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Relaxing Game Music Collection Volume 5: Ragnarok Online

Tracklist :
00:00 : Peaceful Forest
02:32 : Tread On The Ground
04:28 : Streamside
06:57 : Everlasting Wanderers
09:08 : You’re in Ruins
11:37 : Desert
15:19 : Ancient Groover
17:26 : Plateau
20:02 : One Step Closer
23:04 : Brassy Road
25:55 : Yuna Song
28:20 : White Christmas
30:32 : Come on my deer!!
32:43 : Welcome, my lord
34:46 : Silver Bell
36:50 : Don’t cry, baby
38:56 : Jingle Bell on Ragnarok
41:04 : Wanna Be Free!!
43:51 : The Great
46:21 : Muay Thai King
48:39 : Alpen Rose
51:19 : Good Morning
55:30 : Tale of the East
57:41 : Splendid Dreams
1:00:16 : March with Irish Whistle

one of the reasons why medieval English history is so well recorded is because we have almost all the financial account books from that time-period. Like not only did they write all that stuff down but it all survives for various reasons like England not having the kind of massive upheavals that result in a bunch of old records being lost or destroyed and the climate in the area doesnt disintegrate records over time etc.  In addition to telling you stuff like “oh a bunch of castles were being built in this area” you also get more personal stuff like “a lot of purchases registered under Queen Eleanor of Provence have to do with books whose titles indicate they are romantic stories about chivalry”  

One of the cool things about historiography at least when it comes to the area of biography is how you can take that bare information about money expenditure and interpret it into a larger narrative. Like later on Eleanor’s son King Edward I showed a strong personal attachment to the myths of King Arthur. There are political aspects to him being an Arthurian enthusiasts but a lot of historians also theorize that his mother must have read to him stories about Arthur when he was a child since she was a heavy purchaser of chilvaric books and records also show she usually stayed in the same place as her child when he was young. Afaik there’s nothing that explicitly says “I, King Edward, was read Arthurian stories by my other when I was little” but its a very realistic conjecture given the evidence. Its a pretty small and minor example and you dont need all that creative to draw that connection but I think it works as an example of how history involves detective work and how you can draw out  relatable personable humans from rather dry sources and can understand a 13th century English king or 17th century Thai diplomat from the perspective of them being real people


10.Aogeba Toutoshi

9.Koe Koi

8.Shopping King Louie

7.Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

6.Sotus The Series

5.Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

4.Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store

3.Juhan Shuttai!

2.Kazoku no Katachi

1.Six Flying Dragons (latter half of the drama broadcasted in 2016 so i count this one too ^.^)

Im surprised how many good rom-coms i watched this year! I normally dont like the genre that much.Maybe i needed some fluff in my life this year :D 


Queen Elizabeth II Alphabet

Q is for Queens of Foreign Countries