king of spa

You're on a business trip.

You and your boss were on a business trip in New York, meeting with clients and having board meeting every day. It was unusually busy today, and you agreed to have dinner with your boss, Michael. He had looked stressed and he offered to take you earlier in the day. You thought you would just go to an Italian or Mexican place… Something cheap. You were so wrong.

He called you when you got home asking you to wear the dress he had previously had placed in your hotel suite. It was a nice tight black dress with a patterned see through material over the top that was just a bit longer than the actual black dress, so it was see through near your legs. He told you to meet him at one of the restaurants at 7.

As you got down there someone escorted you to a table with a view of New York central. You placed your hand to your face as you peered out, taking in exactly where you were. As you turned you noticed your boss was standing, watching.

“Oh hi! Sorry!” You said as you stood up to greet him. You shook hands and he quickly moved so he tucked your chair in for you.

“Hello y/n, how are you this evening?” He said as he motioned for the waiter.

You got talking as drinks came piling up and food was served. You saw with each time you had a sip of your drink, or are a little more food he became more relaxed, his superior exterior walls were being brought down. He smiled at you when you laughed hard at jokes, and you talked about everything but work. You didn’t realise until it had happened but you had had a bit too much to drink, and your boss could realise. He motioned for the check, paid it and then grabbed your hand as you walked to the elevator.

As you both stood in the elevator, you lent against him, taking comfort in his shape, feeling his muscle tone underneath the suite he was wearing.

“You know, you’re very gorgeous” he said as he peered down to look at you, smiling before looking back up. Your tummy was fluttering and you grabbed his hand and squeezed before stepping out the elevator towards the room.

You walked into his room at the hotel, it was huge with see through glass windows, a big king size bed, spa bath with a tv above, lounges… As you were looking at everything you felt his presence behind you. His breath was on your neck, warm and thrilling, as his hands glided over your shoulders, your back and your hips.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He asked before pouring himself one.

“Maybe just some water please” you said as he nodded and got you a glass. He was getting ice when you noticed your bag in the room. You peeked inside and saw some clothes so you started to get changed, his eyes peeking over without realising. As you tried to get the dress off the zip got stuck, and you frustratingly, and being tipsy, tried to yank it down. Before you knew it his hands were moving yours and he was undoing the dress for you, his mouth right next to your neck, and as the zip came loose his head turned into your neck, his nose grazing it, before he walked to the bed and laid on it, flicking the TV on.

You had always had a thing for him. He was so sexy, kind, caring and you had seen a whole new side to him tonight. As you slipped on your see through night gown over your bra and undies, you smiled. You looked good. You wanted to flirt. What the hell.

As you walked back around the corner his eyes stared intently at you, as he patted the bed next to him. You slid onto the bed and laid next to him, before he reached around you pulling you closer. Your head landed on his chest and he started to play with your hair as you watched a movie. You looked up at him, and his eyes veered down. You places a hand on his cheek before moving up to kiss his lips. His right hand flew around to the back of your head hard as he kissed you back, pulling you in for more. You moved to be on top of him as you slowly unbuttoned his shirt and kissed harder, biting his lip and kissing his neck softly as you slide it off his body.

“Are you sure?” He asked before you simply nodded towards him, kissing his lips. His hands flew to your waist before not hands lifted you off him and threw you under neath, his body on top of yours now. His smell lingered above you, sweet and musky. He kissed you harder as one hand slid to your thigh, slipping the night gown up slightly. He broke the kiss away as he looked at you hard.

“I have always thought you were sexy, y/n” he said before his body was grinding softly on you. He slid your night gown over the top of you, as you laid in your underwear. “Fuck” he exclaimed as he kissed your neck, moving down your body. The way he swore got you excited, it was so hot to hear him so different.

“Please” your voice begged as he reached down near your heat, his hands playing with your thighs as his eyes stared intently up at you. “Michael please” you begged again, and hearing his name made him groan as he softly rubbed you on the outside. Your body jolted at the sudden rush of pleasure, and one hand of his came down hard on your tummy to hold you in place. He slid your underwear off before kissing all the way up your thigh and onto your heat. He kissed, before licking slightly up. He watched as your body moved with pleasure, each time he licked. He slid a finger inside and heard you moan, making him groan against you, the vibrations sending you into complete euphoria. As you were on your point of cumming, he moved completely away and came up to kiss you.

“Uhhhh” you let out in frustration before grabbing at his pants.

“My good girl, you need to wait. You can only cum when I say” he said and the way he said it made you jolt with pleasure. He sounded so stern and sexy, knowing exactly what he wanted.

(Possible part two? Let me know)

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Someone said on a forum that we should call this era "No fucks were given" and after seeing that vid of Bigbang presentation on MCCountdown I agree with them lol. You can see the confidence and experience emanating from them. They're so relaxed it's like they just came from the spa.