24th July 1985

It is announced that Michael will star in a 3-D science-fiction musical film, ‘Captain EO’, to be shown exclusively at Disneyland and Disney World; Francis Ford Coppola will direct, and George Lucas will produce the film.

“ 'Captain EO’ came about because the Disney Studios wanted me to come up with a new ride for the parks. I flew up to San Francisco a couple of times to visit George at his place, Skywalker Ranch, and gradually we came up with a scenario for a short film that would incorporate every recent advance in 3-D technology. 'Captain EO’ would look and feel like the audience was in a space-ship, along for the ride.” said Michael.


Michael Jackson being humilated in interviews

Other questions Michael Jackson was repeatedly asked throughout his life includes:

“Are you gay?”
“Do you want to be a woman?”
“Do you have sex with your wife?”
“Did you have sex with your wife to concieve your children?”
“Are your children biologically yours?”
“Has anything sexually ever happened between you and children?”
“Do you want to be white?”
“How many cosmetic surgeries have you had?”
“How many nose jobs have you had?”
“Can you breathe through your nose?”

And the list goes on.

Every single day on this website I see people getting up in arms over something someone said or wrote about various celebrities, but let’s face it no one was ever treated worse by the media as well as by the public than Michael Jackson was.
Yet there is absolutely zero outrage against the treatment of Michael Jackson except from Michael’s own fans themselves. 

Why are people not outraged over how he was constantly humilated, ridiculed and demeaned? Why are only Michael’s fans coming to his defense? Why are the people here on Tumblr who get upset about every fucking thing not upset over this? Is it because it’s okay to treat Michael Jackson like he isn’t even human?

It doesn’t matter that some of it took place many years ago, because I assure you that Michael Jackson still to this very day is being humilated, ridiculed and demeaned on a daily basis. 
You all wanna get angry over who tweeted what about who, but you don’t give a shit that a fellow human being had his reputation and entire life completely destroyed by the treatment he suffered from others. 

Had it been any other celebrity who had been treated the way Michael Jackson was this website would explode with people raging over it and demanding justice and screaming for proper treatment of that person, but because it’s Michael Jackson you don’t care, because it’s okay to treat him like trash. After all, it always has been, right? It’s the truth and you all know it. 


This time 6 years ago, this beautiful man was taking his soul to the Staples centre, where he would rehearse for his upcoming tour “This Is It”. Not an idea of the worst that was yet to come, only a few hours later…

… I think about him everyday of my life, no matter where I am. I have had my lows and I have had my highs, but I have always been grateful to call him my idol. He has taught me the true meaning of life. Through his music I have found inner strength. And although I may not be able to get up everyday and expect new photos of him, or get the chance to hug him, see him, or speak to him, I still cherish every moment that he gracefully lived on this earth.

Thank you for everything you have done. You are my true hero, and I miss you so dearly.

~ Also.. I just had to add that photo from Moonwalker in it. I needed to add a lil spice to this devastating post..~