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The Beaumont section of TRR takes up two chapters, and provides a variety of diamond option scenes, three of which involve Liam. I feel this takes place at a very interesting point in the story, because:

1. For the first time we see a Liam that is finally confident in his decision to choose the MC, and feels freer to finally lavish her with the attention he feels she deserves.

2. We see him also wanting to be more involved in his relationship with the MC. He clearly isn’t satisfied with the status quo, where she makes most of the effort, she spends time and money and energy working on herself to fit into his world, where he is just the eligible bachelor people are trying to please (though to be fair, he does as much the rules allow him to do up until this point). The Beaumont chapters highlight his need to do the same for her.

First Date

This is the first time Liam and the MC going on a date together.

Scratch that. This is the first time Liam goes on a date ever. He’s never actually had the opportunity to take a woman out or plan an evening or entertain her. He has to do actual research to even figure out what it entails. Given the hassle with “schedules and security”, and the tradition of being introduced to women he is interested in through third parties in Cordonia, the concept of dating itself seems as foreign to him as the Cordonian waltz is to the MC.

It’s a testament to how far he is willing to go for her, that he tries to do something so completely out of his comfort zone just to make her feel like he is “meeting her midway”.

Liam knows that the MC revels in simplicity. If she chooses to take him to a beach cove when they first meet, it’s because it’s a simple, but intensely private place for her, and she takes him there only because she trusts him. Throughout the book, the experiences she has given him are striking in their lack of grandeur, yet speak to him emotionally (the maze tag, the cronut shop, celebrating Drake’s birthday). So it makes sense for him to keep things simple for their first date, with wine and pasta and great conversation. The MC gets to ask him as many first date questions as she wants, and even though he finds them “fun and a little silly”, he gives her little glimpses into the things he is fond of and stuff he believes in.

Liam also makes his first, very tentative confession about his feelings for the MC. In doing this, he follows a pattern that all the LIs in the book will be following - of confessing their love to the MC more than once - the first being a nervous tentative one, followed by a slightly stronger one at the Coronation itself. Drake has three instances where he does this (post-Tariq fiasco, at the Beaumont study and pre-Coronation), Hana has two (room service and fulfilling her wishlist at Coronation - that is, if you choose to kiss her) and Liam has two (first date and the hedge maze at Coronation).

What fascinates me about this sequence is how closely it echoes their first meeting. There are obvious parallels: Maxwell, who was one of the MC’s customers at the bar she worked in, is now serving them food at “Chateau Beaumont”, Liam finally gets her the drink that he owes her (if she chose to take him to the cove, that is), and most importantly, the MC brings up the dream she had told him about, and asks him in return what his dream is. He tells her he wants her a family.

This is where the cracks in his stoic upbringing begin to show. It is also where we get to see why he is so set on making such a difference in his family and country. He doesn’t want to put anyone else through what he has been through.

Given the parallels made throughout to their first meeting, the date gives us an idea of what they would have been like if they were just an ordinary couple, not a Crown Prince and his suitor caught in the quagmire of Cordonian politics.

The White-and-Blue Suit

This option springs up during the surprise meeting between Liam and the MC in the Beaumont House boutique, when she convinces him to match her outfit at the Beaumont Bash. Liam does label this as a risky endeavour, but I don’t think either the MC - or we as readers - completely grasp exactly how risky it is. At a time when he is expected to keep tight-lipped about his pick for the season, matching his outfit with that of the hostess’ is a very public way of stating his preference without actually saying the words.

Yet, when we pick this diamond option, the only person who seems to remark on it is…Madeleine.

So much for “risk”, most of us thought, back when this chapter came out. Yet if you do choose this option, it does have a great bearing on events that take place in the story.

To be truly able to understand the repercussions of this particular choice, we need to first discuss what we see of Madeleine’s strategies within the social season itself.

How many times have we seen Madeleine actually interact with Liam in Book 1? 3 to be exact, and 4 if you count her visit to him pre-Coronation. From the moment we meet her, she is seen either hobnobbing with Regina, or asking Constantine to tell them more stories about the Prince. She doesn’t take the time to talk to him, connect with him or give him any time or attention because as far as she is concerned, his opinion matters less. This may possibly be how she won her first social season, in part due to Leo’s probable lack of interest in the social season itself (Had he really found someone in that season, he would have surely mentioned it to the RoE MC while explaining his situation to her). She already knows that the MC is a formidable competitor (through her conversations with Kiara and Penelope at Applewood), but it’s seeing Liam publically state his preference that forces her to realise that no matter who the King, Queen or the Council recommend, the Prince has final say over who he marries.

There is a marked difference in how she interacts with him during the Coronation as well. She is cloying and complimentary when she gives him her gift, smiles when he dances with her. Liam on the other hand is clearly uncomfortable being around her, and clearly struggles to hide his anger when she finally kisses him.

Madeleine tells us at the Nevrakis Ball that “ostentious displays are for those who are either unrefined or insecure. I am neither”. What could be more ostentious or insecure than approaching the Prince - who barely even knows you - in the middle of the night and convincing him that he can have sex with whoever he wants as long as you are the one on the throne?

Though this option doesn’t seem very important, my theory is that this choice (or the support of the ladies of the court) is what tips her over the edge, and into desperation.

Spa Scene

The road to the spa is paved with good intentions 😂 Seriously! Liam knows by now that he’s going to get precious little time to spend with the MC once the Coronation preparations are in full swing. He also knows she’s been working hard throughout the social season and probably hasn’t had much chance to relax. So while he really is desperate to spend some time alone with her, this is his way of taking care of her before Coronation duties make him too busy to do so.

Here too, the MC makes sure she does her part in taking care of him as well:

Liam: I’m not going to lie…I could use one [massage]. But I wanted tonight to be about you.

MC: Tonight can be about both of us.

The MC is also able to figure out, while messaging him, just how much responsibility he carries on his shoulders (“it’s like trying to soften rocks back here”). There’s some light banter about the (literal) weight of his crown before he massages her. It’s while he does this that things take a different turn.

This sequence doesn’t add too much to the plot, but it’s very important from a romance standpoint.

(borrowed these caps from YouTube)

Liam could definitely have slept with the MC here. He has the time, the desire to do so and the opportunity. Moreover, she gives him her enthusiastic consent, twice. But even though he really badly wants to do it, he would rather wait until there are no “lingering” questions.

So by the time he actual does make love to her in the maze, we must assume then that he has no lingering questions left. If he had had even 1% of a doubt that Madeleine’s offer would have to be taken seriously, that the MC would not end up being his bride that night, he wouldn’t have done it. He would have waited. Most of all, he would have warned her.

The Beaumont chapters are slightly happier, fun chapters sandwiched between two very dramatic situations, mostly meant as a lull before the storm. Within that time, we are given a breather, treated to the sight of a true Beaumont party, and allowed some downtime with our LIs. Until, of course, the catastrophe that is Liam’s coronation.

This might be my last chance, so I wanted to say that… I love you.


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TRR Chapter 3 Thoughts

I just realized I never did a chapter 3 run-down. Maybe because I don’t have as much to say.Still, it’ll drive me crazy later if I look back and I did every chapter but chapter 3. So my thoughts…

- We all knew the maid wasn’t going to lead us to anything significant, but at least we know for sure that both Tariq and MC were set up
- I still think we won’t see Tariq until chapter 10, at least.
- So Kiara has the hot for Drake, huh? I think this is how she is going to be won over. There’s a reason it was established in chapter one that Penelope and Kiara are now Madeliene’s closest confidantes. Penelople genuinely likes MC (and hates Madeleine) but Kiara is a two-faced oppertunist, but maybe lust willl sway her? I would much rather she be used a source of information than be an laternate LI for Drake because… Nope. He deserves better. 
- Maxwell’s tattoo is cute (I love hippos) and the story behind it is super sweet. Personal confession: I have a tattoo on my back that I got after my dad died, so I totally realted to Maxwell’s story. 
- Also I really think he’s going to be a LI. Have we ever seen a non-LI shirtless before? I’m trying to think of a time and can’t. We didn’t even get to see all teh LIs in TC&TF shirtless (Jackson & Tevan) and my theory at the time was because they were introduced so late in the story that there was no point in producing the shirtless art for only one diamond scene. I think we can count on seeing Maxwell shirtless again.
[Edited- it was pointed out t me that we have seen Brian, Dinesh and Rourke shirtless and none of them are LIs]
- I like Justin. Though I”m super suspicious of everyone, this game has me super paranoid and wonder if he has an ulterior motive, other than the obvious one of hoping that he’ll be the Queen’s press secretary when this is all over. 
- I resisted the urge to buy the outfit for once. I’m only going to buy the ones that unlock special scenes.
- The spa scene was cute. We got to learn more about Maxwell and we got time with LIam. But how can the King slip off to the spa with two of his former suitors (including the one everyone thought he’d pick) without it being a big deal? He didn’t even seem all that secretive about it, just ‘sure, let’s go’. 
- I’m very surprised we didn’t get a maze scene since we were at Applewood. Maybe next chapter? 

That’s all I can think of. I liked the chapter a lot and I think the pacing is good so far, though I feel like the engagement tour itself will get a little tedious.

Becoming Daddy's: Part 2

I finally rolled out of bed around 9 took a quick shower got dressed went into the kitchen said hello to my Aunt Sallie and her partner, they told me it was very nice of me to help Mike move some stuff today and that I could go through the back gate to Mikes house. I knocked on mikes door at 9:10, a moment later the door was opened and Mikes 6'7 frame was in the door way motioning me inside. He closed the door and locked it behind me. I turned to start begging and pleading with him to let out of this situation but he spoke loudly and told me to stop talking and listen. I was so scared and nervous about the horrible situation I was in.
Mike then started talking he told me to not say a word until he was done.

First and foremost you took the boytoy pledge and there is video evidence to prove it. You are committed to me no matter what whether you like it or not. You are to follow all of my rules, commands, and instructions or you will be punished. If you continue to disobey and refuse your duties I will be forced to post the videos on your wall. You are here to service and please me any way I want, just as you pledged during the boytoy pledge. I know you don’t want to be here or in this situation but you best accept it and make the most of it and be enthusiastic about it or you will displease daddy and force me to punish you and/or expose you. He then asked me if I understood this. Realizing that I was not going to get out of this situation I was complete defeated and demoralized and said yes I understand. He cleared his throat and said excuse me, I knew what he wanted and said yes daddy I understand. He complimented me and said good boy while patting my head. He then told me to follow him into his living room, and had me stand in the middle of the room facing him on the couch. He then said first things first we have some rules to go over boy, ok? I said ok… And then immediately corrected myself ok daddy. I was so degraded and defeated realizing I was stuck in this situation and there was now way out of it.

The first and most important rule is how you address me boy. You will address me as daddy or sir every time no matter what or you will be punished, do you understand. I mumbled yes daddy and he shouted speak loudly and clearly boy so I looked up at him and loudly said Yes daddy!! He told me good boy. It was the first nice thing he had said since I walked in which gave me some relief. The 2nd rule is that you will be naked or dressed how daddy wants you at all times so strip naked. I looked at him with pleading eyes hesitating before he shouted now boy, so I obeyed and slowly pulled my shirt off, kicked my shoes off, pulled down my shorts and kicked them off, and then pulled my boxers down and covered my little boy cock with my hands. He said good boy. Then he shouted the third rule is the boy presentation position, when I tell you to get into presentation position you will, put your hands behind your back interlocking your fingers, slightly leaning forward sticking your chest and ass out, understand? I said yes daddy and dejectedly put my hands behind my back and leant forward, putting my little boi cock on display for daddy. He smiled and said you have such a cute little boy cock baby as he stood up and walked in circles around me to inspect my position. He pushed my back forward a little more while he pulled my hips back until he had me in the perfect position and complimented me. 4th when I tell you to follow me or come with me you are to walk half speed in front of me putting one foot directly in front of the other, understand? Yes daddy. Finally 5th and most importantly you need to admit to your self and understand that you are daddys property and you must submit yourself to me completely and obey everything I say, understand? Yes daddy! Now let’s practice follow me upstairs to the master bath. I then slowly walked in front him hand behind my back one foot in front of the other. I got to the stairwell and he told me to walk the stairs the same way. I felt like a girl and an idiot because I was having so much trouble walking like this. He then commanded me up the stairs and I slowly started heading up he was right behind me complimenting me on my ass telling me how tight and bubbly it was before he reached out and gave each cheek a playful slap all while slowly ascending the stairs. He then directed me to the bathroom and told me to stand in front of the toilet in presentation position while he sat down on it in front of me. He then spoke again and told me that not only was his fetish for boys it was for sissy bois. He saw the confusion on my face and explained that a sissy boi was a boy by physical attributes but dressed, acted, and serviced cock like a girl. I was terrified now he expected me to act and dress like a girl I didn’t know what to do or say I was frozen in fear while in presentation position. He then said the first step to becoming a sissy boy is getting rid of all that boy hair on your body. He grabbed an electric razor off of the counter and told me to step closer. I couldn’t do this and said no way daddy I can’t be a girl I’m an athletic boy you can’t shave me!! The look is his eye changed from tolerance to anger in a second. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into another room filled with all kinds of weird contraptions. He took me over to a rack with a desk in front of it, grabbed each one of my hands pulled them above my head and handcuffed them to a bar at the top of the rack. I was only on the ball of my feet from being handcuffed so far from the ground. He then went to the side of the rack and pulled the bar down and out which in turn pulled me to a bent over position over the desk. He then used leather straps to secure my legs to two hooks under the desk. I was completely bent over this desk unable to move. Then daddy spoke up and said if you disobey me you will be punished. Since you are 20 years old you will get 20 spa kings on each cheek. After each spanking I want you to say thank you daddy can I have another? I will not disobey again. He grabbed my forcibly by the hair and asked me if I understood! Terrified and completely at his will I enthusiastically shouted yes daddy I understand I’m so sorry for disobeying please give me another chance!! He said nope sorry boy you need to be punished and I’ve wanted to spank that sexy ass since I saw it yesterday. With that he moved behind me not making much noise as nothing happened for 30 seconds or so before I felt a hard smack on my right cheek and heard a loud smack echo through the room. I had been spanked before but this was the hardest smack I’d ever felt I screamed out and forgot to tell him thank you and ask him for another which he reminded me of immediately and let me know that one didn’t count. Again smack on my right cheek I let out a scream but this time said thank you daddy may I have another? I will not disobey again. He said goodbye and continued to the left cheek. By #10 I was in agony my ass on fire. Finally #20 on my left cheek I told him thanks and asked for another, he said that’s enough for now as long as you promise to obey daddy. I shouted I promise daddy I’ll obey everything from now on please no more spanking! He started rubbing and caressing my ass while he told me every time I disobeyed my spankings would multiple by two. Next time would be 40, which even the thought of made me cringe. His rubbing and fondling of my ass was cooling it off and making the pain subside while also making my little cock rise a little. I was ashamed that him rubbing my ass was making me hard. He released me from my bonds and said presentation now baby, I immediately obeyed. Then he commanded me back to the bathroom, walking like a girl in front of him while he was reaching out and giving my ass playful pinches telling me how sexy and red it was and how much he loved it. He sat back down on the toilet graves his razor pulled me about 6in from him and began shaving my chest and stomach first, then moved down to my balls and little boy cock as he kept reminding me. He started to jack my little cock a bit and told me it’s easier to shave everything when you are hard. His jerking of my cock was making me hard despite the degraded disgusting feeing I had about what was happening. In less than a minute my cock was sticking straight up rock hard, he said I knew you you’d enjoy this. He then proceeded to shave my pubic area, balls, and shaft with the electric razor. When he was done my cock was still rock hard. He then shaved the front of my legs before moving back up to my armpits. Then he had me turn around, put my hands on the wall, and stick my ass out. He started from my feet and shaved up the back of my legs before moving to my ass and shaving my cheeks, then for the first time ever someone else was touching my ass crack as he parted it and shaved it. He then said that takes care of most of it but I want you completely smooth. He then lathered me with shaving cream and used a razor to complete denude me. He then had me shower, shampoo and wash with girly scented soap before drying me off and lathering me up with women’s dove lotion. He the commanded me to follow him to the “dressing room”. He had me stand in front of a hint closet door and inspect my smooth body for the first time. As I inspected I was shocked at how smooth I was. I ran my hands up and down my newly smooth body in a mesmerized state and for some reason my cock started to grow. Daddy noticed and said hmmm baby look at your little clitty grow! All sissy sluts love seeing themselves smooth for the first time and they especially love seeing themselves fully sissified for the 1st time! I noticed he called my cock a clitty and asked daddy why he called it that. He said sissies don’t have cocks men have cocks. You have a clitty! With that he told me to wait outside the closet before reappearing with a pair of 5in heels, a tiny pink frilly thong, a plaid tiny tiny mini skirt, black fishnet stockings, a garter belt, a tiny white tube top and a brown long wig. He then told me he would select my outfit daily and help me get dressed. He then had me sit on the bed while he worked the fishnet stockings up my smooth legs, it was having an affect on my cock….. or clitty! Then he pulled then thong up high until it was pulled deeply and snugly in my crack then he put the garter belt around me and showed me how to connect it to the stockings. Then he had me step into the skirt while he pulled it up and fastened it then he slid the top over my head and put the wig on my head while styling it to his liking. All of these clothes on my smooth body were again making me horny and by then end my clitty was so hard. He noticed grabbed it and tucked it into the hem of the thong so it wasn’t sticking out. I was so curious to see what I looked like but daddy ordered me back to the bathroom where he applied and taught me how to put on lip stick, eyeliner and powder my face all while not letting me see myself once he was done we went back the the dressing room mirror and I was stunned at my look. You couldn’t even tell it was me I looked completely different, like a full blown girl. The sight of me dressed like that made me so horny for some reason I was no longer worried, dejected or scared I was enjoying checking myself out in the mirror!! Daddy noticed and said I told you you would love this baby. Your daddys perfect little sissy princess aren’t you!! I said excitedly yes daddy!! And he said girls don’t have deep voices princess, so I replied in a fey manner YESSS daaadddyy! And he loved it! He then ordered me down stairs and I walked super slowly like a girl because the heels were making me struggle!

Once down stairs daddy told me he wanted me to get in presentation position and I obeyed. He then set up two cameras in each corner of the living room and sat down on the couch right in front of me! He then used a remote and turned on some music then instructed me to start dancing like the sexy slitty girl I was and that id better be enthusiastic or he’d have to punish me. I did not want another spanking especially because it was going to be 40 swats next time! So I started trying my best, swaying my hips from side to side running my hands up my body, then j turned and showed him my ass as I bent as far over as possible and started shaking my pantie coverd ass which the skirt barely covers and didn’t cover when I was bent over! Then I turned again and and kept swaying to the beat and looked at daddy and he didn’t seem pleased so I said daddy do you like it to which he responded yes sexy I love it!!! Then he ordered me to get on my hands and knees showing him my ass and start twerking I didn’t know how to do it at first but then got the hang of it. I heard hmmm moaning in the background and saying what a sexy sissy ass I had. I was then told to turn and gave him and slowly seductively crawl towards him like a stripper did I obeyed and started slowly crawling towards him like a lion stalking its prey smiling and holding eye contact, licking my lower lip, opening my mouth all the way, and making slight whimpering noises. I could tell daddy was loving it! I then thought back to an hour ago when I thought my life was over and how scared I was and now I was shaved smoothed dressed as a girl putting on a dance show for daddy and I was hard as a rock and actually enjoying it a little which weirded me out. I got to daddy and he said hmm you are such a good sissy baby!! He then grabbed me by the hips and turned me away from him and started playfully spanking, pinching and fondling my ass all over he did this for 5 or 6 minutes telling me to bend over and stick it out more! I was loving the feeling of his giant hands on my ass!! I couldn’t believe I was enjoying this…… Daddy then instructed me to give him a lap dance so I sat down on his crotch and started rubbing my ass all around while he hand two handfuls of my ass!! I could feel his giant cock getting hard on my ass! He then turned me around to where I was straddling him and I continued to shake my ass over his dick to the beat of the song. He was loving it I could tell by his noises and words and the fact that his cock was starting to get close to its full 9 inches!! His big cock then slipped between my cheeks and I really started to work it up and down my crack through his shorts!! He was loving it finally he had enough of this foreplay and pushed me to the ground between his legs. Then instructed me to unzip his shorts and get his big daddy cock out. I did as I was told and was now between Daddies legs holding that big sexy daddy cock again. All of the previous nights events flooded back to me and made me so horny!! He then asked me if I wanted to suck on it. I said yes daddy. He then said I don’t believe you make me believe you!! I then said daddy please let me taste your daddy cock it’s so big and sexy I was remembering sucking it last night and now I want it even worse!! Please give it to me daddy!! He said good boy now suck! So I slowly slid my mouth onto his daddy cock head and begin taking it down. Again I gagged about half way and pulled off he reminded me to breathe through my nose and open my throat I did and took it down again this time he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me all the way down. I struggled going down but was eventually at the base of his cock he held me there for awhile while he humped my face and mouth. He face fucked me for awhile then pulled me all the way off his cock and asked me how badly I wanted his cum. I said I want it so badly daddy please give me your cum in my mouth it was so naughty last night but I loved it!!! Please give me your cum I need it daddy!! Daddy then said good boy and told me to just suck the tip I did for about thirty second as he stroked his shaft he then moaned and shouted here it cums boy take it all but do now swallow until I say. So I waited a couple of seconds and daddys giant 9in cock erupted a huge first shot that hit the back of my throat followed by 5 or 6 more then a steady release onto my tongue. My mouth was so full of his cum and I couldn’t swallow yet!! Daddy came back, his cock head still in my mouth, and pulled it out then said lean your head back and open your mouth. So I did he then went and grabbed a camera and took some pictures of my mouth full of cum before seeing swallow it all boy! I did my best but some ran out the side of my mouth and down my cheeks! Daddy enjoyed this and shaped a couple more pics!! After I had swallowed daddy put his cock back in his pants and zipped up before ordering me to come sit on his lap. I climbed onto daddys lap and he started cuddling me to him before raising my mouth to his and kissing me full tongued deep and slow. The slow tonguing he was doing to my tongue was making my already rock hard clitty even harder. He then said daddies going to make a drink and send an email but first I want you in a new presentation position, I want you to put your arms right here on the back of the couch, your knees right here where I’m sitting and stick your ass out as far as you can! Understand baby?! Yes daddy I understand! So I assumed the position feeling very exposed knowing the mini skirt was on my back covering nothing and my fish net stockings came up to the very bottom of my ass cheeks meaning my whole ass was viewable except for the thong covering my crack. I heard daddy snap some photos as he told me to grab my ass and spread my cheeks. After he had gotten enough photos he said you are not allowed to love stay just like that daddy will be back down here in 20 minutes. So I obeyed and stayed in the elevated doggy position. Being alone I thought about what I was doing, how I was dressed and how I’d been servicing a pervy old man for 2 hours this morning. Instead of feeling guilt and shame as I’d expected I became so horny and was actually sad that I was alone waiting for daddy. I though about how wrong this was but my lust filled mind made me realize I didn’t care and that I was actually loving this!!!

20 minutes later, which seemed like an eternity daddy came back down stairs and admired my ass while walking towards me telling me what a beautiful sexy ass I had! He then walked up directly behind me and started fondling, caressing and rubbing my ass while talking dirty to me, telling me what a good little slut I was, that I was the best newbie cock sucker ever and how badly he wanted my ass!! That scared me, I wasn’t sure what he meant by wanting my ass but I had a sinking feeling when I realized what he meant. He said he was going to play with my ass and boipussy for awhile because he was older and needed to recharge. So he kept rubbing and grabbing my ass until he had enough. He then said all sissies asses need to be glowing when being played with so he started giving me decently hard spankings they didn’t hurt to bad but stung a little. He was talking dirty to be the whole time, telling me what a naughty sissy I was and how I had the sexiest tightest bubble butt he’d ever had or seen. Then he started asking me question he asked if I like him rubbing and spanking my ass, I wanted to please him so I turned to look at him licking my lips and told him that I loved his big powerful hands caressing me and that the spankings were making me horny while reminding me that daddy was in charge and I was his property. Once he was satisfied with the redness of my ass he took a couple of steps back and snapped some more pictures saying o ya baby so sexy!! He then pulled a chair up right behind me but before sitting down he leaned over my body putting his full weight on me, crotch in line with my ass, reached around and started tweaking my nipples while kissing up and down my back! I had never had my nipples played with and was absolutely loving it!! Daddy kept the dirty talk up, telling me how much he loved my perfect sissy nipples and how I was going to be the most perfect best sissy he’d had in his life! For some reason that compliment really turned me on and I started playing along with daddy telling him, in a fey girly voice, to keep playing with my nipples it felt so fucking good I love your big strong daddy hands fondling me all over I’m so horny for you daddy I love it!! He was loving my dirty talk!! I could feel his dick starting to harden again on my ass!! He then stopped and sat down causing me to whimper and moan because I didn’t want him to stop and because I couldn’t feel his cock on my ass anymore. He then said don’t worry princess we have all summer for your nipples baby. He then told me it was time for my boipussy to become his as well! He pulled the chair up as close as possible and I felt him pull my thong aside and spread my ass cheeks! He told me how beautiful eyes my boipussy was and how tight and sexy it looked!! He asked if I wanted him to have it as he brushed his finger against my virgin boipussy causing me to whimper at this new found pleasure!! It caused me to shout out yesssssss please have it daaadddddyyy I’m yours in a girly voice!! He loved it then leant forward and told me to suck on his right pointer finger which I did until it was covered in saliva. He again spread my ass with one hand and groaned how much he loved my boipussy!! Then I felt his wet finger at my boipussy entrance, he then started to run it up and down on my hole which felt so fucking good!!! I was in heaven absolutely loving this new feeling!! He could tell and said I was the most eager transformed sissy slut he’d ever seen or been with! He said most new sissy are shaking and terrified when he touches their boipussy for the 1st time but I was loving it and eager for more!! I said it feels so good daddy I loooooovvvvveeeee it!!!! With that he applied some more pressure and I felt his finger slip past the entrance and inside me!! The feeling of his finger caused me immediate pleasure and I moaned so loudly!! Daddy said I was the best sissy slut ever he was going to love making me his and having me forever!! He started pumping the finger in and out of me making me whimper and moan for more I was in ecstasy pushing my ass back to meet his finger!!! He noticed and said o my you are the best find I’ve ever had you are loving this on day one princess it has always taken my other sissies weeks to start enjoying daddy playing with their pussies!! But I didn’t care I just begged daddy to finger my pussy harder and faster he then pulled out his finger and I felt him spit on my pussy. Then I felt two fingers at my entrance and he pushed them all the way inside me in one motion it stretched and hurt me a little but I screamed even louder in pleasure!! 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End Part 2

You're on a business trip.

You and your boss were on a business trip in New York, meeting with clients and having board meeting every day. It was unusually busy today, and you agreed to have dinner with your boss, Michael. He had looked stressed and he offered to take you earlier in the day. You thought you would just go to an Italian or Mexican place… Something cheap. You were so wrong.

He called you when you got home asking you to wear the dress he had previously had placed in your hotel suite. It was a nice tight black dress with a patterned see through material over the top that was just a bit longer than the actual black dress, so it was see through near your legs. He told you to meet him at one of the restaurants at 7.

As you got down there someone escorted you to a table with a view of New York central. You placed your hand to your face as you peered out, taking in exactly where you were. As you turned you noticed your boss was standing, watching.

“Oh hi! Sorry!” You said as you stood up to greet him. You shook hands and he quickly moved so he tucked your chair in for you.

“Hello y/n, how are you this evening?” He said as he motioned for the waiter.

You got talking as drinks came piling up and food was served. You saw with each time you had a sip of your drink, or are a little more food he became more relaxed, his superior exterior walls were being brought down. He smiled at you when you laughed hard at jokes, and you talked about everything but work. You didn’t realise until it had happened but you had had a bit too much to drink, and your boss could realise. He motioned for the check, paid it and then grabbed your hand as you walked to the elevator.

As you both stood in the elevator, you lent against him, taking comfort in his shape, feeling his muscle tone underneath the suite he was wearing.

“You know, you’re very gorgeous” he said as he peered down to look at you, smiling before looking back up. Your tummy was fluttering and you grabbed his hand and squeezed before stepping out the elevator towards the room.

You walked into his room at the hotel, it was huge with see through glass windows, a big king size bed, spa bath with a tv above, lounges… As you were looking at everything you felt his presence behind you. His breath was on your neck, warm and thrilling, as his hands glided over your shoulders, your back and your hips.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He asked before pouring himself one.

“Maybe just some water please” you said as he nodded and got you a glass. He was getting ice when you noticed your bag in the room. You peeked inside and saw some clothes so you started to get changed, his eyes peeking over without realising. As you tried to get the dress off the zip got stuck, and you frustratingly, and being tipsy, tried to yank it down. Before you knew it his hands were moving yours and he was undoing the dress for you, his mouth right next to your neck, and as the zip came loose his head turned into your neck, his nose grazing it, before he walked to the bed and laid on it, flicking the TV on.

You had always had a thing for him. He was so sexy, kind, caring and you had seen a whole new side to him tonight. As you slipped on your see through night gown over your bra and undies, you smiled. You looked good. You wanted to flirt. What the hell.

As you walked back around the corner his eyes stared intently at you, as he patted the bed next to him. You slid onto the bed and laid next to him, before he reached around you pulling you closer. Your head landed on his chest and he started to play with your hair as you watched a movie. You looked up at him, and his eyes veered down. You places a hand on his cheek before moving up to kiss his lips. His right hand flew around to the back of your head hard as he kissed you back, pulling you in for more. You moved to be on top of him as you slowly unbuttoned his shirt and kissed harder, biting his lip and kissing his neck softly as you slide it off his body.

“Are you sure?” He asked before you simply nodded towards him, kissing his lips. His hands flew to your waist before not hands lifted you off him and threw you under neath, his body on top of yours now. His smell lingered above you, sweet and musky. He kissed you harder as one hand slid to your thigh, slipping the night gown up slightly. He broke the kiss away as he looked at you hard.

“I have always thought you were sexy, y/n” he said before his body was grinding softly on you. He slid your night gown over the top of you, as you laid in your underwear. “Fuck” he exclaimed as he kissed your neck, moving down your body. The way he swore got you excited, it was so hot to hear him so different.

“Please” your voice begged as he reached down near your heat, his hands playing with your thighs as his eyes stared intently up at you. “Michael please” you begged again, and hearing his name made him groan as he softly rubbed you on the outside. Your body jolted at the sudden rush of pleasure, and one hand of his came down hard on your tummy to hold you in place. He slid your underwear off before kissing all the way up your thigh and onto your heat. He kissed, before licking slightly up. He watched as your body moved with pleasure, each time he licked. He slid a finger inside and heard you moan, making him groan against you, the vibrations sending you into complete euphoria. As you were on your point of cumming, he moved completely away and came up to kiss you.

“Uhhhh” you let out in frustration before grabbing at his pants.

“My good girl, you need to wait. You can only cum when I say” he said and the way he said it made you jolt with pleasure. He sounded so stern and sexy, knowing exactly what he wanted.

(Possible part two? Let me know)


I meant to finish this forever ago

Plus the beautiful art


The loud rattle of the broken air conditioner filled the bus, bringing no comfort to the sweaty occupants. Russ was draped over the steering wheel, struggling to keep his eyes open while Cry slept in the passenger seat, head against the window. Nestled in his lap was a strange white creature they dubbed “Sup” due to the fact that it was his favourite phrase. It was about the size of a kitten and just as coordinated as one, usually stumbling around.

A bump in the road made Cry wake up, head slamming against the glass painfully and causing him to shout out in pain.

“Watch it!” He groaned, glaring at Russ who didn’t even spare him a glance, too busy trying not to fall asleep. They had to make it to the next town by sunset and by the way it was looking, they would be pressed for time. With a sore head, Cry stood and placed Sup on the dashboard in his little nest, letting him soak up the sun while he moved to the back in search of a med kit.

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