king of psychedelia
Psychiatric Overwhelm, a playlist by atunenet on Spotify
Other Albums: Ongaku 70- Vintage Psychedelia in Japan/Songs: Osamu Kitajima- Tengu, Maki Asakawa- Govinda, The Apryl Fool- The Lost Motherland [part 1], Les Rallizes Denudes- Strong Out Deeper Than the Night [edited version], Kuni Kawachi & His Group- The Cat, Karuna Khyal- Alomoni 1985 [edited v]

My college radio station, ATuneNet is available to listen via Spotify with extra songs added that aren’t included on Spotify in the description & the link can be found here:

Please listen, explore and share.

@tomorrowcomesomedayblog thank you for your awesome music recommendations. I am blessed to have found a treasure called Ongaku 70- Vintage Psychedelia in Japan through your recommendation of a song by Rabi Nakayama from a post you posted a while back. Thank you for your amazing music taste and influence in this playlist and my sonic landscape of the present.