king of our castle

Frost  (Chapter Four)

Tony and Loki try to get closer. Thor and Tony talk about the hjartslattur bond. Loki has a break down.
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“Why do you call Thor ‘Our King’?” Tony asked as they headed back into the castle when it was finally too dark to continue gardening.

“What else would I call him?” Loki sent him an odd look. “That is his title, just like you are Sir Anthony, though I will admit to having a more difficult time with that one.”

“Yeah, no I think we all know Sir Anthony sounds stupid.” Tony agreed with a laugh and the tiniest smile creased Loki’s mouth. “I guess I mean, why don’t you call him brother? Or Thor?”

“He is not my brother.” Loki hated that the words sounded so bitter. “And I have no right to address him by his given name. Not only is he King, but he and I– he and I–” Loki cleared his throat. “Addressing him as ‘Our King’ is just prudent.”

“That’s fair.” Tony nodded. “Well, since I’m never going to refer to you as ‘Prince’, feel free to never call me Sir Anthony.”

“You never even refer to me as Loki, I certainly don’t expect you to address me as Prince.”

“Yeah, well Reindeer Games, you threw me out a window once. So you know.”

“I would ask your forgiveness for that.” Loki stopped halfway down the hall and grasped Tony’s wrist. “I am not sure if you are aware of all that preceded those events but–”

“God you guys talk like you’re out of Knights of the Round Table.” Tony rolled his eyes. “It’s fine. Thor has tried to explain it, it’s all very Norse Mythology and I can’t say I understand it but I do know you weren’t really acting under your own power or whatever, alright? No harm no foul.”

“Anthony.” Loki’s grip tightened and he stared down into deep brown eyes. “I would ask your forgiveness.”

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Ok but what if shiro has to deal with meeting aliens who knew some of the aliens he killed in the arena, like voltron meeting the delegation from a potential ally against the galra and one of them had a family member who was a prisoner the same time as shiro and faced him in the arena

Something about this world was familiar.

Shiro didn’t know what it was.  The culture of the Morarians was like nothing Shiro had experienced on Earth, at least not personally.  Their technology was made of foreign, blocky construction, more like the Borg than the Garrison.  Their language warbled up and down in a way Shiro couldn’t predict or understand without a translator.

But sometimes Shiro would catch sight of one of them out of the corner of his eye, and he’d jump.  He’d expect something. It made his hair stand up and stole his voice.

The result was that Shiro trailed half a step back from the team, quiet but not abnormally so, as they were lead through the city.

“The king and queen will see you now,” the attendant said.  They opened the door and stepped aside, gesturing with one of their four, gray arms for the team to enter.

“Thank you for showing us around,” Hunk said, offering them a smile.

The attendant - they’d given a name, but it had slipped Shiro’s mind after his multiple starts today - smiled and bowed their head.  “It was my pleasure.”

There was a slightly pause, as the team naturally waited for Shiro to go through first.  As leader and their usual diplomatic point, this was normally the part where he stepped up.

As it was, Shiro had to blink a few times, distracted by the way the attendant was striped with uneven lines of darker color, like marble.

Why was that familiar?

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The Story of Us

Imagine: Being the Queen of the North and your children wanting a bed-time story about how their father Jon Snow saved you. (This is completely made up since I obviously don’t know how the Great War turns out.)

Sorry if it’s a bit choppy and shitty. 

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It had been many years since the Great War.

The destruction that the battles left was still fresh and so were the horrors. Your beloved had vanquished the darkness and brought an era of peace along with it. Jon Snow was a hero cheered and loved by all. Queen Daenerys reigned in the South and Jon in the north—an everlasting peace between the two kingdoms.

It was late and your children were being handfuls. They were induced with sugars given to them by their Aunt Arya and Uncle Gendry. You would chastise them later for bringing such trouble. You are rounding the two toddlers up when Jon enters.

“Shouldn’t they be in bed?” Jon questions as he looks at his two children with humor.

You huff, “Your children are being beasts!”

The youngest whines, “Mommy, I am not a beast!” The five year old clutches onto your hand.

“Well, you both are acting like beasts. Do you know what we do with beasts?” You question sternly trying to hide your smile of amusement.

The younger girl and older boy glance at each before shrugging.

“Honey?” You look to your husband.

Jon nods, “We keep them in the kennels.”

“We don’t want to sleep in the kennels!” The boy cries looking terrified, “Sansa says that the ghost of Ramsay Bolton lives down there!” You fight your smile. Sansa was more mature and considerate of your rowdy children.

“Then listen to your mother.” Jon tells them gently, “Go to bed and we will tell you a bed-time story, how does that sound?”

The two children light up with excitement and hurry into their shared bed. It was more for the benefit of your baby girl since she feared sleeping alone and would rather sleep with her brother. “We’re sorry mommy!” Your baby boy chimed as your daughter snuggled against him with a stuffed wolf that Bran made her.

You smile down at your children and kiss their foreheads, “It’s quite alright, my dears.” You reassured as you sit on the edge of their bed and Jon sits in a chair beside you, “Now, what story would you like to hear tonight?”

“I wanna hear how daddy met mommy!” Squealed your daughter with her flushed, chubby cheeks.

Your son nodded along, “I wanna know!”

You exchanged amused expressions with Jon. He sighs knowing this tale all too well—he would never live it down. “You wanna know how mommy and daddy met, hmm? Alright, I’ll tell you,” You can’t help but to grin and giggle while Jon scowls at you, “It was during the Great War. My former house used to be the furthest hold to the North in the wooded area of Blackwood. It was there that the first battle with the dead took place along with the Knight King and his dragon.”

Your children listened with awe and excitement—your baby boy resembling your husband so much but yet both children had your lovely eyes. “I remember my father telling me that our King and Queen Daenerys were headed to aid us. I was told to pack some belongings and lead our family away from the blood-shed,”

Those were dark days but in that darkness, you met the light or to be exact saved the light.

You smiled faintly, “I managed to take my people to the safety of another town before I made my way back home. You see, mommy was a warrior who wanted to fight. She didn’t want her home to be destroyed or her people to be killed so, she joined them in battle,”

“I’ve seen mommy fight!” Your son blurted out and looked up at you with pride, “You and Arya fight all the time!”

You chuckle and Jon laughs, “Yes, we do.” Although Arya always landed you flat on your ass.

“The battle was long and we lost many good men including your grandfather,” There is sadness in your voice because you had witnessed your father being cut down by the Knight King. It was an image that would always haunt you in your day dreams, “I remember fighting with my brothers when I came across the undead dragon pinning a man down and about to burn him with ice fire,” Your children gasp and you try not to giggle.

Jon mumbles, “I wasn’t pinned down.”

You give him a firm stare full of amusement before he begrudgingly looks away like a sullen child, “I don’t know what came over me but seeing that man pinned down by the dragon stirred something in me…my heart screamed at me to help this man, so I did. I did fear for my life because this was a dragon about to devour this man and there wasn’t much I could do…or so I thought…”

“The sword in my hands that you see me carry at my side everyday is the sword that every generation of Y/L/N/House has fought it. When my father, your grandfather, was struck down by the Knight King and as he lay in my arms dying he passed the family sword onto me,” You would never understand why your father passed the cherished family sword to his youngest daughter but you were ever thankful. Your older brothers never held any grudge or bitterness against you—which you were thankful for.

“So I held onto my blade with all of my might, with a racing heart, and a frightened mind and charged towards this mighty beast to save this one man,”

You smile faintly remembering the memory quite fondly, “The dragon was too focused onto this man to notice me charging at it. I knew my blade would not pierce its skin but I just had to divert its attention long enough for that foolish man to escape. I struck my blade against the side of its neck and to my complete and utter shock…my blade pierced its skin.”

Your children gasped with excitement.

“The terrible beast gave a cry so loud that my ears almost bleed. I could not hear anything for almost a minute and during that minute; the dragon whipped its head and threw me several feet away. My sword was still stuck in its neck and the dragon desperately tried to get my sword out of its neck. I was shocked, I was dazed, and I couldn’t believe what had happened. The man who had been pinned was smart enough to escape while the beast was occupied,”

“The man was just as shocked as I was by these turn of events. The longer the blade stayed imbedded into the dragon’s neck, its white scales began to darken to black and its eyes began to lose its pale blue hue. It was dying and everyone around could only stand in shock and as the Knight King watched his monster dying, someone managed to pierce the deadly King in the chest with a spear made of Dragon-glass.”

“Did it kill the Knight King, mommy?” Your son blurted out.

You shook your head, “No, my dear, it wasn’t enough to kill him but it was enough to injury him greatly.”

“What about the dragon and the man, mama?” Your daughter demanded with a pout.

“The dragon was unable to get the blade unstuck from its neck and whatever magical powers within the sword were able to spread through its body rather quickly and kill it. The man ran up towards with wielding a sword with a wolf head pommel and struck his sword down the dying dragon’s neck and shattering the tyrant dragon into thousands of black pieces.”

“A sword with a wolf head…” Your son mumbled thoughtfully before gasping, “That’s papa’s sword!”

Your daughter gasped, “Mommy saved daddy!”

Jon chuckled, “Aye, your mother saved me after I made a foolish mistake. I thought I could take on this great beast on my own but was proven wrong instantly. I would have not lived had it not been your mother risking her life to save some idiot man.” Jon’s dark, brooding eyes met your kind and warm ones with tender love, “What do they call mommy now?” He asks his children.

Your daughter squealed happily, “Queen Y/N the Dragon-slayer of the North!”

“And then what happened?” Your son demanded.

You looked at your husband and urged him to finish the story, “After the defeat of the ice dragon, your mother called me a very bad name and ran off to fight,” Jon gave you an amused look and you chuckled. You had called him a fucking dumb cunt not knowing you had been speaking to the King of the North but even then, you still would’ve called him a fucking dumb cunt either way.

“The fight wasn’t over and eventually the Knight King pulled back not long after the dragon was killed. He had lost his biggest asset and with Queen’s Daenerys and her dragons still burning down his men, he knew if he stayed he would lose. I spent that night wondering about the woman who saved me and wondered who she was and where she can from…I knew of the sword she wielded was made of Valyrian Steel so, it wouldn’t be hard to find her. Which she left behind, embedded into the dragon’s neck.”

“I found her…not long after the Knight King retreated…we rested and gathered our forces and went after the Knight King. It was at Castle Black where the last battle took place. That night before the battle…I heard of a woman being revered as the Dragon-slayer and although I desperately tried to look for her, she evaded me.”

You smirked.

“The morning of the battle, I found her.” Jon looked at you again with a smile, “She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen…clothed in armor like some Angel of Death. I had never seen such a woman with such fire in her eyes…not even the Dragon Queen had such fury in her eyes.”

You looked at your husband with surprise. You had seen the Queen when she was angry…you seriously doubted you were worse then the Mother of Dragons.

“And then what happened?” Your children were impatient.

Jon and you exchanged looks of love, “We fell in love.” You murmured gently.

Jon smiles, the same way he always done, and it never fails to make your heart stutter wildly.

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A/N: So this idea has been floating around in my head for a minute or two and I really want to write it down before I do nothing with it, so here you go. A Prince AU for my lovely followers.

           The night outside was dark and unforgiving.

           Many travelers had come from all over to witness tonight. The birth of an heir.

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The King’s Princess

Female POV || Narry Version

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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j*n f*vreau can‘t read, a fairytale

Lovett: You have six meetings today, 213 emails to respond to—

Favs: Oh no, this is true, this is true! Tell me, how can you help, how can you help?

Lovett: —72 books you told yourself you’d read one day—alright, that doesn’t feel like Jon—

Favs: No.

(Blinkist ad, LOLI, 9/30)

Once upon a time there was a simple woodsman named Jon who offered shelter to a small ill-tempered bear in a snowstorm. The bear lumbered over to the fire and settled down as if he owned the place. The next morning, he was still there, snoring by the embers and snorting resentfully when Jon gently tried to wake him up. Finally the bear shambled outside the hut to write a message in the snow explaining that while temporarily ursine, he was actually a prince suffering under an unfortunate enchantment.

“Wow,” said Jon, staring with total incomprehension at the pretty patterns in the snow, “you are one smart bear.”

I’M NOT A BEAR, wrote the bear. MY NAME IS LOVETT.

“What a good bear!” Jon praised him, because he loved all living things, unless they were scary. “What a good boy, making pictures in the snow!”  

The bear rolled his eyes and padded down to the creek to break a hole in the ice and scoop up some fish for their lunch. He spent the rest of the day napping by the fire.

“You can stay if you want to,” Jon told him. The bear grunted companionably. He’d been planning to move on to the nearest city to research reversal spells, but he’d always had a soft spot for the handsome outdoorsy type.

Months passed and the bear didn’t leave. He was a pleasant roommate unless he was woken up or rebuked for knocking furniture over or prevented from eating all the berry preserves in the pantry. Jon got used to leaning against him while sewing homespun garments or petting his curly, disheveled pelt while articulately explaining his ideas for a better world. The bear was impressed by the woodsman’s natural eloquence and decided to teach him to read.

So as the days grew warmer, the bear arranged sticks and stones to form letters and did his best with sound and movement to convey their meaning. Jon was initially confused by the bear’s odd contortions and vocal repertory of grunts and clicks, and more than a few lessons ended with the bear throwing all the sticks in the air and going off to sulk. It was all worth it, though, the day the bear used a piece of charcoal to write HONEY on a wood plank and Jon realized that his friend wanted him to climb a tree and get stung by bees just so he could have a snack. Jon didn’t even mind the pain––he was too excited about their new mode of communication. “You’re so good at messaging,” he told the bear, who hummed appreciatively back at him with a mouth full of honey.

Now that Jon could read a little––albeit slowly and with mistakes––the bear could try to explain who he truly was. He could ask Jon for his help reversing the spell and then return to his castle to take up his princely responsibilities again. But these golden summer days with Jon were so sweet. Lying on the sunny bank of the creek, Jon resting his head on the bear’s side, the bear couldn’t bring himself to ruin their idyll.

Then Jon made the long trek into town for supplies and came back the next day looking worried. As he unpacked—he’d brought a pencil and paper as presents for the bear—he explained that their new ruler was an evil man who’d been doing untold harm to the kingdom. Guilt coursed through the bear. This must be the very usurper who had enchanted him, and he’d spent the summer dallying while his people suffered!

Quickly, he took the pencil in his jaws to write out the truth. AND NOW THAT FALL IS COMING I MUST LEAVE, he finished sadly.  

Jon read slowly, doing the best he could. When he got to the end of the bear’s story, he threw his arms around him. “I didn’t realize you fell out of a magic castle and now our king is turning you into leaves,” he said. “I’m so sorry, bear.”

The bear was so frustrated by Jon’s poor reading skills that he started to cry.

“My poor bear,” said Jon.

The bear sniffled and wrote I’M LOVETT, underlining it three times.

“You love me?” Jon asked. “Oh bear, I love you too!”

At the words “I love you,” the spell was undone. The bear was transformed from one small angry creature to another.

Jon’s jaw dropped. Standing in front of him and fuming was the most captivating young man he had ever seen.

“I said, call me Lovett,” the man snapped. “Learn to read, can’t you?”

“In a minute,” said Jon, and took Lovett into his arms.

I draw a tactful curtain over the scene of passion that followed. When Jon and Lovett finally got out of bed, they made contact with a resistance movement, assisted in overthrowing the usurper, and persuaded others to implement policy creating a more just society. As all this took a great deal of time and energy, Jon never did get around to improving his reading skills. Nevertheless, they lived happily ever after.

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Concept: Emperor's New Clothes is the anthem of Anti and Dark constantly fighting with each other for our attention. The "mortal kings are ruling castles" refers to Mark and Jack, the "mortals" ruling the fanbase (castles) but they are the ones that we're all fascinated and enthralled with. The ones we find more alluring, despite their actual negative actions. They are the ones that want to "play" with us and invite us to their worlds ("welcome to my world of fun").

i just made the most inhuman sound in my entire life

Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle
The Mountain Goats & Kaki King
Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle

Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle- The Mountain Goats & Kaki King

“I waited here all by myself
The room was dark and it smelled like sulfur
I heard the screams from way down in the darkness
Felt pretty sure my life was over

I kept my hat on just for luck
Sang simple tunes the whole night through
I wondered if I’d wake to find myself in flames
As I waited here for you

Yeah when you came in
I could breathe again”

The King’s Princess

Narry Version || Female POV

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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Name: She is Malfoy
Pairing: none
Summary: (everyone is alive, Voldemort didn’t get back) Draco’s little sister (the one he cares about) goes to Hogwarts and is sorted in Gryffindor. Lucius comes to argue the decision of the Sorting Hat, but can’t do anything. Draco has to decide if he’ll support his father or his sister.

“Y/N Malfoy!” McGonagall exclaims, and you slowly walk up to the Hat and put it on. A second later, you hear it yell so loudly, everyone flinches.

Gryffindor!” the hall falls in silence, everyone questioning if they heard it right. You open your eyes and see Draco staring at you with the expression of pure terror on his face. You slowly stand up, your legs shaking, and approach the table that from now on is supposed to be your family. You are about to sit at the very end of the table when someone calls out your name, and you see a group of red heads. Well, four.

“Hey, Malfoy,” one of the twins pats on the bench next to him. “Join us, won’t you?” you smile shyly, not believing that they would accept a Malfoy in their group, but walk to them and sit down. A moment later, someone starts clapping (another Weasley), and everyone else joins the clapping, so soon you get the ‘ordinary’ applause. “I am Fred.”

“I… Nice to meet you,” you answer quietly, and the guy laughs.

“Don’t be so shy. It’s ok to be Malfoy, no one will kick you out for having Lucius Malfoy for a father,” says Harry Potter (no need to introduce him), and others nod, so soon your last name is forgotten, as you realize that you just got accepted in the group of people that the Boy Who Lived for some reason cares about. Just you feel Draco stare at your back for the rest of the evening.

The next morning starts for you with a letter from your father, calmly and coldly explaining that he will visit the headmaster to make sure that you are resorted to be with your brother, so soon you get called in headmaster’s chamber.

“Y/N,” Dumbledore smiles at you. “Your father,” you notice Lucius, standing in front of the window. “Is insisting on you being transferred to Slytherin, explaining it with…”

“Her family studied there. She is Malfoy.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t let you change the House, Y/N,” Dumbledore keeps smiling. “Sorting happens only once. I am sorry, Mr. Malfoy…”

“Lord Malfoy,” corrects Lucius and turns to you. “Do you mind explaining that, Y/N?”

“I am sorry, father. I didn’t know I would end up here,” at this moment, the door rapidly opens, and Draco walks in like a true Malfoy - calm and slow, as if he is the king of the castle.

“I heard that our family is meeting here,” he looks at Lucius. “What is happening, father?”

“Nothing, Draco…”

“I doubt that,” Draco walks up to you and stand next to you, as if supporting you. “I am to be the next leader of the Malfoy family, father. I would like to know how you will react when something unexpected happens,” that suddenly calms Lucius down.

“Your sister is sorted in Gryffindor.”

“I know that, father. That happened because of her selfless loyalty and bravery, not because she is less of Malfoy,” Draco rests his hand on your shoulder, then looks at Dumbledore. “Wouldn’t it be better if we discussed the family matters back at home? Y/N has classes now, and I believe that being sorted in Gryffindor doesn’t let her miss them.”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy!” you hear Lucius yell, as Draco calmly pushes you of the room, his hand firmly holding your shoulder. Not seeing how much your brother is changing in the school, you are surprised to realize that he somehow found the strength to confront your father, the one person you fear the most.

“Go to your class, Y/N,” Draco tells you quietly. “Father will be furious, so let me deal with it.”

“Thanks,” you quickly hug him, and Draco pulls away, smiling with his eyes.

“Go, little one.”

“You’re not mad?”

“That you are friends with the golden boy?” he grins. “I am upset. I would much rather have you with me, but… But father will tear you apart if I don’t help you. And support is what the family is for, isn’t it?” you shine a smile at him. “Come on, you will be late!”

“Draco,” you hear Lucius’ voice coming from the staircase. “Do yourself a favor and explain your behavior,” Draco smiles at you and turns to Lucius.

“I simply doubt that Y/N deserves the way you treat her.”

“Are you choosing a side, Draco?” Draco grins.

“How dare I? I simply know that she is my sister, and now she can also be a source of information from Potter and his supporters,” Draco lies smoothly, “It can be a gain instead of a loss,” Lucius smiles slightly and nods, approving of his son’s logic.

“Yet I want you to control her, make sure she doesn’t side with those… mudbloods,” Draco nods obediently, as Lucius walks away, dropping, “Good job, son.”

“I owe you,” you smile at Draco, as he catches up with you on the way to the dining hall.

“You owe me nothing,” he answers calmly, as people run by you, rushing to get food and not willing to stand next to the Slytherin Prince. “We are family. Now go to your Potter-friends and don’t worry about father.”

“You’re awesome,” you smile at him, realizing that the ‘home’ Draco is drastically different from the ‘school’ Draco which apparently values himself and is the greatest support you will need in front of your father.

“I know. Malfoys are amazing,” you both smile.

[Madelynne I]: “Throne”

I’ve been reading Rosalind Miles’ I, Elizabeth and had a sudden urge to plot out Madelynne’s development in a similar series.   So the following story will follow a specific set of time periods.

1. The Tale of the Orphan, 2. The Tale of the Viscountess, 3. The Tale of the Crusader, 4.  The Tale of the Defeated, 5.  The Tale of the Queen.

I’ll try to update this piece in particular when a new part is added.  So it is clear, there will be chapters within each part. 


My Dearest Queen,

If indeed you are reading this preface, then our time within this world has met its end and you now sit our illustrious throne as Queen Morgana I, Her Most Rightful and Imperial Majesty of Lordaeron. We should like to believe that in our time upon this world, we did bestow upon you proper lesson and guidance in how one might prove capable and efficient as a ruler of men and lesser beasts.  The grueling sessions of study, the many humanities and theological debates, and certainly rhetoric and the learning of numbers so that you might prevail among your councilors as a voice of both reason and reckoning. We can never know, truly, if you have acquired what skills we offered in word and deed or if those things were like stones cast against a castle’s wall.  We but hope you have availed yourself of every opportunity to become that which your kingdom will now require.  Not merely a queen, but a goddess as well.

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Take me through gardens
full of daisies
and dandelions
and primrose
full of all the little golden petaled things
the ones that seem to gather up sunlight
and throw it back
I’ll try to learn from them

maybe we can stay awhile
and watch butterflies kiss each others wings
we’d taste summer wind
that hasn’t yet been tainted with time
catch ladybugs in our hair
and let dragonflies sit upon our shoulders
we can be castles and kings and gods
all in an afternoon
—  A.O.A.M. || Buttercup Princess

The King Goes Mad, What Does the Queen Do?

And so the king

goes wild

and around every

corner of the castle

he ran and ran and ran.

Feeling chained,

the king removes

one by one his clothes

and throw them in candles

to catch fire…

He ran and ran

and sang, and cursed

in syllables, in rhymes

and cried

“I am not mad!”

The queen

watched intently

with tears in her

eyes, she loved him

still no less.

She grew naked

thrown her majestic

clothes on the floor,

ran after her king

and together in lunacy

they danced and sang.

The council

shocked, fell on their

knees and prayed

“My queen have you gone

mad as well?”

No my dear!

The queen exclaimed.

“I am a queen,

like this castle, this

lovely king is

nothing without

his queen.

Our king is my

shadow, he is your shadow,

he may be dark

but he will always be,

even in our solidarity,

a part of our entity.”

And so

dancing, they all



Prompt: What happens when you have to marry the bastard of the Stark family by force? When everybody wants you dead including the boy you will have to stay faithful to your whole life. Will you fall in love with a bastard or make your own destiny?

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The queen says,
i want revenge for the pain he caused, i want his ribs to break and heal in turns, i want his hoarse voice shouting for mercy, i want him seeking forgiveness in every breath he takes.

The queen says,
i want to remove his claws, i want to soften his teeth, i want his bared belly under my blade, i want his hunger and his sleep, i want to tame the beast.

The queen does not say,
i wish him in pain but alive, for the monster ate my heart and i could never quiet my own beating heart, i wish to bring forth the man he was and vanish the beast, i wish i could be so naïve.

The king says,
you should have killed me when the hatred was beating strong, now here we are, trapped in this burning castle.

The king does not say,
i set our castle aflame and you locked us inside.

—  the thrones are melting (l.d)