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Harry Hook x Reader - True Love’s Kiss

Requested: By anonymous: Headcanons for Harry snapping his s/o out of a curse/spell & realizing that he is their true love, please and thank you.

Warnings: none

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No one is really even sure how you ended up under the sleeping curse.
You didn’t prick yourself, you didn’t eat a poison apple.

Everyone knew the cure though, the kiss of true love.

Uma marched out of your room, followed by Gil, going out to grab her first mate, your boyfriend.

Harry was in shock when Uma told him that you were currently up in your dorm under a curse.
She didn’t even get the chance to tell him what the curse was and what he needed to do before he ran past her, cursing loudly.

He wouldn’t let anyone else into your dorm room, keeping by your side for hours whilst he tried to figure out how to wake you up.

It finally dawns on Harry, he remembered something about a kiss with sleeping curses.
So, not knowing the fact that true love’s kiss breaks the spell, he kisses you right as your dorm room opens.

Uma is grinning on either side of Ben whilst Evie squeals as they watch you wake up.
Ben smiles fondly. “True love’s kiss.”

Harry is holding you when he looks at the King in annoyance.
“The hell ye talking about beasty?”

Then Harry realizes, the whole kiss with the sleeping curse…it was true love’s kiss.

He starts straight up grinning like a madman as he looks at you, kissing you deeply and passionately.

“So, what’s it like havin’ a pirate for a true love luv?”


On this day in music history: March 7, 1987 - “Licensed To Ill”, the debut album by the Beastie Boys hits #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for 7 weeks, also peaking at #2 on the R&B album chart. Produced by Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys, it is recorded at Chung King House Of Metal in New York City, from Early 1985 - Late 1986. Combining stripped down beats with Hip Hop and rock samples, it is one of the main catalysts in crossing rap music and Hip Hop culture over into mainstream pop culture. The album spin off six singles including “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” and “Brass Monkey”. The albums iconic cover art by David Gambale (aka “World B. Omes”) features an illustration of a 727 jet crashing into the side of a mountain. On tail end of the plane is the aircraft registration number “3MTA3”, which is actually an in-joke that when viewed in a mirror reads “EAT ME”. An instant smash upon its release, it becomes one of the fastest selling debut albums of all time, selling over a million copies in its first two weeks of release. The album makes further history in the 90’s as a catalog title. Following the Beasties resurgence in popularity after the releases of “Check Your Head” and “Ill Communication”, “Licensed To Ill” begins selling again at an unprecedented rate for catalog rap album. When Def Jam changes distribution from Sony Music to Polygram in 1994, it sells between 500,000 and 800,000 copies a year for the next five years. “Licensed To Ill” is certified 10x Platinum in the US by the RIAA, earning a Diamond Certification.

Island of Misfit Delinquents Part 2

A/N: O wants to go to the zoo, Murphy advocates against Body Shaming, Jasper is zebra prejudice, and the gang runs into some trouble….. So like just any other typical day


The Island of Misfit Delinquents

5:15 am

Blake 2: *added Nathan Miller + JJ Goggles + Smol Son Monty to the group chat*

Blake 2: Which one of you sons of bitches is up for road trip to the Polis Zoo

Blake 1: I’ll gladly offer up my car to drive you back to where you belong among the wild beasts


Nathan Miller: I just spent the past three hours trying to get this lanky drunk dude in a neon pink spandex body suit and feather boa who was screaming obscenities at me home so count me as a no

King Azgeda: Wait I thought you were working last night. I didn’t know you were hanging out with Jasper

JJ Goggles: Don’t roast me like this 

Smol Son Monty: Yeah roast anything else about him but his body suit

Smol Son Monty: He’s very insecure about his figure


Commander Clarke: John Murphy- the hero I never knew our group needed

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Such a cliched anti-hero, that John Murphy


Blake 1: What a power couple

Blake 2: But for real lets go to the zoo today. Roan said he’d buy me a churro. Or twelve

King Azgeda: You’re definitely not having 12 churros 

Blake 2: You’re not my boyfriend anymore

King Azgeda: You’re definitely not having 12 churros CAUSE I WAS GOING TO BUY YOU 13 CHURROS

Commander Clarke: Nice save 



JJ Goggles: Hey O

Blake 2: Hey J

JJ Goggles: How would you feel about Monty and I sneaking alcohol into the zoo?

Smol Son Monty: HYPOTHETICALLY sneaking in alcohol

Blake 2: I’d say HYPOTHETICALLY maybe

JJ Goggles: I’ve always wanted to get drunk at the zoo and naked fight the zebras

Blake 2: OH MY SHIT

Blake 2: PLEASE

Blake 2: But what do you have against the zebras, Jas?

JJ Goggles: They’ve got SO many stripes. Like pick a single color you over-hyped up multi-colored horse fuckers

Blake 2: ?

Smol Son Monty: Don’t mind him. He’s already started pre-gaming

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

7:30 am

Caw Caw Little Birdy: For whoever is riding in my car to the zoo, your father and I are here outside Casa Blake

Murph-Man: Yes, it is I, your father. And you are all disappointments and the reason I drink

Commander Clarke: Awww it’s like I’m actually talking to my real parents

Blake 1: BABE OMG

Commander Clarke: Wow forgot to compartmentalize my feelings there for a second #wildin

Blake 2: Don’t worry, Clarkey. I got fruit snacks and juice pouches to help numb the pain 

Commander Clarke: Scooby-Doo ones?

Blake 2: Are there any other kind of fruit snacks?

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Like jinkies gang! Get in the Mystery Machine or Murphy’s pasty ass is the only one going to the zoo

Blake 1 + Commander Clarke

8:09 am

Blake 1: Remind me again why we decided to split up the cars into boys and girls?

Commander Clarke: Cause Raven, O and I aren’t about to spend the next two hours listening to you guys bitch about our music

Blake 1: You bitch about Taylor Swift one time….

Commander Clarke: I can assure you we will never forget

Commander Clarke: *I-Knew-Bellamy-Was-Trouble.vid*

King Azgeda created a new chat

9:54 am

King Azgeda: *named the chat Beastie Boys*

Murph-Man: I can’t believe youre subjectifying me to this 1987 swill 

King Azgeda: Appreciate the classics


Blake 1: *guitar solo from the gods*

Blake 1: B R O O K L Y N


Smol Son Monty: Ya’ll sleeping on Boyz To Men

JJ Goggles: I got you little homie 

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

9:57 am

King Azgeda: Had to make a small pit stop

Blake 2: What why

Blake 1: Just needed to stretch our legs

Murph-Man: All of us

King Azgeda: In separate directions

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Did you guys sing I’ll Make Love To You by Boyz To Men to each other again?

Commander Clarke: fuck you guys we’ve been over this

JJ Goggles: Idk what those others losers are talking about 

JJ Goggles: I was going IN on that song

Murph-Man: Yeah and making direct eye contact while singing it to us

JJ Goggles: Masculinity so fragile #cantrelate 

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

10:32 am


Commander Clarke: We’ve been waiting in the parking lot of the zoo for like 20 wtf

Caw Caw Little Birdy: O is starting to smell the fresh baked churros and honestly I’ve never been more afraid for my wellbeing 

Blake 2: HELLO

Blake 2: Listen here shit-for-brains 

Blake 2: You guys are going to get here and you are going to get here NOW

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Um pls hurry 


Commander Clarke: Did you have a stroke while typing, Monty?


Nathan Miller: I have about eight million texts to read through but I’m glad I woke up to Bellamy’s frantic text about being deceased

Commander Clarke: Are you guys ok?!

JJ Goggles: We’re fine bUUUT Roan totally made me spill like half my flask down the front of my pants when he went to shield me and Monty with his chiseled upper body

King Azgeda: Sorry???

Nathan Miller: He’s a real fucking monster

Blake 1: Murphy went like MMA street fighter on this dudes ass

Blake 1: Like I’m not even kidding. This rando serial killer comes charging up to the cash register where we’re all standing and demands all the money and cigarettes and lotto scratchers

Smol Son Monty: And our wallets and anything expensive we had on us!!

Blake 1: He’s waving this gun around and the gas station clerk is scrambling around to gather all his demands. And then the guy turns around to us and puts the barrel right against mURPHY’S HEAD

Caw Caw Little Birdy: OHMYGOD

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Murphy are you hurt?! 

JJ Goggles: HURT!?!??

Smol Son Monty: he literally stEPS CLOSER TO THE GUY

King Azgeda: AND SMILES


Blake 1: I honestly don’t even know what happened after that??? Like????

Blake 1: He’s literally standing there with the gun to his head one second and then the next he has this dude on the floor knocked tf out and with a broken wrist 

JJ Goggles: Like bone-popping-out-of-skin broken wrist 

Nathan Miller: I miss all the fun stuff :(

Murph-Man: Sorry the police just finished questioning me

Murph-Man: I’m all good Rey. Pinky Promise babe <3

The Island of Misfit Delinquents 

1:45 pm

Blake 2: Got my churros finally!!!!!!!!

King Azgeda: *churr-O’s happy dance.vid*

Commander Clarke: S’cute

Blake 1: Not as cute as Clarke tho

Murph-Man: I just barfed in my mouth

Smol Son Monty: Not to be like rude but the zoo is kinda underwhelming after the gas station

JJ Goggles: hella underwhelming 

Caw Caw Little Birdy: I’m just glad ya’ll are safe 

Commander Clarke: For real 

Blake 2: Don’t worry. Jasper is almost drunk enough to naked fight the zebras

Commander Clarke: what

Blake 2: what

JJ Goggles: Whhhhaaaaaaaaattttttttt

The Aftermath ch. 7: Grog-Snarfing Worm

The AfterMath ch. 7 : Grog-Snarfing Worm

So a guest requested that I write some Ben x Mal after the Cotillion, so as a compromise I put some Bal in here. Owh, and I’m really sorry for the long wait but I’m stuck at school for 35 hours in total per week and then I still have homework and well, life left. So, I’ll try to update as often as possible but it might take some time.

Uma was worried sick. Harry was seriously injured because of Jana. Uma hated that chick so much. She really need to back the f… frick off. Uma ran after Gil and Harry but quickly realised there was no one to care for the little boy who had been a rock for a few moments. She saw his parent shrug and walk away. And Uma knew that on the Isle of the Lost such a thing meant that he wouldn’t be recognised into his family again. Even if he found his way home, the poor unfortunate soul, his parent would pretend they didn’t know the little lad. Uma had to take care of him. Sure Uma wasn’t good. She had done some terrible things. But Uma was morally correct. She knew she couldn’t let such a little boy alone. So, despite her worries, Uma turned around to go and fetch the kid. She grabbed his tiny hand. Then in the corner of her eye she spotted the kitten who was a former rock. Since Uma was doing good it wouldn’t hurt to do one good deed extra, now did it? She lifted the kitten and took it and the boy as quickly as she could towards the boat. She had her pirate to care for after all. Even though Uma knew it was stupid, she couldn’t help falling in love with the pirate with the sexy accent. She knew only fools and idiots rushed into this kind of situations but honestly, maybe she didn’t mind being one if that meant being with her lover. She had had the question “Shall I stay?” toying with her morals and idea’s so many times. But she had decided to stay. It was seen as a sin on an Island where being bad was good. But she couldn’t help loving the idiot who decided it was a good idea to put his life on the line for her. Her love was like a river flow, surely to the sea. Some things are just meant to be. Uma saw the docks appear but it wasn’t going quick enough for her liking. She picked up the little kid and started to run. She soon arrived at the dock.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Isle Ben was questioning everything he knew. He loved Mal, he really did. Not too long ago he had wished upon a star. He wanted to wake up in a world where the clouds were far behind him. His trouble and tears would melt like lemon drops. The bluebirds would fly as he was picnicking with his dear Mal. They’d seen trees of green and red roses in the midst of their bloom.  And now, Ben felt guilty for even dare to dream so. He dared to dream of a world so perfect while he already lived in a perfect world. He had his friends and Mal, the girl of his dreams. There were no days he had to worry if all his friends had survived the night, if Mal would return after a simple errand. Ben considered his self as a leader who kept his people satisfied. He was happy with his life. He had just found a balance between working and doing fun things like dates with Mal or sleepovers with his friends. He had been proud when he and Evie had taken the innocent of the Isle. The people they had decided were innocent. But being on the Isle of the Lost now he saw poverty and decease. He felt unconsidered for never really researching the Isle. But his dad surely didn’t know the Isle was this way. Right? It was a question he didn’t have an answer for. And with his dad’s burn out he couldn’t ask him. It would be too hard. The same burn out which made him king on his 16th birthday. That and Auradon traditions.

Uma was in Harry’s cabin. Gil sat on the end of this bed, stroking the kitten he had dubbed Cat. Cat was his know and Gil was glowing even though he tried not to. After all his best friend was fighting for his life. Uma clutched the first aid box between her knees as she refreshed his bandage. They had cleaned the wound and they had bandaged it. Uma’s skirt had suffered from it. She didn’t care. She’d steal a new one when she had the time. No, what mattered was Harry. Uma hadn’t slept all night. She had watched over Harry when he had fallen asleep into a feverish dream. The little boy, who had turned out to be the son of Edgar Balthazar, had slept in Uma’s cabin. His dad had become greedy when he found out that Mrs Bonfamille was going to leave her entire fortune to her cats and to be honest Uma understood. Who gives their money to cats? Well, if Gil ever became rich he might. He was so happy with Cat. Suddenly, Harry shifted and opened his eyes. He groaned and squeezed Uma’s hand. “Love. Ye. Darlin’.” It was obvious that it cost Harry a lot of effort to say that but he did it nonetheless.  “Love you too Harry. Are you feeling better?” Uma didn’t care to watch her words because the only person in this room with them was Gil and he wouldn’t tell a soul. Harry just nodded. Uma sat close to him and held his hand. Gil started to rant to Harry as an attempt to make him feel better. “Yeah, and this is my cat Cat. She is so cool. I was doubting which name to choose. I liked Rock a lot but Cat just seemed better. Ohw, and she is going to like being an awesome pirate like us, mate. She is so –…” After a while Uma didn’t even hear what he said anymore. She just observed her love smiling at Gil’s enthusiasm.

Uma heard the knock on the door. Gil opened the door and in front of the cabin was king Beastie-Boy. “Uma, I’d like to talk to you.” “So talk.” “Well, this is a private matter.” “These are the people I trust with my life. Talk.” Ben obviously wasn’t comfortable with what she said but did so nonetheless. “We would like to invite you, Uma, to Auradon.” “You expect me to start clapping my hands and packing my suitcases, don’t you? Why can’t you people understand that not everyone wants to be a pretty pink princess. You think Auradon is so perfect. Well, let me tell you this: Jana is the living proof it’s not.” Ben looked confused. He really expected her to take his offer. So, he voiced his opinion. “Well that Jana is the way she is doesn’t mean Auradon is bad. Name one thing other that is wrong with it.” “You really have no clue King Beasty-Boy. Why Auradon is bad? Where shall I start? Ohw, I know. You are sexist. That’s one. You know it’s true, look at your Tourney rules. Than you also have one very clear way how you have to be and that’s it. Maybe there aren’t any bullies but a lot of kids are lonely. And what do you think about the Isle? This is one enormous piece of proof that Auradon is the one rotten to the core and not the Isle. This was supposed to be a temporary solution. “But – .” Ben tried to interrupt. Uma ignored him and continued. “Or atleast that’s what your picture perfect country was told. You banned magic. But how do you want to explain the villain that died. They were resurrected just to be punished. That’s necromancy which is one of the darkest kinds of magic. And then you locked all the villains on here. But if there were only villains would this place be so populated? Of course not. If you are as clever as you pretend you most certainly understand that dear old daddy locked some normal thieves and tricksters on here. They didn’t deserve it. Then kids were born. Your dad knew this. Everyone knows you don’t raise a child born in a toxic environment in a toxic environment. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. And that you honestly think I’d leave my crew and the small children I care for alone is so weird. Auradon is about standing together, right? Well, that is utter bullshit. I do want to get of this island and believe me, I will. But I don’t need the help of the king of a corrupt kingdom. I believe you know where to find the door.” Ben was shocked and hesitated. He didn’t move a bit. A groaning sat up, ready to support him off the ship. “I believe ye heard me lady, ye worthless excuse of a king. Get out of here ye grog-snarfing worm!” Ben knew they were right and turned around to leave.


On this day in music history: May 24, 1997 - “MMMBop” by Hanson hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Written by Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zachary Hanson, it is the debut release and biggest hit for the pop band from Tulsa, OK. Coming from a musical family, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson begin taking piano lessons, with Isaac and Zac eventually switching to guitar and drums respectively. The brothers begin performing in talent contests and state fairs in their native Oklahoma as The Hanson Brothers. Shortening their name to Hanson in 1994, they perform at the South By Southwest festival, where they are spotted by Dave Matthews Band manager Christopher Sabec. Becoming the boys manager, Sabec tries to get them a record deal with a major label, but is turned down by all, seeing them as a novelty or not even as a real band. Undaunted, they record and independently release their first album “Boomerang” in 1995. The brothers write all fourteen songs on their second indie release “MMMBop” in 1996. The title song is inspired by a hook taken from earlier song, and reworking it. While promoting the album, the band are seen by Mercury Records A&R executive Steve Greenberg, who immediately sign them. Settling in Los Angeles to begin work on their major label debut, Greenberg hires The Dust Brothers (Michael Simpson and John King), best known for their work artists such as Beck, the Beastie Boys, Tone Loc and Young MC to work with Hanson. Simpson and King put together the basic track for the re-recorded version of “MMMBop”, using samples, drum programming and scratching. With their schedule packed with other projects, they are unable to finish the track before having to bow out and begin work on their next project. Former Altered Images drummer Stephen Lironi (Black Grape, Fun Lovin’ Criminals) is brought in to finish the song and produce the rest of the album. Isaac, Taylor and Zac overdub live instrumentation to the basic track, and add their vocals. Released as the first single from “Middle Of Nowhere” on April 15, 1997, it is an instant smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #16 on May 3, 1997, it races to the top of the chart three weeks later. With the brothers being only 16, 14 and 11 at the time, Hanson become the first artists in Billboard chart history to have a number one single, that were all born in the 1980’s. One of the top singles of 1997, “MMMBop” is a huge hit internationally, topping the charts in nine other countries. It receives two Grammy nominations for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal and Record Of The Year in 1998, with Hanson receiving a third nomination for Best New Artist. The song propels Hanson’s album into the top five on the Billboard Top 200, selling over four million copies in US, and ten million worldwide. “MMMBop” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

10 songs i’m currently into

tagged by my good bud @impossibletruths

1. voidfish (plural) - rachel rose mitchell

2. roses - carly rae jepsen (strike that just ALL of emotion side b)

3. king and lionheart - of monsters and men

4. sabotage - beastie boys

5. shatter me - lindsey stirling ft. lzzy hale

6. silas - betty who

7. freedom - beyonce 

8. the sound of silence - disturbed

9. the god damn jennifer saunders covers of “holding out for a hero” from cinematic masterpiece shrek 2

10. haunting - halsey 

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Whenever I start to wonder if I’m writing a story with too much bullshit in it I think back to this gem found through Google Images:

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a tender love story that says, ‘a thing must be loved before it’s loveable.’ We sprinkled this classic tale with a generous amount of comedy, a little bit of terror, and a lot of love. From Nan, the clairvoyant dog, Max, a bird detective, and Otto, an escape artist lizard, to the King Bats, the Wee Beasties and Queen Livia, herself, this picture has something for everyone.”

Don, I love ya, but that is all over the place. It’s wonderfully fun and ambitious but I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the plot. I would love to see a finished version of the film but even if it only contained said Beauty, Beast, and Queen Livia I’m pretty sure that would be a less frantic and anxiety-inducing plot.

For context, Don Bluth and his team were planning on making an animated version of Beauty and the Beast with concept art finished by 1984, but when word got out Disney was planning their own film - I’ll let you be the judge of who copied who - Columbia Pictures pulled the plug on it. The concept art however looks pretty dark and badass in a way only the 1980s could have pulled off. The costume design alone is fantastic and you can tell it was more based off a certain early 20th century silent film of the same name. What’s also pretty cool is that Don’s design for the Beauty clearly influenced his design for Thumbelina. The inkwork in this image here is gorgeous too, but kind of evocative of what he had planned: see how the non-human characters are expressive and dynamic, whereas the human characters are just as well-drawn but not that expressive at all and almost a little too graceful as it were. It’s a story that looks and sounds incredibly juxtaposed and haphazardly thrown together like it’s trying too hard and, ultimately, missing the point.

I hate to say it but this is a good way to know when to hit the delete button and get back to the editing drawing board.

Also I really hate that theme of “a thing must be loved before it’s loveable.” That really gets to me. 


Will You Fight For Space?

This is a project that needs your help. But first, join me in the year 1994.

Forrest Gump was released. So was The Lion King. We made some Friends, we lost Kurt Cobain, and Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” was released (it remains the greatest video ever in my opinion). It was a big year for pop culture.

But for our manned space program, 1994 was a pretty average year. The famous mission to repair the Hubble space telescope’s faulty optics was already history. Nearly half of the 135 Space Shuttle missions had already flown by this time, and Endeavour, the youngest ship in the fleet, had already been in service for two years. 

It was a special space year for one reason, though. 1994 marks the halfway point between now and the last time that humans boldly went beyond low-Earth orbit. Think about that for a minute. Many of you reading this have lived all or most of your life in the meantime, yet we would need to travel back twice the duration of your existence to arrive at Apollo 17, our final mission to the moon, and the last time we strapped human beings atop a tower of space fire and sent them hurtling headlong beyond the forever fall of Earth’s orbit. 

I don’t want to diminish the risk undertaken by the dozens of astronauts who have lived aboard the ISS, Mir, and our other orbital missions. Their work is inspirational and extraordinary. Same for our robots. They’ve given us interplanetary eyeballs, and traveled to the edges of our stellar neighborhood. That’s amazing. But it’s been done. These undertakings are never routine, but we got that, ya know? I can’t help but feel that we’re resting on our astronomical laurels.

What’s next?

That’s what Fight For Space sets out to answer. Paul Hildebrandt has spent the better part of three years interviewing scientists, politicians, and other assorted space types to address three questions: Why send people beyond Earth, really? What tools will it take? How can we make it happen?

I’ve seen plenty of poetic appeals to exploration in the time I’ve been communicating science. They warm my heart and inspire my curiosity. But one doesn’t fly to space on a plume of dreams, and Congress doesn’t write checks because we’re explorers by nature (not since Lewis & Clark, anyhow). Manned exploration of space takes innovation, education, money, and international willpower. Luckily, in applying those, it creates more of the same.

If Fight For Space reaches its funding goal, they’ll send a copy of the movie to every member of Congress, get a limited run in theaters, and get it ready for public television broadcast by the end of 2015. You can find more details at the Kickstarter page.

In an era of shrinking federal budgets, innovative private industry, and continual threats to science’s place in society, it’s time we take an honest look at the how and why of future manned spaceflight. I don’t post many fundraising appeals, but this is one to consider. 

Keep looking up! And hey… maybe think about how you could go to there.

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St Vincent’s Mixtape for Daniel,

who wants a workout mixtape to help with his new year’s resolution

The-Dream - Sweat It Out - Love vs. Money
The Pointer Sisters - I’m So Excited - Break Out
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself - Don’t Stop EP
Phoenix - 1901 - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Kanye West - The New Workout Plan - The College Dropout
Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger - Discovery
Tunde Adebimpe & Roxiny - Phoenix - Rubble Kings (original music inspired by the documentary)
Beastie Boys - Root Down - Ill Communication
James Brown - Get Up I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine, Pts. 1 & 2 - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: Best of James Brown, Vol 2 - The 70′s
Sinkane - New Name - Mean Love
William Onyeabor - Love Is Blind - World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor
Queen - We Are the Champions - News of the World

download link coming soon is right here