king of the east

Not Their Land, Not Their Kind

When folks immigrated from the Old World to the New it was only natural that, due to the power of belief and curiosity, some of the Gentry went as well. They found the wilds, untouched and untamed, of this strange new world perfect for their homes and laid claim to whatever they pleased.

They had not counted on the land already belonging to those who saw them as not but invading parasites.

To the west the birds of thunder and the flesh eaters with an eternal hunger ruled.
To the south the creatures of the lakes, water panthers and monsters of the deep, were kings.
To the east the savage spirits of the trees and vengeance held sway.
And in the frozen lands of the north, a giant wolf devoured any, human or Gentry, foolish enough to challenge him.

When a girl came from the eastern shores of that strange land to Elsewhere, she came with the knowledge passed from an Irish grandmother. She came with respect for the crows and the good sense to keep her gaze down and to avoid certain places that hummed with unseen force. She wore no iron. Carried no salt. She bore no trinkets or charms of protection. And yet she walked freely as only a few could.

The Gentry kept their distance from the girl with mismatched shoes and an Irish lilt to her words. This Canadian girl with Old World blood from a land where the Gentry had not been welcome.

For she did not come alone.

One of them, those ancient spirits who had refused to bow, who had refused to give up what was rightly theirs to invaders, had come with her. And, when it looked at the Gentry, it looked hungry.


tony totally does have a superpower. its just that his superpower is not dying of caffeine overdose which only rarely comes in handy when fighting supervillians
Things I will forever hate:

Season finale cliffhanger…and than the show being canceled. 

Kpop Groups as Kings
  • Vixx: Kings of amazing legs and concepts
  • Big bang: Kings
  • SHINee: Kings of amazing fandoms and harmonies
  • Seventeen: Kings of remixes
  • Super Junior: Kings of still staying relevant despite the amount of scandals and waiting for members to finish military service
  • BTS: Kings of proving everyone wrong
  • Exo: Kings of making you stan even tho you don't stan
  • Infinite: Kings of synchronization (duh)
  • Topp Dogg: Kings of having underappreciated discographies
  • Nu'est: Kings of getting revived by PD101
  • HOTSHOT: Kings of having bomb-ass title songs that people need to listen to more often
  • Day6: Kings of covers
  • The East Light: Kings of me constantly posting propaganda to get y'all to stan them, they're coming back with their first mini album Six Senses with "I Got You" as the title track on July 26th
A Brief Education

Hello Internet :) 

This man is DON BLUTH 

he is an artist 

a cartoon artist 

an animator, if you will.

He is responsible for some work on the following classics 

As you may have noticed - these are Disney films. 

This nice man worked for Disney.


Mr Bluth didn’t like the way Disney did stuff. He wanted the animation to return to its heyday. He thought the films they were producing were a bit lame. 

So he left! 

He left The Walt Disney Company.

And he started his own company. 

Don Bluth Productions 

(With a few other ex-Disney animators :) ) 

Now pay attention. 

He proceeded to make some really cool films you might have seen, such as: 

Now then.

These films were doing really well (look, that one has Steven Spielberg involved!) 

Don Bluth was happy :) 

Disney were doing this: 

**Disclaimer: I LOVE The Black Cauldron** …But 

Compared to

But then Disney made some decisions and fired some people and hired some people.

They found a story they’d shelved several years back and tried a few things.

So in the early 90’s Don Bluth accidentally did this 

Whilst Disney had managed to do this 

To combat that Mr Bluth tried a clever trick 

He ALSO took a Hans Christian Anderson story (woo) 

Made the protagonist a red head (yeah this’ll work!)

and cast Jodi Benson in the titular role (sure fire win) 

Woo Yeah! Genius we…


Meanwhile Disney had found their Renaissance and continued for the next 10 years with:

Oooh lets see what Don Bluth is doing! 

….oh….oh i’m so sorry. 

Oooh,how about now? 

….I’ll stop..

He used Disney’s successful renaissance tropes 

  • A sassy, resourceful princess 
  • A handsome, sassy ‘prince’
  • A scary, gross, evil villain 
  • Beautiful songs
  • Famous actors to voice the characters 

But it is not Disney. 

It’s still Don Bluth 













The Don Bluth Production Studios died a death, they had a couple more films afterwards (a shitty sequel to Anastasia focusing on the bat, and Titan A.E), but sadly they were heard of no more.

Don Bluths heyday was over :( 

In the early 80’s, he was meant to do an adaptation of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, which i’m convinced would have been a gorgeous hit. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the financial backing :( 

So there we have it. This post was spawned from a article that referenced to Anastasia as a Disney Princess - something the internet keeps doing. 

There’s a beautiful gif set on Tumblr that expresses the amount of animated women mistaken for Disney Princesses - but I felt Mr Bluth deserved his own brief historical explanation. 


Rivamika Meta Masterlist [Part II]

[Part I]


  1. Does Levi have feelings for Mikasa? ( @canon-rivamika )
  2. Do you think Isayama ships Rivamika? ( @canon-rivamika )
  3. What do you think makes Levi and Mikasa compatible? ( @perksofbeingawaifu )
  4. Romantic Rivamika might not sail, but what about platonic Rivamika? ( @ackerslave )
  5. How do you explain Levi’s frequent, speechless glances at Mikasa? ( @canon-rivamika )
  6. There are many ways Rivamika can develop, and it doesn’t need to be romantic to be canon ( @suniuz )
  7. Levi is secretly Isayama’s self insert character and Mikasa is based on his dream girl ( @amayaokami )
  8. Why is Levi so obsessed with the fact that Mikasa cares about Eren? ( @canon-rivamika​ )
  9. Rivamika and the age gap ( @viktornikiiforov / @alienheartattack )
  10. The age difference of Levi and Mikasa ( @whyiloverivamika )


  1. Levi and Mikasa were experimented on ( @matsuoqa )
  2. Levi knew about Kenny’s surname ( @stishovite )
  3. Levi didn’t know about the Ackerman thing at all ( @fuku-shuu / Husam )
  4. Kenny trained Levi to be the perfect solder, Levi’s memories were implanted into Mikasa by the Reiss, Mikasa’s kidnapping was actually an order from Kenny so she could be used as a weapon by the royal family ( @canon-rivamika )
  5. Isayama planned Levi and Mikasa’s connection from the start, so did Mikasa’s parents die randomly? ( @fuku-shuu )
  6. Clue for Levi being Asian ( @ackersexual )
  7. Levi’s age and his true relation to Mikasa ( @mundanekamilia )
  8. Asian and Ackerman persecution, Mikasa is the ultimate product of two powerful bloodlines ( @fuku-shuu )
  9. Kenny wants an Ackerman arranged marriage! ( @alienheartattack )
  10. Levi needs to come out as an Ackerman ( @amayaokami )
  11. Deathbed Ackertalk ( @shortie-levi )
  12. When is there going to be the Ackertalk and how will it be? ( @snkception / @generouslycoldstranger )
  13. Perhaps Levi slowly started to suspect he might be an Ackerman like Mikasa, since they were more alike than he initially thought ( @iamthewallrose )
  14. The Ackermans and the Asian Clan ( @beyond-the-dork )
  15. Ackerman powers actually come from warrior memories implanted on them by the Reiss ( @canon-rivamika )
  16. Little Mikasa did get an Ackertalk from her parents ( @momtaku )
  17. Mikasa is “some sort of unholy hybrid of rebellion for the monarchy” ( @momtaku )
  18. The Ackerpower includes healing powers! ( @falcon94ssy )
  19. Random Ackerman / Warrior thoughts ( @momtaku )
  20. Mikasa heals very quickly, but what about her cuts / burns from chapter 83? ( @canon-rivamika​ )
  21. The “Ackerbond”, Mikasa and the guidebook interviews ( @momtaku )
  22. In order to tie up all the loose ends in the final arc of the manga, Isayama will need to address the Ackermans and East Sea Clan mysteries again, either in the form of a new Ackertalk or something else ( @canon-rivamika )
  23. What if Flegel Reeves brings up the Ackertalk again by mentioning Levi’s surname to Mikasa? ( @leviyato / @canon-rivamika )
  24. The Ackerman Family, the Eldians and the Marley: Does Mikasa have Eldian blood? What about Levi? ( @canon-rivamika )
  25. There must be Ackerman info in Grisha’s files ( @canon-rivamika )
  26. It seems that at least part of both the Ackerman and East Sea Clans, who served the Fritz King long ago, fled from the mainland to Paradis Island, but did they inherit Ymir’s blood? ( @canon-rivamika )
  27. Why did the Ackermans and the East Sea Clan flee with the First King to Paradis if they were considered enemies of the crown? Because long ago, they served the royal family directly ( @canon-rivamika )
  28. East Sea Clan quick thoughts ( @falcon94ssy )
  29. What does Mikasa know after the Ackertalk according to the recent Levi AU Smartpass interview? ( @daydream24-7 / @ackerslave )
  30. How relevant is the Levi AU Smartpass interview? Did Levi and Mikasa have a second Ackertalk after all? ( @kenken-chan )
  31. Why is Levi stronger than Mikasa if they’re both Ackermans? Wasn’t Kenny just as strong as him? ( @ackerslave )
  32. When did Levi really awaken his Ackerpower? ( @canon-rivamika​ ) 
  33. The power of the titans runs in the blood of each Ackerman ( @falcon94ssy )


  1. The closest familial relationship between Levi and Mikasa is third or fourth cousins ( @el-rabbit )
  2. Levi and Mikasa being related doesn’t sink the Rivamika ship ( @mirime-kisarrastine )
  3. If you think Rivamika is incest, the major bloodline inside the walls is even more related ( @fuku-shuu / @ackersexual )
  4. Ackerman Family Tree explained ( @amayaokami )
  5. Levi and Mikasa are only distantly related, and their relationship can evolve in a good way since he sees her differently ( @canon-rivamika )
  6. Levi and Mikasa didn’t address each other by name during their fight, perhaps they aren’t ready or willing to see each other as family yet ( @canon-rivamika )
  7. How should I answer when people say that Levi and Mikasa are related? ( @canon-rivamika )
  8. Only because two people come from the same bloodline doesn’t mean their relationship is incest ( @sassans / @canon-rivamika )
  9. Levi’s age and bloodline were relevant to the storyline, but only up to the Uprising Arc ( @canon-rivamika )
  10. Levi and Mikasa are distant cousins according to both Chapter 65 and the ANSWERS databook ( @canon-rivamika )
  11. Would Rivamika be the most popular ship if they had different surnames? ( @amayaokami )
  12. Back in the day chapter 65 was realeased we didn’t even need the new ANSWERS databook to prove that Levi and Mikasa were distantly related ( @fuku-shuu / @k-lionheart / @thirstylevi )
  13. It’s curious how Isayama made sure to confirm Levi and Mikasa were very distantly related ( @amayaokami


  1. Levi’s flower is the Hydrangea ( @ackersexual )
  2. Levi is in his early 30’s, do I have to let go of Rivamika? ( @riivamika )
  3. Levi’s body posture when talking to others (including the Ackertalk) ( @momtaku​ )
  4. The correct, formal way to address Levi is by “Heishichou” and Mikasa is the only recruit that calls him directly by this title ( @canon-rivamika​ )
  5. A Timeline of Levi Ackerman ( @shortie-levi )
  6. In no way is Levi not emotional ( @ereminions / @l-e-v-i-ackerman )
  7. Levi was in Erwin’s exact same position when Mikasa confronted him, and sees in Mikasa a reflection of his young self ( @canon-rivamika​ )
  8. Is Levi a rightie or leftie? ( @canon-rivamika )
  9. Shipping Levi with happiness comes first ( @canon-rivamika )
  10. What kind of people Levi likes? Isayama: Tall people ( @papermoon2 )
  11. What if Levi’s cravat was made from scraps of his mother’s old shirt? ( @yuyuworld )
  12. “Levi doesn’t care about anyone” - okay, so, please explain this ( @titan-princess )


  1. Mikasa’s character development in the Uprising and Return to Shiganshina Arcs ( @erensjaegerbombs​ )
  2. Contrary to popular belief, Mikasa has been in the spotlight in the Return to Shiganshina arcs ( @aotopmha​ / @daydream24-7​ )
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  7. Will Mikasa go back to being overprotective over Eren and Armin? ( @canon-rivamika )
  8. Will Mikasa ever go back to being an ordinary girl like she used to be in her childhood? ( @etoincognito )
  9. Mikasa’s character development wasn’t ruined by the serumbowl, on the contrary ( @raelis1 / @aotopmha​ / @daydream24-7​ )
  10. Where’s Mikasa’s opinion on the Ackerman ordeal? ( @daydream24-7 / @canon-rivamika )


  1. Shikishima, from the Live action movie, is the name of a battleship, just like Mikasa ( @fuku-shuu )
  2. First Mikasa, now Levi jumps to save Eren from Reiner ( @amayaokami / @ariam-jan )
  3. Shiganshina Trio and veterans parallel ( @iamthewallrose )
  4. Levi and Mikasa’s first titan kills ( @wilya-fui )
  5. Ackermans and their lieges, who changed their lives ( @momtaku )
  6. Levi and Mikasa: Last words from their families ( @canon-rivamika )
  7. Mikasa looked really impressed when Levi appeared in front of EMA for the first time to save them. Perhaps she always admired him from a distance? Is that why she copies his attack moves? ( @fuku-shuu / @megillien / @amayaokami )
  8. Levi’s cravat and Mikasa’s scarf may be their tribute to their loved ones, a memento from innocent days long gone ( @lenok993 )
  9. A heroic parallel, Part 2: Mikasa & Levi ( @jeanandthedreamofhorses )
  10. The very moment Levi and Mikasa realized they were on their own ( @fuku-shuu )
  11. Mikasa’s trust in Levi is much akin to Levi’s trust in Erwin ( @canon-rivamika )

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you were watching the road

captive prince playlists: 

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dust to dust : the civil wars // i walk the line : halsey // better love : hozier // issues : julia michaels // love is blindness : jack white // shake it out - acoustic : florence + the machine // don’t let me down : joy williams // desperado : rihanna // walls : kings of leon // cold : matchbox twenty // monster : mumford & sons // poison & wine : the civil wars // the love we stole : bear’s den // we belong together : gavin degraw // carry your throne : jon bellion // pillowtalk : zayn // young & beautiful : lana del rey // i’ve told you now - live : sam smith // beautiful war : kings of leon  // blindsided : bon iver // elastic heart - live : sia // save yourself : kaleo // east : sleeping at last // flesh & bone : keaton henson  // hearts a mess : gotye // holes in the sky : m83 // blood hands : royal blood // torches : x ambassadors // i’m gonna be (500 miles) : sleeping at last // wish that you were here : florence + the machine // the night we met : lord huron // same mistake : james blunt // third eye: florence + the machine // when you break : bear’s den // i’ll be good : jaymes young // all the king’s horses : karmina // too much is never enough : florence + the machine // the wolves (act I & II) : bon iver // kings : tribe society // sex on fire : kings of leon // weight in gold : gallant // mirrors : justin timberlake // now comes the night : rob thomas // this year’s love : david grey // a place only you can go : needtobreathe // only love : mumford & sons

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