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Austin Clinton Brown at 9 years old at the 1963 march on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. A news article from 1973, 10 years after Brown’s experience at the march revealed several interesting points. One was that the march aroused in him for the first time an awareness of civil rights. Another was the belief that some improvement in equality had been made since the day this photo was taken…and was still hopeful that America would one day elect a black president. Finally, he admitted that the photo was staged and that “the sunglasses belonged to a very clever photographer.”

Staged or not, it’s an image that beautifully represents (to me, and hopefully others) the simultaneous hope and struggle America experiences (still) trying to recognize, rectify, and reconcile racial injustice and relations.

One Boy. One Shinigami. Story of Destiny begins.

The Black Sun and the White Moon.

Darkness and his Light.

The King and the Queen

Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia.
Time goes on… but these bonds will never break!!

My bleach OTP Ichigo and Rukia, this ship is worth going down for. I was listening to “Closer” on loop and realized how perfect it fits these two. No matter how much violence is hurled at them, no matter how much their bond is attacked, these two remain strong and inspire thousands of fans still. Bleach exists because of Ichigo and Rukia, not vice versa. These two are yin and yang. They are complete together. Bonus animation with lyrics:

THE RAVEN BOYS is another series that I really enjoyed!✨ I adore the characters but R O N A N is little more special! 😅 ¡I LOVE YOUUU! 💖and I have to do something about him. .

“There’s a summer palace in Ios outside the capital. My mother designed the gardens there. They say it’s built on Artesian foundations.” He thought of the meandering walks, the delicate, flowering southern orchids, the sprays of orange blossom. “It’s cool in summer, and there are fountains, and tracks for riding.”

“When all this is over… we could take horses and stay a week in the palace.” After a moment, Laurent said, softly,

“I’d like that” (Pacat, Kings Rising,  pg. 243-244).


This sketch/painting was based on the imagery from the end of chapter 14. The background nearly killed me, but overall, I really enjoyed doing this.

Ahhh sweet, sweet bbies<333I think the next time I draw them, I’ll do chibis~