king of roma


Many years before, a man was made deputy of Western Rome on behalf of the Emperor. When the man first arrived to his newly appointed office a woman cried out “This is the man who will restore the temples of the Gods!”

The man was in shock, for he was not a Galilean as his uncle Constantine the Apostate or his mother Basilina. For this man was Julian, a Hellene. A pagan. For now he was in the closet, but even though he did not know it yet, he would one day animate the woman’s word.

Now just over half a decade later, Julian received the news he wanted to hear. He swiftly begun to draft a letter to his friend Maximus of Ephesus who introduced him to the very Gods that his family abandoned decades ago.

“I worship the Gods openly and the whole mass of the troops who are returning with me worship the Gods.” penned the new Augustus, “I sacrifice oxen in public. I have offered many great public sacrifices to the Gods as thanks offerings. The Gods command me to restore Their worship in the utmost purity and I obey Them, yes and with a good will.”

Julian sat down his writing utensil, his hands trembling in excitement. He looked to the heavens and the Gods gave him a warm smile. Like a lighthouse guiding a ship in a storm, they led Julian on the right path and landed him on the purple. The civil war that erupted across the Empire had ended just as fast as it had begun, a bloodless conflict. Julian’s cousin, the now-deceased Emperor Constantius II who had ruled arbitrarily, the very man who years ago murdered Julian’s own father and brother, was dead, having received Thanatos’ cold embrace in a fever far away from any battlefield. Julian, the Caesar of the West, was now recognized as ruler of the East. Julian was now the sole ruler of Rome.

No longer did he have to shave. No, now he was newly bearded, with all the grace of youth. No longer did he attend a mass to listen to the sermons of a bishop. No, now he publicly embraced the message of Heracles, the begotten son of the sun. No longer did he scribe for someone else’s church. No, now he wrote for his Gods, his philosophy and his temples. In his heartfelt gratitude to the Gods who he felt love for like the family he never had, Julian legalized temples to be built again and public sacrifice to be performed once again. Hellenism was to be made the state religion of Rome again, and with the utmost piety.

Julian entered the capital city of where he was born on December 11, 361 through its Golden Gate as sole Augustus of the Roman Empire. The atmosphere was dreamy and energetic. He could hear the cries of joy coming from his people, who appeared en masse to cheer their new Emperor on.

Temples were constructed and great rituals were performed. He reformed the faith and devoutly organized it. He wrote great literature and sang hymns of praise to the Gods. He both refurbished the Oracle of Delphi and even begun helping the Jews rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. For this is the man who was going to restore the temples of the Gods.

But his time was cut short. After a failed campaign against an aggressive Persia at his country’s borders, he was mortally wounded and laid semi-conscious in bed for three days. He was to die too young to fix the world before it would stop making sense. The light in the darkness was to fade.

An Oracle came before the semi-conscious Emperor who laid in bed. “A fiery chariot whirled among storm-clouds shall carry you to Olympus; loosed from the wretched suffering of men” spoke the wise priest, “You shall attain your Father’s halls of heavenly light, whence you have fallen and come into the body of a mortal man.”

It was June 28th that he was too greeted by a now-somber Thanatos. Serapis came before the dying Emperor and freed Julian from his corporeal bonds. The gentle God lifted Julian’s soul towards the Islands of the Blest; Elysium-bound, through a divine ray of light towards henosis. Helios, the King of All, hugged Julian with warm embrace.

“Whom the Gods love die young.”


I ordered myself a Christmas present, because I wanted a Loki Funkopop!
Loki Ragnarok pop, Loki keychain + a spare Loki keychain.

(They do need a little backing support, otherwise Loki falls on his booty..)

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Eurovision 2017 semi-final
  • Serbia: I feel like Sugababes sold "About you now" to Avicii + topless dancer in background
  • Austria: Is it Ed Sheeran's song to next Bridget Jones movie? And what about disco-moon?
  • Macedonia: It was like Beyonce singing some sad disco
  • Malta: Lone singer in white dress singing ballad on empty stage... AGAIN
  • Romania: Yodeling rap with rainbow and karaoke in the background AND FREAKING CANNON
  • The Netherlands: Dutch Destiny's Child with unpronouncable name
  • Hungary: Roma king playing on vase. And he is rapping too! AND VIOLIN! Even cannon wouldn't make it more awesome
  • Denmark: At least dress isn't white. Oh and golden rain was nice
  • Ireland: Next Frodo-alike cute guy in balloon who... OH GOD THIS VOICE. NICE IRISH FRODO, NICE...
  • San Marino: Fitness team singing "spirit of the night" gym song
  • Croatia: Sam from GoT in leather jacket/suit has multiple personality on stage. And rainbow...
  • Norway: Glitchy semi-folk guy and his electronic, masked assistants.
  • Switzerland: Yellow-pink team and really long dress paired up to create... ballad.
  • Belarus: Forest fairy and her guitar player on flying boat. And yodeling. I'M IN
  • Bulgaria: Dane DeHaan is it you?
  • Lithuania: They can't decide whether it's jazz or pop or ballad
  • Estonia: Phantom of the Opera 21st century version
  • Israel: Israeli Sergey Lazarev and his fully clothed dancers training krav maga in electronic beat
Alright here it is smite tumblr nicknames part 2!!!

@the-smite-teacher is Mr. Horse Daddy ;P

@gorgontears is Beautiful Snake

@cuddly-god-of-bats is Cuddles (i know not creative but its true i just want to cuddle that bat!)

@aphro-die is Miss Diva

@tusky-attack is Brave Boar

@lyreical-dork is King Dork God of the Singing Dorks

@rock-hard-chaac is Chacc the Dwayne Johnson

@ask-ne-zha is The Lotus KING! Not Prince Not Princess or Queen but KING!

@baellonas is Roma baevictus

@ullr-too-cool is Bacon Man

@bewarethestinger is The Stingtrest

@somethingsmellsfishy is The EarthShaker

@off-with-there-heads is Queen of Darkness

@sassyscylla is the Sassy Sea Beast

@godess-of-the-sun is Super Novice (didn’t mean to be mean here just wanted ot make a pun with the super nova and couldn’t think of something sorry :( )

@medusay-what is Wifey of Snakes

@we-are-the-morrigan is The Twisted Sisters

and last but certainly not least @gamingazn is The Reaper Of Salt

There will be a part 3 to this cause i didn’t realize how many of you lovely people out there with awesome smite blogs hope you all enjoy i spend the past few days thinking of this as i reschudule everything since i returned from my trip to vist family. The third and possible final part will be posted next week the same time enjoy :3