them are so domestic. Prompto is adorable and the fact that he’s voiced by Sway-Sway from Breadwinners make me love him even more.

And when the art for Noct first came out (back in the FFXIII/Novala Crystalis or whatever days) he was like Prince Emo but really he’s snarky and takes his role seriously and is a good friend.

And I just need all the Gladio/Iggy fic. They’re already so damn domestic and refer to traveling with Noct and Prompto as baby sitting.

Ignis seems all stuffy but he’s just as sassy as the rest of them. Gladiolus looks like he could give Derek Hale a run for his money as King of Brooding but he’s a giant goober who loves his sister and teases everyone and lavender is so his favorite color fight me.

Maleficent may not be the most coherent film, but man, that last fight. The climactic confrontation is like watching the final bosses from two completely different video games square off. It’s kind of awesome, in a deeply juvenile way - sure, it doesn’t make any damn sense for King Steve to randomly level up from royal goober to Lord Fucking Sauron in the final act, but just go with it. Kick his ass, Mal!

Oh my GOOOSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My commission from zombietonbo is done AND IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! She did a scene from Data is King, and ahhh!!!!! Look how happy those goobers are!!! BWEEEE Look at their stupid happy faces!!!!

(The resizing on tumblr is making it look crinkly so PLEASE click and see it in its full-size glory!!)

“Holy shit.” Sam’s voice behind Steve, his footsteps entering the kitchen. Steve stepped aside so he could look into the ‘fridge.

“He’s got bread.” Sam was looking through the cabinets. He pulled out a loaf of wheat bread, shoving it at Steve. Steve’s stomach growled. “He’s got rice,” Sam continued, rummaging through the cabinet. “And pasta. Holy shit, Steve.”

“I know,” Steve whispered, still dumb-struck and staring at the milk.

“Do you want to make lunch?” Sam asked. Steve turned to look at him and ended up bursting out laughing. Sam’s arms were full of various grain products: cereals and bread and pasta and rice. He looked like a kid on his birthday, or their parents when Steve came to town with packs and packs full of food.

“One thing,” Steve said, tugging all the products out of Sam’s arms and putting them back in the cabinet. “Something with the perishables, while they’re still good.”

Sam was crinkling the bread lovingly between his hands, ear turned to it so he could listen to the crust crack. “Something with bread,” Sam insisted.