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Shinhwa's 18th Ep 4: Nagging King
  • Minwoo: Andy helped me while cooking the meat
  • Andy: A nagging king
  • Dongwan: Minwoo?
  • Andy: Me lol
  • Dongwan: No, Hyesung is the nagging king
  • Andy: Why?
  • Dongwan: I don't know. He nagged so much.
  • Hyesung: Hey! Because I did that, we bought the right amount!
  • Dongwan: OKAY!
  • Hyesung: If I let you, you would've bought twice as much!
  • Dongwan: I suddenly got annoyed with everything (while buying)
  • Andy: LMAOOOO
⭐ monsta x as mean girls ⭐

       I thought this would be fun to do so I was like why not                                 do it and now I’m here. Enjoy! 

 Shownu - Cady Heron 

 Shownu is a sweet heart and an awkward teddy bear which is why he would be perfect for cady’s part. 

 “Hello, I’m Shownu and I just moved here”

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Minhyuk - Karen Smith 

 Minhyuk is the ball of sunshine in the group but can sometimes be oblivious.   

“Wait. I thought Argentina began with an I?“ 

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Wonho - Aaron Samuels 

 Wonho has a natural flirty air about him and I think anyone would want to lick his muscles. 

 "Hey, I heard your new here my name’s Wonho” *smirks* 

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I.M - Janis Ian 

 I.M is mature and is the king of I don’t give a fuck. 

 “I don’t think hanging out with the plastics is really worth it” 

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 Jooheon - Damien Leigh 

 Jooheon is really charismatic and looks like the type of person who you talk about anything to.

 “Hey! I saved you a seat over at our table" 

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Kihyun - Regina George 

 He is the king of nagging as said by the other boys and looks like the type to take control of a situation. 

 "Sorry, but you can’t go to my party looking like that”

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Hyungwon - Gretchen Wieners 

 Let’s all be honest as much as he’s the meme king he is always looking like a runway model out in these streets. 

 "I just bought this coat! Don’t get it wet!”

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Notes and Observations from Shinhwa's V-app, Episode 4


>Minwoo does catspeak

>Minwoo makes lame jokes (that’s Oppayam’s specialty….but you can borrow it!)

>Hyesung nags at Minwoo. (H: “Lee Minwoo, seriously! The sausage is burning!”)

>Hyesung and Dongwan bicker like a married couple again! Nag, bicker, nag, bicker.
H: “Yah, why did you get so much lettuce?!”
D: “I was going to get less, but someone there said I should get more.”
H: “Just how many wraps are you going to eat?!”
D: “I only wanted to get a little.“
D: “Can you just wash the veggies?”
H: “There is so much (because of you).”

>Wansyung works together in food prep.
D: “Did you wash the enoki mushrooms?”
H: “I did. Everything’s washed.”

H: “Sesame. Sesame oil. Dongwan-ah, where’s the sesame oil?”
D: “It’s here! This is it.”
(Such a good married couple.)

>DONGWAN OPPA CAN COOK. What am I going to do?? *wails* He’s too perfect…..

>Ricsyung makes ssamjang. Or rather, Hyesung makes ssamjang and Eric taste-tests and tells him how to perfect it.

>Wansyung bickers some more.
D: “Hyesung is the nagging king. He nagged so much.”
H: “And because I did, we bought the right amount!”
D: “Alriiight!”
H: “If I let you, you would have bought twice as much.”

>Ricsyung scolds Minwoo together.

>The members feed wraps to the staff.

>Jinnie and Andy really want to smoke on camera.

>Eric’s goal for the night is to make Hyesung drunk enough to vomit!!

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If Vampire King Reiji would resurrect Beatrix using his own powers, her first words would be: "Where is Shu?" Then Beatrix ignores Reiji as always, assuming that Shu is now the King. She nags at Shu for doing nothing and does not approve of Reiji dating a "mere human." To Reiji's suprise, Shu fools Beatrix into believing that the new vampire king is actually Ayato. Beatrix is grieved that "Cordelia had won."

chaotic good: let’s bring richter back so reiji can take him to a rodeo and convince him that he’s a good person

neutral evil: let’s bring beatrix back so we can torture her and also reiji


Bard felt almost reluctant to ask who she was due to the tension in the tent after Alfrid had gave a snide remark the she-elf. The unnecessary insult had earned Alfrid a broken nose and a possible concussion to go with it courtesy of her. It’s not like anyone was inclined to resuscitate the miserable sod.

The elf-guards that stood in the tent did not seem fazed by this and neither was the elf-king. He had a nagging feeling Alfrid would have gotten a lot more than a broken nose had it been up to Thranduil, but still, who headbutts people in this day and age?

Thranduil: Not a word.

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How about dat soulmates au? Lmao

A cliché but gotdang do I love it. It’s like an ultimate fantasy–there’s someone out there that’s just perfect for you, and you just have to find them.

If I were to write a soulmates fic for undertale, it most likely wouldn’t be fontcest (because surely they’d know they were fated for each other right off and that negates the whole will-they-won’t-they tension). But, I could totally see myself doing the soulmates au for papster <3

Like imagine haughty Mr. Royal Scientist, who don’t need no soulmate. He’s too busy with CORE maintenance, trying to break the barrier, etc etc. He’s alone and he’s fine that way. Maybe even settles for others unpaired for a few frisky evenings. Asgore keeps nudging him to attend mixers for those unpaired, who have the pie in the sky fantasy of meeting their soulmate amongst those unbonded. Gaster finally gives in to his king’s nagging and attends a meeting. The session is a failure, and Gaster is pleased it’s over with (though maybe the slightest disappointed, deep down) but when he’s heading home he bumps into Papyrus, on his way to deliver dinner to his brother and WABAM electric soulmate connection.

And then you’ve got all the fun stuff of Gaster being obstinate and refusing to buy into the soulmate stuff, but finds himself falling hard and fast for The Great Papyrus <333

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holy fuck that fic is so good, and jesus, your English is fucking amazing.

Aww thanks. this chappie is shorter than the previous ones. Despite not answering you for 7 days this is all I could pull out from the dumpster called my brain. Idk if anyone is still reading this story, but here you go anon :) Our quarterly assessment starts this week which means I’d be really busy

Previous Chapters

Re pt. 1, Re pt. 2, Re pt. 3


Touka’s mouth went dry. She suddenly found it hard to breathe. There she was, her back against the door and her chest pressed against his. It was the most intimate contact she had ever gotten from a man, except maybe her father and brother. But this was different. She was very aware of his presence, and her mind could not seem to concentrate on anything but the strange warmth of his skin on her skin. Her knees were shaking, and no doubt without the support from the door she would’ve already collapsed on the ground. Her trembling fingers were trapped between the spaces of his calloused ones, the hotness spreading in her palms traveling up to her arms and settling right on her cheeks, leaving a light, rosy stain.

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sam insisting that dean and cas actually DO something for their anniversary this year since they always just sit on their lazy asses not celebrating at all. ( “hey, that’s not true! last year we went to burger king.”) he soon regrets his nagging, however, when dean and cas decide to celebrate by having very loud sex on every available surface in the bunker.

N: N will try to play it off like he didn’t just do what you had been warning him about. He’ll be suave in his actions, too, and try to hide like, ‘No, that’s not what I did. You’re just seeing things.’ But of course, you won’t buy any of that bull crap and so your nagging would commence. But N is the king of nagging others so he’d nag you for nagging him. “*Ring announcer voice* In corner one we have the girlfriend. In corner two we have N, the king of nagging. Who will win this epic showdown?” $500 on N. 

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Leo: Leo would just be like, ‘oh, really?’ and then feel a little bad that he didn’t remember your warning. He’d promise to do better next time, but knowing him he’d forget your warning again. You’re going to have to put more emphasis on your nagging so he can visually remember the next time. “Just stop me before hand, I guess. Or make me remember better.” OH…I have a way to make you remember better. *Gets handcuffs*

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Ken: Excuses, excuses. Ken doesn’t want to hear all that nagging, so he’ll tell you something just to make you go away so he can move on and forget he messed up again. At some point the both of you would be screaming at one another before falling into a fit of giggles. “I sense some hostility…but I’M SORRY! MY BRAIN ROTS EVERYDAY! IT’S CALLED AGING. GET OVER IT. PLUS IT’S MY BIRTHDAY SO LEAVE ME ALONE. BAHHHH!” Bruh. If only you weren’t so cute. 

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Ravi: Ravi won’t be listening to your nagging because he’d be too busy trying to figure out how and why he messed up again, because now he has to pretend he’s listening to your nagging. You’d literally be standing there having a fit, while he’s looking up at the ceiling in thought. When he finally snaps back to reality he’ll stand there and say, “So…what were you saying?” *Oprah voice* You get an ‘F’ and you get and ‘F’ and you get an ‘F’!

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HongBin: HongBin would immediately jump on the defensive like, ‘you never told me not to do this!’ or ‘do you have record of any of this?!’. So, of course you have to hand him his receipts of wrongdoing and he’d feel played. At that point he’ll just stare you down with his hands on his hips as you nag him once more. Don’t crack under his gaze though.  Don’t be another casualty to his face or tense shoulders.

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Hyuk: Hyuk either honestly forgot about your warning or probably did the thing you nagged him about on purpose just to get a reaction out of you. Either way, once you start nagging him again he’d opt for the sarcastic approach as if to say you’re overreacting. “Fine. How about you write it on my arm? No! Tattoo it! How about sending me a text every five minutes that way when I go pee I’ll remember to put the toilet seat down! Or better yet, just look before you sit so you don’t fall into another time zone. Wow, good idea right?” …Bless whoever dates him.

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feeling inspired by a recent ask: what would every les amis favourite hamilton song be?

  • Enjolras - Non Stop & Yorktown
  • Combeferre - Right Hand Man
  • Courfeyrac - My Shot
  • Grantaire - Satisfied (or anything sung by King George to nag Enj)
  • Marius - Helpless
  • Joly - Bossuet - Musichetta: The Schuyler Sisters
  • Feuilly - Hurricane and Alexander Hamilton
  • Bahorel - Everything and anything of Hercules Mulligan’s
  • Jehan - Pretty much all of Act II when it all becomes sad and painful from Blow Us All Away onwards because STRONG AND POWERFUL EMOTIONS that come from the heart and the guts (makes a very convincing “This man will not make an orphan of my daughter” and the whole Hamilton dying speech)
Rejet's "Oz to himitsu no ai"


You have seen this strange dream countless times. A place that appears to be like orphanage where you pretend-play as the Wizard of Oz and……the vestiges of 6 brothers……

“Speaking of which, what sort of story was the Wizard of Oz……”

You picked up the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” in the library.

At that moment, a tornado appeared and you were swept away to the Land of Oz——.

In that world curiously near its end, you were given one word of advice.

“If you want to return to your world, get the key(s).”

With the Emerald City as your goal, your sensual and mysterious adventure starts, now.

A broken world, the mad you.


External image

The first key: Haruto (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

The tsundere tin man

Hey missy, I didn’t say to stop did I? Aah?

Drama CD release: 23rd April 2014

Height: 185cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: A
Hobby: Tennis
Age: 17
Birthday: 10th November
Favourite food: Omelette rice

As he thinks that he does not have a heart, he unconsciously says bitter words and is aggressive. He’s a tsundere but clearly he’s more tsun.

He’s blood-related brothers with Keisa and Chikage. Since he’s the youngest, he often gains a lot.

External image

The second key: Chikage (CV: Kondou Takashi)

The bewitching magician of the West

Women sure are troublesome……don’t make a fuss. Shut up.

Drama CD release: 28th May 2014

Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood type: B
Hobby: Cleaning, sleeping.
Age: 18
Birthday: 3rd May
Favourite food: Chuppet (juice in a cylinder-shaped plastic which you can suck on to drink)

A man of exceptional talent, and can pretty much do anything. He often thinks of how to wipe humans off the world in one shot.

He’s blood-related brothers with Haruto and Keisa. He’s twins with Keisa but they have opposite personalities.

External image

The third key: Keisa (CV: Shimono Hiro)

The savage lion and king of beasts

Quit your nagging! Do you want to be killed right now?

Drama CD release: 25th June 2014

Height: 188cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood type: B
Hobby: All types of exercise
Age: 18
Birthday: 3rd May
Favourite food: Apple

If there’s something he doesn’t like, he helps himself right away. He is unable to honestly apologise. Whatever happens he doesn’t reflect at all. He’s bad at listening to others.

He’s blood-related brothers with Haruto and Chikage. He’s twins with Chikage but they have opposite personalities.

External image

The fourth key: Shian (CV: Takahashi Naozumi)

The extremely depraved scarecrow

Haa……I can’t take it……it’s okay right? Go on, hurry up and say that it is!!

Drama CD release: 23rd July 2014

Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: O
Hobby: Observing people
Age: 15
Birthday: 3rd March
Favourite food: Meat sauce

If something doesn’t go well, he’s the type to blame it all on others. He has the tendency of going mad when he’s troubled. As he takes everything in negatively, he easily gets sick. He detests humans.

He’s blood-related brothers with Tenma.

External image

The fifth key: Tenma (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

The jet black, crazy dog

Hey! You’re the master, don’t go messing around! Do you want to be bitten?

Drama CD release: 27th August 2014

Height: 182cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: O
Hobby: Music appreciation
Age: 17
Birthday: 9th September
Favourite food: Octopus and squid

He has a sharp tongue but he’s smart. He can’t help but bully the one he likes. He detests humans. Even though he’s obeyed humans for years, he doesn’t think that such stupid and inferior creatures have any living worth.

He’s blood-related brothers with Shian.

External image

The sixth key: Airu (CV: Miyano Mamoru)

The great wizard who controls the world

What can you possibly change?

Drama CD release: 24th September 2014

Height: 184cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood type: AB
Hobby: Reading
Age: 25
Birthday: 25th December
Favourite food: Strawberry

He’s the type who will do anything to gain what he wants. He’ll hold a grudge till he pays you back. An extreme sis-con.


Lots of thanks to otome jikan♥