king of popo

Ice Climbers 30th Anniversary - Day 30 - Happy 30th Anniversary!


You may not be the most popular or known characters but gosh darn you still managed to steal my heart and become my all-time-favourite Nintendo characters. It is a shame you had to be cut out from newest smash due to technical limitations. (and only a few months later the more powerful version of the 3DS was released) But we gotta stay positive. Here is’s hoping we don’t need to wait another 30 years to see you two again. Either smashing again in SSB or climbing new mountains in your own game. 

Thank you all for all the support for this art marathon. I really hope you have enjoyed and… WAIT!

There is still one day left in January! And I promised this would be a month full celebration! …. What could I have possibly saved for the last?


I don’t know about you guys… But I am feeling a bit, adventurous. 


IMO, the greatest comeback in the history of Smash. The SoPo is exquisite.