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I will learn from Kimi. He’s one of the best drivers in the world, ranked in the top three at the end of last season. World Champion. I’ll try to get as much information from him. The whole team is in love with Raikkonen, I would like to one day be like him.
—  Davide Valsecchi (goolge translated from

Why are you not already reading this?

Icemom, aka Kimi Raikkonen: Pregnant Badass! I haven’t laughed this much for awhile!

It doesn’t stop him from striding through the paddock, baby strapped to his chest, sunglasses on, horde of press following in his wake.


Webber revealed that he remained in demand even after his Silverstone announcement, with even current employer apparently looking at the option of retaining his services for another season.

“Teams like Lotus and Ferrari - and even Red Bull to a degree, once they couldn’t get Kimi [Raikkonen] - were on the radar so to speak,” he confirmed.

And people still think Red Bull’s first choice was Daniel Ricciardo…

Three things:

1. Kimi is the coolest of them all.

2. Someone referred to him (in jest!) as a lazy overrated unmotivated drunk moneywhore. I found it worryingly arousing.

3. My personal crakc!theory is that RB (Marko?) is actually pants at choosing drivers and they have got exteremly lucky once and now think they are the experts.

But they’ve had in their hands two of the best drivers in this millenia and what did they do? 1) threw a hissy fit and 2) loaned the driver to another team.

On the other hand, it was probably not a coincidence that both these drivers drove for Sauber….