king of the damned

Captain Swan Alphabet - A Drabble Series

A series of dabbles for every letter in the alphabet, set in different OUAT episodes. Send me requests if you like, a word and the episode, too, if you like!

1. Authority (set in 2x12)

Killian Jones had parted ways with authority countless years ago, when the greed of a King who didn’t give a damn about those who served him ordered his brother on a quest that had ultimately killed him. Any deference he might’ve felt towards royalty had died along with Liam, so it made little sense that he should feel anything but his usual scorn and disdain for these nobles, no matter how lovely the golden haired lass with the green eyes was, never mind that she seemed far more pirate than princess. Despite how appealing he found her, coolly confident, commanding, as she fished for, demanded, information, it would never work. He would never submit to another, never let anyone have power, let alone absolute authority over him ever again.

2. Bargain (set in 5x08)

She’s been alone for the majority of her life, an orphan, a lost girl, struggling for everything she’s ever owned, ever had, learning how to beg, lie, cheat and bargain to survive. But now, as the man she loves lies dying, as he pleads with her to let him go, to live out her life and face a future without him-Emma knows the time for deals, for bargaining, is done. She will do whatever it takes to save him, pay any price, even if that price is her soul.  

3. Crave (set in 3x05)

The challenge lies heavy between them, a tempting, thrilling, dangerous thing. It is a gamble, and such things are always easier when nothing of real value is on the line. Should either of them walk away, the only harm would be a bit of hurt pride, but should they engage-there is no way to tell what will happen next. The smart thing to do would be to retreat but..neither has made it a habit to back down from a fight.

Like their last duel, the sword fight on the edge of the portal that had whisked her back to her world, she attacks first. Her grip is strong, unyielding, and had he been reluctant to participate, he would have found it difficult to resist her insistent pull. Things being what they are, he goes rather more eagerly than he’s done anything in a very long time, and at the first touch of her mouth against his, the aggression in her kiss, the show of force meant to prove just who can and cannot handle ‘this’ that rapidly morphs into something else…he is lost, and he would be quite content to never be found again.

Just like their last duel, the advantage of first strike doesn’t last long. She means to kiss him like he’s never been kissed before, to stay in control and then leave it and him with absolutely no question as to who has won this particular round, but then his hand is in her hair, his tongue licks at hers like he was born to do it, and then one kiss turns to two to three to four and she can barely breathe and is strangely all right with that fact. For a few precious moments, as she  takes and he gives, as she returns and he sends the tide right back to her, she forgets the despair, she forgets the fear and she knows only that she wants…more. When she finally lets go, she walks away on shaky legs and leaves him behind still gasping for breath.

Neither knows who won.


When you have your main teams you support but you also love specific players in the other teams and because you love them you kinda love their team too, so you're stuck loving all the teams like the hoe that you are

ppl who still see/portray yixing as air-headed or ‘high’ all the time like… have u ever actually heard him speak? have u ever even read any of his interviews or listened to him give a speech? boy has so much going on in his head it’s honestly mind blowing … he’s so eloquent? he communicates so well n he’s so intelligent n introspective n he speaks like 3 languages n is also a damn musical prodigy so like where the fck do ppl get off acting like he a ditz lmao